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Found 13 results

  1. These are ideal for 377 servers but useful for any pre-2008 server. Also after 2008 these coordinates are used for unlocking songs. The areas are rectangles. The format for coordinates is (x1,y1),(x2,y2), meaning when x1<=x<=x2 and y1<=y<=y2, you are in the song area and the song starts playing. The song will play till you enter an area of another song. Many song areas consist of multiple rectangles, separated by semi-colon. As you can see in the map, the songs areas almost always consist of 64*64 steps wide mapsquares. Therefore, you can make *almost* completely accurate music system using the mapsquares.
  2. What i'm asking is how to change the location in which killcount appears on the screen. I'm using [718/753] Rune-Evo v3. I tried looking in Barrows.java and BarrowsBrother.java, but I don't really know a lot of Java.
  3. Hey runelocus, probably a really dumb question but, how can I make it so players can walk on areas, I want to use the "game show" random event area as a activity on my server but cannot walk here? is this possible if so how?
  4. If your page has a lot of Text, Pictures, Or other things that take up a lot of space, I would suggest you use this code. This will make it easy for other Members to find certain Areas and topics on that page. [HTML]<h1 id="Nameit">Topic 1</h1> <a href="#Nameit">Topic 1</a>[/HTML] Doing it like that will Put a Link To the certain area of the page that Starts with Topic 1.
  5. Any1 knows good places to make a home? Coords are good to know :) its a 317 PI source.
  6. Hey everyone. Im looking for some opinions on projects for a server. Im doing it purely for fun and as to not "leech" a server. I want to actually contribute to the way it works. Im using Alhassa Scape (562) as the base. (Anyone want to explain why 562 is rather dead?) Ive already fixed some very easy things like x10 hp, cmaul speed, new home area, my own shops, and a saving issue. My next few ideas are as follows: [U][B]Hard[/B][/U] Recreate the entire shop/shophandler - it seems horridly messy to me, and it doesnt display items correctly Dungeoneering - clearly my own version but better then what is currently implemented Minigames - duel and soul wars mainly [U][B]Intermediate [/B][/U] Clipping issues Small quest Drop editor (do these exist?) [U][B]Easy[/B][/U] Energy is glitched Dclaws underpowerd Overloads Monster hp is ridiculous Any more ideas or tips? :) Thanks for reading. (Btw I dont think this should go in RSPS help because I dont need help in any specific area, just discussing areas of improvement)
  7. Ok i have a problem... I use zenithscape source and i noticed that fight pits and red portal in clanwars are not PvP areas, like if i go in there, i cant attack other people. How do i add PvP areas and highrisk arenas? Fight Pits: [ATTACH=CONFIG]7826[/ATTACH] Red portal at Clanwars: [ATTACH=CONFIG]7827[/ATTACH]
  8. * is currently working on a system which ranks players based on a rating they get per kill, this rating depends on the kill death ratio of the enemy player. players are ranked on highscores. in certain areas of the wilderness there will be the old school bounty hunter like pking, in which it gives you a target to kill. this target will be around your rating, and should pose a fair challenge. come check us out at * and see what you think. -- we are also looking for staff members, and dedicated players to get the server going. please leave any questions or comments below, or send me a private message in game. and keep those donations rolling in!
  9. axter

    [REQ] some areas

    i need the living rock caverns, and the area that leads down into the living rock caverns, if anyone has the coords :P
  10. Hello, i'm new at this so i just downloaded a blank source and client. i just to add more areas to make donorzone, staffzone, so on. Any helps appreciated. -Devin
  11. I wish to create custom areas with object models, npcs, and more. Does anybody have a clue as to how to do that? Thanks :cool:
  12. Ok so i have this command ::spec. But i want users to use it only in a specific area. So do i create a boolean like specarea and after i set the coordinates, make users only use ::spec only inspecarea?
  13. dyltank

    Custom areas.

    Heya runelocus! How would i go about adding my own custom areas to my rsps? I've googles it for aaaaages, and tried using map editors and stuff.. But no luck. It hasn't been able to load my cache for some reason. If anybody could redirect me to a nice download link or tutorial, it'd be much appreciated. thanks!