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Found 1 result

  1. [CENTER][IMG]http://i.cubeupload.com/B1FD9w.png[/IMG] • Introduction: While developing Enigma, I've been playing lots of Zombie FPS, it came to me that instead of developing a typical PVP server, why not develop a Survival server? This is because I don't see much servers out involving the aspect so I thought I'd incorporate the features already implemented into Enigma and transforming it into an Apocalyptic Survival. The goal of the game is to survive, obvious right? but it's a bit harder than you'd expect. The open world is applicable to all players, you can fight off hordes of zombies in order to protect yourself and to earn gear to upper your skill in the world of destruction. Safe Zones will be provided within specific regions for you lye down and relax while resupplying yourself. The danger of running of from these zones can cause catastrophic results, Players will be able to hunt you for your arsenal and loot them off you, or you can team up with them and provide heavy support for one another. Aside from surviving, you have a problem, you are poisoned along the game, to keep alive and resist turning into a mutated infection, you must cook the animals you kill in order to feed yourself and keep yourself well. Much more to be said but so little time to say it. Are you ready? • Server Layout & Features: Open World, NPC Dependent, Poisoned, PVP, Clans, Safe Zones, Regions, Different Classes of Monsters, Bosses, Specific Regions with Specific Items to encourage transport and PVP., Markets, Guards, Diaries, Quests, Much more! • Overall Goal: This server is meant to give a unique gaming experience to those who haven't had one, it will be a friendly but competitive community that deals with smooth game play, innovative knowledge, and definite memories for those who want them. Everyone talks of past experiences that define memorable things that cannot be upheld once more, but to hell with the old experiences we can fabricate new ones and allow them to be better than those of our preterit ones. • Development Log: [CODE] • 1/1/2014: Started End Point • 1/1/2014: Home is: Port Phasmatys • 1/1/2014: Diaries Base Complete • 1/2/2014: Skeletal Apes on Crash Island Invasion Complete • 1/3/2014: Cooking Base Done • 1/3/2014: Fishing Base Done • 1/3/2014: Skeletal Horror Added • 1/3/2014: Poison Base Added • 1/6/2014: Dialogue Progression • 1/6/2014: Fishing Configurations Progressed • 1/7/2014: Thirst & Hunger System Done • 1/8/2014: Scavenger Feature Done • 1/9/2014: Removed Indication of: NPCs, Players, etc. on Minimap • 1/10/2014: Barricade Base Added • 1/11/2014: Mystery Boxes Added • 1/14/2014: Slash Bash Added • 1/16/2014: Pet System Done. • 1/17/2014: Resumed Fletching Progression • 1/17/2014: Progressed Fletching (Part 2) • 1/17/2014: Pet Clipping Implemented via Regions • 1/20/2014: Crafting Base Progressed • 1/20/2014: 317 Loading 562 Client Initiated • 1/22/2014: Increased Camera Zoom (Enhances Less Awareness of what's near you. ) • 1/22/2014: Updated Character Clothes (IDK) • 1/22/2014: Fixed Client Bugs • 1/24/2014: Forums Are Up • 1/24/2014: Woodcutting Base Done • 1/25/2014: Mining Base Done • 1/25/2014: Herblore Base Finished • 1/26/2014: Barricade Progression • 1/26/2014: Building Exploration Base Started • 1/26/2014: Texture Toggling Started • 1/27/2014: Port Sarim Map Data Fixed • 1/27/2014: RuneCrafting Guild Map Data Fixed • 1/27/2014: Cooking Base Progressed • 1/28/2014: Prayer Base Finished • 2/3/2014: Bow Stringing • 2/3/2014: Corrected Running Delays & Speeds • 2/5/2014: Running Energy Added • 2/5/2014: Reloaded 508 Maps with Valenteno's • 2/6/2014: Wrote Story/Tutorial Script • 2/7/2014: Repacked Many Maps • 2/7/2014: Changed Gameframe to 508 • 2/9/2014: Diary Base Improvements • 2/10/2014: Renewed Spell Sprites • 2/10/2014: Fixed Vengeance GFX. • 2/18/2014: Added Colored Logs • 2/18/2014: Added Player Submitted Diaries [/CODE] • Support Signatures: [IMG]http://i.cubeupload.com/dPTq2d.png[/IMG] [/CENTER]