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Found 8 results

  1. hiya i done all the jdk for the server and client i changed all the ip but im still getting annoying error saying error_game_js5connect i problem messed up somewhere if anyone can help with this ill be greatly appreciated i have team viewer and i can learn easy if someone was to show me please help thanks alot yes i run the source first i've done the portfwarding im also using windows 7 ulimate dout it makes a difference but my skype is clive.dunn3 so please help me out thanks
  2. Okay so when you talk to the npc it will do 2 lines then go to the option thing and no matter what you choose it will not go further in the convo, But it does on my hidden admin account, no others... Does anyone know why?
  3. Hello. I have 317 PI, Mostly Based on InsidiaX and I'd like to know how to remove that: ''objectid: **** objectX: **** objectY: ****'' always appearing when I click object, It's really annoying and only causes spam in Message Box. Please Help soon as possible. Image about what I mean. [IMG]http://i49.tinypic.com/2rf7inq.png[/IMG] Thanks.
  4. So, whenever i reply to a thread or even make a thread with quote and hit submit, this happens: [IMG]http://screensnapr.com/e/5wmf9C.png[/IMG] Am i the only one getting this? It's pretty damn annoying.
  5. So i got this 562 client of dragonakk that loads 657 everything is fine but i hav 2 players who play on my server both of them suffer from a weird error unknown problem one of them gets a client black screen on login and the other 1 canot see chatbox or his character ive tried fixing there problem on teamviwer but its hopeless the caches are 100% installed to right position and this is the only place were i could seek a solution so any ideas?
  6. [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7obgBVm0J1g"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7obgBVm0J1g T[/URL]he link above is a video of someone spawning oxny an selling them on my server, and a lot of other issues like this are happening on my server mainly because of this program known as WPE Pro, is becoming more popular in the rsps community we need a fix now!!!! Somebody please help :s this program also opens banks spawns godswords, Dfs, spirit shields, gives unlimited run, banks everywhere, gives unlimited prayer, unlimited runes, and cash stacks.
  7. Basically, i just want to get on my server by myself, from my own computer, localhost/, i changed the ip's to, Server and client sided, and still cannot connect, its bugging me now, because i want to see the features of the server, and edit them, change things and all of that before i put it online for people to play.. Someone please help -.- Many thanks
  8. Well I Have This Really Annoying Death glitch that happens sometimes when you die, it makes you always tele to the the spawn, its really annoying and to stop it you have to reload client. can anyone link me to a tutorial showing how to stop? or any straight up fixes? EDIT i get hit till 0 i pause i go back to 99 i pause (i can still take damage) i die (auto tele home) i walk somewere i auto tele home