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Found 1 result

  1. I ALSO POSTED THIS ON R-S!! ( KING JAYDEN ).. Purpose: Sending a announcement in a random colour every 3 minutes. Edited: Client.java. Added: Announcements.java Difficulty: 1/10 ( copy/paste ). First make a new class & call it: Announcements.java Copy & paste this into it: [CODE]/** * * Announcements.java * by jayden * **/ public class Announcements //The announcements class. { public static void main(String[] args)//used this instead of process, this gets the string & the colour. { while (true) { int i = misc.random(announcements.length - 1); System.out.println("[Server]: " + announcements[i]); try { Thread.sleep(1000); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } } public static String[] announcements = //the announcements, edit them for yourself. { "Please vote for the server!", "Do ::commands to get a list of commands!", "Try ::funpk to test your strength without losing items!", "Jayden is the owner!", "Please donate to keep the server alive!", "No player jumping!", "Report cheaters!", "Report all ingame glitches to Jayden & Erik.", "help other players!!", "Advertising will help the server gain more players", "Kill bosses for expensive items! ::bosses.", "Do you like pk? Pvp is even cooler! ::pvp.", "Donate for rare items like special godswords!", "Do you have questions? Ask our pro-staff team.", "Drop party's if online playercount reaches 25, 50, etc.", "Do you have a idea or suggestion? tell Erik or Jayden!", "Donate and get your name boradcasted here!! ", "Staff doesnt give free items! dont ask..", "Kill high-leveled npc's for special rewards and rares!", "www.****project.createaforum.com - Forums!", }; public static String[] colours = //those are the colours, if your client doesnt accept them just change. { "@[email protected]", "@[email protected]", "@[email protected]", "@[email protected]", "@[email protected]", "@[email protected]", "@[email protected]", "@[email protected]", "@[email protected]", "@[email protected]", "@[email protected]", }; public static String getAnno()//this will send the annnouncement + the colour. { int w = misc.random(colours.length - 1); int i = misc.random(announcements.length - 1); return ("[@[email protected]@[email protected]]: @[email protected]" + colours[w] + announcements[i]); } }[/CODE] Next, open up client.java search for: Code: [CODE]public boolean process()[/CODE] add this directly below: Code: [CODE]if (System.currentTimeMillis() - announcementTimer > 90000) { //3 minutes announcementTimer = System.currentTimeMillis(); sM(Announcements.getAnno()); } [/CODE] Sorry for not explaining allot, but this is soo easy.. =================================== TESTED THIS ON DDSSPECED SOURCE [ DELTA ] & It works. Dont flame because of delta, only people who can't code delta's flame.