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Found 24 results

  1. Hey i wanted to do my own rsps and start work rsmv so i download 718 clien, 742 source and random cache and it works fine. Then i made myself an owner. I tried some commands in game like ::item 4059 1 ::anim 5864 ::master, but none of those work :( I wondering that is it possible to make those commands even working? :D If it is possible can someone give some tips or coding things? O_o So spawning and emotes :) I search many hours some helps but didnt found so i think in here are pro coders and could help me? :D sry for bad english
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had the animation ids for the bonesack teleport? [IMG]http://static1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120904121105/runescape/images/f/f2/Bonesack_teleport.gif[/IMG] I couldn't find it anywhere, and how would I go about finding these ids?
  3. There are 4 ways to attack with Dh Axe: Chop/Slash/Lunge/Block * My question is How i make the: Chop + Slash + Block - The same anim?? (animid=2066) And Lunge need it anim = 2067 This code may help you: [code]if(weaponName.contains("greataxe")) { if(c.fightMode == 2) { return 2066; } else { return 2067; } }[/code] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/QQaLnIC.png[/img]
  4. Need help fixing broken stairs option at dung , so it teleports me below the stairs. I am using rscally matrix thing source. Thanks, Kevin Bowers [IMG]http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/7136/brokenstairs.jpg[/IMG]
  5. zalo0wn

    Help - Anim ID

    Whenever i do something, any action this spams the chat : [url]http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/839/animf.png/[/url] Anyone know how to remove this? :P
  6. Does anyone have polypore anim,Starting GFX,Projectile ID,End GFX? please post
  7. axter

    Polypore gfx + anim

    anyone have polypore gfx and animations for 667/709?
  8. nevermind :P
  9. I can't find tutorials on how to add Firecape + Defender Animations and was hoping someone could help me. Firecape seems simple but is to hard for me and defender never really tried. For the defender I need Rune + Dragon which are most likely same animations. Thanks!
  10. axter

    effigy anim and gfx

    does anyone have ancient effigy's anims and gfxs?
  11. rawrr

    Changing attack anim

    currently my chaotic rapier's attack anim is vls spec and i want to change it to poke anim (412) how can i do this? [EDIT] PI base server please and thankyews :)
  12. kazm

    pdf attack anim

    hi all how can i fix pdf attack anim when i attack he do pickup anim i want to fix that
  13. I really need the holy book preaching animation. When you right click preach it says random words and does a throwing type thing, used in alot of rsmv's if anyone has th animation i'll be very grateful. thank you.
  14. Just whats the id i know the flying one... also how can you make it so it countiuosly does it i have the ring set so your just go up then come back down atm i want it to keep you flying/floating
  15. iRepo

    NPC Anim help [562]

    Does anyone know how to get an NPC's Attack and Death Animations? And don't say RSBuddy or Google, because 1: RSBuddy only shows the Animation you're doing. and 2: Noone's released a list of the Dungeoneering Boss Attack/Death Animations.
  16. [CENTER]Ok so many people think its just 1 gfx and anim, which is not true. The whole emote is 10 seconds long, If you do it correctly.. Media: [video=youtube;rbh2dWhPZYk]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbh2dWhPZYk[/video] Player: GFX:1766 Emote: 13965 NPC (Grim): ID - 14388 (The npc is basically grim attacking you but not correct) Emote - 13964 (This shows the actual rs emote) You will know what i mean, When you spawn grim. [/CENTER]
  17. okay im sick of googling, using the search bar, googling some more and still not find anything [B]I CANT FIND ALL EVERY SINGLE SPECIAL GFX AND ANIM THESE ARE MY CURRENT ONES :([/B] [CODE]P.S some of these are probably wrong so tyvm in advance case 11694: factor = 1.25; player.graphics(1222); player.animate(7074); break; case 14484 player.graphics(1950, 0); player.animate(1961, 0); break; case 11696: factor = 1.1; player.graphics(1223); player.animate(7073); break; case 11698: factor = 1.1; player.graphics(1220); player.animate(7071); break; case 10887: player.graphics(1027); player.animate(5870); break; case 11700: factor = 1.1; player.graphics(1225); player.animate(7001); break; case 11730: customHit = (int) (Math.ceil(Math.random() * 20D)); player.graphics(1207); player.animate(7072); break; case 4151: factor = 0.9; player.animate(1658); victim.graphics(341, (100 << 16)); break; case 1305: factor = 1; //player.animate(1058); player.graphics(248, (100 << 16)); player.animate(1658); break; case 4587: factor = 1; player.animate(2081); player.graphics(347, (100 << 16)); break; case 1434: factor = 1.1; player.animate(1060); player.graphics(251, (100 << 16)); break; case 3204: factor = 1.1; player.animate(1665); player.graphics(282, (100 << 16)); dmg2 = true; break; case 5698: customHit = (int) (Math.ceil(Math.random() * 42D)); player.animate(1062); player.animate(252, (100 << 16)); break;[/CODE] also if specials are different for 663 cache instead of 659 please tell me as im going to load 663 :D
  18. does and 1 kno the animations and gfx for the godswords because the 657 anims are different to the 562
  19. Hash

    AGS anim

    I'm with 562/659 client and my AGS anim fails since when I do it, my player hits but doesn't emote for spec. So I would need the anim for it :D
  20. hi i take some screen to show you [ATTACH=CONFIG]1654[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]1655[/ATTACH] [COLOR="#FF0000"]yes i talk french if you see the chatbox[/COLOR] and the attack anim is like that for ALL weapon hand to hand.. sword.. maul.. and i don't know how to resolve it.. i take a little look on pkdefinition.java and equipement.java.. but it look clean.. it look ok .. i can show you my pkdefinition or equipement but.. i really need your help ! please.. [COLOR="#FF0000"]after some level up whip and armadyl god sword dont make that but the special dont have the good animation. [/COLOR]
  21. so the title says it all. if its possible for someone to upload the rs claw anim and paste the link to it here would be great. and also helpful if someone told me how to add it to my server :( i have no idea about anims or gf. oh right could someone also give me the correct gfx aswell :)
  22. -need to know how i can make object do gfx -how to turn player to object done-alright, how can i get npc walk emotes ? if no one wanna tell me can u gimme chaos dwarf hand cannoneer, Chaos Dwogre, and Aquanite walk emotes please ? done-also how can i make an npc hit through player's prayer, which file and how come in npcdefinition.xml bandos boss (General grardoor) has -1 attackanim, but in game he have the range and the melee anim, and they can hit thru prayer, what file is that? done-EDIT: also want bones on altar gfx lol and how can i make player turn to object when doing emote and thanks
  23. BrettScape

    [562] npcs anim

    Atm im fixing starlight npc code= 6248 i need the att anim i need the def anim and i need the death amin of this npc if anyone has please post.