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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, I have been working on private servers ever since delta was prominent and have since then moved into PI. However, I have not been able to code a RSPS in about a year. I am wondering, what is the best base right now for a 317 RSPS? Also, where could i get a link of a clean one? Thank you!
  2. [FONT=Georgia]Hello, I'm currently starting to educate myself in Java, I haven't done much prior to this but I plan on. Anyway, I have a few questions. I'm currently looking for a 317 source that has 460+ item models like Torva etc already implemented. Obviously being new, I need something that I can easily run, I tried Project-Exile using Java-Eclipse but I got far too confused right at the end with finding the Main.Class and locating it, for the life of me I just could not work it out. If anyone knows of any DECENT source that's clean and professional, ready to use (even though I will be changing a lot for personal preference and educational purposes) please, suggest them for me! I'm also looking for someone who already has a bit of experience within coding, not massive amounts, but something to work on with me. I'm creating a server for profit margins, you will receive a percentage and the server will be hosted on a VPN and all website features will be fully coded by myself in HTML5 and CSS. [I]Save the pathetic replies please, if you don't want to help me, don't waste your time replying! Thanks in advance to anyone who does help, it will not go unnoticed and who knows, you may get a sneaky reward.[/I][/FONT]
  3. ok just looking to start a server with some friends , looking for server and client needs to have character creation on tutorial island working and as much of the rest as well. which version would you suggest, thanks
  4. [B][CENTER]Guess Who's Back :)[/CENTER][/B] Hi guys, I used to be a 508 programmer, helped with Bulby and now I feel that it is time for me to come back into the Runescape Server scene. Not many people probably remember me now as I quit about 2 years ago. I am looking for some advice to do with my new server. I want to code a 317 but not sure what base to use and how the game play should work. I want to try and be different. It would be appreciated if you could post below some sources for me to look at and new ways to make the game-play better. I'm also willing to help a lot of people with coding, feel free to add my Skype: Slatebud I would go to the newer versions of Runescape, but Runescape is just so FKED up now and 317/508 are the best makes of Runescape. Feels so good to be back, and hopefully I can give my Sources to you guys! lolking
  5. josh125

    I need advice

    [B]Ok, well i used to own a RSPS about 3 years ago that was delta based, i put my all into it for over a year, But i need advice. I've just wanted to get back into making a RSPS again and i need to re-teach myself java coding again, will still have a rough idea on what to do but i want to know, What types of servers are in now days? Ive seen PI is apparently going well in servers, is there anything anybody reccommends? Like a certain server i should start working with? If i start a PI should i use the original sanity base and client, and build it up from there? Need advice..!:)[/B]
  6. Fusion`

    Girl Advice?

    Just gonna keep it short. So there's this girl I like, and I think she likes me. She always wants to go places with me and hangout. Problem is, she said she has a boyfriend, a long distance relationship. So question is, is she using me or what. Just wanted to hear what you guys think.
  7. [B][SIZE=6][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I might be looking to start a server but the question im facing myself right now is what is a good Source and Client. If you are going to help me and give me some advice on a source and client please make sure the Cache, Source, and the Client is infact working. I like 562's just saying if someone could please help me by giving me some advice on what source client to use I'd appreciate it. [/FONT][/SIZE][/B]
  8. I would like to tell you noobs the best way to keep your server name being changed multiple times as this can save your time! And just to let you know...the good coders, don't read this because you probably know it. In Settings.java (com.rs) Search something like this; Make sure it has your RSPS title in the highlighted area above. [CODE]public static String SERVER_NAME = [COLOR="#FFFF00"]"YOUR SERVER NAME"[/COLOR]; [/CODE] Now, search in ALL your files for your server name. And replace them with the following: [CODE]"" + Settings.SERVER_NAME + ""[/CODE] Do that for every code you find. And make sure to add this import: [CODE]import com.rs.*;[/CODE] NOW...save and compile. Once you do that, you can change your title just by changing the following: [QUOTE] [CODE]public static String SERVER_NAME = [COLOR="#FFFF00"]"YOUR SERVER NAME"[/COLOR]; [/CODE] [/QUOTE] And save and compile. Then your done! Simple and easy. AND a lot less time waste as you may end up with errors in the future and look back and think, "what a waste of time that was putting new names in.." Good luck!:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
  9. I'm trying to submit post data, however it does not appear to submit the data. I'm using CURL. Thanks.
  10. Can anyone teach me on a rsps how to code this: When you drop something it will dissapear and how to make a dialog. If anyone could link me to a thread or post in the comment how to do it that will be really helpful Thanks
  11. Anyone know of a good RSPS with lots of players in need of a legit vB? or anyone know any good forum topics to start. I really want to advance with my vB skills a bit more, I have 5 years experience with them now and have suggested a few good ones for [MENTION=1]Ikiliki[/MENTION] and he has put them into his forum.
  12. Hi There, I'm starting up my own RSPS, and while my coder is on holiday I thought I'd do a bit of research with regards to the source code to find out what would be best and how to work with what we choose. I'm hoping to start a 317 Loading 667, but I only want that because the previous server I played had the same format and was pretty l337. So I wanted to know a few things: 1 - What is the main difference between a 667 and a 317 Loading a 667? Is one harder to code than the other etc... 2 - Can you have a 317 Loading 711 or is it better to just have a 711? 3 - What's harder to code out of these 4 options (if any of them aren't viable just say so), A 667, A 711, A 317 Loading 667, A 317 Loading 711? 4 - What is the whole purpose of having one load from another? 5 - Where would be the best place for me to find a decent 667, 711, 317 Loading 667 or 317 Loading 711 source code? Thank you for your time and I hope that my questions aren't too troublesome! :P Cam
  13. I guess I have alot of questions but not necessarily questions that can be answered. I've spent the last few days looking at Java tutorials on the official website and I still know nothing. When I say nothing I mean not nothing! People say "Just go to official Java tutorials and learn" I've tried that, and I've alread read countless tutorials on how to start your own server and it simply doesn't work, or maybe it works but I just can't incorporate it with RSPS. I don't want to give up but now it's gotten me thinking "maybe running a server isn't for everyone?" I guess my simple question is, how did you get started, what did you do, what can I do to help myself? TL;DR - How'd you get started and what can I do that you did that could maybe help me learn about programming, better.
  14. apocalypse


    So i plan on starting all an rsps from scratch, So Where can i learn all the basic java, And what should i learn? Any advice on rsps? What revision? Other info? Thanks in advance, much appreciated
  15. The most enjoyable activity in RuneScape, for my taste, has always been PKing, but I tend to turn my pures into mains really fast. I'm going to be botting a "slave" per se, in order to make some cash for the pure. My dilemma is that I don't know what sort of pure I should make. I'm not looking for the pure that just dominates wild, I'm looking for a pure that's semi fun to train and use. Chaotic rapier? Range tank? Input from anyone with experience would be mucho apreciado.
  16. [CENTER]I am currently in the Making of a [PI] 317 Server. The name of it is Rune Haze, I currently have added a new donator zone, I removed godwars due to mapdata screwed up. I moved around shops a little what else should I do, and HOW do I? I wanna know how to do it too. I am trying to make my server really nice before I get it good and I just need Advice/Help anybody?[/CENTER]