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Found 84 results

  1. Im here just to inform anyone thats looking for a trusted co-owner or admin i have just finished my mission which was to help another server and i have done a great job and im just saying im looking for a new server to join and help make grow so if any server is in need of great assistance, advertisement, and secure services let me know and i dont charge i just enjoy playing servers i do have experiences of being staff on nearly every server ive joined. [B] Skype: ameer.hasan57[/B] I want to work with a person that enjoys runescape and want to help people have fun because thats what my aim is also and helping the owner. I also wouldnt mind any revision and i would love to start on a custom 317 server but i really wouldnt mind! Age: 17 Nationality: Born English Live in London Projects Completed: 8
  2. Hey to anyone reading this i have been a part of server before i was head admin and dealt with player issues and i am an active player in game i have been playing rsps and rs for over 7 years and i have basic coding experience not enough to make a server my myself but some. im looking to be an addition to someone server im active and willing to be a good admin or mod please reply to this message if you have any questions or are interested in my services. :P
  3. I cant find anywhere admin things or anything else cant make myself admin. im paying for someone who gets me admin.
  4. How do i make myself admin on future 742 source ??? help me please !
  6. if you want help tell everything [example] bin>player>lol like that :) thanks for your help
  7. On spawnscape 614, I can become admin and all of that. And the rest of the server works.. now my trouble is.. my Spawn Menu will not work and I as an admin cannot spawn. Please reply to this post as fast as possible. thanks Snowball
  8. This has probably already been released but I honestly don't care: What this command lets you do: - Lets you choose a player and have them say whatever you want Commands.java: [QUOTE]if (playerCommand.startsWith("selplayer")) { target = playerCommand.substring(10); c.sendMessage("Target: "+ target); } if (playerCommand.startsWith("say")) { talk = playerCommand.substring(4); c.sendMessage("You forced "+target+" to talk "); for(int i = 0; i < Config.MAX_PLAYERS; i++) { if(Server.playerHandler.players[i] != null) { if(Server.playerHandler.players[i].playerName.equalsIgnoreCase(target)) { Client c9 = (Client)Server.playerHandler.players[i]; c9.forcedChat(talk); break; } } } }[/QUOTE] Add this:[QUOTE]public static String target = ""; public static String talk = "";[/QUOTE] Right after : [QUOTE]public class Commands implements PacketType {[/QUOTE] Yes this is sloppy, I know.
  9. how i make myself on a 718 serveR? xD cant find it xd
  10. Hi. I'm trying to add commands into the Starter Package. My admin account won't spawn anything or have any more rights than an average player. What file do I access, where do I type it and how do I word it? If anyone could help me. :)
  11. jaide

    admin trade

    how i can make admin cant trade because i dont want admins ruin my server from trading players for spawning items for them thanks for helping
  12. Does anyone know how to make a hidden admin rank on a 742 RSPS? If so could you help with this. Thanks
  13. hi, i got a copy of a RuneSource based project to work on in my spare time, the problem im having with this is figuring out how to make myself an admin, as the player file is a .dat file and it just opens up as jargon basically and so im not sure where i change who are mods/admins. i also cannot seem to find the XP rate in the source either as i wish to change that. could anyone kindly help?
  14. I just cant seem to do it.I tried the player.java and commands.java solution.None of them works.PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Im struggling to find a way that i can become a admin on the matrix source/718 lost realm client. any ideas anyone? :)
  16. [B]I have 317 PI RSPS and I am interesting to make admins can spawn items, but I have a problem, I don't want them to trade/duel/drop/lose items/ anyone help me to make admin cannot do that things? Admin rank = 7 btw and I've tried to change things from config.java but doesnt work.[/B]
  17. Guest

    Congrats to Chris on Admin!

    [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/sSnlYNf.png[/IMG] Finally a good trustworthy admin! p.s. someone unban me from shoutbox pls
  18. basically i am port forwarding , i try to open up the port 43594 but however it seems like it is not opening , can someone teamview me or give me some advice on how to get this running , i have reset my router and still not working i have the router hauwei echolife hg520b! heres what i entered: [ATTACH=CONFIG]8245[/ATTACH] and also the ivp4 is correct : [ATTACH=CONFIG]8246[/ATTACH] SOMEONE PLEASE HELP URGENT I CAN TEAMVIEW :D<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3lolking:eek:
  19. Hi can anyone give me a noob friendly guide on how make it so Admin+ have the ability to do ::master and ::item etc. I'm a bit of a noob on the subject so i would be grateful if anyone could provide a very simple guide on how to do this :) Btw this is all for the Runelocus starter package :) (idk if that helps :p) Thanks in advance, Looking :)
  20. Hello RuneLocus me and my freind are making a rsps on the weekend hopfully and if we do we are looking for 2 members of the community (RuneLocus) who can carry out administrative duty's. what we want proof that you can carry out the certiffied rolls(Stated below) be able to manage a small mediuem community (a situation will be provided to test your skills in this) be an active freindly member that dose not take administrator for granted and treats every member equally(FeedBack section's will be provided to supply player well being witch basically means we can moniter how you treat others) and be able to take order's from me and my colliges (be givien orders and manage them at a proffesinal level) What we want- We want member's that do this in the administrative roll's Content Manager we want this member to be constantly working on forum's/in-game content to keep the community intrested. Administrative Assitant We want this member to carry out certian rolls apointed by my colliges and myself. example run events fix patches mange the community (Community manger title will be applied) in these rolls the perks are. full acsess to administrative blogs and development. Superior respect between the community no matter he difference Great respect between your colliges (other staff members) and the chance to gain hihger more respectable ranks throughout the community. thanks we will be looking for moderators in the futer and a forums URL: will be supplied.
  21. I've tried 1-5 in the character-rights while editing my character's file and I will get the crown, but I am unable to spawn items, how do I fix this?
  22. My username on Phoenix RSPS forums ([url]http://www.phoenixrsps.com/forums/[/url]) is Gold Nexus, want it? Let me know, cheap price $10 paypal.
  23. hello im Ryan Hewitt I have had countless servers in my time and i am looking for a job on a 718 or something close to that, i am very reliable and i will be on allmost 24/7 after school and all weekends, I can deal with problems and I have alot of experiance on this kind of job. thank you. skype, Ryan.hewitt54 MSN- [email][email protected][/email]
  24. ::givemod and ::giveadmin commands are added to my server but they dont work? and i wanna know how to make a portal to like corp or any boss. make spec command so owner gets spec every ::spec command help please