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Found 24 results

  1. hey, i am started to programming 614 since i know how 317 works and i am really want to put a 614 online in the far future so i am taking a old one that is released by "jet kai" spawnscape. (ye i know that one is messy but that's the best learing.) now i fixed out a lot but i can't add new shops on this somehow... i think i need to add something in the shophandeler.java but since there is nothing special on it becuse there is only 1 shop and that opens whit a code "::shop(s)" here is my shophandeler.java [CODE]package dragonkk.rs2rsps.model.player; public class ShopHandler { private Player player; private int shopid = 0; public ShopHandler(Player player) { this.player = player; } public void setShopId(int id) { this.shopid = id; } public int getShopId() { return shopid; } } [/CODE] [CODE] public class Shops { public ArrayList<Shop> shops = new ArrayList<Shop>(10); public Shops() { setShops(); } public void setShops() { if(ShopManager.Voteshop == false) { shops.add(new Shop(0, Shop0Items(), Shop0Items().size())); } else { shops.add(new Shop(1, Shop1Items(), Shop1Items().size())); } } public Shop getShop(int shopid) { if(ShopManager.Voteshop) { return shops.get(1); } else { return shops.get(0); } } public static List<int[]> Shop1Items() { List<int[]> items = new ArrayList<int[]>(40); return items; } public static List<int[]> Shop0Items() { List<int[]> items = new ArrayList<int[]>(40); //items.add(new int[]{2422, 2147483647, 0}); //Fake Blue Partyhat items.add(new int[]{1205, 1, 99999999}); //Bronze dagger items.add(new int[]{13908, 99999, 1000}); //corrupt statius platebody items.add(new int[]{13914, 99999, 1000}); //corrupt statius platelegs [/CODE] that's the shop that is already added. (not the full shop ) but i really have no clue on how to added a shop on this like, clicking on npc, leftclick or "trade" and than open up a shop i am try'd a few ways i found but the just won't work. Ps, sorry for my bad english i hope someone can help me out. greetings, Madmonkey
  2. I'm using a PI Base and I added a ::bank command. I compiled (no errors) and then restarted the server and the ::bank command doesn't work. No other commands I've tried to add work either. Can anyone help?
  3. But i dont kno how to make the weapon use the special attack. anyone help please =]
  4. Title says it all. Sorry but this may be a stupid question but im new to the auto vote.
  5. How come every single time I add in a model its invisible in inventory and while equipped... for instance i just added a vine whip and when i equip it just looks like im holding an invisible whip...
  6. I added black partyhat but it goes to wrong place it goes to where weapon goes.
  7. I'm looking for a working world map interface and I also need a better home with working dialogues etc. Most of the NPC"s on my server are not using dialogues properly. I'm willing to pay $5.00 for this. Skype: gripper.rl Email: [email][email protected][/email] Thanks.
  8. [ATTACH=CONFIG]9251[/ATTACH] Webclient-[URL="https://www.rspscoding.org/play/?server=Extremeriskerz317"]https://www.rspscoding.org/play/?server=Extremeriskerz317[/URL] DL client= customs-[URL="http://www.mediafire.com/download/u708p0l02w7jpjm/extremeriskers+client.rar"]http://www.mediafire.com/download/u708p0l02w7jpjm/extremeriskers+client.rar[/URL] [ This server is owned by lolkingNick and lolkingHaden ] Customs have been added! See pictures for details. -Penguins added with ckey+chest. :: penguins (Best moneymake)<3 - 100% Money Pouch - No Dupes + Cheat engine/cheat clients Blocked - Server Announcement upon 99 with spins awarded for SOF - Lottery System With Staff Disabled from entering draw - Custom Login Messages, for staff or certain players - Total level with 120 dung - Squeal of fortune with eventhandling - Staff tab with online status showing - 24 Skills all working, With advanced Methods - Loyalty shop with 100 points/hour and titles,pets,armour etc - Perfect switching - Anti lag 100% fullscreen with all orbs - Fixed all crown and donator issues - UID system, allowing only portcullis client to connect - Super Donator with features ::drive, ::bank etc - Milestone System with complectionist cape+emote - New bosses and minigames - Npc,Player,tile and projectile clipping - Summoning creating pouch infusing and summoning - New skillcape shop, interface with pictures - Perfect agility arena, With awards and points - Ticket exchange, turn 2b into a check - Xp lamp available from squeal(Multiclick enabled) - Disabled looping items upon purchase - Lodestones ::interface 16200 - 317 maps readded for v4, with exeption of 718 nex's - Fully working nex with followers and specials - New items Ganodermic, polypore etc - Teleport tab teleport spells light up - Pest control with boat ride from port sarim - 718 bandos and torva models - Jailed if you have dung items outside dung - x2 Xp ring added to loyalty shop - Lunar isle maps with banking there and objects - Ragefire, steadfast and glaiven boots - New point handling via interface - Brand new item pricing - Fixed all pets including dogs and cats - Automatic username&password saving [ATTACH=CONFIG]9252[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]9253[/ATTACH]
  9. Does anyone know how i would add the prestige system to my server i do't need to be spoon fed jsut like a link to a decent tut
  10. I have added the .dat files to my cache/raw folder I have set all ints in the client/itemDef.java file [QUOTE] /* Hardcoded items start here */ /**/ if (i == 15339) { itemDef.actions = new String[5]; itemDef.actions[1] = "Wear"; itemDef.actions[2] = "Customize"; itemDef.actions[3] = "Features"; itemDef.actions[4] = "Destroy"; itemDef.maleEquip1 = 65297; itemDef.femaleEquip1 = 65297; itemDef.modelID = 15339; itemDef.modelZoom = 1316; itemDef.modelRotation1 = 252; itemDef.modelRotation2 = 252; itemDef.modelOffset1 = -1; itemDef.modelOffset2 = 24; itemDef.name = "Completionist cape"; itemDef.description = "A cape worn by those with complete skills.".getBytes(); } if (i == 15340) { itemDef.actions = new String[5]; itemDef.actions[1] = "Wear"; itemDef.actions[4] = "Drop"; itemDef.maleEquip1 = 65292; itemDef.femaleEquip1 = 65310; itemDef.modelID = 15340; itemDef.modelZoom = 760; itemDef.modelRotation1 = 11; itemDef.modelRotation2 = 81; itemDef.modelOffset1 = 1; itemDef.modelOffset2 = -3; itemDef.name = "Completionist hood"; itemDef.description = "A hood worn by those with complete skills.".getBytes(); } if(i == 11777) { itemDef.actions = new String[5]; itemDef.actions[1] = "Wield"; itemDef.modelID = 44590; itemDef.maleEquip1 = 43660;//anInt165 itemDef.femaleEquip1 = 43660;//anInt200 itemDef.modelZoom = 789; itemDef.modelRotation1 = 240; itemDef.modelRotation2 = 60; itemDef.modelOffset1 = -1; itemDef.modelOffset2 = -23; itemDef.name = "Dragon claws"; itemDef.description = "A set of fighting claws.".getBytes(); } return itemDef; }[/QUOTE] I have no class8 file, but I knew the ints because server already had "dragon claws" added, and I mimic'd the style with the appropriate changes to the numerical information. I added the item to the item.cfg file But the item is invisible? It may be due to an error in in my client, but it has files that i've never touched as the errors, meaning it stems from somewhere else. [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/2z8wwp1.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/28b4bxc.png[/IMG] Anyone able to help me out? I'll add pictures while I wait for someone knowledgeable on the topic to help. Big thank you to anyone willing to spare the time to help me out!
  11. !I am able to team-view! [CODE]RS2 user client - release #317 PANIC! RANDOMIZED BLOCK! Map Amount: 1226 508 Object Amount: 42000 NPC.DAT : 1489108188 Called method225 NPC.IDX : 1489126980 Called method225 [/CODE] I disabled CRC, I added 508 loc.dat/loc.idx 508object def. I get this "PANIC! RANDOMIZED BLOCK!" But I'm still able to load my client, but when I log in It stays at -loading please wait- I spawn to 1,1 and I unfreeze but I can only stay in that spot or ill freeze again... I'm not sure what I did wrong..:\ any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks. Edit- I'm using a clean pi source and client.
  12. [SIZE=7][/SIZE][FONT=Impact][/FONT] Plz Someone Help me to do donors shop ! [COLOR="#FF0000"][/COLOR] My Skype : Muhis Bm <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  13. I'm need help getting items onto a 317 rsps that is going to be clan based. The source is solitude 317. It's going to be a good server that people can open the rs clans on. Almost like battlescape.I also need help with anouther thing. Some items such as halos when you put them on they go into the hand slot and not the head spot. I need someone to help me with those things. And If you know how to only do one of those things you can still help me. You don't need to know how to add all of them. And one more thing, Runecrafter robes on my server are 40 defense and I want them to be 1 def. Please help me with that too. [COLOR="#FF0000"]I'm willing to pay when done![/COLOR] Items I need added: - Kiln (TokHaar-Kal) Doesn't have to be the newest one. - Armadyl staff (Spell does not need to be added) - Polypore (The spell doesn't need to be added) If you can help me just leave a comment under this and i'll contact you. Thanks
  14. [INDENT]Could someone send me all of the shop ids with the owner of the shop and what version it is? I believe my source and client is delta, although the items are not their so I am not sure. Example of what it looks like in my client.java: } else if ((NPCID == 522) || (NPCID == 523)) { // Shop Keeper + Assistant PutNPCCoords = true; WanneShop = 1; // Varrock General Store Thank you for responding I learned how to code really basic like npc's and npc's drops and the shops within an hour from teaching myself and I need is the ids because not all of them are in the client.java for reference. Thank you, Like I said I'm new to this and using a 317 gameframe which can use some 474 items so I'm not all quite sure.[/INDENT]
  15. SO i finnaly made a account on runelocus forums because i get tired of seeing port 80 error. I've tryed everything on youtube to disable it and every guide on the internet so i heard i was post to come here and ask to be put on the whitelist well thank you:)
  16. Be sure to ask what the links are, and why they're asking to run Java.. He's banned on here, but I don't want any morons to fall for these stupid tricks. He said he's made over 250M, but I doubt it. [8/6/2012 12:57:54 AM] x25xquinton: Want free memberships? Use these pins for them! [url]http://billing-runescape.com/*****************226749008[/url] Full of membership pins, 30 and 90 days! Please thank me! [8/6/2012 8:35:20 AM] Dean A: L [8/6/2012 2:13:08 PM] x25xquinton: Im basically giving up on rs as i lost about a 250m pot yesterday dicing, the acc still has some stuff on it but ima do a giveaway in exactly 5hrs. Hope you all are there and heres a small clip of the account and bank, [url]http://***********************/*****************2123063925[/url]. [8/6/2012 3:38:37 PM] Dean A: lol [8/6/2012 3:38:39 PM] Dean A: u think i'm that dumb [8/6/2012 3:38:42 PM] Dean A: that was pretty good tho [8/6/2012 3:38:43 PM] Dean A: l0l [8/6/2012 3:40:48 PM | Edited 3:40:49 PM] x25xquinton: lol y ( (flag:gb) lol and ) [8/6/2012 3:40:58 PM] x25xquinton: earn it then [8/6/2012 5:07:54 PM] x25xquinton: Ok sorry guys but the giveaway is going to be pushed back as im busy IRL, i went dicing and i came out on top guys. Im going to giveaway the acc and stuff still and here are the stats [url]http://***********************/*****************67554520[/url] and here is the new bank [url]http://***********************/*****************148378500[/url] for all of those that think dicing isnt here, im sorry that your dumb as i use IRC dicing on Smokin mils, its 5:10 pm now, at 9pm i will be giving it away, GL everyone. I almost fell for the second one (link looked pretty real, until it asked to run Java), but I don't play RuneScape, so I couldn't give a shit. I see that the links are blocked now, but regardless, you shouldn't trust him if you saw this message.
  17. Just added hand cannon from this link : [url]http://www.rune-server.org/runescape-development/rs2-server/tutorials/332592-almost-100-hand-cannon-pi-dspk.html[/url] and im getting 100 errors when i compile can someone with teamviewer help please?
  18. added the tuts hash made about potiondrinking, posio, food eating but get some erros tell me what i need to fix [code]Compiling src\com\rs2hd\model\Player.java:309: cannot find symbol symbol : class PotionDrinking location: class com.rs2hd.model.Player public PotionDrinking getPotionDrinking() { ^ src\com\rs2hd\model\Player.java:313: cannot find symbol symbol : class Effects location: class com.rs2hd.model.Player public Effects getEffects() { ^ src\com\rs2hd\model\Player.java:328: cannot find symbol symbol : class PotionDrinking location: class com.rs2hd.model.Player private transient PotionDrinking potionDrinking; ^ src\com\rs2hd\model\Player.java:334: cannot find symbol symbol : class Effects location: class com.rs2hd.model.Player private transient Effects effects; ^ src\com\rs2hd\content\skills\combat\PlayerVsPlayer.java:334: cannot find symbol symbol : method checkForPoison(com.rs2hd.model.Player,com.rs2hd.model.Player) location: class com.rs2hd.content.Poison GameEngine.poison.checkForPoison(p, p2); ^ src\com\rs2hd\content\skills\combat\PlayerVsPlayer.java:564: cannot find symbol symbol : method checkForPoison(com.rs2hd.model.Player,com.rs2hd.model.Player) location: class com.rs2hd.content.Poison GameEngine.poison.checkForPoison(p, p2); ^ src\com\rs2hd\content\Poison.java:16: cannot find symbol symbol : method getPoisonImmunity() location: class com.rs2hd.model.Player if(target.getPoisonImmunity() > System.currentTimeMillis()) ^ src\com\rs2hd\content\Poison.java:38: cannot find symbol symbol : method poisonHit(com.rs2hd.model.Player,int) location: class com.rs2hd.model.Player target.poisonHit(target, target.poisonTicks % 3 == 0 ? target.poisonTicks / 3 : target.poisonTicks / 3 + 1); ^ src\com\rs2hd\content\Effects.java:220: reached end of file while parsing }→ ^ src\com\rs2hd\content\Effects.java:4: cannot find symbol symbol : class Food location: class com.rs2hd.content.Foods import com.rs2hd.content.Foods.Food; ^ src\com\rs2hd\content\Foods.java:3: com.rs2hd.content.Effects.FoodEffects is not public in com.rs2hd.content.Effects; cannot be accessed from outside package import com.rs2hd.content.Effects.FoodEffects; ^ src\com\rs2hd\packethandler\ItemPacketHandler.java:6: cannot access com.rs2hd.co ntent.Foods bad class file: src\com\rs2hd\content\Foods.java file does not contain class com.rs2hd.content.Foods Please remove or make sure it appears in the correct subdirectory of the classpa th. import com.rs2hd.content.Foods.Food; ^ 12 errors Correctly compiled Press any key to continue. . .[/code] second problem is wich files do i need to edit to add korasi spec
  19. Hey Runelocus and it's awesome Members Over the past few days I've had to go through forum to forum to look for my posts and others' replies. Sometimes I don't bother going back to that thread only because I just can't be asked to look! If it's not a problem, may the developers of Runelocus add the "Your threads" and "your Posts" on the tab links or anywhere like next to our username EG: [url]http://prntscr.com/86vlr?[/url] Surly most of you would have a HackForums account so you guys should know what I mean. I hope you take good consideration towards my suggestion :) All the best, Nick magic23.
  20. Tutorial used: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?55141-PI-Completionist-Cape[/url] Source: PKScape Source : [url]http://www.moparscape.org/smf/index.php?topic=532916.0[/url] Can someone help? i followed the instructions D: (Note : Slowed the video down to see what its saying >.< I just get this >.< [video=youtube_share;1E6yvOspIs4]http://youtu.be/1E6yvOspIs4[/video] -The error [code] Now running AlliancePK W/ Fixed MemLeak Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError Caused by: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 6 at server.world.ItemHandler.loadItemList(ItemHandler. java:365) at server.world.ItemHandler.<init>(ItemHandler.java:33) at server.Server.<clinit>(Server.java:63) [/code]
  21. On my highscores, everything works but a few no biggy problems need to be fixed like viewing page 2,3...or searching playor... Also I would like to pay someone to add a summoning option. Current Highscores: [url]http://redemptionxtasy.com/highscores/[/url] Reply to here if interested. If wondering I am paying paypal, $$$
  22. [IMG]http://i40.tinypic.com/10yhxd3.png[/IMG] mind helping me please guys Nulls when i log in not sure why =[ if this gets fixed i will add a tut for real korasi spec & good nex combat with healers
  23. I added new models to my server and they were working correctly but when i re .jarred my client now they jusst turn you character invisible...
  24. Hi, I added on a 562 Server some objects at home with player.getActionSender().sendCreateObject(848, 0, 3165, 3467, -2, 10); Now I wanted to delte this shit, delted the line, compiled, run the server. And this fucking object is there, why? and there are about 2000 altars everywhere on the map why? (Revengescape) Thx Julien