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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to Noxious! We are an RSPS based off the Matrix 3 source that was release by the Matrix team not too long ago. But we've taken a big leap forward. We do our best to deliver the best content we possibly can to our players and insure that they enjoy it. As long as our team is still alive, the server will stay with us. We've been running since early 2017 and have only been going forward and making progress. We recently decided to migrate over to a powerful dedicated server to give our players the best experience possible, no matter the cost. Our server is packed with content! We've got loads of minigames, skilling areas all over with all 26 skills working! We have got most of the iconic bosses, such as: Vorago, ROTS, Araxxi, Legiones, Kalphite King/Queen, All the GWD1/2 bosses, KBD/QBD, Corporeal Beast, and so many more! We offer 3 game modes. Hardcore Ironman Mode, Ironman Mode and Normal Mode. Each of the three game modes have their benefits, challenges and strengths! Try them all out! We have frequent updates, almost daily to improve and deliver great content to our community. Come join us today and show everyone what you're made of! Daily updates to improve both our game and our community Anti Dung Smuggle System 100% Keepsake system We currently have all 26 skills working (invention in progress) More than 20 bosses to choose from including ROTS, GWD2 Minigames such as the barrows brothers, fight caves, fight kiln, puro-puro, sorcerer's garden and many more Lots of training areas accessible by clicking skills and home NPC's Custom lootbeams that can be personalized by each player PVP areas such as the duel arena, wilderness, red/white portal and more Working clan system with ranking, inviting, clan motto's, motifs, flags, vexillums and jobs Donators can also claim their own custom title Functional Abyss and Runespan Dye-able t90 gear Cosmetics system with outfit colors! Portables and Divine Locations Voice of Seren active within Prifddinas Fully working max guild 90%+ prifddinas Boss pets Automated Donating Multiple Unique Donator Zones depending on tier. Secure Login code to protect your account Skilling pets Almost all dungeons and slayer monsters Menaphos Home Location Custom integrated discord bot Homepage || Download || Forums || Discord Credits: Daron Matrix Team Nocturne Team Armar X King Daniel