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Found 76 results

  1. As every body well knows there is an issue with combat xp rate well here it is how to fix it: There is a missing else statement in the skills file for combat xp rate search for addXP and look for [CODE]if (skill != ATTACK && skill != DEFENCE && skill != STRENGTH && skill != MAGIC && skill != RANGE && skill != HITPOINTS) exp *= player.isDonator() ? Settings.XP_RATE + 1 : Settings.XP_RATE;[/CODE] you need to replace the above with [CODE]if (skill != ATTACK && skill != DEFENCE && skill != STRENGTH && skill != MAGIC && skill != RANGE && skill != HITPOINTS) exp *= player.isDonator() ? Settings.SKILLING_XP_RATE + 1 : Settings.SKILLING_XP_RATE; else exp *= player.isDonator() ? Settings.COMBAT_XP_RATE + 1 : Settings.COMBAT_XP_RATE;[/CODE] another thing is to check your settings.java file for the variables COMBAT_XP_RATE and SKILLING_XP_RATE if the exist all you need to do to edit the rate is change the values if they do not exist then there should be a XP_RATE variable and just alter the above code to say [CODE]if (skill != ATTACK && skill != DEFENCE && skill != STRENGTH && skill != MAGIC && skill != RANGE && skill != HITPOINTS) exp *= player.isDonator() ? Settings.XP_RATE + 1 : Settings.XP_RATE; else exp *= player.isDonator() ? Settings.XP_RATE + 1 : Settings.XP_RATE;[/CODE] and again to alter rate just change the value of the variable XP_RATE worked for me quite well :P have fun COMPILE COMPILE COMPILE!!!! again COMPILE COMPILE COMPILE!!!! lol
  2. Anyone know if a good 667/704 Server + Client to use, thats not matrix based and is pretty blank? Help would be appreciated
  3. When I try to open the bank booths it says nothing intresting happens is there any way to fix this????
  4. Hello, In this tutorial I will try and help you spawn NPC's. There are other Tutorials for this on other sites but they never seem to work for me so I have found a different way of doing it. I am doing this on the MATRIX Source. First go into your Source Folder then: src/com/rs/utils/NPCSpawning.Java Scroll down until you see: [code]public static void spawnNPCS() { /** * NPCS */; World.spawnNPC(564, new WorldTile(3597, 3368, 0), -1, false, true); World.spawnNPC(550, new WorldTile(3592, 3368, 0), -1, false, true); World.spawnNPC(546, new WorldTile(3590, 3365, 0), -1, false, true); World.spawnNPC(549, new WorldTile(3593, 3363, 0), -1, false, true); World.spawnNPC(683, new WorldTile(3597, 3363, 0), -1, false, true);[/code] Here is what that means: [code]World.spawnNPC(NPCID, new WorldTile(X Coord, Y Coord, Z Coord), -1, false, true);[/code] Then all you have to do is copy a line of the code above and type in what you need and Save/Close/Compile. Hope I helped. - Chris.
  5. [SIZE=3][CENTER]So, I've been working on my 667/704 RSPS for a few months now and I plan to be releasing it within a week or two. I'm making this thread so I can personally keep track of my work and get some feedback/ideas. Post w/e u feel neg and positive. [B][U]Anticipating the release? Like us on[/U][/B] [URL="http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lizard-Kingdom/164799076970132"][COLOR="#0000FF"][B][U]Facebook[/U][/B][/COLOR][/URL]! Forums: [URL="http://lizard-kingdom.com"]Lizard-Kingdom.com[/URL] Haven't been updated in a while, upgrading to VBulletin soon[/SIZE] [SIZE=3][U][COLOR="#00FF00"]Staff:[/COLOR] [/U] [U]~Owner~[/U] [COLOR="#00FF00"]Lizard King[/COLOR] [U]~Administrators~[/U] [COLOR="#800080"]Nero Pottis[/COLOR] [U]~Mods~[/U] [COLOR="#0000FF"]Jessiej[/COLOR] [U]~Coders~[/U] [COLOR="#00FF00"]Lizard King[/COLOR] [U]~Forum Developer~[/U] [COLOR="#FFD700"]Naughty'[/COLOR] (future forums)[/SIZE] [/center] [spoiler=Updates!] [size=3][center]Updates [u]~June 7, 2012~[/u] Item pick up off floor glitch fixed All combat exp (range, mage, strength, attack, defence, constitution) finished Ability to make All spirit shields Shards -> Armadyl Battlestaff LRC added for mining! With working pully lift [u]~June 8, 2012~[/u] Skills Complete: Cooking Fletching Firemaking [u] ~June 9, 2012~[/u] Skills Complete: Herblore exp rates RC all teleports and pouches 711 cache obtained Customs put in [/center][/size][/spoiler] [SPOILER=Finished/unfinished Areas] [SIZE=3][B][U]~commands~[/U][/B][/SIZE] [COLOR="#00FF00"] home edge ancients lunar hair makeover ticket players ranks train corp irons steels frosts magebank barrows torms[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFA500"]saradomin bandos armadyl zamorak nex[/COLOR] [SIZE=3][U][B]~minigames~[/B][/U][/SIZE] [COLOR="#ff0000"][/COLOR][COLOR="#00FF00"]pits[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FF0000"]duel[/COLOR] [SIZE=3][U][B]~skill areas~[/B][/U][/SIZE] [COLOR="#00FF00"]train [/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"]runecrafting- air, earth, water, nats, cosmic, death, law, astral, body, etc. cooking- cooking guild[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FF0000"] con - might not do dungeoneering - future release, thinking of way to get dung weps agility thieving - takes to ardougne stalls Slayer- (takes to master) Slayertower darkbeasts hunter - might not do mining - LRC smithing - takes to edge smither who sells ores fishing - fishing guild wc - takes to cammy farming - thinking about summoning - directly to obelisk[/COLOR][/spoiler] [SPOILER=unfinished Npc's][COLOR="#FF0000"] jad blue dragons black dragons green dragons red dragons[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFA500"]glacors[/COLOR] (post some below(still thinking))[/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Random Updates] [COLOR="#FF8C00"]flasks[/COLOR][COLOR="#FF0000"] possibly remove buttons from client update some sprites forums to Vbulletin[/COLOR] [/spoiler] [SPOILER=Glitches] [COLOR="#00FF00"]100%+ trade (credz to Displee and myself)[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FF0000"]duel arena decline opening stats[/COLOR] [/spoiler] [spoiler=media] [IMG]http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa343/xanderhamm/sexii.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa343/xanderhamm/3-1.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa343/xanderhamm/workingduel.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa343/xanderhamm/korasi.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa343/xanderhamm/dharok.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa343/xanderhamm/updates.png[/IMG] [/spoiler] Credits: - Matrix Development Team - JAGeX - Myself (Lizard King/Xander)
  6. Hey, Is there any way that i can edit it so that i can get a custom loyalty title for Owner/Co-Owner? Like ::title (#) something like that i'm wanting to add a loyalty title that says "My Server Name" Then "Owner" And Then "My Name" iv'e been trying to search for the loyalty title that are in-game but i can't find them can anyone help me create this title? for my self. And another title that say's "My Server Name" Then "Co-Owner" Then "Player Name" And i want these in blue... if anyone can help me thanks guys.
  7. I just cant figure this out. call me a noob, but I have looked everywhere and cant figure out how to remove these altars.. thanks in advance to those who help!
  8. This will allow potion's in wilderness. Wilderness.java... Add this code in [code] @Override public boolean handleItemOption1(Player playerr, int slotId, int itemId, Item item) { if (itemId != item.getId()) return false; switch (itemId) { case -1: //Noobs return false; } return true; }[/code] I forgot who else made this so I cannot give credit's sorry, PM me if you we're the one, and I remember half the name just not full.
  9. Goto Skills.java Search for [code]exp *= 1.025;[/code] Below this add this [code] if (skill != PRAYER) exp *= 50;[/code] You may also Change it from prayer to more by adding [code]if (skill != PRAYER && STRENGTH)[/code]
  10. hey guys, im using matrix 667/704 source and i dont know how to unpack packed files so when i got the source it was pretty empty. all npcs were placed but couldnt be edited..u know. what im looking for are: unpackedspawnslist, and bonus' i have all the rest if u dont have them but could share the knowledge of how i could get them, that'd be great! also: not sure how to edit item prices. thanks to anyone who helps!
  11. [COLOR="#DAA520"][Project] Holy Symbol 66/704 Loading 712. [/COLOR] My contact info: Msn - [email][email protected][/email] Skype - xdjkimx [COLOR="#006400"]Staff list:[/COLOR] Owner: Daniel Co Owner: Castle Wars Adminstrator: Moderator: George. Coders: Daniel Graphics Artists: Forum Developers: George & Jonathan [spoiler="Picture's!"][IMG]http://i46.tinypic.com/294hycx.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i46.tinypic.com/rr1tua.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i49.tinypic.com/ip1lp1.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i47.tinypic.com/30ax5dy.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i46.tinypic.com/1rr8ev.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i50.tinypic.com/4l1x83.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i47.tinypic.com/jgtslx.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i45.tinypic.com/2uz4j8z.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/e5o3ex.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i49.tinypic.com/98vo7k.png[/IMG][/spoiler] [COLOR="#FF0000"][U]Current activity[/U][/COLOR] Mutated Jadinko's Shops Skills Max Cape Reqruiement's Effigy's New Teleport Looks Lobby New Loyality Emotes & Much More.
  12. I Portforwarded, and, put my ip in the client, and when i load stays at 1%, but when i use, it loads up prefectly. Help please thanks ;P
  13. * Remove This. New thread is being Developed.
  14. Born For Tds


    How do I remove Matrix's client logo? like complete just remove it?
  15. Hello runelocus members, I'm looking for a 667/705 source, that's coded pretty good and such. Would like to check out, I'm willing to trade my 614 source, I'll show you proof of what it has, examples are korasi spec, vote shop, full working bank, dicing, new combat system. Many other things, if you'd like to check it out hit me up. Skype: useof_energy or Pm me here.
  16. using matrix source.. trade doesnt work unless both people are standing completely still.. if anyone can help fix this, it would be greatly appreciated
  17. Project has been stopped, too many fail 667 servers to actually give this a proper chance at a good run. Sorry for wasting 30 seconds of your life! (2 minutes if you're a slow reader).
  18. samclark

    667/704 webclient

    Does anyone know how to make a 667 webclient??:cool::cool:
  19. I need help changing player rights...lol I am a beginner with 666+ source so if you know how please help me :) Don't flame me because i am a noob please.
  20. well basically when you kill a boss and move it doesn't drop loot i was wondering if there is a way to fix it:cool:
  21. How do I edit the items in shops, as in, add and replace items with other items. THANKS! :D
  22. warpster


    Hey guys, I've been working on the 667/700 v7 which I can't be bothered working on because v8 is cleaner and it has some new content plus I want to load a higher cache, please if anyone is generous enough to give me the link of the 667/704+ V8 source and client, I really want it everytime I ask someone they tell me to pay for it which is out of order since it was released. Thanks for reading, if you have it please provide me with the link :) if you don't know which one it is, it includes donator crowns, also here is my email : [email][email protected][/email] Thanks again(y) - Warpster Sorry I couldn't find the request section !
  23. all current NPCs are packed an i dont know how to unpack them. so if anyone knows how to either unpack them or could tell me packed file they're in so i can delete it, pleasee post. thanks
  24. Willing to pay, will discuss pricing on skype,[U] need the method used to pack NPCs[/U]. Add me on skype: zroflak Specify that you're helping with the npc method when u add me
  25. [CENTER][img]http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt96/SquigHopper/Rising_empire_vectorized.png[/img][/CENTER] Intro: Hello RuneLocus. My name is Rising King and I have had many projects before and have finished them but never made them public. This project is different. RisingEmpire is a server that is currently under construction. I am not one of those Noobs that can't even change the tutorial on there server. I have made a couple of updates as I had to start over. I will post the updates below and some images as well. This will be the best 667 Loading 706 Website: [url]http://www.RisingEmpireftw.com[/url] WebClient Beta: [url]http://www.risingempireftw.com/Play.html[/url] (adding in 5 mins) Updates: [4/7/2012]Removed Tutorial [4/7/2012]Added Trade [4/7/2012]Added Shops [4/7/2012]Changed Home [4/7/2012]Added Starter [4/7/2012]Currently Adding pets