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Found 19 results

  1. Anyone got a working 667 or a 637 source with clients& cache - i can use. Feather's is full of bugs and shit
  2. Lets hope at once this contributes to what ppl like to call "ruining 600+ LOL" and to what ppl call customizing and staying with same revision. This client should be able to load hd on amd64 and i581 for windows, linux archs and blahblah. Ye mac and solaris. Fixes: Hd should now be supported by all os's Fixed sounds as now rs uses index15 for anim and object sounds too. Additions: Because of the hd update now you can have multiple hd clients opened. Prayer 10x update should be as on rs now. NPC Forcemovement also implemented on protocol New chars cloths look(im almost sure that i packed them). Cache Includes: 663 maps objects npcs items anims gfxs models sprites worldmap renderanims cloths new interfaces new clientscripts newclientscripts2 musics sounds textures fonts mapeffects particles configs Client link: [url=http://uppit.com/iwhz688evnb2/RSPS_Client5.rar]UppIT - Free File Sharing - RSPS Client5.rar[/url] Let it auto download cache, will also download native librarys used by jogl. Cache Editor (Includes auto updater and sprite editing, learn to use it yourself): Btw it using my old cache editor. [url=http://uppit.com/cgy9gmy0mmu8/cacheeditor.rar]UppIT - Free File Sharing - cacheeditor.rar[/url] I will not release any mapdata so hopefully you dump it yourself and release to us. Edited packet structures: [CODE] //effect type 1 or 2(index4 or index14 format, index15 format unusused by jagex for now) public void sendSound(int id, int delay, int effectType) { OutputStream stream = new OutputStream(8); stream.writePacket(136); stream.writeShort(id); stream.writeByte(1); //amt of time sound repeats, not volume as some faggot said stream.writeShort(delay); stream.writeByte(255); //volume stream.writeByte(effectType); session.write(stream); } [/CODE] Prayerpoints should be sent as hp but config id 6000 instead of 5000. [SPOILER="Pictures"] [IMG]http://i53.tinypic.com/2pqp5eg.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i51.tinypic.com/9rubvb.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i56.tinypic.com/35himq0.png[/IMG] Custom logo(you can change with cache editor) [IMG]http://i53.tinypic.com/say3qu.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i51.tinypic.com/30cbvqp.png[/IMG] [/SPOILER] How safe is this? 100% safe theres no virus... Its all opensource release also. So ye I don't need to release client updates anymore. Update by yourself with the cache editor.
  3. The prayer is always at 0, is there a way to fix that ? its very annoying...
  4. i am looking for a working sprite editor... i have tried steves and it makes a massive error in the cmd when i try to pack the cache... i have tried dragonkks but when i try to open another image it doesn't even bring up the window to choose it... So does anyone know a working one?:L
  5. I'm trying to add x10 prayers so players can actually see their prayer % in the orb... i have done everything needed and it logs in then logs out instantly...
  6. I followed a tutorial on how to fix the 120/99 but now its 1/120 or when your at 99 its 99/120 etc etc does anyone know how to fix? :L
  7. If you edited the Cache and re-made the name here is how to fix the cache! Open up your client in Eclipse or an IDE and find this area! [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/oGrUs.jpg[/IMG] Change it to whatever you changed the name of your cache to then save it and run it! You're done after that! Thanks for reading this simple little tutorial!
  8. Some info ---------------------- Background location: Index 8, Container 1407 ---------------------- Tutorial: First add this too (main.java) main method: [CODE]packbackground(cache);[/CODE] Second, Add this void to main.java [CODE] public static void packbackground(Cache cache) { int id = cache.getCacheFileManagers()[8].getContainerId("titlebg"); System.out.println(id); ImagesFile f = null; try { f = new ImagesFile(ImageIO.read(new File("data/titlebg.png"))); } catch (IOException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } byte[] data = f.encodeContainer(); System.out.println(cache.getCacheFileManagers()[8].putFileData(id, 0, 2, data, null, "titlebg", null, true)); }[/CODE] Tip: Change location of image ------------------------ Have fun, hope i didn't miss anything
  9. I have a 562 source and I had found a 663 client which is perfect because it no longer has delayed sounds and such. I'd like to use this client, but the problem is the prayers a messed up. When using the client the prayer icon always says 0 even if you recharge. The client is set up for 10x prayers, i'd like to add 10x prayers but I cannot find a working tutorial. Can someone tell me how to remove 10x prayers from the client so it's back to normal, or can someone tell me how to add 10x prayers to the source correctly? Thanks in advanced.
  10. Title says it all, anyone know why?
  11. Hello When I set the main class to client and jar it, I get an error upon running it. "Main Class: client not found." I have had three people TV me and they can't figure it out. I would prefer someone explain to me, rather than do it for me. The main class is client, the directory is bin, everything that works for a 602 is there. I can jar a 602 client no issue. I believe the problem is the arguments in the main class. I just have no clue what to do. Anyone jarred a 657+ client yet?
  12. [size=18]!Welcome To DementedScape 663![/size] [img]http://i781.photobucket.com/albums/yy96/worm650/Dementedscapebanner.png[/img] Double Xp Weekend Right Now Saturday - Sunday! Owner: God Video: (Thx To Mike14) [video=youtube;W7TgOBhUR7I]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7TgOBhUR7I[/video] Pictures: [img]http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/7311/dementedscape.png[/img] Support Sig =D [img]http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/8674/f766ac834afa454edf078f9.png[/img] Features: Beast PVP! All 663+ Items! Economy! Curses! Regular 7-15 Players On! Donator! 24/7! VPS!! Clan Chat/Clans!! Dicing!! Loads Of NPC's (Including Nex!) + Minigames! Full Torva + Primal! All Chaotics! + Loads More! Players: 10[x] 20[x] 30[x] 40[x] 50[x] 60[x] 70[x] 80[x] 90[] 100[] Donator Benifits: (Donator Costs $5 Paypal Or 7M RSGP) Custom ::yell Choice Of Any 2 Items You Want Donator-Only Zone! Donator Only Items! Name On The Server Messages! Exclusive Donor Cape W\ Custom Emote! Custom Forum Badge! And Lots More! Message God In-Game For More Details Forums: [url=http://www.dementedscape.forumotion.com]Forums[/url] Download Link: [url=http://www.xlightcorex.net/dementedscape/]Webclient[/url] [url=http://www.mediafire.com/?wzuwdngk6p7wlfl]Download Link (Mediafire)[/url] Tutorial: Simply Extract It To The Desktop, Click On Run.bat, And It Should Load! If U Download The One With The Cache, Remember To Put The Cache In Your C:/ Drive! Any Problems/Need Help? Post Here
  13. Welcome To DementedScape V1.5! Video [video=youtube;6cKsvRQWcOk]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cKsvRQWcOk[/video] New Stuff Added From V1: -Dicing -New Home -New Shops -Donator Zone -Donator Items -Donator Cape -Castle Wars + Soul Wars Fixed -Assist System -Revamped Herblore -Almost 100% Mapdata -Pk Highscores -Max Cape + Dung Cape Emotes -Nazi Zombies (Almost Done) -Mobilising Army/Custom Titles -Npc Donator Zone -Better Lootshare System -Nex -Max Cape + Dung Cape Emotes -Fixed Dupes/Glitches To Play, Click On The Link 4 The Client! Extract To Ur Desktop And Click The Run.bat! [url=http://www.mediafire.com/?f3zdb8fs8wtcwdk]Client[/url] [url=http://www.mediafire.com/?jzd709ocqzo8m2p]Client For Mac/Linux/Etc[/url] Donator Benifits: (Cost 7M Or $5) Choice Of Any 2 Items U Want! Donator Zone Npc Donor Only Zone Donator Only Items! Custom Forum Badge! Custom ::yell! Name On The Server Messages! Custom Donor Cape w/ Emote! And Lots More! Fill Out This App 4 Staff: In Game Name: What Position [Mod][Website Dev][Coder][Admin][GFX Designer]: How Many Hours Can U Be On: What Makes U A Good Choice: Anything Extra:
  14. when i load it crash at loading default 75%
  15. *fixed
  16. Lukedawesome

    663 mapdata

    Anyone got the 663 mapdata that I can have?
  17. [url]http://escalation.no-ip.biz/cache9.zip[/url] or [url]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17120293/titancache.zip[/url] warning: this link is not 24/7 i suggest you to make your own. just upload this to dropbox or something. Credits: 80% TitanPk / Titandino 20% Me. Sorry for leeching your cache link on ur client titanpk edit: people asked for titandino / titanpk's cache link so i added it
  18. okay i heard theres 663 cache :D i need it and theres the client as well which i cant ifnd link to both plox P.S this link dosent work for me [url]http://escalation.no-ip.biz/cache9.zip[/url]
  19. I need help with walking and such in my 663 servercan anyone help with this-->[ATTACH=CONFIG]2219[/ATTACH]