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Found 9 results

  1. axter

    604 client

    Anyone got a decent 562/604 client? gonna do some stuff to NoszScape.
  2. Well im requesting a extra forum category or sub forum i dont kno what its called for. [img]http://i.imgur.com/evHd0.png[/img] this is what bothers me: [img]http://i.imgur.com/NH3sg.png[/img] alot of matrix related posts. Well the reason is since Matrix got leaked / released i dont realy know the 562+ forum has become realy full of matrix stuff it kinda anoys me i want to just browse stuff with the old gameframe well not old but you get what i mean cause i dont like the new RS gameframe; [img]http://i.imgur.com/AkbVU.png[/img] I dont know what a good name would be for the section i dont know where matrix flew in. I guess like 667+ or 604+ and make the 562 like 562-666 i hope this wil be added it wil also help the people that are just looking for the newest gameframe downloads help etc. Leave a comment if you support or why you dont support his :D
  3. [FONT=Fixedsys][SIZE=7][COLOR="#00FFFF"]FallenScape[/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"]Beta[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=4]Server is Being updated and needs testers! please use forums to report bugs on server rewards are given![/SIZE][/COLOR] [SIZE=5]Website-[URL="http://www.wix.com/joshua1316/gameingo"]http://www.wix.com/joshua1316/gameingo[/URL][/SIZE] Pictures are on website so is client download! [SIZE=6][COLOR="#000000"]Server Status[/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=6](DOWN)[/SIZE][/COLOR][SIZE=3][COLOR="#00FF00"]Upgrading Ram/tweaking server performance[/COLOR][/SIZE] What the server offers! • 100% Runescape bank pins that you can reset if you forget the pin. • Great shops • Cash limits, so all your hard earned money wont reset to 1 coin. • Perfect range, stand far away from monsters wile you attack them. • Range requires arrows, then you can collect them after you have killed your opponent. • Experienced staff members. • All chaotic weapons. • Primal armour, fractite armour, etc. • Newer bosses to challenge. • Chat effects (e.i. - green:shake: Hello) • Player following. • One click npc attacking. • One click player attacking. • Colored whips(Fixed animations). • Staff of Light. • New spirit shields. Other info • All skills fully trainable. • Clanwars safe and non-safe pking. • Bank tabs allowing you to organize your bank however you choose. • Plenty of bosses with rare drops. • Full screen high definition available. • Thieving for cash. • Dragon platebodys. • Pets that follow you. • All godswords fulling working. • Dragon fireshield. • Dragon claws with fully working special. • All PVP armour and weapons. • Bandos and Armadyl armour. • Great website. • Crystal keys to open the magic chest (gives rare items). • New whip attack emotes • All skillcapes and emotions. • Trading interfaces fixed. • God Wars Dungeon. • Barrows mini-game.(80%) • Soul wars mini-game. • Pest control mini-game. [SIZE=3][COLOR="#00FF00"]Server is baced off TkoScape and i give 85% credits to [/COLOR][/SIZE] - Apache Ah64 - Dragonkk - Mystic Flow
  4. This is a new 562 loading 604 server, we are in beta if you would like to try out my new server our forums are at [URL="http://bandosdragonscape.forumm.biz/"]http://bandosdragonscape.forumm.biz/[/URL] we also have a 562loading 604 web-client working HD. [URL="http://highquality569.forumotion.ca/h1-webclient"]http://highquality569.forumotion.ca/h1-webclient[/URL] client [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?20dypi3i4nddcl7"]http://www.mediafire.com/?20dypi3i4nddcl7[/URL] Here are some pictures taken of the server. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2749[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2745[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2747[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2748[/ATTACH] [video=youtube;UNLtoMl7RSE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNLtoMl7RSE[/video] sorry for the bad picture's, but i got to say the server looks a lot better :D.
  5. Hi guys, title says it all. If you want a bit of money for doing it ill be happy to pay Thanks.
  6. I AM CURRENTLY CODING A LOT INTO THIS, IM CHANGING A LOT, IT HAS A LOT OF PROBLEMS I KNOW AND I WANNA AND WILL FIX THEM ALL. PLEASE GUYS, LEAVE OUT THE FLAME...ITS STUPID TO SIT HERE AND BE JELLY AND FLAME...YES I KNOW I GOT DUPES....IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING GOOD TO SAY, PLEASE, SHARE...IF NOT, PLEASE, STFU. You can now play the webclient at: rc-webclient.tk ITS NOW LOADING 604 Welcome to RazenClaw 562's advertisement thread! RazenClaw is a 562 server loading 604. Which means that it has overloads, rocktail, and extreme potions. SIGN UP: You can join the community at razen-claw.tk You can also download the client at: http://www.mediafire.com/?7o1llrq8mkjrg7z or razen-download.tk Features: -colored whips and dark bows -Ice StrykeWorms -Webclient -Working staff of light with bonuses -HD on Windows 7 and all other OS that can run HD! -All skills working! -Great economy and Great pking! -A Great gambling chest to gamble your money for a chance at a high reward! -Great donator benefits! -24/7, hosted on a VPS -A creative home starting place! -Easy to obatain items and level up but also has room for your character to improve beyond the normal player! -Lots of Shops! -GREAT Staff! -Loads of monsters and bosses! Pictures: Ice Strykeworms with correct animation Home: How to get Colored Dark Bows: PKing: Gambling: Potions: Great Shops Trade timer so no cheating! Train Unique way to do barrows: Thanks for checking this thread out, and i hope you hop on RazenClaw and enjoy the server
  7. im glad to release thisIsReality to the public. Download link! you will need winrar to extract the folder, this is V2!!: http://www.mediafire.com/?jbvgj1gy2257n19 The server is hosted on an VPS 24/7 and there is no lagg!!! expect this server to be big! Prices for donator status and items donator status = 20$ it gives u ::donatorcave, which i can demonstrate later it gives u ::kalphite, which is the monster that drops green whip, 2 different partyhats, agile(2nd best armour), etc. extra donator = 50$ it gives u everything above. it gives u yellow whip, which is donator only. no drops!! real donator = 300$ it gives u basically yell, u can spawn whatever item u want, u get ::bank, its like owner status, lol all primal pieces, like 8-10 of em or something = 200$ primal platebody, legs, helm, and kite = 100$ and u can buy chaotic items which is 50$ each. Donate to: [email protected], then tell me. please vote for my server!! takes no longer than 2 minutes! just click on this link www.runelocus.com/toplist/index.php?action=vote&id=12545 A few info about the server: This Server is in V2. it is featuring: Home is from NRscape, thanks to Geo DonatorZone(20$) Kalphite Queen is including in DonatorStatus Over 100 Commands Working godsword specs Working dragon claws spec bounty hunter safe zone clan wars safe zone every godwars bosses working, NON AGRESSIVE!!!! KBD working Great economy every stats working working vengeance Daganoth bosses Barrows who drops barrows items + barrows gloves Working Jad Bork Tarn Working slayer tower Pest Control brawlers dropping Void 562 loading 604. ::shops All primal items All chaotic items. Green, Blue, Yellow, And White whip. To see my full Album with 27 pictures, click here: http://s1106.photobucket.com/albums/h375/ipwnnubz123/ I DO NOT take credit for the source, the source belong to Geo. All i take credit for is the server and how it will be developed in the future. Pictures
  8. I've deobfuscated the 604 client too, and i think works the fullscreen, anyone can try to make this 562 loading 604? please 604 update ukeys: Here is the link for the client: http://www.mediafire.com/?ycd1zmu0wsr3v3n And this is the link for the 604 cache have the (fs feature): http://www.mediafire.com/?tyijg3titzc Credits: Me 99% for deobfuscating Google 1% for 604 client obed