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Found 20 results

  1. Discord Website [Play Now] Fast Growing Community a strong player driven community that strives to bring you the most enjoyable, content filled, exciting gameplay that you will ever experience on any RSPS! If you have any suggestions or comments for us, then please don't hesitate to post them on our community forums. CUSTOM CO-OP minigames NEW Custom Minigame PRISONERS on LoyaltyScape! First custom multi-tiered team based minigame since Castle Wars! Escape as a prisoner from Melzar the Mad’s prison or join the dark wizards to stop the prisoners from escaping! Best strategy minigame yet! Epic Loot Many great tresures and other rewards await you around the corner! we have Donation Boxes// Legendary Mystery Boxes, that offer TONS OF rewards! also npcs drop caskets, and bosses have amazing loot ! dont forget to search EVERYWHERE! GENERAL KHAZARD Take part in an epic battle with one of the strongest bosses in the planet! he drops EPIC loot! you wouldnt want to miss out ! Iron Man Mode Test your might and your will in this epic game mode. 1 life only. Can you do it? Unique PVM Train on a vast playing field with rare drops at reasonable rates from multiple bosses with a very unique boss point shop for great gear! Six game modes! create and combine your own special super class! by selecting from one of the 6 game modes! :: normal/ pk mode/ iornamn/ hcim/ normal game mode and rates / Medium game mode increases 5% drop rate/ Professional game mode 10% drop rate / Expert 15% drop rate Recent Updates Updated log in screen // currently working on the teleport innerface // updates to FFA // updated donator zones // upgrades to ZULRAH// daily updates and more! check out our forums to keep updated on all the changes! or join our DISCORD
  2. Minigames: Barrows, Bounty Hunter, Clan Wars, God Wars, Mage Arena, Mage Training Arena, Pest Control, Puro Puro, Tzhaar Fight Caves, Duel Arena, Tzhaar Fight Pits, Warriors GuildBosses: Giant Mole, King Black Dragon, Dagannoth Kings, Bork, God War Bosses,Chaos Elemental, Venenatis, Callisto, Vet'ion, Crazy Archeologist, Kalphite Queen, TzTok-Jad, Kraken, Corporeal Beast, Tormented demons, RevenantsOver 30 quests, including every F2P quest and 13 P2P quests, all without paying a dime!23 Fully completed, perfectly emulated skills, with the 24th, construction, out now with many more updates coming to it!All F2P area content!Nieve's Slayer Dungeon!Achievement diariesGrand exchangeClue ScrollsLoot shareRandom eventsGame & Combat soundsBoss PetsOSRS Items with more to come!Skillcape perksVariable XP Rates! Choose between 5x, 25x, 50x or 100x and define your own journey! Website features:Account managementCustom forumsHiscoresVotingMonthly Vote RewardsAccount RegistrationAccount RecoverySpecial section for updatesUnique icons, userbars, etc Full album View the FULL update log for Valyria here!
  3. Hello guys. I'm interested in finding a developer/coder to either build me a server (Source + Cache + Client) from scratch and/or also be a owner with me. Of course i will be paying for these services depending on skill and speed of the development. REQUIRED: Lots of experience coding/developing Trust worthy at least fully working basic server No loop holes Secure server Able to add custom interfaces/items/features/shops/etc Discord/Skype Social media i can add you on Things i want to be added: Custom items like phats,weapons,wings,wtc Custom interfaces for teleports, skilling, etc I want a G.E/ POS added that is fully functionally and easy to use (Item searching, fast and easy function) Custom location for home, skills,etc Points system with shop Achievement system with rewards Custom titles/yells We will talk more detail when you contact Via private message, and also discuss payments and amounts. FYI I want a server up and going ASAP smoothly so the faster and better the server is the more i am willing to pay. If you take a long time then i wont be so willing. Keep in mind this is a very general thought but i would like to find a very skilled coder to make me a server, I've hosted one once before and i'd love another shot to make it way better! Thanks!
  4. EdenRSPS


    Eden Runescape 2008 Remake Economy server with perfect economy! Eden is a quality server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best PvP and PvM experience around. Our team is dedicated team that professionally creates and maintain everyday features and support for the players. Active development, daily fixes. Our staff are very friendly and will provide fast and efficient support when needed. Any bug reports will be dealt immediately and suggestions posted on our forums will be responded to within 12 hours. We aim for the top gameplay experience, becoming the server crafted for players needs. No more lags, crashes, bugs and boredom. Website: EdenRSPS.com Forums: EdenRSPS.com/forums/ VIDEO Features: * Shooting Star * Potion Decanting * Bank Tabs * Full Clan Chat * Perfect Switches & Combat * Slayer Requirements * Travel Gliders * Ship Travel * All Guilds * Grand Exchange * Max Cape * Random Voting Rewards * All F2P Quests * Some P2P Quests * Achievement Diaries * All Dungeons * Puro-Puro * Random Events * Multi Dwarf Cannon * OSRS Items * OSRS Bosses * OSRS Locations * OSRS Pets Working Skills: * All combat skills * Prayer * RuneCrafting * Agility * Herblore * Thieving * Crafting * Fletching * Slayer * Hunter * Mining * Smithing * Fishing * Cooking * Firemaking * Woodcutting * Farming * Summoning * Hunter * Construction Working Mini-Games: * Duel Arena * Pest Control * Barrows * Tzhaar * Warrior's Guild * Fight Pits * Mage Training Arena * Mage Arena * Bounty Hunter * Clan Wars * Fist Of Guthix Bosses: * Godwars * Tormented Demons * Corporeal Beast * Dagganoth Kings * King Black Dragon * Kalphite Queen * Giant Mole * Chaos Elemental * Bork * Scorpia * Callisto * Venenantis * Crazy Archeaologist * Zulrah * Kraken * Cerberus MEDIA:
  5. Join HellgateRS now: http://hellgaters.com Server was launched 8th March 2017. Our server is packed with the most unique features, such as:No limit on how many coins you can carry in your pouch. Displays the correct amount.Item stats on hover- hover over items anywhere in the game and see crucial details such as whether they're tradable or not, sellable or not, their selling price and stats.Penance Queen Raid - form a party of up to 5 players and destroy Penance Queen and her fighters for exclusive rewardsParty Dungeoneering - form a party of up to 5 players tackle the bossGlobal Grand Exchange, - access the grand exchange from wherever you are. By a simple press of a button find out what everybody is Selling or Buying. Control the market!Crashing Star, automatic event. After the Star is fully mined, Meteora will descend from the sky at the star's location to sell you some special items in exchange for Star Dust.Evil Tree automatic event. After the tree is chopped down, Selene will emerge from the depths of the earth to take your Evil Tree Kindlings in exchange for items.Reborns - reach max level in all skills, at least 1 Billion Total Experience and Reborn. Trade your Reborn Prestige Points in our shop for exclusive items such as Demon Wings! Unique Updates - teleportation orb, dungeoneering ticket, double xp vote scroll and so much more We have an unique monthly membership system with a lot of benefits, read more about it. Go to Links: Website Screenshot Gallery Updates / News Forum Introduce Yourself
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZf-lAanvYE Website & Forums Play now (download) To register an account to play with, simply click the 'create account' button on the client. Choose a username and password and you are good to go. Quick info & features: Construction Music system Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite Clue Scrolls Achievement diaries Boss pets Grand Exchange 30+ working quests High-quality bosses including the Corporeal Beast and Cerberus Random events Oldschool RS (OSRS) content in HD Distractions and Diversions Many traveling methods like gnome gliders and canoes High-quality skilling with OSRS skilling pets Gravestone system Ironman game mode Minigames like Puro Puro and the Warrior's Guild / Pest Control Seen enough? Play now To register an account to play with, simply click the 'create account' button on the client. Choose a username and password and you are good to go. Want to support us? Spread the word by using our banner: http://kratosrsps.org/assets/images/banner.gif
  7. Add this class package com.xeno.util; import com.xeno.net.codec.ISAACCipher; /** * @author _Jordan */ public class IsaacGroup { /** * Represents the isaac random for incoming packets. */ private final ISAACCipher incoming; /** * Represents the isaac random for outgoing packets. */ private final ISAACCipher outgoing; /** * Constructs a new {@code IsaacGroup} object. * * @param incoming The isaac to use for incoming packets. * @param outgoing The isaac to use for outgoing packets. */ public IsaacGroup(ISAACCipher incoming, ISAACCipher outgoing) { this.incoming = incoming; this.outgoing = outgoing; } /** * Gets the incoming. * @return the incoming */ public ISAACCipher getIncoming() { return incoming; } /** * Gets the outgoing. * @return the outgoing */ public ISAACCipher getOutgoing() { return outgoing; } } Go to RS2LoginProtocolDecoder Under sessionKey[3] = (int)serverSessionKey; add this ISAACCipher incoming = new ISAACCipher(sessionKey); for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++) { sessionKey[i] += 50; } ISAACCipher outgoing = new ISAACCipher(sessionKey); IsaacGroup group = new IsaacGroup(incoming, outgoing); Under that replace this session.getFilterChain().addLast("protocolFilter", new ProtocolCodecFilter(new CodecFactory()));[ With this: session.getFilterChain().addLast("protocolFilter", new ProtocolCodecFilter(new CodecFactory(group))); Go to CodecFactory Replace the whole class with this package com.xeno.net.codec; import org.apache.mina.filter.codec.ProtocolCodecFactory; import org.apache.mina.filter.codec.ProtocolDecoder; import org.apache.mina.filter.codec.ProtocolEncoder; import com.xeno.WorkerThread; import com.xeno.util.IsaacGroup; /** * Provides access to the encoders and decoders for the 508 protocol. * @author Graham * */ public class CodecFactory implements ProtocolCodecFactory { /** * The encoder. */ private ProtocolEncoder encoder; /** * The decoder. */ private ProtocolDecoder decoder; /** * Constructs a new {@code CodecFactory}. * @param workerThread */ public CodecFactory(WorkerThread workerThread) { this.decoder = new RS2LoginProtocolDecoder(workerThread); this.encoder = new RS2ProtocolEncoder(null); } /** * Constructs a new {@code CodecFactory}. * @param group */ public CodecFactory(IsaacGroup group) { this.decoder = new RS2ProtocolDecoder(group.getIncoming()); this.encoder = new RS2ProtocolEncoder(group.getOutgoing()); } @Override public ProtocolEncoder getEncoder() throws Exception { return encoder; } @Override public ProtocolDecoder getDecoder() throws Exception { return decoder; } } Go to RS2ProtocolDecoder Replace the class with this package com.xeno.net.codec; import org.apache.mina.common.ByteBuffer; import org.apache.mina.common.IoSession; import org.apache.mina.filter.codec.CumulativeProtocolDecoder; import org.apache.mina.filter.codec.ProtocolDecoderOutput; import com.xeno.Constants; import com.xeno.net.Packet; import com.xeno.util.log.Logger; public class RS2ProtocolDecoder extends CumulativeProtocolDecoder { /** * Logger instance. */ private Logger logger = Logger.getInstance(); private final ISAACCipher incoming; /** * To make sure only the CodecFactory can initialise us. * @param incoming */ protected RS2ProtocolDecoder(ISAACCipher incoming) { this.incoming = incoming; } @Override /** * Decodes a message. * @param session * @param in * @param out * @return */ public boolean doDecode(IoSession session, ByteBuffer in, ProtocolDecoderOutput out) throws Exception { try { if(in.remaining() >= 1) { // get opcode int id = 0xff & in.get() - incoming.getNextKey(); // get length int len = Constants.PACKET_LENGTHS[id]; if(len == -1) { // variable length packet if(in.remaining() >= 1) { len = in.get() & 0xff; } else { in.rewind(); return false; } } if(len < 0) { len = in.remaining(); logger.warning("Unkown length: " + id + ", guessed to be: " + len + "."); //throw new Exception("Packet length not known: " + id); } // if we can get the packet then do so if (in.remaining() >= len) { byte[] payload = new byte[len]; in.get(payload); Packet p = new Packet(session, id, payload); out.write(p); return true; } else { in.rewind(); return false; } } return false; } catch(Exception err) { logger.stackTrace(err); return false; } } @Override /** * Releases resources used by this decoder. * @param session */ public void dispose(IoSession session) throws Exception { super.dispose(session); } } Go to RS2ProtocolEncoder Replace the class with this package com.xeno.net.codec; import org.apache.mina.common.ByteBuffer; import org.apache.mina.common.IoSession; import org.apache.mina.filter.codec.ProtocolEncoder; import org.apache.mina.filter.codec.ProtocolEncoderOutput; import com.xeno.net.Packet; import com.xeno.util.log.Logger; public class RS2ProtocolEncoder implements ProtocolEncoder { /** * Logger instance. */ private Logger logger = Logger.getInstance(); private final ISAACCipher outgoing; /** * Only CodecFactory can create us. * @param outgoing */ protected RS2ProtocolEncoder(ISAACCipher outgoing) { this.outgoing = outgoing; } @Override /** * Encodes a message. * @param session * @param message * @param out */ public void encode(IoSession session, Object message, ProtocolEncoderOutput out) throws Exception { try { Packet p = (Packet) message; byte[] data = p.getData(); int dataLength = p.getLength(); ByteBuffer buffer; if (!p.isBare()) { buffer = ByteBuffer.allocate(dataLength + 3); int id = p.getId(); buffer.put((byte) (id + outgoing.getNextKey())); if(p.getSize() != Packet.Size.Fixed) { //variable length //Logger.log("variable length: id="+id+",dataLength="+dataLength); if(p.getSize() == Packet.Size.VariableByte) { if(dataLength > 255) //trying to send more data then we can represent with 8 bits! throw new IllegalArgumentException("Tried to send packet length "+dataLength+" in 8 bits [pid="+p.getId()+"]"); buffer.put((byte)dataLength); } else if(p.getSize() == Packet.Size.VariableShort) { if(dataLength > 65535) //trying to send more data then we can represent with 16 bits! throw new IllegalArgumentException("Tried to send packet length "+dataLength+" in 16 bits [pid="+p.getId()+"]"); buffer.put((byte)(dataLength >> 8)); buffer.put((byte)dataLength); } } } else { buffer = ByteBuffer.allocate(dataLength); } buffer.put(data, 0, dataLength); buffer.flip(); out.write(buffer); } catch(Exception err) { logger.stackTrace(err); } } @Override /** * Releases resources used by this encoder. * @param session */ public void dispose(IoSession session) throws Exception { } }
  8. Ranarrs are now more common from herb boxes.Grimy snapdragons have been added to herb boxes.K'ril Tsutsaroth will now only use his special attack if you are praying melee.Fighting Skeletal Wyverns with a Dragonfire shield will no longer produce the wrong message of "You are horribly burnt by the dragon's icy breath."The text for your Slayer task on the info tab will now automatically update after you kill a task monster to avoid annoying confusion.The clue reward text now shows your clue rewards value in high alchemy price instead of GE value.You'll now be told what stage of your clue scroll that you are on (after you complete a step). You'll also be told how many steps it took you to complete a clue.Added the herb sack from OSRS. The sack holds 30 of each type of grimy herb, plus has the added option to send all herbs stored in the sack directly to your bank. The price of this item from the Slayer Store has been set to 500 points or in the Voting Store for 30 credits (or 25 voting credits for donators). If you die with the sack, you'll be able to re-pick it back up upon death but all the herbs inside will be gone.Many miscellaneous new player improvements.Mammoths and Elder Chaos Druids have been added from Oldschool RS. These monsters are aggressive and have their proper stats, sounds, and drops. The Druids are located in the Chaos Temple and the Mammoths are located near the obelisk by Stealing Creation.Fixed the Skeletal Wyvern's pure essence drops.Fixed a problem with the Animal Magnetism cutscene replaying.Removed the "Your dragonfire shield is already fully charged." message. You'll now only get a message if your shield is missing charges and it needs more.You will no longer get a message about being fully protected from dragonfire. The only time you'll get a message now is if you are vulnerable to damage from dragonfire. Keep in mind that the only way to be fully protected is with: an antifire potion and shield or shield and prayer.Corrupt Zuriel's staff can now autocast ancient magicks.
  9. Hope

    Kratos 530

    Kratos 530 Website Kratos has been in development for around four years, originally starting off as the well-known Arios. We excelled at being named the greatest remake server RSPS has ever witnessed. Eventually, Arios took a turn for the worst and we thought the only way to bring back the greatness was with a new name, a few months of tender loving care (coding), and time to get ourselves together. Kratos 530 offers the full HD experiences along with a mixture of unique custom OSRS/original updates. Below are some of the images that we've gathered within the past few months. Stay tuned for more updates/information. Website (more features to be added before release): More images soon.
  10. [QUOTE]java.lang.NullPointerException at com.xeno.content.combat.AggressiveNPC.execute(AggressiveNPC.java:24) at com.xeno.event.Event.run(Event.java:81) at com.xeno.model.World.processEvents(World.java:218) at com.xeno.model.World.tick(World.java:285) at com.xeno.GameEngine.tick(GameEngine.java:117) at com.xeno.Server.processEvents(Server.java:180) at com.xeno.Server.go(Server.java:116) at com.xeno.Main$1.run(Main.java:35) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) java.lang.NullPointerException java.lang.NullPointerException java.lang.NullPointerException[/QUOTE] [CODE]package com.xeno.content.combat; import com.xeno.event.Event; import com.xeno.model.World; import com.xeno.model.npc.NPC; import com.xeno.model.player.Player; import com.xeno.util.Area; public class AggressiveNPC extends Event { public AggressiveNPC() { super(750); } [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public void execute() { for (NPC npc : World.getInstance().getNpcList()) { if (!npc.getDefinition().isAggressive()) { continue; } for (Player p : World.getInstance().getPlayerList()) { if (p != null && npc != null) { if (p.getLocation().getZ() == npc.getLocation().getZ()) { if (p.getLocation().inArea(npc.getMinimumCoords().getX(), npc.getMinimumCoords().getY(), npc.getMaximumCoords().getX(), npc.getMaximumCoords().getY())) { if (p.getLocation().inArea(npc.getLocation().getX() - 3, npc.getLocation().getY() - 3, npc.getLocation().getX() + 3, npc.getLocation().getY() + 3)) { if (!npc.isDead() && !npc.inCombat() && !npc.isDestroyed() && !npc.isHidden() && !p.inCombat() && ((npc.getDefinition().getCombat() >= (p.getLevels().getCombatLevel() * 2)) || Area.inWilderness(p.getLocation()))) { npc.setTarget(p); npc.setEntityFocus(p.getClientIndex()); npc.getFollow().setFollowing(p); } } } } } } } } }[/CODE] Help enyone?
  11. I've searched everywhere, and can't seem to find a 530 client. Thanks in advance :gg:
  12. [CENTER]Hello, I have decided to try a EoC server , this is hyperion converted to 530 it has almost every packet converted [B][U]Features[/U][/B] Shoping Partial Banking Summoning such a great base for you guys hunter small base Bounty Hunter - 99% With bounty locate, skulls, targets ect Combat cache system Clipped following other stuff from rs2 server that was converted much much more! cache goes in data Note: There are a few anitleeches no hd support sorry! If someone want to post this on RuneServer for me that is okay just make sure that I get credits for it, my name is James/Puffclown on r-s, however i do not want the server posted with the antileeches fixed [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/UIcFSkE.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/UfTCpcc.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/qpsy5dA.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/GHgWgXk.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/1ulc.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/lfWYy6K.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/MNN2feg.jpg[/IMG] [video=youtube;ovjq7fNuo9A]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ovjq7fNuo9A[/video][/CENTER] no posts 233 downloads removed
  13. Please NOTE that the revision prefix is totally wrong. There wasn't an 530 prefix, so I selected 317. Please refer to the frameworks below to 530+, thanks. I've created this and wanted to share it with everyone at RuneLocus. [SIZE=5]All you need to do is use the following code:[/SIZE] [CODE] /** * Sets a config on an interface. * * [MENTION=75098]Para[/MENTION]m interfaceId * The interface id. * [MENTION=75098]Para[/MENTION]m childId * The child id. * [MENTION=75098]Para[/MENTION]m hidden * The hidden flag. * [MENTION=184045]return[/MENTION] The action sender instance, for chaining. */ /** * Framework created by: Visible lolking * Please do not leech or release it as your work. */ public ActionSender sendBlankRunScript(int id) { player.getChannel().write( new PacketBuf(115, PacketType.SHORT).putShort(0) .putJagString("").putInt(id).toPacket()); return this; } public ActionSender testRunScript(int id2, int id, Object[] params, String types) { if (params.length != types.length()) { throw new IllegalArgumentException( "params size should be the same as types length"); } PacketBuf buf = new PacketBuf(115, PacketType.SHORT); buf.putShort(interfaceCount++); buf.putJagString(types); int idx = 0; for (int i = types.length() - 1; i >= 0; i--) { if (types.charAt(i) == 's') { buf.putJagString((String) params[idx]); } else { buf.putInt((Integer) params[idx]); } idx++; } buf.putInt(id); player.getChannel().write(buf.toPacket()); return this; } /** * Sends an access mask to the client. * * [MENTION=75098]Para[/MENTION]m set * The set. * [MENTION=75098]Para[/MENTION]m interfaceId * The interface id. * [MENTION=75098]Para[/MENTION]m offset * The offset. * [MENTION=75098]Para[/MENTION]m length * The length. * [MENTION=184045]return[/MENTION] The action sender instance, for chaining. */ public ActionSender sendAccessMask(int set, int interfaceId, int offset, int length) { PacketBuf buf = new PacketBuf(165); buf.putLEShort(interfaceCount++); buf.putLEShort(length); buf.putInt(interfaceId); buf.putShortA(offset); buf.putInt1(set); player.getChannel().write(buf.toPacket()); return this; } public void hideShow(int interfaceId, int childId, boolean hidden) { PacketBuf buf = new PacketBuf(21, PacketType.SHORT); buf.putByteC((byte) (hidden ? 1 : 0)).putShort(interfaceCount++) .putLEInt(interfaceId << 16 | childId); player.getChannel().write(buf.toPacket()); } [/CODE] Please [SIZE=5]DO NOT[/SIZE] [COLOR="#FF0000"]release this as your work[/COLOR] or post it [COLOR="#FF0000"]without credits[/COLOR]. Anyhow, thank you for using it. Good luck. Cheers, lolking.
  14. [CENTER] [img]http://pkisle.net/images/interlude/logo.png[/img] Hello, Welcome to Pk Isle, PkIsle was a server , that was made back in 07, we had quite a bit of supporters and player, hopefully we will gain all of that back. I have been working on this with Puffclown on Rune-Server. The is based on Hyperion, and was converted to the 530 revision. The Server style is simple, You will have to train on plenty of beginner monster on the home island, There will be a sailor do take you places around PkIsle, There is also going to be a fairy ring that will bring you places later on in the development, There will be plenty of training npcs, once you think your brave enough, then come in all the bosses, for every rune+ it, it is obtained from a boss type NPC in the server , such as bork, KBD, KQ, Dags, Jungle demons, Dragons, barrows, bounty hunter Playerkilling, will be ways of getting Better items. There will be a quest system , and 3+Quests that's are based around PkIsle content, for many years I used the same domain Pkisle.net, that's what i will continue to use.[/CENTER] [B][U][SIZE=5][COLOR="Blue"]Basic Features[/COLOR][/SIZE][/U][/B] [LIST] [*][COLOR="#00FF00"]Login[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#00FF00"]SendMapRegion[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#00FF00"]WindowPane[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#00FF00"]Player Updating[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#00FF00"]NPC Updating[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#00FF00"]SendLevels[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#00FF00"]Sendmessage[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="lime"]Player Saving[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#00FF00"]Walking[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#00FF00"]Logout[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#00FF00"]More to come later![/COLOR] [/LIST] [B][U][COLOR="#0000FF"][SIZE=5][B][U]More Features![/U][/B][/SIZE][/COLOR][/U][/B] [LIST] [*][COLOR="#FF0000"]Combat[/COLOR] [LIST] [*][COLOR="#FFA500"]Melee[/COLOR] [LIST] [*][COLOR="#00FF00"]Animations[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#00FF00"]Timers[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#00FF00"]Level Requirements[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="orange"]Max hit formula[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#FFA500"]Weapon bonuses[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#FFA500"]Special System[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#00FF00"]Skulling System[/COLOR] [LIST] [*][COLOR="lime"]AGS[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="lime"]Whip[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="lime"]Dragon daggers[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="lime"]D Scim[/COLOR] [/LIST] [/LIST] [*][COLOR="Orange"]Magic[/COLOR] [list] [*][COLOR="lime"]Normal Magic[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="lime"]Ancient Magik[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#FF0000"]Lunar Magic[/COLOR] [/list] [*][COLOR="#FF0000"]Range[/COLOR] [/LIST] [*][COLOR="lime"]Equipment / Item Support[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#FF0000"]Friends List / Ignore List[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#FF0000"]Banking[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#FFA500"]Following[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#FF0000"]Shops[/COLOR][/LIST] [CENTER][SIZE=5][COLOR="#0000FF"][B][U]Media[/U][/B] [/COLOR][/SIZE] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/UIcFSkE.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/UfTCpcc.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/qpsy5dA.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/GHgWgXk.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/1ulc.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/lfWYy6K.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/MNN2feg.jpg[/IMG] [video=youtube;ovjq7fNuo9A]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ovjq7fNuo9A[/video][/CENTER] [SIZE=5][COLOR="Blue"][B][U]Updates[/U][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] [LIST] [*]Started Login - 3/26/13 [*]Completed Login [*]WindowPane [*]PlayerUpdating [*]NPCUpdating [*]SendLevels [*]Interfaces [*]Logout [*]SendMessaage [*]Combat Started [*]100% Item Support [*]special system [*]timers, animation, player/npc deaths [*]banking started [*]saving fixed [*]interfaces fixed [*]combat following [*]pathfinder [*]Alot of updates [*]Minigame system [*]Tweaks to combat [*]Prayer Base [*]Bounty Hunter [*]Target System [*]BHScore Boards [*]Penelty System [*]Clipped Teleport to Target [*]Bh Skulls based on Wealth [*]Hint Icons [*]Dialogues [/LIST]
  15. [IMG]http://i45.tinypic.com/2qtweo3.png[/IMG] [b]Overview of Server:[/b] [FONT=Times New Roman][b]Resolution was started by me and a friend to make an enjoyable server. We chose to do 530 because this era of RuneScape (without certain updates/changes/limits), will be fun to play. Most people are using one revision everyone else is doing and repetitive servers are boring. Resolution is going to be focused mostly on PvP but will also include other unique content all kinds of players will like. We've been working on this server in the dark for a while and we're getting very close to releasing it to be playable Untradable Items will be obtained from miniquests & minigames, items will be obtained from PvM drops & shops. Content [spoiler=Minigames] [spoiler=Duel Arena] [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ez2vurvtkvs]Duel arena - YouTube[/url] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Clan Wars] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/UiVIt.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/sbAft.png[/IMG] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Barrows] [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1RlnYREipU]Barrows - YouTube[/url] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Warriors Guild] [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOJOmMJeiME]Warriors guild - YouTube[/url] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Fight Caves] adding media soon [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Miniquests] [spoiler=Desert Treasure] [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WilGKvqVrwc&feature=youtu.be]Desert treasure - YouTube[/url] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Recipe For Disaster] [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXD3AfnSsl0&feature=youtu.be]Recipe for disaster - YouTube[/url] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Mage Arena] adding soon [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Skills] [spoiler=Firemaking] [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6mznmIEvAQ]Firemaking - YouTube[/url] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Fishing and cooking] [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2r9-5gPz-r0]Fishing and Cooking - YouTube[/url] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Making amulets/rings and enchanting them] [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-knRrktxqM]Making amulets/rings and enchanting them - YouTube[/url] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Making bolts and enchanting them] [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMRLZRnX_Eg&feature=youtu.be]Making bolts and enchanting them - YouTube[/url] [/spoiler] [spoiler=PvM] adding soon [/spoiler] [spoiler=Misc Media] Bank tabs [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/jAQGn.png[/IMG] Character Design [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/fZvw5.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/sTow3.png[/IMG] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Support signiture] [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?84834-Resolution-530-PvP-Worlds-Staking-Clan-Wars-PvM&p=700530#post700530"][IMG]http://i49.tinypic.com/2liipue.png[/IMG][/URL] [/spoiler]
  16. [CENTER][IMG]http://i49.tinypic.com/f4l47s.png[/IMG] [B][SIZE=4]Welcome to the Ieldor 530 advertise thread![/SIZE][/B] [B]Our base for our server is XenoRune, Credits to Luke 132[/B] Hello, I would like to welcome you to Ieldor 530 This server is based on XenoRune We are currently working on features to impress you as the player. Expect to see a good unique server. This is only the beginning on the new era of RSPS this server will have a lot of changes but we want to get a good player base in the mean time. Ieldor 530 is a server based on the 530 era. We strive to give players excellent game-play, by this we have added bounty hunter, working close to 100% like Runescape did back in the good times. Ieldor 530 is an Eco server, all of the skills except hunter, construction and summoning, are currently trainable, [B]BUT[/B] they will be added in the future! Our main focus is our players, we do what they want, we strive to give them an excellent game to play in their spare time. We [B]WANT[/B] suggestions from you, our players, so you can have the best game-play you have ever had! Ieldor will not be very easy to train skills, nor won't it be extremely hard. Some skills will be easier then others. We also have a custom, rarely used home at the fishing colony. We have never seen before custom content and will keep adding new ideas. [SIZE=6][COLOR="#FF0000"][FONT=Impact]Development Team[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE] Mezza 'Jerba Sir Tom Paradise [SIZE=6][COLOR="#FF0000"][FONT=Impact]Links[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE] [URL="http://ieldor.net"]Homepage[/URL] [URL="http://ieldor.net/vb"]Forums[/URL] [URL="http://ieldor.net/client.zip"]Download[/URL] There is currently no webclient as we are working on it, the cache is only 60mb, and the download client is only 1.3mb there is an auto cache downloader for you though so you will not need to download all of the client at once, when you start the client the cache will download. [SIZE=6][COLOR="#FF0000"][FONT=Impact]Media[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE] [SPOILER=Media] [CENTER][B][SIZE=4]Bounty Hunter Currently is still under construction, currently have;[/SIZE][/B] [/CENTER] Low, Mid, High level craters, rouge, hunter board, invalid items, skulls loading by price, and 80% player deaths. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/NEmVO.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/3R3iR.png[/IMG] [img]http://i.imgur.com/eoPiF.png[/img] [CENTER][B][SIZE=4]Summoning Started on summoning[/SIZE][/B][/CENTER] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/hVFvO.png[/IMG] [CENTER][SIZE=4][B] 530 Gameframe, With Skill tab.[/B][/SIZE][/CENTER] [img]http://i.imgur.com/fxqIy.png[/img] [B][CENTER]Mage tab changes![/CENTER][/B] [img]http://i.imgur.com/gYhTI.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/lDTLm.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/4o7mV.png[/img] Login Background, With Music Playing [img]http://i.imgur.com/tFi0u.png[/img] [B][CENTER]Home teleport.[/CENTER][/B] [img]http://i.imgur.com/vT3Yo.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/1a7iu.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/fxAR7.png[/img] [B][CENTER]Clan Chats Working Like RS![/CENTER][/B] [img]http://i.imgur.com/Ab4vo.png[/img] [/SPOILER] [SIZE=6][COLOR="#FF0000"][FONT=Impact]Support Banner[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE] [IMG]http://ieldor.net/IeldorSupport.png[/IMG] [url]http://ieldor.net/IeldorSupport.png[/url] [/CENTER]
  17. `Tyluur

    Sevador #530

    Sevador #530 is a scratch framework written by me. There's several reasons for me wanting to create a scratch framework, and I'll list the main ones: [LIST] [*]Learning lots about the RS Protocol [*]Knowing how to do anything & everything in my server. [*]My goal is to be an excellent Java Programmer [/LIST] Here's the media of what I've done in the first few days: [IMG]http://i.imm.io/uRMw.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imm.io/uRNk.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imm.io/uROq.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imm.io/uRPi.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imm.io/v6ZR.png[/IMG] Wish me luck! :p
  18. [CENTER] [IMG]http://i56.tinypic.com/14sp1s5.png[/IMG] [COLOR="SandyBrown"] [B]This server is based off of Luke132's 530 Xenorune server. Highly edited by me [/B][/COLOR] [IMG]http://i56.tinypic.com/imijbl.png[/IMG][URL="http://www.ambitionz.org/play.html"]Play here[/URL] [IMG]http://i56.tinypic.com/imijbl.png[/IMG][URL="http://www.ambitionz.org/530webclient.jar"]Desktop client[/URL] [IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/9j41t1.jpg[/IMG][URL="http://www.ambitionz.org/forum.php"]Forums[/URL] [B][COLOR="DarkOrange"] [U]Home Area[/U][/COLOR][/B] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/m0HRd.png[/IMG] [COLOR="Yellow"][B]Yellow:[/B][/COLOR] An NPC is located here to teleport you to different places such as Edgeville, Barrows, Duel Arena, and Pest control. [COLOR="Green"][B]Green:[/B][/COLOR] All shops on Ambitionz are located here in this building. [COLOR="Red"][B]Red:[/B][/COLOR] This building is where you can find 3 NPCs. One where you can toggle x10 hits, lock/unlock your exp, and change your hotkeys. Another one is a donator shop where you can spend your donator points in. Lastly, one that sells rare items. [COLOR="Blue"][B]Blue:[/B][/COLOR] This is the fishing area on Ambitionz, where you can fish from shrimp upto sharks/manta rays. There is a fishing shop and bank booths up against the wall just north of the blue dot. [COLOR="Orange"][B]Orange:[/B][/COLOR] Here you can find the make-over mage to change your characters look. [COLOR="Purple"][B]Purple:[/B][/COLOR] This area contains a furnace where you can make bars from ores. There is also a cave which you can enter to find yourself inside Tzhaar. [B][COLOR="DarkOrange"]Features: Full Character Design Clipped player following/combat following good combat Chaotic maul/long/rapier (can't be used in wilderness mainly added just for staking) Barrows Dueling Pest Control Fight pits thieving Clan Chat ::setlevel id lvl Item spawning. You can spawn items but will cost money. some items are excluded. God capes/staffs can be obtained by completing mage arena miniquest. Firecape can be obtained by killing jad at fight caves. Void, penance, fighter, and chaotics can be obtained at pest control. [/COLOR][/B] [COLOR="DarkOrange"] Full Character Design: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Yijlx.png[/IMG] Bank Tabs: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/0KqFP.png[/IMG] Duel Arena: You can either duel for fun or stake for items. [IMG]http://i51.tinypic.com/kcfe42.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i54.tinypic.com/2m830vr.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i52.tinypic.com/25r08bp.png[/IMG] More pictures: Obelisks [IMG]http://i55.tinypic.com/r72gqa.png[/IMG] Toggle x10 hits: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/XYXNp.png[/IMG] Lever pking: [IMG]http://i52.tinypic.com/f0ufyd.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/tcCPP.png[/IMG] Fight pits: [IMG]http://i55.tinypic.com/33pa9so.png[/IMG] [/COLOR] [/CENTER]