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Found 9 results

  1. I will be helping anyone with anything for just one dollar! unless its more custom and takes more time like a day. But if its anything else 1$ thats it!! Add MSN : [email][email protected][/email] Features Clean out commands - .99$ Add commands - .99$ Item Stats - .99$ Make a G.E - 1.98$ Jar a Clent .99$ Item Prices - .99$ Make Shops - 1.98$ for many shops Add NPC spawns - .99$ NPC Drops - .99$ Forums - .99$ Change Teleports - .99$ Change home - .99 $ Add custom models - 2.97$ Making custom minigames - 3.96$ Edit NPC's attack - .99$ Custom GFX's - .99$ Fixing Bugs - .99$ Fixing Glitches - .99$ Anything else? - Ask ~~~ LordNoah ~~~
  2. D4rthScape!! Statistics client version:317 source version:508 (the stability of 317+items and updates of 508) D4rthScape is 24/7 we have a vps Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?a6imd09gwazrum5 more download links on the site:d4rthscape.webs.com webclient is comming soon! combatxp=medium speed skillxp=low speed economy= very good boss-difficulty= medium quest-difficulty= hard -skills: all 100% working except agility and runecrafting -fully completely godwars dungeon -fully working specials -fully working pvp -fully working duelling arena Staff Owners: -Querto -Razor Admins -Jerro - EMPTY Mod: - Romano1 - EMPTY - EMPTY Other: - Leonard102(advisor and investor) Pics home 100% working ancient curse skilling boss teles minigames monster teles pk(pvp) if you want to see more, play then D4rthScape the best runescape private server ever WE HAVE MUCH MORE!! DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?a6imd09gwazrum5
  3. http://www.mediafire.com/?im9sti6s9zryn6v -Run Server http://www.mediafire.com/?ro1tatra64toxcc -Compile http://www.mediafire.com/?yqepu6n5x6mp460 -Run Server 2 http://www.mediafire.com/?bwhsv6b637mw67p -508 ip changer Be sure to check the JDK on the files, by right clicking, hitting edit, and changing the number after jdk to the number you have. Run the run server or run server 2 file, and then when it says listening to the port, run the 508 ip changer. DO NOT type anything in on the 508 ip changer! just click ok! IF THAT DOES NOT WORK, TYPE IN THE IP CHANGER ONE OF THESE... - or this- vestamonster.no-ip.org - Thanks!
  4. Owned, coded, hosted, & created by Icedice -iCEYY!SCAPe- co-owner, & head of world 2, Server Server ip: iceyy.no-ip.biz Server port: 43594 Server version: 508 -iCEYY!SCAPe- world: 1 Forums: http://iceyyforums.com Client download: iceyyscape.50gigs.net/downloads.html Features: UPDATE: NOW TO REDUCE SPAM WE ADDED A REGISTER FORM. YOU MUST REGISTER HERE IN ORDER TO LOGIN!: CLICK HERE 100 Range! 99% Shoping (selling and buying) Full Working magic Grand Exchange All working skills God Wars Pvp Drops 100% Player Poisoning 100% Herblore 100% Smithing Trading Good training Donators Training Dragon Claws with full spec! Dragon Plate Body Custom Client Cusotm items Donator Rank Donator items Dragon Slayer Quests Castle wars team shops Castle Wars shop Bank Pins Amazing shops Bank Tabs Custom log out Message 138 max combat 100% working prayer 100% specs Fight Pits Clan Wars Real Clan Chats Safty Dungeon 100% skillcape emotes 100% Emotes Summoning Auto Attacking npcs Dueling Dragons attack with fire Dragon Fire Shield spec Custom Dragon battle axe spec Summoned Npcs attacking 4 custom starters (in quest tab) Quick Teles (teleports in quest tab) Quick Shop (a shop in quest tab) Working Armour Sets Barrows Vengence High Scrores Change Cloths Change Hair Style Change Gender Fight Pit Rewards All Pvp Armour 5000 max friends Bank Pin Bank Tabs Perfected Party room Works in High Detail! Pictures: Now being ran on a 4gb VPS All of this only on -iCEYY!SCAPe- Download the client: http://www.mediafire.com/?g3wzyxzzfy3 Visit out website: iceyyscape.50gigs.net
  5. W00T.. Finally finished my runescape private server =D It contains loadssss of monsters to fight including working pvp working gwd kalphite queen chaos elemental castle wars shops tickets working drops and much much more To access this server please open a 508 client: download here http://www.moparscape.org/smf/index.php?topic=349071.0 Once you have got it working visit this website for the i.p address http://pascalsworld.wordpress.com/about/ Hope you enjoy =D
  6. I Am Looking For A Website Designer/Maker That Can Possible Make HighScores. Also A Coder For A 508 Pali Source. Next I Will Need A Client Coder. If You Believe You Can Fill Any Of These Spot Please Pm Me Or Add Me On Msn. My Msn Is [email protected] Please Get In Contact With Me As soon As Possible. I Want To Get This Server Up And Running Soon. If You Would Like To Help With Anything Else You Feel You Can Or Want to Do Post In The Comments What It Is And I Will Get Back To You As Soon As Possible.
  7. anthony34

    Need help fast!

    I'm trying to change the login message for a espeon server (emopks) but it wont work and were can i donwload a client for this server i keep getting nulls on my client
  8. Hey guys New server that me and a mate have been developing. the base is from Bulby scape and the client is the normal HD Client that most 508 servers have PVP is everywhere in the free world on real rs except banks and other certain areas. Members area onwards is neutral and alot of skilling can be done. Monster drops are valuable on here and more monster drops to be added. Most specials are working, Autocasting is not working atm but magic is. Tele ports in quest tab for training skills. Making money is not hard (herblore and hunting are good money makers.) WebSite http://pkuniverse.game-server.cc Client download http://www.mediafire.com/?qiknmzimuvj Screen shots! Home, Shops Barrows GodWars Hunting Area Barbarian assault Crafting/mining/smithing Server is still in development but we would like to see how everyone likes and test out any bugs there may be or anything you may suggest we add to the server Well we hope to see on the server at some time, the server may not always be online, while being developed and hope you like it. More pictures to come Cheers vahshir,