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Found 14 results

  1. [CENTER][img]http://i.imgur.com/SFzT0Wh.png[/img] [spoiler="Drops"] 71/500: [img]http://i.imgur.com/Bhe02BI.png[/img] 97/500: [img]http://i.imgur.com/zXFmDM5.png[/img] 188/500: [img]http://i.imgur.com/Kb1qi0i.png[/img] 244/500: [img]http://i.imgur.com/ZRXPI1E.png[/img] 276/500: [img]http://i.imgur.com/Lwar7UX.png[/img] 334/500: [img]http://i.imgur.com/b9Kmcre.png[/img] 355/500: [img]http://i.imgur.com/B4cTRfE.png[/img][/spoiler][/CENTER] Drop Log: [code] 68/500 - Bandos Hilt 84/500 - Bandos Gloves 231/500 - Bandos Gloves 276/500 - Bandos Gloves 328/500 - Bandos Hilt 341/500 - Bandos Gloves 342/500 - Bandos Tassets [/code] Profit: [code] 20.0M - 355 Kills[/code]
  2. Hey, So I've been on this website since 2009 or so and signed up in 2010. I wasn't active until last year around this time and have since acquired 500 posts. Now that's a lot for me considering the most posts I've ever had on a forums in the past 7 years was 800 or so and that was on my forums before I sold it. I've seen this website evolve and change designs time and time again and for the most part they've been positive changes. I'm now going to give my honest thoughts on each part of the website. [B]Main Site[/B] I've personally been working on adding content to the website so I don't have much to say, we could use more tutorials in the database but that will come with time. The toplist is good and it has all the features that a toplist should have. Although hopefully we will start to do more with the homepage. [B]The Forums[/B] The forums could use some more activity but over the past year it's been getting more and more popular. I see more and more members logging on daily and I have made some pretty good friends on the forums. The design is simple and clean and I like how you can switch from a bunch of different designs. [B]The Members[/B] This is a close knit community but the majority of them members are nice and welcoming. Most members will jump up to help anyone that needs help but other members a bit to harsh on people who ask for help. [B]The Staff[/B] The staff team is good, it's clear that they have there stuff together as most issues get handled quickly and spam gets removed swiftly. The staff members are nice. [B]Overall[/B] Overall, this is my favorite forums right next to my own that I owned. I plan on reaching 1,000 posts, then 1,500 and so on and I'm going to be around for a while :) [B]Shoutouts[/B] Shoutout to homies Ziek, Iki, Arix, content team, and anyone else I forgot.
  3. I'm trying to make an 614 pre-eoc server using Spawnscape source and client, I am having many problems having other people connecting to my server, i've tried everything, anyone who can help fix this error I will personally give you $5.00 via PayPal or make you mod on the server. Would appreciate any help. My skype: beatedits I have teamviewer.
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a 500+ coder, who want to start up a brand new rsps with me. (i prefer starting a 614 or up server) I'm looking for someone to basically make the server and code it for me as i'm not the best at it. It also has to be runnable on a Mac Os X 10.8.2 (latest out) so that means the server will need both a .bat for windows and i .jar for mac. If the server get some donations i will split them directly in the middle (50/50) looking forward to a decent coder!
  5. Im still working on it but it looks really nice so far so if you wanna check it out, Here is the link to the forum. We have a downloadable client and web-client so whatever you prefer! :D Link to forums: [url]http://www.densitypkz.smfnew.com[/url]
  6. Here's a Sprite Editor I made awhile ago :p. Wasn't a huge project but I figure people will want it. [B][U]Features: [/U][/B] [LIST] [*]Recent system, shows recently opened caches :p. [*]Adding new sprites [*]Editing current sprites [*]Dumping sprites [*]repacking [/LIST] [B][U]Update: v2:[/U][/B] This update includes an Interface Cross Referencer so you can use an interface to find the sprite you want. To use it just click Cross reference Interface in the tools menu. Then type in the interface you want, and it should load it in the Tree. After its in the tree expand it and click on a item that has - sprite after it and it should show it in the editor. [B][U]Pictures: [/U][/B][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/jkhcX.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/QuGfj.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/3mbSu.png[/IMG] Make sure you back up your cache because I can't be 100% sure you won't mess up your cache [B][U]Credits: [/U][/B]Me OpenRS team Dragonkk(looked at some of his code for a reference, but all the code aside from OpenRS written in this is [B]mine[/B]) [U][B]Download: [/B][/U][URL]http://uppit.com/zishnl5lgrjb/Sprite_Editor.zip[/URL] [U][B]Some info: [/B][/U]The crowns index is 1455 :p Save images will save the images in png format, pack to cache will repack the cache. [B][U][SIZE=5]TO PACK TO THE CACHE: [/SIZE][/U][/B]First find the sprites you want to edit. Then you press "Add frame" or "Replace Selected Frame" Choose you image for it. After you choose it, it should show up in the EDITOR. But you are not done yet! Press the pack to cache button after you're done with the sprite you're WORKING on. After that, make sure you press the X button to close it out properly, and boom you should have new sprites xD.
  7. Alright, so I noticed that when you try and buy 500 items from a shop it says not enough space, rather than it giving you the amount for your free slots. So, I edited my shophandler so it would buy that much: [code] int itemid = returnItemId(p.shopid, buttonId2); long value = p.getInventory().getFreeSlots() * GameEngine.prices.getMaximumPrice(itemid); case 173: /* Buy 500. fixed by Sageofmali*/ if(p.getInventory().getFreeSlots() > 500 && p.getInventory().numberOf(995) >= value) { buystock(p, itemid, 500); } else if(p.getInventory().getFreeSlots() <= 500 && p.getInventory().numberOf(995) >= value) { buystock(p, itemid, p.getInventory().getFreeSlots()); return; } break;[/code] It works fine until you have one free space and you buy 500 of a stackable item, it buys 2147m of it without having to pay for it. Could someone possibly help me fix this?
  8. Hi! When i right click an item in my shops, i see that the max i can buy at once is 10 How do i change that To 500? Thanks! Oh, i'm using DELTA
  9. Hello There, Im starting a new Serious Project. The server will be the same way as many 317s are today, with turmoil, Soulsplit gs, auto donate system, Website, webclient, Vote 4 points, and all that. For example GrinderScape, has all that. or the old veteran "hydrascape" when it were around. also it had a RADIO. so i need a good source/coder Website designer / coder mysql manager paypal manager / Client coder / For more information please contact me on "[email protected]" or "[email protected]/" i need to speak to you in "person" via Skype and msn before hiring you because if we get this to work you will get a job also it could be nice with some admins/ mods / Forum mods & admins. Please contact me soonest as possible my Skype is : Jeppeodk I live in Denmark with following Timezone GMT+1 and i speak following laungauges, Danish, English, Please do not hesitate by contacting me. i will accept you're invitation on msn / skype as fastest as possible.
  10. Hello people of Runelocus, I am a staff member of Cloudin RSPS 667 loading 712. Recently on our server there has been a person going around hacking, the things he does is making everyone spam out a message, making everyone spam out their password, changing everyones password, changing staff passwords through player IDs. Apperently he has done it on other servers as well such as Pulsescape, excisions and xlite. They all paid him the fee he demands to stop. The hacker himself claims he has made a program that allows him to do all this. I have also talked to someone who is probably the most well-known RSPS coder around and he thinks it has something to do with packages send and the server accepting to much raw data from the client. I have no idea what he actually is doing but it is not a source exploit for sure. The person I talked to also mentioned it might be somthing known as a "XAMPP webdax exploit" which I have no idea what it actually is. The hacker also mentioned it was on Runescape but fixed shortly after. If I can think of any other things I will update this post and let everyone know, since if this isn't something that is done by source or client, it might be a big problem for RSPS'. Some info about Cloudin: - Based on Matrix source - Based on Pulsescape client - Its a 667 source, loading 712. If anyone can help me and Cloudin with this issue, it will be very very very much appreciated. Thank you for your time. - BananaGuy
  11. I used to host two servers back when 317s where the bomb and 525 was the highest i could find. Well I would like to get back in to learning and having fun with my 317 all-star based which ive edited alot but I never understood how to add items such as torva, vesta, stattius, and dragon claws. The basic items that people want to use. Any help or a point in the direction of a tut would be great. Thank you very much, Cody
  12. so im still offering $5.00 for someone who can make my hybrid pvp v3 base/ insidiax client into a webclient for me im also offering an admin position on my staff u can choose either or not both
  13. im still paying $5.00 via paypal to anyone who can get my edgepkers x based source/insidia client into a webclient and uploaded to my webhost (000webhost) btw so ya i can pm or skype you teamviewer details just let me know
  14. After rsps names there's a number. what do these numbers mean? Please explain