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Found 6 results

  1. Coder and host needed for my private server. will get 50% of donations and co-owner status. i can code a little bit but not how i would like so this is why i'm making this.
  2. So on our 317 we want to add a new Prestige System. We want it to have 10 prestige's and with each prestige you get to have 1 ultimate unlock (allows 1 item or anything you want to work without level required) and with each prestige you keep that 1 item and gain 1 more. after that we want it to have a completionist cape after you get to 10th prestige and all levels 99. WILLING TO PAY if the code works and does not have any problems! Reply if you think you can do it price will be negotiated. Also in order to prestige they must have all levels 99, when they go to prestige they must go to the quest tab and click "prestige" and then it will reset them and allow them to select 1 Item or Prayer/Curse or Magic spell that will stay unlocked for good.
  3. well as it says im looking for where to find the code to the quest tab and well I cant find It I have looked in client where I thought it would be but no luck at all so any ideas where I may find it? texthandler.java does not exist in my source or client that option doesn't work either.
  4. [ATTACH=CONFIG]7447[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]7448[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]7445[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]7449[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]7446[/ATTACH]welcome to trittonscape where the bad turns good. we are a brand new server , 317 revision 562 client, we have alot of enjoyable things and very stable server, we have SOF, ton of shops, alot of bosses, customs such as custom items and shops, we have (chillzone, staffzone.) (dicing) we have a fully maintained forums, website, webclient, and jar client.. we still have our team coding more and more things every week, so meaning we have weekly updates, also active players, and active staff... very friendly people and community , we welcome everybody just like our family.. we have a very good pvp system and eoc system, and our rsps is fully up all the time 24/7 and yes we are vps hosted! and better of all we have cloud DD0S protection so dont worry about the people who attempt to ddos us, that will surely not happen. our website: [url]http://www.trittonscape.info/[/url] and things that this source has/offers: Working MoneyPouch! dupe in the MoneyPouch has been fixed Drop Dupe has been fixed Summoning Orb With Draining works! Cheat Egine Dupe! fixed! custom items with 711 model header [Server] Announcement when you get 99 LevelPoints with a Store! custom GFX and Anime for some basic commands Lottery, [Lottie] 2 starters per IP! Total Level's!! fixed.. SOF Spins , SOF WORKS! Smithing (x5, x10) !! 120 Dungeoneering The Arrow Dupe Glitch fixed.. Server AutoSave no Lag when banking all Player Titles Auto-Server Save UIDs SOF InterFace KillStreak Point System funpk gives (pk points) mage is fuly updated Custom Npc Shops dice command for Donator+ New Interfaces Comp Cape available requireing all 99s. Zoom in and Zoom out feature Better Duel Arena New ::Help method Better Prayer Better Eco Vote point shop Tokkul Shop 2b Ticket Exchange New member rank available SollyStore Nice Player titles With a good Interface Player Titles for most ranks Player Cliping Summoning Working Fixed Charms Better Spirit Shields (Not showing lines like regular ones) Staff Tab saying if staff is online or not. Most Sinlge and Double doors working the way they need to Awesome Donator Benifits Made a lot of things Freezing in Wise old man fixed New staff capes !! And LOADS OF MORE THINGS! JOIN AND FIND OUT!
  5. Ok, so i know your going to rage because I'm not posting pictures, but im releasing my source to you so just deal with it. Features--- 1. I added a frost dragon teleport and Frost dragons at the Zone. 2. I have made a gambling zone where players can Dice eachother, or play Five or Blackjack. 3. I added a completely new donator zone with Bosses, Frost dragons, Shops and many more monsters. 4. I added new bosses like Nomad ( drops korasi ) Avatar of Destruction (drops primal) Barrel Chest ( drops anchor) and more. 5. I made a pure pking store with gear for pure pkers such as christmas robes. 6. When a player logs in he/she gets 75 cb and pure stats ( for pkin ) he/she can decide to reset. 7. I made a new starter package at log in. 8. I coded in dicing, trade horvic for dice. 9. Added new emote gfx to client. Theres much more but i cant be asked to tell you everything i aded, download the source for yourself and check it out This is a really stable source and good for hosting/putting online. If you do use this please give Torva pkz and myself credits ~~~Credits 70% Torva Pkz 30% Myself ~~~Downloads Client- [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?8x79wv4yxe7vavt[/url] Source- [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?vsyzju418nd2rz3[/url] [COLOR="#FF0000"]To change the IP of client go into the client files and find client.java search for eclipse-rsps.no-ip change both of those to, then go into the Gui.java and do the same thing, then compile and your good to go.[/COLOR] Im done hosting so im not going to have a server anymore, if someone is having a project or big server with development team, inbox me and maybe i could help.
  6. My friend need new coders, if you are interested please message me. :D [email][email protected][/email]