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  1. Homepage Play Now Welcome to our advertisement thread! We're really glad you've decided to have a look at our advertisement thread. We know you're probably ready to see some pictures (or possibly already have), so we'll keep our explanation of what exactly Alora is short and sweet. We're a brand new server that has been in development for well over a year now and we have paid the closest attention to detail that we can, to provide our amazing community with the best OSRS private server experience possible! Now, you may be asking yourselves what makes this server different from the hundreds of others already out there already? And I welcome your scepticism, providing a brief outline of our goals and the comprehensive experience we aim to provide, something we haven't seen perfected in any other server until now! Server Features: • A perfect balance between PvP and Economy • A realistic feeling in every aspect of the server ranging from combat with accurate formulas, timing and switching to a wilderness target system similar to that of OSRS • The latest OSRS content, with tools designed to help us dump and pack new data with ease, nearly as soon as it is released! • A wide range of dungeons and training areas, including but not limited to: Demonic Gorillas, Lizard Shamans, (Nieve's) Stronghold Slayer Cave and more • All of the Wilderness bosses • Fully functional skills using Oldschool content such as Rooftop Agility courses • An optional High-definition feature on the client, using real OpenGL • Full integration between the website, forum and server • Professional and mature staff team • The first server with full Raids 1 & 2! (Chambers of Xeric & Theatre of Blood) • The most content packed OSRS server to date! Media: FAQ: Staff Team: Omicron - Server Developer & Founder Lowkey - Community Manager
  2. New Custom SnowRSPS - Free $50 Starter Bundle for first 100 players - Mbox Opening - Best Custom RSPS 2022 Open 24.7 Features: - Player Shops (::Market) - 200+ Real Custom Bosses - Daily Giveaways & Events - NEW ::Raids with Big Prizes - 1000+ Custom Gear Sets - 10+ Websites Paid for - Friendly Strict Community - AutoVote/AutoDonate - All Skills go to 99, & Big Prizes - Various World Bosses - Unique Content - Upgrade Machine SnowRSPS is a new upcoming innovative and unique PVM based RSPS that offers thousands of fully tested Hours of content. Including NEW skilling. Snowscape is known for its long lasting performance. Outlasting any other Performing Custom RSPS. Known for its perfected combat system and fluid gameplay. 0 Lag whatsoever. The Snow team is committed to providing quality and well-balanced content that will surpass any expectations. We pride ourselves on good user experience and we listen to all feedback and suggestions that our community provides. Website: https://snow317.com $100 OSRS GP Giveaway posted soon! 50+ Active Players Daily Discord: https://discord.gg/7WGuzH7 (Say you seen this and get $50 Starter Bundle)
  3. Ashihama is a newish server with a great community & content. If you like OSRS gameplay with a semi custom edge with world events every half an hour to keep you entertained you've come to the right place. 117 HD Vote Boss Edgeville Invasion Event Treasure Chest Event Group Ironman w/ Shared Bank Ultimate Ironman w/ Storage Normal & Extreme XP Modes Raids 1 & 2 Nightmare Hespori Unique Home Collection Log Slayer w/ Superiors World Events Revenants Inferno Automated Tournaments Automated Flower Poker Custom Skilling Area Community Driven Perfect Economy 117 HD settings & much more... PLAY NOW DISCORD
  4. Welcome to Forgotten-Paradise! ☺️ Welcome to the one and only Forgotten-Paradise! Features: -24/7 uptime GUARANTEED -200 + Pets + Skilling pets -Updated & perfectly funtionable Forums to communicate and interact with the community! -Auto Donation point system -The experience counter (XP) works so you can keep track of your progress! -Working Clan-chat system to chat with all of your friends + organize events! -100% Emotes -All of the Magic Spell Books are working and nearly 100% coded -100% Ancient Curses Prayers -Player-killing teleports for the most known locations in wilderness! -God Wars Dungeon -Custom Bosses [ Zulrah - Nex - ToB - Alchemical Hydra - Vorkath - Wildywyrm - Wild Nightmare ] -Avatar of Destruction -Fully working Slayer + Duo Slayer -All skill capes - Max Cape - Completionist - Infernal -Fully functioning Highscores [ Npc kc - achievements - time played - voting - clue scrolls - boss kills ] -Barrows -Last man standing -Castle Wars -Soul Wars -Pest Control -Tzhaar Fight Caves -CUSTOM Casino System / Vault for gambling + Slots + Bj -Daily Updates -Squeal of Fortune!!! -LOADS OF PLAYERS -Perfect Voting SYSTEM!! 1 vote ticket per / out of 5 sites per 12 hours. Useful Links : * Forums * Auto-Updated Client Downloads Windows Launcher - Java Launcher - Zip Archive - Discord : Link 1 Click Me Facebook : Click Me Red Carpet Introductions >> Join Today !! Click ME Add me on Discord : Narcotics#7071
  5. Arcus New 317 rsps with alot of features , Pre-eoc + osrs! [Ruse base] Formus: http://arcusrs.com// client: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bmbnw5ckdfz1i0k/ArcusLauncher.jar?dl=1 discord: https://discord.gg/rWbkDpH Updates: Fixed pk - added pkp when u kill target , and reworked pkp shop. added custom home. added prestige shop. added raids 1. added skilling point with shop. added shift click drop. added osrs items. Added vote + hiscores. added osrs bosses pets. added osrs skilling pets. added pk achievements , loaylty title , killstreak , fixed protect item , fixed items kept on death. added player owned shops changed some teleports. added inferno last wave with pet. added jad last wave with pet. players cannot tele during combat. custom yell title + colors. placeholder. runepouch. fixed a lot of things / reworked codes - client + server. Media: https://gyazo.com/cfe7eefd375444d294b15d3184677144.png https://gyazo.com/dfd48193346da491590f19371858104d.png hope to see you there !
  6. PLEASE READ: Please note this thread is a work in progress. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/rFJMCZQ [BETA VERSION - PLAY NOW] [BETA VERSION - PLAY NOW] Trading Post Drop Look-up Raids Keyboard Quick Keys Iron-Man Modes Well of Goodwill Skilling Pets Roof-Top Agility 14+ Bosses including Vorkath and Zulrah. Wilderness Resource Area 5 Slayer Masters with different Tasks and Difficulties. Achievements / Diaries Rune Pouch, Looting Bag, and More! - Gamblers Area Update Logs: Credits: Source/base was compiled from OSPS, EXOTIC, and OSV Credits to old Staff team for there additions and contributions; - Decipher - Dragon - Og Kush - Ezza - and everyone else involved. Credit to Acends and their team. Credit to Mystic-PS and their team. Foxtrot Studio for his wonderful Client Loader he released! Credits to anyone else that helped on this project including community and staff members involved.
  7. https://discord.gg/ccKbBBGZ Project thread still in progress, nothing is final Hey all my name is Shadows, I have been working on a project of mine for the last few months called Mythic Dream. This project is very close to my heart, and i have come to the point where its getting closer to the release! I would like to show off my progress that i have made, Im curious to hear your opinions about this. I still have so much things i would Like to add but then it would never get released! Thanks to Titanium for helping me out with a few tasks! Some of the things that i have been working on is - Runelite Intergration (currently support 5 plugins) - 718+ Model Header (ability to load pretty much any model as long as RS2 Format) - Summer Beach party (AFK Content) - Loyalty system with all Auras (currently have all the wings) - Squeel of Fortune fully working (no interface yet) - 6 Different Game modes with benefits (Normal,Lord,Baron,King,Ironman,Hardcore Ironman) - Server wide statistics (compiles statistics between all registered players) - Hati Wolf World Event - Drop Collection - Drop Simulation - Different Font System from the more modern Runescape Era - Skilling equipment (Artisian, Blacksmith, Botanist, etc...) - Guthix Butterfly Minigame event - Task Board - All capes of accomplishment (120, Max, Comp, Trimmed Comp, Master Quest) - New Drop system that hasnt been seen before (keeping it a suprise for now) - - - - So many more things but hard to think of it on the spot, Will add more info later https://discord.gg/ccKbBBGZ
  8. Fun Ironman Competition 25 July - 15 August Play Myscape on turbo mode! Triple Drops 3x Experience 3x Boss points 3x Slayer points 3x Money zone feather drops 3x Dragonball keys Kill counts are tripled for faster progression Every 5th Kuradel Slayer Task completed gives an Owner box Restrictions No donations! Fair gameplay for all in the competition! Raids must be soloed Cannot donate to the well of wealth Accounts are deleted after the end of the competition Tasks no longer progress after the end date The Tasks There are 30 tasks in total to complete. Most of the tasks are challenging milestone tasks. Every task gives a different number of raffle entries which are considered like points with the amount depending on the difficulty of the task. Cosmetic Trophy's The top percentiles of all Fun Ironman based on their total raffle entries determines their ranking. Every Fun Ironman account is eligible for a Trophy at the end of the competition. Please use ::setfunmain Your Main Account Name to be able to claim the reward when the competition ends on a Non Funironman account. Top 5%: Dragon Top 10%: Rune Top 20%: Adamant Top 30%: Mithril Top 50%: Steel Top 70%: Iron Otherwise: Bronze Raffle System and Competition We will have a large pool of items in a raffle. For each item we will pick a random raffle entry from the pool of each raffle entry from all Fun Ironman who have bought and claimed a Fun Ironman Competition Entry Ticket! This is important take note. You must get one of these items, claim the code, write down the code, and then use ::enterfun code. You can do this at anytime before the end of the competition if you decide to enter for these prizes. The Fun Ironman Entry Competition entry ticket items will be available on the web store and Donation point store. Top Players Prizes for the top Fun Ironman based on total raffle entries who have claimed a competition entry ticket can win. $100 Cash $75 Cash $50 Cash $50 Cash $50 Cash $50 Cash $50 Cash Raffle Prizes $50 Cash $50 Cash Eldritch Cape Owner ring Owner aura Owner Platebody Owner Platelegs Owner full helm Owner boots Owner gloves Owner wings Owner bow Owner sword Owner staff Owner shield Eternal Ring Bankai Aura Overlord Aura Mew pet Raikou Suicune Entei $100 Bond Lil Purple pot Twisted slayer helmet (T10) Blessing Mage 10 Blessing Range 10 Blessing Melee 10 Join us today! Website
  9. OFFICIAL LAUNCH COMING: SATURDAY MARCH 6TH, 2021. 12PM EST Links https://www.dragonstone317.com https://discord.com/invite/HEVbqdW Latest Updates: Brand new Home page! Designed by Lantern Web. #189 Data packed Basilisk Knights Nightmare of Ashihama Brand new Custom Maps The Inferno New graphics! Updated media coming soon!
  10. Please read below. This is a little side project i had sitting for a long time. I never really did anything with it, it has some starter kit potential and i'm sure my contribution will help someone out. What's this have? Package is 'cleanish' (37.7mb download) Great combat start (ex: Range to melee switch stacking) Clipped following and projectiles (players not npcs) Clean and Stable (instant startup, 50fps) Smooth minimap (snippet section) Smooth Shading (snippet section) 525 Items (some additional hardcodes) Link: #317 Runescape Package Credit: Trees
  11. Welcome to Stargaze. We are Custom Runescape Private Server that focuses on a custom 317 experience with lots of fun and addicting content. We have been open for just over a year and hold an average of 100+ players every day. We are looking to carry on expanding our community hence why we are working on updating our website and forums and also all of our vote pages. We prioritize PVM content on our server and always strive to provide the best experience. -Exclusive Stargaze Customs- -Hundreds of Custom Items- -Active Community and Staff- -Custom Boss Point Shops- -Custom Achievements- -Custom Interfaces- -Daily Rewards- -Item Combiner- -Item Compare- -Global Drops- -Custom Slayer- -Weekly Updates- -Daily Tasks- -Events-
  12. This Is A Server For Fun Donations Are Not Needed Just Join And Have Fun! first 10 people will get 10$ Bonds Download Our Client Here Join Our Discord Here Will Add More Media Soon!
  13. Join best semicustom rsps server now with a 4 new unique skill and smoothest client u seen so far. Huge Giveaways by best youtubers this day! More Info you found at Discord! Discord: https://discord.gg/3Pg2Bg4UUg Releasing on 07.01.2021 +3:00 PM EST
  14. The combination of perfection combined with the best era of RuneScape. Officially Released Now! Hello RuneServer and welcome to Insidious! We are a 317 revision hoping to bring you back the best OSRS content, we are focusing on the ECO/PVM elements as we all know that back in the day OSRS was the hype within the community, I want to bring you all a server which focuses on PRE EOC content aswell as loading the newest OSRS data, I welcome each and everyone of you to Insidious, I hope we can develop some friendships and become an amazing community! A little back story on myself and Insidious, I've been in the RSPS scene since late 2008, I've been on and off developing since then, i took a break for a few years as i lost interest and real life took charge, i've been back for abit over a year now and have been working closely with other people on their own servers and i thought it was time to make my comeback! I came up with the idea of Insidious and what i strived to achieve, This being a Eco/PVM server bringing back all the favourites that everyone loved! I strive for greatness and i strive to still be here running this server in 3 years time! OWNER: Brad & LRAfam DEVELOPER: CrazeNation[/URL]
  15. PkOwnage Home PkOwnage Discord! Download Mirrors World 1 & 2 ▸ #178 OSRS Data. ▸ Economy Server, no spawn or Master commands. ▸ Vote 4 Donor System! ▸ Double Points & XP Every Weekend. ▸ Custom Edgeville Home. ▸ Highscores & Ingame Top 10 PVP Highscores. ▸ Clan Wars Safe PK. ▸ Player Profiles - Spy and compete with friends! ▸ Player Owned shops. ▸ 3 Ironman Modes, Normal, Ultimate and Hardcore. ▸ All Skills Working, Skilling Island, Skilling Pets, Skilling Rewards - All Max Cape combinations possible. ▸ 25+ Bosses and 50+ Pets! ▸ Minigames - Nightmare Zone, Warriors Guild, Pest Control, Barrows (with pets!), Fight Caves, Inferno Caves, Chambers of Xeric, Custom Godwars Or Dragon Raid and a custom Randomized Weapon Game. ▸ QoL Updates: Keybind Customization, Skill Guides, Shift Click Dropping, Looting Bag, Rune Pouch, Resizable & Fullscreen, Kill Feed, Veng Timer, Hover Menus, NPC Drop Table, Kills Tracker, Points Tracker, Extra settings. ▸ Two Worlds: World 1 Eco, World 2 Spawn PK (old version of PkOwnage from 2014) Both playable! ▸ Fun & Friendly Community, come join our Discord! PkOwnage offers a great RSPS experience with extra attention to detail for other tasks like Skilling, We added an almost complete points system for Bossing, Slayer, Voting and Trivia giving players the ability to earn drops without just needing luck and just grinding forever to get nowhere fast. On PkOwnage There is a huge variety of bosses, great variety of Mini-games and not forgetting lots of Achievements, Challenges and more offering people the ability to play with different styles and build your character to become a PkOwnage Legend! World 1 is our main advertisement but We now also offer our old 2014 server, This is a PK/Spawn considered as World 2, for more information join the Discord!!!
  16. General Information: Valos is a project I've had in mind for a while now. I originally posted this recruitment back in 2016 although at the time a major opportunity came up for me which I pursued and put Valos on Hold. I finally have enough time to commit to running this so I'm looking for a few skilled members to apply and join the team. Non-Specific, Specifics I haven't fully committed to a source decision although I'm leaning towards something Pre-Eoc loading OSRS. I want to get a team together and gather input to make that decision, I plan on running this project with full transparency and a solid development team. Do not bother applying if you aren't motivated for a project or lack experience. Overview I want Valos to retain a quality standard of development and structure. If you are accepted onto the team you will be expected to handle yourself in a respectful and well mannered fashion whilst interacting with the Community / Affiliated websites. Basically keep a clean PR image because we will be building a lot of important relations for advertisement and growth opportunities. I plan on running Valos with longevity in mind The play aspect of the server will be ECO/PK, heavily focusing on PK aspects, player engaging content, I want to cater pvp audience as well as implement systems to attract and maintain Clan actibity so they have a flawless experience on our server. That being said, there isn't a plan to neglect other aspects of the game by any means. Available Positions Server Developer Server Developer Client Developer Public Relations Manager Community Relations Manager I can manage to fund costs to start the server up as well as mainteinance and marketing. If you're also able to contribute it would be a bonus. I am a highly motivated person, I've been waiting for around a year patiently until I had enough time and proper income to commit to a project as I want to ensure this blows up. I'm not going to make you fill out an application but you can if you want to. Feel free to contact me via Discord: Connor#7899 Application: Applying for: Years of Experience: Past work: How much time can you commit to Valos
  17. Welcome to the Official Release of Celestial! We strive to bring exceptional and the best game play to our community. We make sure that you are heard and your suggestions are released within the server. Celestial's Staff Team is dedicated to ensure you have the best experience. Join an Eternal Battle between Gods and Demons to become the ultimate celestial being in the game! Only the strong will survive, while the weak perish. Celestial Homepage Celestial Discord * The Team * Classic - Owner TommoLadd - Web-Developer Clive - Developer Omni - Graphic Designer https://i.imgur.com/JYPbLv0.png] Server Updates Done a lot of implementations of sendMultipleStrings to increase performance in interface loading/string sendingCode inspection and refactoring tools used to clear 000's of warnings.fixed logout bug, when you click on a tree without an axe is would log you outfixed wildy safespot bug, certain tiles in wildy can be used to safespot.Battle Pass System AddedYou can now combine infernal and max cape to make max infernal capeSell all option fixedAdded Animation to Divine and Elysian Spirit Shields when they perform there specialAdded Particles to all 120 Capeschests on drops have nothing in them unless opened multiple at once (fixed) 60% chance of getting something 40% chance of not getting somethingMage bank webs are now slashable.Ability to move placeholders added.RFD interface now updates correctlyYou can now sell shards to pikkupstiks for 25gp each (same as buy price)Godwars dungeon room altars teleport addedYou can now pray at the Godwars dungeon room altarGodwars dungeon npc's will remain aggressive when in boss roomsYou can no longer logout or move during starter selection to prevent any accidental clicksA players poison status will be removed on deathFurther refactoring using client inspection results where possible.Change to the sendMessage packet sender for ease of access. (developer change)Failing to catch a hunter creature due to your level will no longer spam the chat and will return the trap to your inventory. [video=youtube;sAO33bIVklY]https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=sAO33bIVklY&feature=youtu.be[/video] [video]https://youtu.be/nz8Rwh5FBYs[/video] [video]https://youtu.be/aw-9zj3xxk0[/video] [video=youtube;nr1JGs-AZk8]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nr1JGs-AZk8&t=2s[/video]
  18. https://discord.gg/76btRTf - https://www.icarus-ps.org - Icarus is a brand-new 317 RSPS striving to be the very best! We've taken our time to choose our most favoured source and client to develop into our very own style of play! Take on tons of bosses or simply skill to your heart's content in this content-packed bazaar! We update DAILY and strive to achieve perfection. Boasting some fantastic Semi-Custom items such as the Infernal Sanguinesti Staff whilst bringing you demanding OSRS Content such as Nightmare of Ashihama - we can assure you'll never be bored! Here's just a few of our endless features; - Beautiful HD Client with Smooth Textures and Working Animations... Some of the finest textures you will ever find on an RSPS! Fantastic Custom Areas and Multiple Donator Zones w/ Varied Perks Custom Donator Zones w/ Varying Perks, Tons of Donation Rewards, Beautiful Home Area! CUSTOM BATTLE ROYALE MINIGAME. Think you're the best!? Take on the whole damn server, Free-For-All! TONS of Monsters and Bosses to take on incl. Wilderness Bosses and Slayer Bosses + Pets Nightmare of Ashihama, Justiciar Zachariah, Porazdir & more.. DAILY DEVELOPMENTS and we're always welcoming new ideas! Come and have your say.. Content being added daily! Tell us what you want to see and you may just get it! ACTIVE, EXPERIENCED STAFF plus a Friendly Community, Currently in OPEN BETA We work around the clock to ensure the safety and security of our people! Developers with REAL experience. JOIN US AND BECOME THE BEST! ICARUS RECENTLY ADDED: BLOOD CHAMPIONS MINIGAME INFORMATION: http://icarus-ps.org/forums/index.php?/topic/43-introducing-blood-champions-stadium/&tab=comments#comment-101 INTRODUCING HYDRA NEW ADDED BOSSES
  19. Hi runelocus! Website: http://www.crown-rsps.com i have re released a new server.. with a brand new economy, mixed content... Crown is for everyone!! if you love pking, we have a custom home situated right next to the wilderness in edgeville... The Osrs Gameframe gives it the osrs feel the mixed content like OSrs bosses Osrs Raids Pre-eoc bosses much more! Daily events! and giveaways! (gotta love the free things!) Media: https://www.imgur.com/a/Oat9CXL EVERY DAY THERE IS A GIVEAWAY! FREE STUFF IS FUN STUFF!!! also get in before 14th of august 2020 for free $50 donation scroll! just Contact Ari the developer in-game.
  20. CLICK HERE TO START YOUR ADVENTURE! We are a new Eco / PvP Based server that's willing to impress any player who is looking for a new home! Striving to bring constant updates and listening to input from our community, we are shaping a long lasting economy where you can feel accomplished yet not tethered down by the grind of Old School RuneScape. In terms of making any big updates, we communicate with the players to ensure we are bringing exactly what they want, with no harm to the player experience and staff are online around the clock to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment! Anyway, enough of the introduction... come and see what we're about! USE THE CODE ":referral 1" IN-GAME FOR A FREE DAMAGE + DROP RATE BOOSTING PET PLUS A FREE TURMOIL BOX! NEW BLOODKNIGHT BOSS FULLY WORKING COLLECTION LOG WE HAVE THE MOST FANTASTIC RANGE OF PERFECTLY-WORKING ITEMS, TO BRING YOU THAT NOSTALGIC 07 FEEL Here are some features : * Real 07Scape Stats, Skills and Feel * Full 180 Data * Real Pet Drops * Choice of XP Rates and Ironman Modes * Fantastic Custom Content e.g Home Area, Gear, Interfaces and Raids * THEATRE OF BLOOD, CHAMBERS OF XERIC, THE GAUNTLET, INFERNO, CUSTOM RAIDS 1 + 2 (SHATTERED WORLDS) * ALL WILDERNESS BOSSES * HYDRA, KRAKEN, VORKATH, ZULRAH, SHAMANS, SIRE, CERBERUS, BARRELCHEST, NIGHTMARE, SOLAK * Custom 99 and Max Rewards * Custom PVM and Slayer Rewards * OSRS Achievement Dairy + Custom Achievement Diary * Quick Prayers, Calculated Dharok and Obsidian Effects, working Void Knight Armour * Nex and PVP Armours * Active Community, Discord and Staff/Development Team * Drop Rate % and Participation % Systems COMBAT THE MOST FANTASTIC CUSTOM RAIDS 1 + 2 PLUS THEATRE OF BLOOD AND CHAMBERS OF XERIC 30 + BOSSES TO TAKE ON, INCLUDING BOSSES FROM RS3 SUCH AS SOLAK AND NEWER BOSSES LIKE NIGHTMARE. PERFECT WILDERNESS w/ CUSTOM EDGEVILLE + REV CAVES BRILLIANT SLAYER REWARDS. - PVM REWARDS incl. CUSTOM ACHIEVEMENTS HD CLIENT WITH THE SMOOTHEST TEXTURES YOU'LL EVER SEE ON A 317! FULL ACHIEVEMENT DIARY ARMOURS TOXIC NOXIOUS, SHADOW LORD, PRIMAL, TORVA, JUSTICIAR, SIRENIC, GROTESQUE, VANGUARD, ANCIENT ARMOURS TWISTED BOWS, SCYTHES, BOOGIE BOWS with SKINS SUPREME VOID ARMOUR + ELITE AND NORMAL VARIANTS. OVER 90 PETS TO COLLECT incl. PETS THAT GIVE DROP RATE % STARTER ARMOUR THAT YOU CAN UPGRADE AS YOU GAINS LEVELS CHOICE OF XP MODES - CLASSIC/ELITE/EXTREME/NORMAL IRONMAN MODES - NORMAL, UIM, HCIM + GROUP. BEAUTIFUL INTERFACES incl. TELEPORT MENU / CONTROL PANEL / CUSTOM ACHIEVEMENTS. 99 AND 200M CAPES WITH WORKING TEXTURES + BONUSES \\ FREE GOODIEBAG PICK WHEN YOU JOIN \\ START YOUR ADVENTURE TODAY! TURMOIL
  21. Hi rune locus! I'm here to introduce this new server for all to enjoy! Website: http://www.Velokps.com Velok-RSPS, a 317 server Newly released. Here at Velok we strive to give you the best custom RSPS experience possible, with fully functional gambling and skills, multiple tiers of bosses, a custom forging system, unique raids, A few custom items await you on your adventure through Velok! Join now! Media: Donation stores: https://gyazo.com/c28f355b7fd31bff35ac54d2c512416a https://gyazo.com/b46415b13d154881e6458547ff8f9dcf https://gyazo.com/9d4263a7b6f1ae498cdeca3d61f2e2b6 Teleports: https://gyazo.com/2dbdc0f4838e65a3008c2ba28b4e50a6 https://gyazo.com/a38c7761e5938edd43acbe64cc08f694 Zones: Crystal Zone: https://gyazo.com/3b984f5c8b3075a67d290af7f6b77682 Onyx zone https://gyazo.com/a584b8b794097c3fcdbf132b8dd33247 zone teleports: https://gyazo.com/86cb900952513bc85b3d753a997ef606 Join now for you're adventure: first 20 players receive $20 Donator scroll and 1x ultra mystery box!!
  22. Hey runelocus! Website: http://Elvok.com I'm here to introduce a new Custom server if you like custom servers here is one to enjoy! All new players get free donator rank and 2k ($20) of donator tokens!! to be spent in the ingame store! (first 25 players) Elvok A custom server with alot to enjoy! we have 10+ raids inc TOB!, 30+ bosses, 10+ minigames, Gambling for all! also with thousands of customs this game is for you! check us out! Media: https://gyazo.com/e405b2d1ec0854872d6963be7e6da0a0 https://gyazo.com/eb0e1d20962c67250155cd6730c73cd3 https://gyazo.com/7d4607610874f39fed79855d05011010 https://gyazo.com/e8ccda0a26f9261799b2eb50e91f2541 https://gyazo.com/0db127ffb1fce3456e999d376f49f011 https://gyazo.com/040c28aba43e0e66dd0fb9dcb18f5588
  23. Welcome to Frozen ECO 317 Server just released with lots of features on website, forums and in-game make sure to check it out: DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/invite/HRZEXy6 WEBSITE: HTTPS://WWW.FROZENRSPS.IO MEDIA
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