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Found 1 result

  1. [CENTER][SIZE=4][B]Hello this is my service thread if anything you may want is not listed just contact me and we will discuss if i can do it. If you wish to order a service just add me on skype and we will dicuss a price.[/B][/SIZE] [COLOR="#00FFFF"][SIZE=5]Skype: poesy700[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER] [B]Server Side[/B] - Skills (bug fixes,reworks,re-make from scratch) - Game Content (clue scrolls,effigy's,minigames) - Stability Fixes (deadlocks,lagg,memmory leaks) - MySQL related systems (highscores,vote4reward,auto-donation) [B]Client Side[/B] - Animations [474, 498, 508, 525, 602, 634, 667, 717] - GFX [474, 498, 508, 525, 602, 634, 667, 717] - IDK [474, 498, 508, 525, 602, 634, 667, 717] - Player Models [474, 498, 508, 525, 602, 634, 667, 717] - Items [474, 498, 508, 525, 602, 634, 667] - NPC's [474, 498, 508, 525, 602, 634, 667] - Custom interface making - Bug fixes - Dumping specefic models - Hardcoding NPC's - Hardcoding Anims - Hardcoding GFX - Hardcoding Items - Changing your current preloaded stuff to cache packed (decrease cache size & loading time & client memmory) [SIZE=5]ADD ME ON SKYPE IF SOMETHING IS NOT MENTIONED ON THE THREAD WE CAN STILL DISCUSS IT! [/SIZE][B]ALL REVISIONS (server side)![/B] [B] [spoiler=Vouches (21)] [quote name='adsfdg']This man is great! helped me in way more than i planned to be helpen in for such a small price. :D[/QUOTE] [quote name='Inevitable639']He was great, fixed a dupe for us so quickly! If we get another dupe, i know who to come to.[/QUOTE] [quote name='parrage420'][B][I][SIZE=3]This guy really did provide the best service i could find on runelocus. He did it in a quick manner and cheap as well :). Very good service provider :)[/SIZE][/I][/B][/QUOTE] [quote name='MsSummer']I wanted something very custom to be added and he did it for me very fast and for a very cheap price, il for sure come back :D vouch and very trusted.[/QUOTE] [quote name='Yesimanub'][B]VOUCH !![/B] this dude is AWSOME. He figured out why my computer wasnt letting me connect to any server. <3 you[/QUOTE] [quote name='iNerd']Vouch! This man helped me set up MyBB forums, cheap, fun, trusted! Good man to talk to if you ever need anything![/QUOTE] [quote name='adsfdg']Yay he helped me again!!! This guy is not just some random guy. JAGEX is coming for you i think :/. Not with bad intentions tho :p[/QUOTE] [quote name='iimasterp']Vouch for him did a good job and was nice[/QUOTE] [quote name='twarner']Best guy ever he helped me alot!!!!!!![/QUOTE] [quote name='Daniel']Did an amazing job, my players love it, still hiring him now! Trust worthy![/QUOTE] [quote name='naweber']Clipped my server I Vouch! great work![/QUOTE] [quote name='Zlak']Setup my VPS thanks so much Huge vouch for this guy and fixing my silly errors :) I highly recommend him and possibly using him for future service once again thank you so much :-)[/QUOTE] [quote name='Zlak'][B]Once again awesome service setup my Hiscores-AutoDonate-Vote4cash we went from talking to one idiot on customer supportt to actually fixing my compiler as well -.- awesome guy huge vouch for him does everything you need for your server :)[/B][/QUOTE] [quote name='lilking1003'][B]Huge Mofo Vouch[/B] Added Vote4Cash for my server.[/QUOTE] [quote name='ThatsBad']Poesy is awesome. Really knows what he's doing. He set up a custom ranks/crown system for my client, and a vote4cash for my server as well. Really impressed me with how quick he did it as well. Thanks Poesy, will have you set up donation as well![/QUOTE] [quote name='ilovecookies']Vouch for poesy700! He jarred my client:) Quick and efficient service[/QUOTE] [quote name='CoderJesse']Vouch for this guy, auto donate went smoothly and works 100% :).[/QUOTE] [quote name='Terrafirma']Vouch for this fella, quick and fast, (will be using again)[/QUOTE] [quote name='Citellum']I bought auto-donation from this guy for my 718 Matrix source. I didn't have RemoteMYSQL at the time so we only stopped at the server sided. After a long two weeks I finally got my paid domain and told him if he could finish and he did! This guy right here is 100% legit and will always finish his work to gain that reputation! I may even do Vote4Cash now after I get my beta up :P Anyone that is anyone will want to contact this guy! He even converted the server sided part from Dementhium to Matrix! <3 Thanked and Thanks bro![/QUOTE] [quote name='SuperMarioScape6']VOUCH-This was Great i use it for vote4cash and it works Wonderful! :) Thank you Poesy700!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/QUOTE] [quote name='Xerialtje']HUGE VOUCH for this guy! bought: - Autodonation - Vote4cash - Hiscores works perfect and good service! thank you very much. ( this counts as 3 vouch's, fast service!)[/QUOTE] [/spoiler] [url=skype:poesy700?add][img]http://i.imgur.com/Vxyig.png[/img][/url] ^^^^^^^ CLICK [SIZE=4]Auto-Donation,Vote4reward and Hiscores are availible for all revisions !!! BUMP ALSO DOING SKILL REWORKS NOW FOR 317 ~! 100% summoning and other skills ![/SIZE] [/B]