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Found 8 results

  1. Subject says it all . Please help . Or a tut that could help me . Have no idea, whats so ever, how to do this.
  2. .. Delete this now
  3. So i wanted to change to a new home in Varrok. So i changed RESPAWN_X and RESPAWN_Y to the right cords, but i still keep spawning in Edgeville. (the START_LOCATION coords worked perfectly fine). I have searched around in nearly every file looking for a fix to respawn but can't find it. The X coord for the spawn in edge is 3087 and have seached for it everywere. Plz help -Thanks ^.^
  4. samyett

    [PI] Need help!

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]8390[/ATTACH] exhibit 1 [ATTACH=CONFIG]8391[/ATTACH] exhibit 2 [ATTACH=CONFIG]8392[/ATTACH] exhibit 3 I need help getting my custom model, as seen in exhibit 2, to sit on the players head as seen in exhibit 1. I have no clue why this is happening, so any help is highly appreciated! :) furthermore, when I run, the model drags the head back as seen in exhibit 3. If there is a way to fix this, I'd love to know. here is my code for the item in exhibit 2: [CODE] if(i == 12000) { itemDef.name ="Black Partyhat"; itemDef.value = 1; itemDef.groundActions = new String[5]; itemDef.groundActions[2] = "Take"; itemDef.modelOffset1 = 1; itemDef.modelOffset2 = 1; itemDef.maleEquip1 = 40001; itemDef.femaleEquip1 = -1; itemDef.femaleEquip2 = -1; itemDef.modelID = 40000; itemDef.stackable = false; itemDef.modelZoom = 440; itemDef.actions = new String[5]; itemDef.actions[1] = "Wear"; itemDef.actions[3] = "Drop"; itemDef.modelRotation1 = 121; itemDef.modelRotation2 = 121; itemDef.description = "black.".getBytes(); }[/CODE] If I am doing something wrong, please let me know! I am pretty new at this, so I'd like to understand the mechanics behind the error and why the hat doesn't sit correctly. I am not looking for a recolor, I am looking for a permanent fix for this problem!
  5. [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/r3zSQ.jpg[/IMG] [FONT=Arial]Nice Source for beginners that don't want to add everything themselves.[/FONT] [B][U][SIZE=5][FONT=Times New Roman]Current Features[/FONT][/SIZE][/U][/B] [SIZE=4][FONT=Book Antiqua]Better Player Vs Player Defence. Better Range And Mage max hit. Better Combat. Current Weapon Speeds. Attack Accuracy Formulae. NPC Attack Distance Fix. Diagonal Attack Fix. Private Messaging Fix. Armor Effects Hits. Server Side NPC Clipped. NPC Attack Distance. Basic Abuse System. Music Tab Added. Ladder handler. Wilderness Warning Interface. New Shop Interface. New Background. New Login Box. New Emote Sprites. [/FONT][/SIZE] [SIZE=1]Color code [COLOR="#008000"]Green = Done[/COLOR], [COLOR="#FFA500"]Orange = Started[/COLOR], [COLOR="#FF0000"]Red = Not Working on yet[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]. [SPOILER="Current Bugs"][COLOR="#FF0000"][CENTER]Some NPC's don't trade, this is a easy fix and will be fixed in v2.[/CENTER][/COLOR] [CENTER]Please inform me of any other bugs.[/CENTER][/SPOILER] [CENTER][SPOILER="Media"][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/8Sp5q.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/JkhZF.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/ZZkV9.jpg[/IMG][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/sWFqC.jpg[/IMG] Uploading More Soon.[/SPOILER][/CENTER] [SPOILER="Virus Scan"][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/aQHBa.jpg[/IMG][/SPOILER] [SPOILER="Download"] [CENTER]- With New Emote Sprites - [url]http://www.upload.ee/files/2362489/_Pi__Enhanced.rar.html[/url] [URL=http://up.ht/KSKeRZ]_Pi__Enhanced.rar - 22.6 MB[/URL] - With Old Emote Sprites - [url]http://www.upload.ee/files/2362965/_Pi__Enhanced.rar.html[/url] [URL=http://up.ht/KSKrVf]_Pi__Enhanced.rar - 22.5 MB[/URL][/CENTER] [/SPOILER] [SIZE=4][CENTER][COLOR="#FF0000"]I Will continue to enhance and release, Please do not repost or I will Close. [/COLOR][/CENTER][/SIZE] [CENTER]Please post idea's on what you would like added in v2 [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=1]v2 Isn't going to be release for about 3-4 weeks sorry.[/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER]
  6. mario222


    cheatengine can simply change/hack my server it can change 1 coin to 2000m or hack pk points and etc. how the hell i disable cheat engine. :/ someone help. its pi base source : insidiax v2.
  7. Okay I haven't used rsps in a few years now and I have totally forgotten how to do some stuff (especially since I am new to PI) I need to add the GFX/Emote for Farming and Herblore (probably a few more skills aswell) but just those two. I am doing ::gfx in my server and I need 2273 for farming and it will give me some other gfx. also is there a command out there for ::emote, i cant find one and my server only has ::gfx (if there is a such thing, like i said i cant find any of my previous server files and i cant remember too much just basics) Any answers will be appreciated. Thanks, -Pwner
  8. when i try to sell something, anything to a shop, any shop i get this message. [IMG]http://img843.imageshack.us/img843/5967/shopsellin.png[/IMG] any thoughts?:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o