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Found 196 results

  1. Everytime I try to run eclipse it says "failed to load JNI shared library" And I have downloaded jdk and done all the CLASSPATH and PATH stuff correctly. Do I need to do something special because I have windows 8? I could use some help thanks :/
  2. I currently am on spring vacation and have nothing planned (My mother is deployed in Afghanistan at the moment and we're doing something as a family later on) I have a lot of spare time for the next few weeks and even on school days i get hours online. What i'd like to do; [LIST] [*]Developing [*]Beta testing [*]Generally supporting the server/forums [*]Helping staff and/or the owner. [/LIST] Please note that i'm not expecting or asking for staff. I just want to be involved with a project to keep myself busy and do something that might positively effect others instead of sitting in my room doing nothing all break. If you'd like to contact me, please add my skype (max.fallenx) or private message me your contact information and any relevant details pertaining to the project.
  3. Hey guys, i'm still having the same problem with my webclient, which knowone has still been able to help me with. The error is 'ClassNotFoundException' client.class'. I really need help, Its jarred and everything, here are some links, if these help. WEBCLIENT: (so you can witness the problem yourself) [url]http://djtazsuck1.wix.com/deathlypkz#!play/c9qb[/url] CACHE: [url]https://www.dropbox.com/s/sxbnoirqfc6b66t/DeathlyPKZCache.zip?m[/url] WEBCLIENT.JAR: [url]https://www.dropbox.com/s/crecx3ikososrpz/Webclient.jar?m[/url] PLease help I have been stuck with this problem for weeks, GIVING REP+++. If you will be given free EXTREME DONATOR on my server and a heap of items !!!!
  4. [url]http://www.runelocus.com/tutorials/make_own_server.html[/url] I used that tutorail this time. Got to the step 4 and according to it, I went to client>Run. Instead of showing that Starter Panel Pack tool thing, it says "Could not find or load main clas GUI"? Man, I've spent the whole day today doing this lol, nothing is really working for me... [COLOR="#FF0000"]Edit: I got it to work, and even opened the client. But when I try to log in, it says "error connecting to server"............. PLEASE HELP ME![/COLOR] Prefix: Runelocus Starter Pack
  5. Hey guys, i'm still having the same problem with my webclient, which knowone has still been able to help me with. The error is 'ClassNotFoundException' client.class'. I really need help, Its jarred and everything, here are some links, if these help. WEBCLIENT: (so you can witness the problem yourself) [url]http://djtazsuck1.wix.com/deathlypkz#!play/c9qb[/url] CACHE: [url]https://www.dropbox.com/s/sxbnoirqfc6b66t/DeathlyPKZCache.zip?m[/url] WEBCLIENT.JAR: [url]https://www.dropbox.com/s/crecx3ikososrpz/Webclient.jar?m[/url] PLease help I have been stuck with this problem for weeks, GIVING REP+++. If you will be given free EXTREME DONATOR on my server and a heap of items !!!!
  6. case 6528: // Obby maul - doesnt work - c.strengthLevelReq = 60; return; case 18349: // rapier - works case 18351: // longsword - works case 18353: // maul - works c.attackLevelReq = 80; return; Attack levels for granite maul requirement works, just not strength... Same with obsidian maul
  7. Heys I downloaded everything and did every but the router thing because I don't want people on my server atm lol. So I downloaded a source it was from well here's the link to it ([url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?85674-For-noobs-and-starters[/url]) It said it was beginners so I thought it was decent. So I go to run it and. the cmd pops up with a lot of random crap, and it loads for a second, but then it just says "error loading... Please report!" Does any one know how to fix this?
  8. I am in need of server sided work. I will pay for: Variety of skills Lag/Dc reduction, z508 Anti leech Small bug fixes and more is needed, but those are the main ones. I will pay a very reasonable price. If you can do any of those, or any other z508 work please post or pm me skype or msn name and we can discuss things. Revision: z508 Base: CodeUsa
  9. If you can help me get passed some errors and stuff please please add my skype Sythe.wings I literally cant even get the runelocus starter pack to work :(
  10. oke so im helping a mate of mine whit his server coding ect. when we try to cast mage(all spells) nothing happens only if u autocast then u can mage so if u know what the problem is pleas help me out.
  11. I dont know if this is the right forums to ask but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a project together to make a (745) cache server with also coding in the small things like snelms and melzars and some other small things that players tend to forget about but find it fun to do. If you are interested I am pretty decent myself in 718s and it would be faster with more than just me working on it and whoever helps me I am willing to share the source with them but certain aspects will have to change like: home server name colorized texts *maybe some others but we will talk it over. My skype name is: shoki.waru
  12. Meant item command* Edit: None of my custom commands will work, does anyone have any idea why? Example of broken code: if (command.EqualsIgnoreCase("fcape") && (playerRights >= 4)) { addItem(6570, 1); sendMessage("You have been given a fire cape"); } Please help. ;-;
  13. Hello there :) I downloaded the starter pack, and got it all working just fine, im able to log in no problem and do annd the stuff it seems to be built to do, so all is cool up to this point. Now when I try to make changes (changing the starting items in the PlayerAssistant.java doc) the compile feature does not seem to save the changes I make, and nothing is different, does anyone know how I could get around this issue? Thanks! :)
  14. I was wondering how you set any client that you have, to work with a certain source. I'm asking because there's a lot of server's here that come without the client and so I want know how to set the client (which we can assume is the same revision as the source) to work with a certain source. Thank you!
  15. hey guys, title says it all. i wanna get into doing client work on 562 but dono where to start :/ if anyone could lead me in a good direction on where to start that would be great thanks in advance
  16. Okay so my server is a 562 loading 569 cache (rs2hd base). The method in ActionSender.java called playMusic doesn't seem to work (neither does SendSound(int sound) <--- bad conventions :P) So anyway here is the method: [CODE]public void PlayMusic(int musicId, int length) { player.getSession().write(new StaticPacketBuilder().setId(188).addLEShort((short) musicId) .addByteS((byte) length)); }[/CODE] i tried overloading it with this (from tyden source, i know its a diff base but i was just experimenting): [CODE]public void PlayMusic(int i) { try { player.getSession().write(new StaticPacketBuilder().setId(188) .addLEShortA(i) .addByteS(100) // volume? 255 is max l0l .toPacket()); } catch(Exception e) { System.out.println("fail"); } }[/CODE] neither worked (and no exception was caught). Does anyone know how i can get this working? I'm guessing its something client sided but editing that is kinda hard since it was decompiled .class files and half of it looks like gibberish
  17. Alright so ive been working on this server for a while and i uploaded the client and everything and it seems that some people cant run it. I can run it just fine and so can my friend, but my other friend has to use his other computer because he says when he clicks on the click it just closes right away at the command prompt thing. i dont know how to fix this will someone please help me?
  18. I've put in the correct IP's in the client.java and when I load the server it says it's listening to the port correctly and it's all good [IMG]http://i49.tinypic.com/2zxtcvm.jpg[/IMG] but when i try and log in it still says error. i'm pretty sure i've port forwarded correctly. i'm using a no-ip.
  19. my client wont work with other players for some reason the port aint blocked. I need someone who can help me solve the problem it says " no responce to servER" please give ur skype and il send u the dl link ( yes this client nd server has worked together about 3 months ago)
  20. the client wont work for anyone even me help please? since i can't post the whole file i'l post parts ive edtied ----- Port is 43594 [CODE] //}; public int MapX, MapY; public static int spellID = 0; // public static String serverip = "calebchance.no-ip.biz"; public static String defaultServerIP = "calebchance.no-ip.biz"; public static String serverip = ""+defaultServerIP+""; public static int port = 43594; //int port = 34459; //[/CODE] [CODE]public void WhatWorldIsWhatIp () { // Fixes both worlds :) By Chance if(world == 1){ serverip = "calebchance.no-ip.biz"; port = 43594; } else { if(world == 2){ serverip = "calebchance.no-ip.biz"; port = 43594; } } }[/CODE] [CODE] public void handleStupidWorldSwitch() { if(world > 1){ // Makes sure you can only go to 2 worlds. world = 1; }else{ world += 1; } if(world == 1){ serverip = "calebchance.no-ip.biz"; port = 43594; spec =" Regular World"; signlink.setuid(); } else { if(world == 2){ serverip = "calebchance.no-ip.biz"; signlink.setuid(); spec =" [MENTION=231]red[/MENTION]@Developers World"; } } if(world < 0 || world > 7) spec = " Invalid world"; } [/CODE] [CODE] world = 1; spec = " Regular World"; serverip = "calebchance.no-ip.biz"; port = 43594; signlink.setuid();[/CODE] thank you guys very much if' you'd help! edit; also my port isnt blocked and we get the "no responce to server" error msg
  21. I tried to edit the bonuses in ganodermic armour since its completely off and sucks... Anyway when i run the item packer it says items packed successfully so then i go check to see if it has and the packed file is 0kb and when i restart the server all stats on all items are 0, Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  22. my "sendhome" command wont work. [CODE] if (cmd[0].equalsIgnoreCase("sendhome")) { String name = ""; for (int i = 1; i < cmd.length; i++) name += cmd[i] + ((i == cmd.length - 1) ? "" : ""); Player target = World.getPlayerByDisplayName(name); if (target != null) target.setNextWorldTile(Settings.RESPAWN_PLAYER_LOCATION); return true;[/CODE] my "god" command wont work. [CODE]if (cmd[0].equalsIgnoreCase("god") && (player.getRights() == 2)) { player.setHitpoints(Short.MAX_VALUE); player.getEquipment().setEquipmentHpIncrease( Short.MAX_VALUE - 990); for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) player.getCombatDefinitions().getBonuses()[i] = 5000; for (int i = 14; i < player.getCombatDefinitions().getBonuses().length; i++) player.getCombatDefinitions().getBonuses()[i] = 5000; return true;[/CODE] "getip" and "checkip" dont work. but are two different commands? arent they used for the same purpose? [CODE] /*if (cmd[0].equalsIgnoreCase("checkip")) { if (cmd.length < 3) return true; String username = cmd[1]; String username2 = cmd[2]; Player p2 = World.getPlayerByDisplayName(username); Player p3 = World.getPlayerByDisplayName(username2); boolean same = false; if (p3.getSession().getIP() .equalsIgnoreCase(p2.getSession().getIP())) { same = true; } else { same = false; } player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("They have the same IP : " + same); return true;[/CODE] [CODE]if (cmd[0].equalsIgnoreCase("getip")) { String name = ""; for (int i = 1; i < cmd.length; i++) name += cmd[i] + ((i == cmd.length - 1) ? "" : " "); Player p = World.getPlayerByDisplayName(name); if (p == null) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("Couldn't find player " + name + "."); } else player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("" + p.getDisplayName() + "'s IP is " + p.getSession().getIP() + "."); return true;[/CODE] any fixes for these will be EXTREMELY helpful!!!! P.S. if anyone has cool coordinates for a staffzone or just a cool area and would like to share, that would be much appreciated too! :)
  23. hey guys, so i had an error basically saying that the client couldn't find a path too java jre7 so i installed the latest version. Now i am getting and error saying this: 'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. press any key to continue . . . if anyone could help me it would be very appreciated. Also to note i run windows xp sp2. Thanks, Eldiran.
  24. Hey can some one help me to get the RUN work so i can play on the Soucre?? [ATTACH=CONFIG]6491[/ATTACH]