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Found 80 results

  1. So i am a new coder and ive been learning alot of things, i decided to let my friend play the server i am working on so he can test some things, well when he logged in, the starter was invisible, items in the shops were invisible and i was invisible to him. but on my client, everything is fine, i see him, and all items are fine.. any ideas? please help.
  2. Hey community, I'm not new to the rsps world nor simple coding, but I'm stuck on something. I've downloaded an open-source 718 client + cache. I was wondering if you can set it up to run "OpenGL" the first time running the client. Like not "Software Mode".... BECAUSE, the client I have (Foxtrot 718), has many black screen/crashing issues, if you load it on "Software Mode". I was realizing how much of an inconvenience it would be for people to download my game client and have to switch to openGL. - because how would they know it crashes on software and stuff So yeah, question is - how would you code the client to run in OpenGL the first time, every time, and forever? Thanks
  3. Hey guys.. I'm using the CompanionScape Release (718 loading 742 cache). I am also using the basic 718 client to connect to it, I have no issues compiling or running both server or client. I have changed the IP address in Loader.java (using no-ip properly, which I can connect to, aswell as localhost) as I've port forwarded etc, but my friend cannot connect. He gets this error: (Used puush to take screenshot) [url]http://puu.sh/dus0B/db1de9a4d7.png[/url] I am not very experienced with RSPS, but I do know that the cache is saved in the Servers "data\cache" folder, but don't 718's usually auto download the cache? What can I do to fix this, so my friends can join me?
  4. How do I change my cache downloading link? The old one (which was with the source+client) is outdated now. Can someone help me? Skype: alik01441
  5. Joeie


    My client won't load, its stuck at checking for updates 0%, Exiled 718, it isn't my server, I just want to play it. This happens to every 718 servers I try to play, I've never seen this before until last week. I've tried deleting the cache and resetting my pc to its factory setting. Sadly it did not fix the problem? Does anybody know how to fix this? Thank you in advanced. This is how it looks like when I try to open a 718 server. P.S. I've tried to play this server on my other pc and it still doesn't work, the same problem persists.
  6. I have downloaded the project-exile files and I have tried to run it. After reading many tutorials and stuff I still cannot get it to start up and its really making me mad. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  7. Hello, I've currently fixed all of the punishment commands, but I cannot seem the find the problem with the unipban and unipmute command. Could anyone please help me? It's created a serious problem where a player cannot connect to my server, and I'd really appreciate some help.
  8. [IMG]http://i.gyazo.com/d02205140cc3f8c15eb363cad62d1ef4.png[/IMG] How do I remove the old RS login thing at the top left of the screen? Help would be much appreciated:)
  9. On spawnscape 614, I can become admin and all of that. And the rest of the server works.. now my trouble is.. my Spawn Menu will not work and I as an admin cannot spawn. Please reply to this post as fast as possible. thanks Snowball
  10. Guys I'm having a client problem it opens and everything but when its about down to load it freezes at "Unpacking Media 80%" Heres a picture [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/208/screenshot20120712at413.png/][IMG]http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/6185/screenshot20120712at413.png[/IMG][/URL] Can anyone help?
  11. zeejr

    Urgent help needed!

    It seems the launch of my server didn't go as planned, I have received some complaints about the Client.jar !! An error saying; [QUOTE]java virtual machine launcher - a java exception has occured[/QUOTE] Occurs when anyone tries to open up the client, I'm not completely sure what could be causing this and need help urgently!
  12. jongojongo1

    Help! [Urgent]

    Help! I can't play any server! I register, and login. But it gives me this 'your account has been disabled please check your message center runescape private' on every server I try. Help!
  13. Hi, basically I need someone to do me a site and forums for my RSPS, and for something else so if you are a professional please leave me a message in my inbox and ill send you my skype or you can just send me it and I will talk about what I want :) And if you do GFX to let me know it <3 Thanks sincerely YzH
  14. need help with save game button. i have Save Game on the quest tab but when i click on it it doesnt save my progress and i dont have the code or know were to put the code. can someone please help me this once? really need help add me on skype: Marky7z
  15. How do i turn my server on to give access to other people to test with me?
  16. hey guys i currently downloaded powersurge but i need a client for it and im not sure how to explain whats wrong but if you could add my skype i will explain it in more of a further depth im sure it wont take alot of your time and i really need this to work if anyone could help please add my skype codercrypto thanks thanks thanks :D
  17. hey i need help to add a few custom items such as a completionist cape and the commands such as ::noclip my skype is abutaher12345 it should come up as abzs please add me asap need help i will help you back too
  18. pab

    Vps URGENT!

    I bought a vps earlier today from "trentahost". I changed the IP in the client.java to the new ip. I also removed the firewall. Runelocus shows the server as online, but when i try to connect to it (on my pc not my vps) it says error connecting to server, and for anyone else who is trying to connect. What do i do?
  19. Hello, I've been trying to turn my server online. I've done it about 2 years ago, I don't know how much servers have changed but here's the issue... I've portforwarded my vps, and connected the IP to the client via client.java [img]http://i43.tinypic.com/59xwmr.png[/img] as you can see on the status checker, it's online and playable, I've even checked canyouseeme.org to check if port is open and it is Whenever i run the server and the client, I get this message, and my friend who has tried it also gets the same message [img]http://i41.tinypic.com/2qvza6a.png[/img]
  20. I need help my autocache downloader is not downloading.... [CODE]Epicurus is loading.. java.util.zip.ZipException: error in opening zip file at java.util.zip.ZipFile.open(Native Method) at java.util.zip.ZipFile.<init>(Unknown Source) at java.util.zip.ZipFile.<init>(Unknown Source) at java.util.zip.ZipFile.<init>(Unknown Source) at Update.unZipFile(Update.java:53) at Update.<init>(Update.java:29) at client.streamLoaderForName(client.java:4781) at client.startUp(client.java:9078) at RSApplet.run(RSApplet.java:33) at client.run(client.java:6087) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [/CODE] CACHE DOWNLOADER [CODE]public class CacheDownloader { private client client; private final int BUFFER = 1024; /* * Only things you need to change * */ private final int VERSION = 1; // Version of cache private String cacheLink = "https://dl.dropbox.com/s/0idmjalvkz0geob/Deathlypvpzv5.zip"; // Link to cache private String fileToExtract = getCacheDir() + getArchivedName(); [/CODE] CLIENT [CODE]private NamedArchive streamLoaderForName(int i, String s, String s1, int j, int k) { byte abyte0[] = null; int l = 5; try { if(decompressors[0] != null) { abyte0 = decompressors[0].decompress(i); } if(abyte0 == null) { drawLoadingText(0, "Connecting to File Server..."); new Update("https://dl.dropbox.com/s/0idmjalvkz0geob/Deathlypvpzv5.zip", "Deathlypvpzv5.zip", signlink.findcachedir()); abyte0 = decompressors[0].decompress(i); }[/CODE]
  21. whist

    Need help urgent!

    Basicly past few days we've been having people donating to the server etc, But some how with the donations they have been making it only cost $0.01 for extreme donor when it should be $10. It's just happened again about 30 minutes ago I asked how he did it and he said its because of auto-donate? I dont know if this is true or not can someone pm me how it is being done etc or what to do to prevent it but I can't really take auto-donate off.
  22. I've always done a pkp system where you buy stuff from shops, but ive recently created a spawn server and i was wondering how to do it so that you need 100 pkp to wear an item or 50 pkp to use a potion, any help is appreciated, thanks!
  23. ErasedPkz base Teamtorva Source The Accept trade button doesn't work Need someone who knows how to fix the problem, not experiment on the solution. Paying USD Skype: ivan.ateyea1
  24. So I have this source and there's lava all over the ground; [img]http://i.imgur.com/WO1VkCv.png[/img] How would I change it back to normal? PLEASE someone tell me this and actually explain this to me. I'd mean the world to me THANKS ALOT in advance.
  25. Hello runelocus , I need a professional coder that can be my dedicated coder , If he wants i can pay him monthly or weekly ( We will figure out the payment ) , Please i need this urgent , I have a running server with good vps , Thanks a lot