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Found 98 results

  1. Edit: if your good at PHP and you know what your Doing Please scroll down all the way for Proxy Protection ive returned after being dormant. but i decided to start up again. Recently i hanged out with StackOverFlow and the community helped me put this togeather, so i decided to share on here. Requirements: MySQL PHP Enabled on your Webserver write permissions Navicat Lite / Navicat for MySQL First lets go ahead and set up a MySQL server. You can Download it here: [url]http://www.mysql.com/downloads/mirror.php?id=405078#mirrors[/url] when your done isntalling go to the configuration wizard that will pop up. When you see these Allow Remote Connections, be sure to check it. when you create your password be sure to remember it. After configuration go ahead and install Navicat Once again i will Provide a link. [url]http://www.navicat.com/en/download/download.html[/url] After installing go ahead and open it and Press on the "Connection Button" For Connection name you can go ahead and Name it Anything you want. For me i just put Webserver for host name leave it at Localhost. (this is telling the computer to Read localhost as the Local Machine.)<- For those that dont know what that is Leave username at Root. and put your password in. then hit Ok/save now on the treeview on the side. double click on "Webserver" or what ever you named it. this will enable your Connection. go ahead and right click the "Webserver" again and select New Database. For now just name it "ipblock" then Double click on it. After that right click on IPblock and press Console go ahead and paste this code: [CODE]CREATE TABLE ip_table ( ip VARCHAR(15) NOT NULL, access_date TIMESTAMP NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP );[/CODE] This is telling Mysql to create a table under that database to store the Ip addresses, - Now were Done with Mysql. But KEEP NAVICAT UP PHP: now if you did Mysql Proper this should be the easy part for you. just a simple replace. [CODE]<?php $conn = mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "PASSWORD"); if (!$conn) { } else { mysql_select_db("ipblock"); } mysql_query("DELETE FROM ip_table WHERE access_date < DATE_SUB(CURDATE(), INTERVAL 168 HOUR)"); $ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; $result = mysql_query("SELECT ip FROM ip_table WHERE ip = '$ip'"); if(mysql_num_rows($result) >= 1){ die("you are Already Banned."); } else { $result = mysql_query("INSERT INTO ip_table (ip, access_date) VALUES ('$ip', NOW())"); echo "You Just got Banned."; } ?>[/CODE] You can Replace the just banned and you are already banned messages. just dont delete the " 's i kinda made it Premade and simple there. if you named the database something elts then just replace "ipblock" and be sure to replace "PASSWORD" with your password. Navicat was needed if you needed to change your database name. you can close it Change 168 between interval and hour to how many hours you want them blocked.(its already set to 1 week) go ahead and save it as something like Banner.php then upload it to your webserver! Some great uses: after vote4cash block them for a week so they cant abuse it. after they purchase something from a online store block them to make the game unfair. thanks for Reading! - Proxy: ive decided to put a small script for people that know what they are doing. [url]http://adf.ly/111259/proxydetectors[/url] < - i use Adf.ly to support Myself. ive included 1-5.php files that detect separate ports. Just Edit 5.php and replace"DESTINATION" with the place you want to go. like to the Vote4Cash. then after they vote and receive the cash. Send them to Ban.php that Was Talked about in the Tutorial Above. Thanks.
  2. I need help with my Dementhium client compiler. My JDK paths apparently are not set right for this client, because I get the "javac" is not recognized, blah blah blah. If anybody here can fix it, please contact me. Much appreciated -Alex :)
  3. ok, im using the cloudin source. i switched the cloudinpoints in the src, com, rs2hd ,packethandler then commandspackethandler to DeathinPoints and when i compile the server it says "Preparing... Compiling core... src\com\rs2hd\packethandler\CommandPacketHandler.java:281: cannot find symbol symbol : variable CloudinPoints location: class com.rs2hd.model.Player player.sm("You have "+player.CloudinPoin ts+" CloudinPoints."); ^ src\com\rs2hd\packethandler\CommandPacketHandler.java:282: cannot find symbol symbol : variable CloudinPoints location: class com.rs2hd.model.Player player.forceChat("<col=ffffff>I have [<c ol=736AFF>"+player.CloudinPoints+"<col=ffffff>] CloudinPoints."); ^ src\com\rs2hd\packethandler\CommandsPacketHandler.java:113: cannot find symbol symbol : variable CloudinPoints location: class com.rs2hd.model.Player player.sm("You have "+player.CloudinPoin ts+" CloudinPoints."); ^ src\com\rs2hd\packethandler\CommandsPacketHandler.java:114: cannot find symbol symbol : variable CloudinPoints location: class com.rs2hd.model.Player player.forceChat("<col=ffffff>I have [<c ol=736AFF>"+player.CloudinPoints+"<col=ffffff>] CloudinPoints."); ^ Note: Some input files use unchecked or unsafe operations. Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details. 4 errors Press any key to continue . . . if any one can help me ill be much appreciated.
  4. [url]http://ninjakiwi.com/Games/Tower-Defense/Play/Bloons-Tower-Defense-5.html[/url]
  5. What is the average time you spend on your computer each day? My average is about 2 to 3 hours. Most of the time its for school and entertainment.
  6. Hey Runelocus!!!! Its Dylan XD here and i need some help! Its my first time using PI and I wanted to add Torva! well I know how to add the models into the Raw ( I think hehe ) and the only problem so far is that..... I cant find /* Hardcoded....*/ or the "switch (itemDef.id) {" in my itemDef.java.... and i dont think i have a itemDef_2.java... soooo..... if anyone could help me it would be GREAT!!!!
  7. this is pointless has no meaning and would be decently hard to make.. [video=youtube;-0Xa4bHcJu8]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-0Xa4bHcJu8#![/video] as i said too much time on people's hands...
  8. every time i rety to log in it say no respond from server please try using another world any help on what am i doing wrong now?
  9. Dean

    In Time

    [video=youtube;fdadZ_KrZVw]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=fdadZ_KrZVw[/video] I was watching videos and I stumbled across this trailer. It looks good. Thoughts?
  10. ...Except when you're on national TV. [video=youtube;TiurnnFujAw]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiurnnFujAw[/video]
  11. [IMG]http://screensnapr.com/e/MKznfh.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://screensnapr.com/e/dEjbIC.png[/IMG]
  12. Just wondering, because JaGex did bot nuke-day, I'm going to say there is going to be a rise in the amount of phishing emails which will include information on the user botting and asking for information back... Pretty much, in this thread what are the downfalls to the nuke-day besides JaGex's money and player losses. InB4 Downside is no more bots...
  13. i need to make a barrier spawn for a certain ammount of time. thanks, codar
  14. irrelevance


    How do you think time works? What controls it? I like to believe that time itself is a property of the universe. The positioning of the sun/stars/moon, all indicate amount of time in a year, and the rotation of the world around the sun. As for time that we count (minutes, seconds, hours, etc.) is man-made. It was made for better organization. We can also manipulate time to go the way we want. If we just try hard enough, we can easily make 1 hour seem like a few minutes, and a few minutes seem like a decade. What do you think?
  15. ok last time im gonna ask ill give my lvl 131 rs account to someone who can give me a good source and good client 562 loading 666 if u can with all nex armours and everything working ill also give lvl 90 rs account with 6 99s also i just need the client and source and them to portfoward my pc for me so that players can get onb ill give both accounts for it if ur intrested then add me on msn and well talk [email][email protected][/email]
  16. [IMG]http://i51.tinypic.com/jhal48.png[/IMG] What a great RSPS Coder Delta is.
  17. [img]http://img5.uploadhouse.com/fileuploads/14592/145925250991407c111c7956f84788e978ebaa13.jpg[/img] Well I managed to find a troll mask and yes that is me. Time to go troll stores. Fuck yeah.
  18. Hey guys im just setting up a new server and im just wondering if you could show me how to change the auto log out timer, that would be great! :) thanks in advance!
  19. Ok so I know this might be a worthless thread but after working 2 days no botting I finally got my first Void full :D [IMG]http://i54.tinypic.com/dewigo.png[/IMG]
  20. [video=youtube;gKrzXRC0TnE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKrzXRC0TnE&NR=1[/video]
  21. As the title say, even if the player has already received one :\
  22. Hello and welcome to Kennelz Kreations, the posts that pertain to adding unique features to your server in an easy, spoon-fed way. In this tutorial, you will hopefully be able to add a time played counter so that each player knows how long they have played the server. KEEP IN MIND: -My tutorials could be shortened/extended due to my skill in java compared to others. -My tutorials may have been redone in the past by others, I may have improved it detail-wise. -I try to make useful, unique tutorials of things I made myself and have rarely seen posted. -I am no pro, I still consider myself a rookie. How to add the Time Played Counter: Purpose: Expert and popular servers usually have this feature. Its neat and a nifty thing to have. Difficulty: **/***** (Easy) Tested on: Pur3zscape source, but any 508-525 should do, maybe even higher/lower. Files modified: Player.java, RS2LoginProtocol.java, FileManager.java Procedure: Copy and Paste, Text changing. What you will learn: Counters, Timers and Ints. Step 1. Open FileManager.java. This is where special data fields are made for saving values for different players. You may find common ones such as p.rights, p.absx, p.height, etc. Your going to add four new entries, seconds, minutes, hours and days. Under any previous examples, add this: [CODE] stream.writeString("sec: "+p.sec); stream.writeString("min: "+p.min); stream.writeString("hr: "+p.hr); stream.writeString("day: "+p.day);[/CODE] *If you have a backup section that resaves these values again, add this to the backup section as well.* Step 2. Scroll down until you see: [CODE]public void loadCharacter(Player p) {[/CODE] You should see some lines that use the same names as above in step 1 (such as p.rights, p.height, etc). Under any pervious examples, add this: [CODE] else if (line.startsWith("sec: ")) p.sec = Integer.parseInt(line.substring(5)); else if (line.startsWith("min: ")) p.min = Integer.parseInt(line.substring(5)); else if (line.startsWith("hr: ")) p.hr = Integer.parseInt(line.substring(4)); else if (line.startsWith("day: ")) p.day = Integer.parseInt(line.substring(5));[/CODE] To generate the number after substring, you count whatever is between the ""s, every letter, number, special character and space. If you do not place the correct number, accounts will not save properly. Save and Exit FileManager.java. Step 3. Open Player.java. In the grouping of booleans and ints, add these values: [CODE] public int sec; public int min; public int hr; public int day;[/CODE] When creating new save values in FileManager, they must be defined in Player.java or they will cause errors. Since they are not assigned a numberic value, they default to whatever the server tells it to be later on specified by code. You do not have to add "= 0" to the end. Step 4. CTRL + F. Search for: [CODE]public void process[/CODE] This is the section in which processes take place, more specifically, counters and timers. Under any previous timer after the "}", add this: [CODE] if (sec <= 59) { sec++; } if (sec == 60) { sec *= 0; min ++; } if (min == 60) { min *= 0; hr++; } if (hr == 24) { hr *= 0; day++; }[/CODE] Now for the explaination. If the seconds counter for a player is less than or equal to 59, one second is added to sec each time this is true. When sec is equal to 60 (60 seconds to a minute), sec is reset to zero by multiplying it by zero and adding 1 to min. When min is equal to 60 (60 minutes to an hour), min is reset to zero by multiplying it by zero and adding 1 to hr. When hr equals 24 (24 hours to a day), hr is reset to zero by multiplying it by zero and adding 1 to day. The ++ is the same as saying + 1, but is a faster way of doing so. If a condition isn't true, the parts of code do not process. The seconds counter is the main power and only way to getting to a minute which leads to hours which leads to day. Save and Exit Player.java. Step 5. Open RS2LoginProtocol.java. To let players know how long they've played, you need to make a way of showing them the value for the different time fields. This can be done by interface, command, and many others. The basic way is by login message. Find where your login messages are and add this line under one of your lines. These appear in order to a player's chatbox on each login: [CODE]p.getActionSender().sendMessage(p, "<col=336600>Time Played: "+p.day+" Days "+p.hr+" Hours "+p.min+" Minutes "+p.sec+" Seconds.");[/CODE] This will show the player the total time he/she has played in descending order from larger time field to smallest. col=336600 is a HTML color code, you can change it or delete it from < to >. The timer only increases as the player is logged in. "+p.sec+" for example, imports the current value for that player's data field. It could be changed to "+p.rights+" which would normally say "0". Picture of the Finished Tutorial: [IMG]http://i877.photobucket.com/albums/ab339/kennyr9/525/Daysplayed.jpg[/IMG] Save and Exit RS2LoginProtocol.java. Step 6. Compile and restart. ~Special notes for advanced coders~ You can make a time field(s) larger than just days, you could try years by adding another field the same way as done with sec, min, hr and day. The counter would check for 364 days to add 1 to yr. But that doesnt seem needed at the present time. ~Learn Something New with Java~ -Ints are any whole numeric value. (1, 5444, 4342423424678, 0, -6324, -9, etc) -Counters "count" values as they reach a certain number, something goes into effect. (as seen in this tutorial) -Timers "wait" for values to reach a certain number, then something goes into effect. (such as a Pest Control boat) Examples: Public Int pizzaSlices = 8; Public Int cookingTimer = 500; Public Int cooldown; //~Timer Example~ if the cookingTimer is greater than zero, subtract 1 until it isnt greater than zero if (cookingTimer > 0) { cookingTimer--; } //~Counter Example~ if the cookingTimer is equal to zero, add 1 to coolDown until it equals 30 if (cookingTimer == 0) { coolDown ++; } //if coolDown equals 30, add 500 to cookingTimer and reset coolDown by multiplying current value by zero (30 * 0 = 0) if (coolDown == 30) { cookingTimer += 500; coolDown *= 0; } ~END OF TUTORIAL~ Thanks for viewing!