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Found 98 results

  1. I decided to hop on my RSC account a few months back and had a bit of a laugh at the time since I had last logged in. It's interesting that they've now labelled 07 as the 'oldschool'. [img]http://oi39.tinypic.com/2n1gnsw.jpg[/img]
  2. What is the best games you played of all time. I might try em out :) Other Than Runescape
  3. [center]We are looking for somebody who is well-written and has plenty of time to fulfill our needs. We are willing to pay a little bit of cash up-front as long as you are trustworthy, otherwise we hope you understand that payment will not be made until after what we need done is complete. You must be able to code all things requested (will be discussed over skype), including but not limited to: [LIST] [*]Website(Forums/webclient/vote4rewards/ToS/etc) [*]Client-Sided/Server-Sided Updates regularly [*](Currently we have an issue with Client-sided errors, cannot compile because of 100+ error) [*]Adding customized items at our disposal(The items we want must be added in) [*](Adding pictures\logos to certain interfaces inside of the game) [*]Adding an achievement\loyalty programme [*]Adding bank tabs [*]And much more to be discussed over skype [*](Note; this is 317 [PI] Aggroth v2 Re-Release) [/LIST] If you are willingly, contact me over skype to discuss further terms of service. My ONE and ONLY skype is: "Justehn" We look forward to speaking with you![/center]
  4. Thoughts? [ATTACH=CONFIG]9736[/ATTACH]
  5. Dear RuneLocus, I have a funny story to tell you all! Well I've been fuckng this MILF and I came to found out it was "Avenging Death" mother... LOL So Avenging Death isn't gonna have the computer for a long time because I'm gonna lock him in his room and fuck the shit out of his mom. ;) Thank you for reading this! I hope you get good humor out of this... btw this is a very true story.. I swear to god. she had the nicest pussy I've ever had... ;) Admins ban me if you want or delete this it's up to you I've been trying to get punished for ever now.. lololol ;) I'm prolly gonna get banned here once an admin see's this so PEACE RUNELOCUS! P.S - Avenging Death has never got his dick wet. he's a pussy virgin. xD
  6. Hello , my name is Bradly. I am getting this error called "error_game_js5connect" whenever I am opening my client I don't know where to go to open the part to change the IP but I also wondering is it in client.java or loader.java? Also what would be the node? Like for example: LOBBY IP "" Thank you!
  7. Hello everyone, I've come across an issue that I'm not sure how to fix. My NPC's in the 10,000 ID's won't respawn. At all. I am un-sure as to how to fix this. [CODE] public static int maxNPCs = 15000; public static int maxListedNPCs = 15000; public static int maxNPCDrops = 15000;[/CODE] I put them in this for return of 100. [CODE]public int getRespawnTime(final int i) { switch (NPCHandler.npcs[i].npcType) {[/CODE] and still nothing. Yet, all the other NPC'S I have respawn at a timely manner. Any ideas or help would be great. Birdhouse919
  8. [CENTER][FONT="Palatino Linotype"][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/2eVCNtY.png[/IMG] [COLOR="Red"]If you are getting connecting errors manually add the cache to your user home and remove the old one: [url]https://www.dropbox.com/s/8o8izhvwdhk2q1h/MistumV1.zip[/url][/COLOR] Dear members, Many of Mistum's Players have been awaiting the release and I'm proud to say it has finally come! We are now finally releasing the official server. [IMG]http://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/double-j-design/ravenna-3d/24/Play-icon.png[/IMG][SIZE="3"][COLOR="White"][B]Downloads[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR] [SIZE=3][url=http://mistum.com/forum/]Forum[/url][/SIZE] [SIZE="3"][IMG]http://i1259.photobucket.com/albums/ii545/Sheaisbaws/playt.png[/IMG][URL="https://www.dropbox.com/s/73vntj78poezs1n/MistumV4.jar"]Desktop - Client[/URL][/SIZE] [IMG]http://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/double-j-design/ravenna-3d/24/Play-icon.png[/IMG][SIZE="3"][COLOR="white"][B]Webclient[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR] [SIZE="3"][B][IMG]http://i1259.photobucket.com/albums/ii545/Sheaisbaws/playt.png[/IMG]N/A (Coming Soon)[/B][/SIZE] [SIZE="4"][B]Why should you play Mistum[/B][/SIZE] [LIST]Realistic PKing System [*]Daily Community Events [*]Unique features that only Mistum has [*]Many different Boss' to fight [*]Many different minigames [*]Stable economy & market [*]Active friendly community [*]Supportive staff members [*]Many new items (SOL, Korasi, etc) [*]Fully working item effects [*]Dedicated SERVER 8GB Ram [*]Flawless Combat system! [*]Castlewars! [*]ZERO Lag [*]Auth Vote System [*]Great uptime/Fast forums. [*]Leveling up system with REWARDS! [*]Pest control with NPCS! [*]Amazing Bosses to choose from [*]Amazing Economy [*]Hunter skill; [*]Slayer System with rewards [*]PK system with Rewards [*]Clipped following + Npc Clipping [*]Dedicated Developers [*]Friendly Owner+Staff [*]Donator Benefits [*]Amazing skills (all work) [*]Quests! [*]Cook Assistant [*]Dragon Slayer [*]Desert Treasure [*]All 3 Magic spells work! [*]Great Prayer system [*]Great Combat + PVM [*]Great Economy. [*]8 Quests! [/LIST] [img]http://puu.sh/2DJzs.jpg[/img] [img]http://puu.sh/2DJId.jpg[/img] [img]http://i911.photobucket.com/albums/ac319/wtfispk/Santa.png[/img] [SIZE="4"][B]Webclient - Requirments[/B][/SIZE] Requirements Java (1.6.0 or higher) implemented on your browser (works for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome) for more information visit [url]http://www.java.com[/url]. Atleast 256 MB RAM. [SIZE="4"][B]Desktop Client - Requirments[/B][/SIZE] Java (1.6.0 or higher) installed on your computer for more information visit [url]http://www.java.com[/url]. Atleast 256 MB RAM. Atleast 453 MB free space. Windows, Linux. Welcome everyone and enjoy! - Mistum Staff Team [/FONT][/CENTER]
  9. hello im Ryan Hewitt I have had countless servers in my time and i am looking for a job on a 718 or something close to that, i am very reliable and i will be on allmost 24/7 after school and all weekends, I can deal with problems and I have alot of experiance on this kind of job. thank you. skype, Ryan.hewitt54 MSN- [email][email protected][/email]
  10. Here is the all new best sever at redemptionpk.com you can train all things in 100% works has no down time constant updates Duel arena All dupes patched If you are looking to have fun come here
  11. BZB

    All time 10's

    I get stuck watching these video's all the time. [url]http://www.youtube.com/user/alltime10s?feature=watch[/url] [video=youtube;UrDheQBb2og]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrDheQBb2og[/video]
  12. Haven't been on here for a year or so, haven't been active for 2 Only the old fags will know me
  13. First I did it by mistake using bow strings, Did like 9K profit each 5k so I was like NOT BAD... and then I decided to check other items and guess what I found! =) [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/F0Zpube.png[/IMG]
  14. newboy

    Help with time

    Revision 562 I wanted to make it so players will receive a certain item every 24 hours. I think the time has to be in milliseconds? I tried posting this in my actionsender.java [code] if(player.testtime > 0) { player.sm("You will receive another item in "+player.testtime+". "); } else { player.getInventory().addItem(###, 1); player.wishingtime = 86400000; } } [/code] But my problem is every time I log in, the timer goes back to 86400000. How do I make it keep going down when Im online and offline? Also, is there a certain place I have to put this under in actionsender? And finally, how do I change that number into hours/minuts? I tried doing [code] player.sm("You will receive another item in "+player.testtime+"/3600000 Hours."). [/code] But of course it didn't work. Can anyone help me please?
  15. Good day chaps, how are we all doing? Good, that's fantastic. I haven't made a topic in a while, mainly because I lurk these forums like a king. But none the less, I have decided to come out of hibernation and make this topic. I don't know if this topic is relevant, or has been posted, or any of that other stuff, but I would like to ask you lot a question. What is it like in the day of the life of YOU. Indeed. I would like to know what you guys get up to, what you think about, what you do, how you act etc. Obviously I don't want to go into detail, or everyone will reply with how unbelievably hot the chick/guy that they fuck everyday at different hardcore parties with their 100,000 friends, get drunk and smash up the town like a hardcore cunt. Believe me, if you actually do all this, feel free to post it, just expect that if you have as many loop-holes as you do pimples, that I might find it hard to believe you. Anyway, here is my daily week. __ Monday - Tuesday is a piss-take, I don't do very much except for play indoor-soccer so I can keep some-what fit (I'm eating maccas as I type this, funny cunt I am). Unless I get called into work, ah yes, the fun times of work. At the moment I have a mediocre job filling shelves at a local grocery store, not the best job in the world, but the people I work with are funny as fuck, so that keeps me amused. Wednesday I am usually doing nothing, although tomorrow (my wednesday) I haft to go to court as a witness, yay. At the nights I am at work. Thursday I don't do much either, I am 18 now which is the legal drinking age in Australia, so I usually keep 50$ left over to go to the pub and play roulette and the pokies, I can usually turn that 50 into around 100 on roulette, but lose most of it on drinks and pokies so usually I leave with 20$. Fridays I don't do much other than work at night, same for Saturdays, unless I have a party or mates 18th and go clubbing, then I would call work to tell them to drop my hours from night to day so I can go. Sundays are another day of fuck all. I have a girlfriend to maintain, which I am still paying of a 300$ camera I bought her for Christmas this year (Yay). She is actually the most attractive girlfriend I have had, and I actually stole her from 6 other guys who had their eyes on her, so I feel very privileged. But all women are high-maintenance, so I haft to do alot to keep her happy. And the days I have off I am mostly with her, going where she wants etc haha. My hobbies include making youtube videos (commentaries and such), the channel is Som3crazykid, search it if you want, I don't want to advertise the link. So I do that on my days of in the week, either that or chillen with the girlfriend. Watching movies and TV, going out to various places on occasion. ____ So yeah, that's my TL;DR post on my weekly life. You can do this in any format, like having a paragraph for each day I don't care. So go for it. What is your life in a period of time of your choosing (Could be a week, year [if you can summarize that much], day etc).
  16. I am looking for someone who doesn't mind using their time on Skype and helping me with making a server. I'm not completely illiterate about this stuff, but i do need help, and it's a lot easier to obtain help when you can ask questions with an immediate response. I am preferably looking for someone who knows every step of making a server, for any trouble I come by. Steps I've already taken: JDK Updated Java Registered/Downloaded No-IP Port forwarded Still looking for source/client dl thats decent. Add me on skype if you will help me: eeandrew Thanks.
  17. This is the vote bot 4chan used to put Kim Jong Un in first place in the TIME magazine poll. I both designed and created the bot and since they moved on to a new Perl version you might find some use in it. It is nearly completely abstracted out, and features a multithreaded model to cast votes. This votebot can be used with any of the TIME magazine candidate polls, given you give the correct parameters to the PollDaddyPoll. This will record about 600 votes an hour and can utilize HTTP/SOCKS proxies. It uses Tor as a secondary dispatcher beside your local IP. There is a 50 votes limit per IP per 7-10 minutes. However, with quick modifications and a good proxy list you can easily vote thousands of times per that time frame. [url]http://www.globalpost.com/dispatches/globalpost-blogs/weird-wide-web/4chan-trolls-vote-kim-jong-un-times-person-the-year[/url] [url]https://github.com/Hadyn/nkvoter[/url]
  18. Mr Internet

    Australia time

    What Time does the Votes reset in australia and what day will it be because every month its different for me and so i can disable voting for the day and then when they reset enable it with a good item so everyone can vote can anyone tell me please?
  19. [url=http://www.limitlessftw.co.uk]Limitless[/url], This website used to belong to my 508/525. I used to be really into 508/525's, I loved coding them because i knew how to but they are dead and you can never bring a dead person back to life. I had decided to code another server but i have no knowledge on how to. I currently have a domain and a vps ready and i plan to make the server public. I will need some developers to help me get on the right path, I was a pretty good coder on 508 sources so how hard can this server be? If you like to be apart of this project please post below, you need to have some experience, I am NOT a leacher whatsoever i plan to edit the server ALOT before i actually release it public. I will only need ONE person and you will be getting a rank once i open server to the public. Application. [QUOTE]What is your msn? How much experience do you have? Why should i pick you?[/QUOTE]
  20. [CENTER][img]http://i.minus.com/ibwNLLgQd0mrkj.png[/img] [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]LOOKING FOR DEVELOPERS [/COLOR][/B] [color=#0000ff]Current Features[/color] Fully integrated forums and server stable - no lag can hold 300+ Players no problem Hosted on a Dedicated VPS - online 24/7 Flawless combat system Stable economy Challenging experience rate Battle in the wilderness with our PK system Challenge many bosses with rewarding drops. Several minigames, includingbarrows, duel arena,Nazi Zombies, Rat Race, Warriors Guild, Zombie Game Active Updates A vote 4 Cash system to reward you for your dedication. Donator Benefits 19 skills fully working - including fishing, cooking, slayer, crafting, herblore, mining, smithing, fletching and woodcutting and even more!!... Current Base: Battlescape/InnovationX [color=#0000ff]Future Features[/color] Clan Wars Different Revision Clients Completed Skills and lots more! Current Developers: Kieran - Java Programmer (RsWebclients Owner) we are currently looking for Programmers with advance knowledge in PHP and Java [color=#0000ff]DR Developers Application[/color] Username: Previous Servers Developed: Programming Language: Availability: Do you consider yourself a great programmer?: [B]Once the server is up and running with donations, developers will be rewarded with pay![/B] I would like to thank Ikiliki for allowing us to use the Runelocus images for now! [video=youtube;7oDDBMOeM2o]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=7oDDBMOeM2o&NR=1[/video] [/CENTER]
  21. [img]http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/220/d/e/kid_cudi_tag_by_diecheffy-d5ae2rq.png[/img] First tag in about 9 months. Just simple smudging, and some effects with C4Ds. Kinda regretting the yellow circle now <_<
  22. Lore

    Delay Time?

    The best example for this would be in Burying.java [CODE]player.addBoneDelay(3000);[/CODE] How long would that be in seconds or milliseconds? And how long would this delay be? [CODE]player.addBoneDelay(1);[/CODE]
  23. Hello runelocus I am in need of assistance of adding a respawn time too Strykewyrms for the Matrix 723 (718/723) iv tryed several different code's and none of them have seemed too work I have just been spammed with error's and I finally have given up and came here in need of assistance. So please if anyone could help me out it would be VERY appreciated. Please and Thank you! :) Heres the code. [CODE] package com.rs.game.npc.slayer; import com.rs.game.Animation; import com.rs.game.WorldTile; import com.rs.game.npc.NPC; import com.rs.game.player.Player; import com.rs.game.tasks.WorldTask; import com.rs.game.tasks.WorldTasksManager; import com.rs.utils.Utils; [MENTION=19271]supp[/MENTION]ressWarnings("serial") public class Strykewyrm extends NPC { private int stompId; public Strykewyrm(int id, WorldTile tile, int mapAreaNameHash, boolean canBeAttackFromOutOfArea) { super(id, tile, mapAreaNameHash, canBeAttackFromOutOfArea, true); stompId = id; } @<a href="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/member.php?u=15855" target="_blank">Over</a>ride public void processNPC() { super.processNPC(); if (isDead()) return; if (getId() != stompId && !isCantInteract() && !isUnderCombat()) { setNextAnimation(new Animation(12796)); setCantInteract(true); WorldTasksManager.schedule(new WorldTask() { @<a href="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/member.php?u=15855" target="_blank">Over</a>ride public void run() { transformIntoNPC(9462); setCantInteract(false); } }); } } @<a href="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/member.php?u=15855" target="_blank">Over</a>ride public void reset() { setNPC(stompId); super.reset(); } public static void handleStomping(final Player player, final NPC npc) { if (npc.isCantInteract()) return; if (!npc.isAtMultiArea() || !player.isAtMultiArea()) { if (player.getAttackedBy() != npc && player.getAttackedByDelay() > Utils.currentTimeMillis()) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage( "You are already in combat."); return; } if (npc.getAttackedBy() != player && npc.getAttackedByDelay() > Utils.currentTimeMillis()) { if (npc.getAttackedBy() instanceof NPC) { npc.setAttackedBy(player); // changes enemy to player, // player has priority over // npc on single areas } else { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage( "That npc is already in combat."); return; } } } switch (npc.getId()) { case 9462: if (player.getSkills().getLevel(18) < 93) { player.getPackets() .sendGameMessage( "You need at least a slayer level of 93 to fight this."); return; } break; default: return; } player.setNextAnimation(new Animation(4278)); WorldTasksManager.schedule(new WorldTask() { @<a href="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/member.php?u=15855" target="_blank">Over</a>ride public void run() { npc.setNextAnimation(new Animation(12795)); npc.transformIntoNPC(npc.getId() + 1); npc.setTarget(player); npc.setAttackedBy(player); stop(); } }, 1, 2); } } [/CODE] Can anyone help me add the death animations and respawn time too this? everytime I try I either mess up other code or just get like 100 errors by trying too do it a different way, I am new too coding and need assistance so can anyone please help me?
  24. Runecheck

    Long time no see!

    Sup! It's redcen1 I forgot my password for it, and i don't know what email it's under. I was wondering if an admin could help a brotha' out? Anywhos! How's everyone doing?! It's been a long ass time since I've visited this website. Congratulations on the promotion cart! P.s Amazing job on the forum layout and change!