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Found 214 results

  1. the title says it all >:D
  2. When ever your have 10 or 5 spaces left and you buy an item you get it for free... This one kid fixed it but ruined all my, pk shop, donator shop, and vote shop, and dungeoneering shop if someone could tv and help me that would be delightful~
  3. i changed the donater shdop on brokenx source, i didnt wanted spirit shielda in shop and also not d claws, i deleted whip and dark bow from slayer shop. and i added full torva on donater shop, and now the run server batch gives errors, what is wrong? do i also need to change the shops in bin-cfg-shops?
  4. i tried majorasskick's guide but i get error's. my second day coding i would love help :D
  5. kuzbear

    shop glitch >.<

    ok so im using the tkoscape source for my base. and im trying to fix the shop glitch but cant find anything >.<. please someone help
  6. I want to make it, when i trade an npc it only allows mod + to use it.. because staff zone is not clipped. Deob: 317 Server:PI Thanks for reading this :)
  7. Pk ftw

    Donator shop?!

    How can I add in a donator shop + the donator icon ingame? I'm not leeching btw i've taken a source and im editing it alot im just new and need some help.
  8. Hey, I'm running a 562 and I want to change the prices of items in a pk points shop, and for some reason it's not allowing me to do so. I've changed the values in shops.cfg and shophandler, can anyone lend a hand?
  9. Hello :3 i'm new to all this stuff, and really really confused, i was 'coding' if thats what you call it ;D a 317 Server.. and it was confusing at first, but after a while it got easier, anyways.. now working on a 659 Server, the source is "Mezzyscape" And i tried looking at some tutorials, on changing the items in the shops, and they helped but still wouldn't work. When you change the items.. For example, i changed the Shops.java the item amount, and the itemID, saved, and compiled looked on server, and when you bought the item it was the original item, before the new one i added o.o and then looked for some help, it said shophandler.java, soo changed it there, [CODE]case 29: switch (buttonId2) {//donator shop[/CODE] [CODE]case 37:return 20135; case 38:return 20139; case 39:return 20143; } break; [/CODE] and then it wouldn't say the price, you try and buy it, and nothing happens :c so if someone could please please help, that will be greatly appreciated, -Thank You
  10. when i try to sell something, anything to a shop, any shop i get this message. [IMG]http://img843.imageshack.us/img843/5967/shopsellin.png[/IMG] any thoughts?:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o
  11. i wanna change the buy thing on my source i just got it . but its buy 100 how will i change to either "x" or "1000"? Would love some support thanks
  12. I call this a noob guide cause Im a noob and I know it will help other noobs . Ok the first thing you want to do is open up your Client.java file and search for something like this if (command.startsWith Then add copy this code below and paste it under the last } you see if (command.startsWith("sell") && playerHasItem(2996)) { addItem(995, 500000000); deleteItem(2996, 1); } so it should look like this now This will give you a command when you type ::sell in game you must have agility ticket on you to receive 500mil gp for each time you type the command Okay heres the confusing part for you new coders Kinda, Ill try to make it easy... In client.java Look for this code. WanneShop = Next you want to find a empty shop or a shop your not using at the moment, I ll explain how you do this before we move on.. First In your folder with the Client.java folder look for a folder called Config Open that up and look for a file called Shops "no picture needed" and Open that up. You'll see a list of shops that are in your game, Okay remember how i asked you to look up this code. WanneShop = Were gonna use that code to figure out what shop we need thats empty or were not using By comparing the Information with what information is in the Shops file you just opened Take a look at this picture Below You Should be looking at something like this on your screen its okay if the numbers are different. Okay in this case the shop number I am going to be using is 14 *circled in red also titled "A"* the Code circled in purple is the npc Number i will be putting in my auto spawn later, okay next .. We go to your shops file and look for the same shop number as circled in red below. Once you found the shop your going add your Agility ticket codes in In this case mine are 2996 as shown in the picture above The number to the right of 2996 is the amount thats going to be sold in the shop change this if you'd like. Once you've done all that You willl Have to change the price of the Agility Tickets which is pretty simple to do. Go back in your config folder Open up the file called Item.cfg Very important you use this file and NOT the one labeled Item.java Once in there Search for You'll see these 3 numbers I circled in Orange, Change those three 1's to 500000000 Now Go back to your Client.java file and get the NpcID of the shop, In this case its 585 *circled in purple labeled "B" If you know how to do auto spawn then save all your files that you have edited Compile then restart your server and your all done, If you don't keep reading ill guide you threw this last step. Go back into your config folder And open up a file called Autospawn.CFG you'll see a line of numbers Copy with your mouse what i circled in the picture below *your numbers may be different but copy the pattern I copied.* Change your NpcID number to the one you got off the Client.java file, go to where you would like your shop to be at and type ::mypos or ::mycoords and type your coordinates in the code in autospawn accordingly, Once you have done all this you are almost finished, Just save all the folders I had you edit, then compile and RUN I really hoped this help and you can use the main code i put in here for almost anything change it up a bit and enjoy heres what it looks like when your finished And once you have done all that Save ALL the files you edited, Compile and restart your server The reason i made this command was because its easier to do the having to mess around with the percentage that the shop automatically takes off which is 30% of the original price from any item, so be sure to tell your players not to sell there tickets back but use this command instead. Credits 100% to ____Allranger____ comment please
  13. I just added a donor shop and pk points shop to my server I'm developing, and I want to have some some of the same items in both shops, but the prices in the pk points shop are way too low as a result of changing the prices for the donor shop. I was wondering if there is a way to change the prices of the items in the pk points shop while keeping the prices in the donor shop the same. Does anyone know of such a thing? I assume it would be something like this: if(itemID == 9064 && player.pkPoints >= ###) Or something like that. Don't flame me for that idea if it's wrong, I just thought of it pretty much off the top of my head. Please reply if you know how to do this, or you think you might have an idea. Any help is much appreciated!