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Found 39 results

  1. Just a small suggestion, I suggest that there should be an added sports section to the forums. Such as sports news, debates for sports, talk about it, etc.
  2. Why don't we have a sectional moderator just for the scams section since it's so popular? People (like me lol) keep complaining why no one takes care of that section... Most of the time they didn't use a middle man and mods aren't willing to do it cuz its a waste of time. Why not get a sectional then? :D
  3. The Underground section under Runescape has been removed for multiple reasons, one of those reasons is the botting scene is dying, if not already dead due to the nuke. Since then the board has only been used to post account recoveries / phishing threads etc. We understand some of you not be happy with the removal of that board however our priority is to keep the community safe and welcoming. That doesn't mean it's a threat but we don't want to see promotion of hacking in any way shape or form, there are already communities for that. There is currently no plans to bring the section back, if you wish to post such threads we encourage you to do it elsewhere instead of on RuneLocus. Sorry for any in-convenience caused. For now it's hidden in case anyone wishes to request their topic source so they can post it on another forum. Will be removed fully soon though. Happy Browsing, RuneLocus Staff Team
  4. My suggestion is really small and I know that ninja will disagree with me, because it will be a real pain to mod this :D Separate advertisement section into sub sections. Divide them into 317 - 474 508 - 560 ??? - ??? 600 something? Why? Topics push each other down, which does not give an opportunity for new servers to become noticed. Hate it or like it, it is just a suggestion that would make life easy.
  5. A new Section with name Video Design, the same as the Graphic Design Section, just for Videos. What do you think about it?
  6. You should add subcategory's to each help section... "[PI]" "Delta" "Other" it would make it 10x easier for people to get help so that you(the people that help) can look and search in the section that you know the best.. instead of searching and pushing your way through tons of threads that you have no idea about... please at least consider this.. :p
  7. Is there anywhere that I can get font like this for GIMP? Because I need to make a banner. Or are there any banner makers out there or any other ways to use this font? [img]http://imgtool.in/images/rslogo.png[/img]
  8. [B]Dunno if this is a suggestion, or a statement.[/B] I've been checking out some of the reports lately, and honestly, I could destroy any server you have on the toplist right now. From what I've seen it, it's all this "multi-voting" buisness, and it's rather ridiculous how the whole thing is played out. Simple as this last report from MissBrittany against DeadlyPKers (or whatever), it just doesn't make logical sense to me how a top server can get banned from such weak evidence these days. I know the actual report was removed, so I cannot use any of the actual pictures in this suggestion. Although, I remember a couple of the pictures being from a private message in the actual game, and then a picture of a VPS online support system. Ikiliki, really? You're one of the smartest people I know, and yet you can't see how [B]easily[/B] that can be faked? I don't quite remember the actual VPS site being said in the PM's and yet Brittany found the exact site that they "discussed"? It doesn't make sense to me. Some of the owners of these Top Servers have no actual knowledge of their players boosting their votes, and if they do, how are they to stop it? Could I, or could I not technically go to SilabGarza, activate a proxy system that goes through Port 9666 (the current port used in the ultrasurf proxy) and boost their votes for hours? Then go into the game, send a message to myself (on the other account) asking how they boost votes? I mean, I find it rather ironic that Brittany decided to message this Dizzy person out of everyone who was online (it said the online count was 213 in his quest tab in the pictures) and he explained in a step by step process on how they boost vote to a level 3. Every server is extremely competitive, and I don't care if you find non of this accurate, I could easily create a similar report for SilabGarza, Near-Reality, FirePK, ANYONE. Say my server was #10, and it happened that the next 3 servers above me were gaining votes much quicker than myself. What's an easy solution to "getting ahead"? Getting them banned. Not only will that give me access to the spot above mine, but it won't allow them to come back next month either. Just to show no bias on this post; I don't have aggresion versus SilabGarza nor DeadlyPKers, and have never visited the DeadlyPKers discussion board nor played their server. I can show you my entire web and download history. I just think there should be a better solution than removing servers. Not only does it take a could-be sucessful server off the toplist, but it boosts a server that wants nothing but the #1 spot and has no problem removing every server in it's way as well. Ikiliki, seeing as I know the club you currently DJ at was burned down, you won't have much time to do research on ports (as if you need too, nor want too) however there are a limited number of ports that a proxy / vps can use to access your stream. Do whatever you want, but I find it slightly ridiculous. I don't play RSPS, nor hardly program them anymore, so I won't be visiting either of these sites. I just used them as examples, and logic behind my suggestion.
  9. Well there are alot of trolls/spammers here(I'm one of them) and I think we need a place to say the most retard-est things on an off topic board, where the posts don't add to the total post count
  10. We should have a news section. Huh.
  11. I think that saying "Wrong Section" or similar things should be considered spamming because it has nothing to do with the topic and gets nothing done. It should be considered spamming unless you say somthing relevant to the topic before hand because otherwise it's basically only giving you post count. It's better to just report the thread and move on. I've see some people who pretty much ONLY say "Wrong Section" or somthing else stupid. Anyone agree?
  12. If you would like to see a new source in the downloads section, what would it be? Vote on the poll :D
  13. Today I sent a warning to a user because he posted a help thread in the General RSPS section, because he didn't know where to post. My suggestion is add a General Help section for things like Hosting help.
  14. I'm probably going to get trolled for this but oh well. I see a lot of pointless threads, so there should be a pointless thread section.. and this thread should be in it :3