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Found 92 results

  1. [img]http://imgtool.in/images/0110121324.jpg[/img]
  2. [video=youtube;YesUywDQfjU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YesUywDQfjU[/video] What's your thoughts about this?
  3. What is your most strong subject in school? Not necessarily your favorite but what academic (not P.E, HOPE, Weight Lifting, Team Sports, etc) do you most excel in? For me, it would definately be American History. I have a strong infatuation with American History I think it is very very interesting and inspiring and I wish more people in the United States had the motivation and convictions that were present from 1770's-1955*.
  4. NOTE: This isn't my school, but the second out of the two High School's in my city. [spoiler=click here to see everything]The article is here, if you'd rather read it on the website. [url]http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2011/dec/01/classes-canceled-free-state-high-school-because-bo/?breaking[/url] Free State High School was evacuated and all classes are canceled Thursday because of a bomb threat. According to Julie Boyle, district spokeswoman, Lawrence police are at the school and are investigating. The bomb threat was in writing and was found this morning, Boyle said. Free State high bomb threat Free State High School was evacuated and all classes are canceled Thursday because of a bomb threat. According to Julie Boyle, district spokeswoman, Lawrence police are at the school and are investigating. The bomb threat was in writing and was found this morning, Boyle said. Enlarge video The district enacted its Crisis Response Plan, Boyle said this morning, and families were being notified that classes for the 1,502 Free State students had been canceled for the day. In addition, students who ride buses were taken home by bus. The Lawrence Indoor Aquatic Center, which is adjacent to Free State, was evacuated at 8:30 a.m. About 20 people were in the pool at the time, and they were instructed to leave immediately. The pool will be closed indefinitely, said Lori Madaus, aquatics supervisor for the city. Lawrence police were notified about 7:46 a.m. about the threat, said Sgt. Matt Sarna of the department's public affairs office. "All students and faculty were safely evacuated from the building as a precautionary measure," Sarna said. Colin O’Neal, a junior, had shown up for school a few minutes before 9:05 a.m. — just in time for his AP History class to begin — and quickly began wondering why his idling Ford Explorer Sport was one of only about a dozen cars in the parking lot. He’d left home about 8:45 a.m., where he hadn’t yet received any notification in any official capacity that school had been canceled. “I’ll probably just go home and play Skyrim,” he said, before driving off. About one hour and 45 minutes after the official start of school Thursday, an automated messaging system recording from principal Ed West went out to parents notifying them for the first time of the bomb threat and that more information would be released later today about practices and school on Friday. West mentioned "technical problems" and "message glitches" were to blame for the late notice to parents. Alex Green, a junior, said he had been told to leave by a school security guard, and then he gathered outside with friends as they waited to find out what was going on. "It was a little chaotic. He just said 'go home.'" Green wasn't worried about it when he was told to leave. "I assumed it was a gas leak or something, so I just went home." Police urged anyone with information about the bomb threat to call the police department, 832-7650 or Douglas County Crime Stoppers, 843-TIPS (8477). Crime Stoppers does not subscribe to caller ID, and all callers remain anonymous. Tips to the Crime Stoppers hotline can lead to an award of up to $1,000. More on this story as it develops. Copyright 2011 The Lawrence Journal-World. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. We strive to uphold our values for every story published.[/spoiler] /discuss
  5. [center]Before reading: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?16894-How-to-debate-RATIONALLY[/url] [b]Should you be obligated to attend school by law?[/b][/CENTER] In the United States (and elsewhere in the world) it is the law that every child under the age of 16 is mandatory that you attend school. Does this affect our constitutional rights? Should every child under the age of 16 (usually grade 10-11) be forced by law to not be a truant. [b]Truant:[/b] A student who stays away from school without leave or explanation. It is punishable by law in the United States for anyone <16 years of age to not attend school on a regular basis. You can face fines and prison time for both you and your parents. What is your opinion on this? Should you be forced to go to school or should it be free-will to stop going whenever you like too?
  6. Okay well Grayson a HighSchool close to mine made a video about "BrookWood" and there Football team here it is: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6NMA7lAnGs&feature=feedlik[/url] After that Grayson made a comeback video... Here it is: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=On1uwi6UMgc[/url] :D I helped edit. They made there own lyrics it was pretty cool :D
  7. 2kbarrows

    School Conspiracy

    [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpZtX32sKVE[/url] So basically, what it says is, in our childhood we are taught that going to school and leading a legal life is the best choice. I strongly disagree and going to school should be an option til' the 4th grade. While children are taught that, the ones that study the most and don't make much noise are going to be your boss one day, I highly disagree. Chances are, being quite means you lack of imagination or that you aren't fit to handle groups, AKA, be a boss. /discuss
  8. 1st 6 Weeks. [url]http://screensnapr.com/v/I3XCBN.jpg[/url] 2nd 6 Weeks. [url]http://screensnapr.com/v/2DnUhu.jpg[/url] Still got like another week left in 2nd. Spanish will go up to a 'c' I hope, and I might beable to get an "A" in Math. Haven't had these good of grades in awhile;p
  9. [ATTACH=CONFIG]3080[/ATTACH] Bammmm. Oh, and might this serve as proof that I'm not Owner Josh?
  10. I choose Mario it was like my whole Child hood gaming lol
  11. zerapk

    School project

    My teacher is having us do apps for mobile devices this year in the programming class. could i get some ideas on an easy app? :O something that i wont fail with. could be for: iphone, ipad, windows phone, droid, android etc.
  12. [CENTER][SIZE=5]How Flawed do you think our School Systems are (Both USA & Canada)?[/SIZE] Please Refrain from saying "School Sucks" It is beneficial, but only teaches us the foundations of generally unimportant information. BE READY TO READ A BOOK OF INFORMATION :p I HAVE PROVEN OUR SYSTEMS ARE FLAWED, ALL FEEDBACK WOULD BE APPRECIATED. If you read this all, you WILL have a VALID point to why your schooling is not helping you better your life. [B]My Argument is as follows:[/B] Every country on earth is reforming public education at the moment, and there are two reasons for it. The first one is economic. The question is "How do we educate children to take their place in the economies in the 21st century, given that we can't predict what the economy will look like by the end of next week. How do we do that"? The second is cultural. How do we educate children, to keep their cultural identity and pass on their ancestral genes in the future, while being apart of globalization.. How do we Square THAT circle? The problem is, they are trying to meet the future by doing what they did in the past. And on the way they're alienating millions of kids along the way who see no purpose in going to school. The concept that was taught to the adults of today was "If you Work hard, Do well, Get a College Degree, they'd get a Job". We don't believe that. - And we're right not to by the way - It's better having a degree then not, but it's not a guarantee anymore. And Particularly not if the root to it, marginalizes what we think are important about ourselves. And people think we should raise our standards if this is a break-through, Like really? Yes. We should, why would you lower them? I haven't come across an argument that persuades me of lowering them. The problem is, that the current system of education was designed, and conceived, and structured for a different age. In the Intellectual Culture of the enlightenment, and the economic circumstances of the industrial revolution. Before the middle of the 19 century there were no systems of public education, you could get educated by Jesuits if you had the money, but public education - paid for by taxation, compulsory to everyone, and free at the point of delivery. That was a revolutionary idea. And many people objected to it. They said "it's not possible! For many street class children to benefit from public education. They're incapable to read and write & why are we spending time on this?". So there's also built into it a whole series of of assumptions about social structure and capacity. It was driven by an economic imperative of the time, but running right through it was an intellectual model of the mind. Which was essentially the enlightenment view of the intelligence. The REAL intelligence consists in the certain capacity for deductive reasoning. And a knowledge for the classics originally. What we come to think of as "Academic Ability", and this is deep in the Gene pool of public education. There are really two types of people; Academic and Non-Academic/Smart People and Non-Smart People. And the consequence of that, is many brilliant people... Think they're not. Because they are being judged against a particular view of the mind. So we have (per-say) twin pillars, Economic and Intellectual. And my view is.. That this model has caused Chaos in many people's lives. It's been great for some, there have been some who have benefited greatly from it. But most people have not. Instead they have suffered this.. This is the Modern Epidemic, and it is as misplaced, as it is Fictitious. This is the plague of ADHD. Now this is a Map of the instances of ADHD Prescriptions in America. *Don't mistake me - I don't mean to say, there is no such thing as ADHD - I'm not qualified to say there isn't such a thing. it is still a matter of debate.* This is not a Modern Epidemic. children are being medicated as routinely as Adults had their tonsils taken out. And on the same whimsical basic and for the same reason. Medical Fashion. We are living in the most intensely stimulating period in the history of earth. We are being besieged with information and forced our attention from multiple platforms. From Computers, iPhones, to advertising hoardings to 100s of television Channels. And we are being penalized now for getting distracted. From what?.... BORING STUFF! at school, for the most part. And it's not a coincidence really, that ADHD has risen, with the growth of standardized testing. Some kids are being given a whole book of often quite dangerous drugs to get them to stay focused and calm them down. But accord to the map, The case of ADHD increases as you travel east across the country. People start losing interest in Oklahoma, They can hardly think straight in Arkansas, and by the time they've reached Washington they've lost it completely.. (For separate reasons :o ) It's a fictitious Epidemic.[/CENTER]
  13. [img]http://screensnapr.com/e/oqaji4.png[/img] Trolled 10 classrooms like that :3
  14. Dean

    First day of school?

    When does your first day of school start? Mine's tomorrow. Freshman :D
  15. Anyone know of or have a source that matches the below description: [video]http://youtube.com/watch?v=N_NZ5xh6YDk&feature=related[/video] Anyone got or know where i can get a source & client simular to the video?? I know that is real RS, that is why i said SIMULAR, I want the old school pking (no godswords, claws,) Just the days of whips, dds's, dragon longs, magic bows, rune arrows, sharks, ancient magic, veng and the original prayers :') It has to be that gameframe, or below aswelll.. That's it, thanks :) I'l do the rest myself, I just need a source that fits that description and a client that works 100% with it. I know im being spoonfed to get started, but I aint got the time to do it all. I need about 50% of it doing, then I'll finish it off and either release or host :)
  16. Hello guys, I've been looking at a thread of which people classed old school as, which was mostly 07' I'm going to making a Oldschool server, I will need a web designer, funder(I can do some of this). I will also need a few coders, we will need 3-4 coders me being one of them to get this done. What bases do people like most? Well I don't know, we will decide that when we get the team together. [U]IF[/U] you want to be a part of this project and will be dedicated to nothing but completing it please add me on msn or comment on this. [email][email protected][/email] [B]Where did the idea come from?[/B] I remember like 2years ago, there was a group of programmers working on a server called [U]Stronghold[/U] They stopped working on it yet they got so far, I don't know why but the just did, they must of got loads of donations though even though it weren't up, on the release date they would of made history and got like 3000+ players, they were going to make like 10worlds +, I hope we can do this so please we could do with all the help we need. [B]What we need?[/B] We need a team of good programmers/coders, we need a team of a few web designers, we also need a team of Graphics people who are good with Videos/Siggys, we will also need a team of staff. [B]What are my intentions?[/B] My intentions are to make history, I don't like the new runescape, so I want a old one! I'm not bothered about money, I'm bothered about the players we get. [B]What base will I be using?[/B] - At the moment I don't know, probably [PI] or [Hyperion]. [spoiler=Team] Programmer - Liam [/spoiler] [spoiler=Supporters] - Nathan [/spoiler] - Liam