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Found 63 results

  1. Everytime I manage to get the client working, it ends up bugging out again, and when I exit or log off, I can't get back in or it sticks at 0% of fetching updates. Noone else on the server has this reported problem. Any help for a fix?
  2. pepsiplaya

    sub revision

    This is for rspscoding I got a 718 cache with a 718 server (matrix) but i did edit it a lot. I used to host it on my other computer but i switched it to my new computer but now it doesn't work. public static final int CLIENT_BUILD = 718; public static final int CUSTOM_CLIENT_BUILD = 3; that's in my settings.java and the error message says: [ATTACH=CONFIG]8019[/ATTACH]
  3. Just an opinion, if im missing any answers comment them thanks :P
  4. [B]Every single source/client i dl'd like the matrix package.. it never works? I am a good coder.. i just need to get the basics of how to put my ip on.. because every other time i have tried to located client.java or client it will not FIND 'no-ip' or or whatever the IP, is.. could someone please give me a link with detailed information that's easy for an idiot like me to understand or something? Or just simply how to do it? And if you have a good source/client that's over 700 in revision.. Please let me know with WORKING Client/Compiler! All the jazz.. CIA :santa:[/B]
  5. Dear RuneLocus members. I am experiencing this error, where I join the server, I am able to play it for like 20 seconds, and then it freezes. the only thing I can do is type, nothing else works... please someone help me! :)
  6. Well, trying to make a point to someone. 317's and 718's are too overly used. So I know people are getting sick of them. So what do you guys like better; 317's and 718's. Or anything in-between?
  7. Hey guys, new server, still under beta testing. Customs - phats, hweens, ect. Great donation deals, benefits as well. great staff! eco based server. come and enjoy for what is more to come. Any suggestions will be appreciated! to play the server, please go to serverlist>searchservers>prodigyx boom. Thanks, Staff of prodigy X
  8. [CENTER][img]http://i.epvpimg.com/QILWd.png[/img][/CENTER] Hey Runelocus, I decided I want to start learning to program Runescape servers and I will of course need some help, so if anyone wants to start a server with me that'd be great! I am in the CENTRAL time zone, and I need someone who can work with me between 3pm and 10pm Central Standard time. The name can of course be changed and worked on, and we will decide on the revision. Add me on Skype if you're interested. 'Dannara99' is my Skype name. Anyone wanting to develop a server and help me learn to program in Java, let me know!
  9. Siles

    Revision Test

    All I'm asking is, which revision did you guys start on when you first started development? Edit: forgot to put 562. Can't edit the poll. I started on 562's.
  10. [center][b]Amnesia711[/b] [color=blue]We guarentee you will:[/color] -Enjoy our new combat system to the max. A Completely re-designed combat system that is one of the most accurate of all private servers. -Find yourself within an active PKing community. -Find yourself being able to level all skills. Every skill is fully working (Wilderness Agility as well for example). -Have an awesome time within our active community and staff. [color=cyan]Server features[/color] We would like to globally name a few of our many attractions, if we were to name them all, the list would be too long! In short: -Worldwide skilling (And a member skill island) -Active Pking all around the server -Plenty of bosses in wilderness and non wilderness -Castle Wars -Double Xp weekends -::shop area for all your supplies -::train area for beginner training -Fight pits for fun dueling -Safe Pk (dieing and you wont lose anything!) -Active Wiki for all information -Gaming to the max We stand for quality, we have and always will. We try to minimize the downtime and create a lagg free environment. With all skills fully working and a completely re-designed combat system which is one of the most accurate out there to this day, we are happy to say that our players love Amnesia711. With the daily compliments we get ingame and on the forums, and with the suggestions posted, we keep Amnesia711 growing and holding weekly updates. [url]http://amnesia.webatu.com[/url] [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/2hofevt.png[/img] [IMG]http://i50.tinypic.com/2vaz7k4.png[/img] [IMG]http://i50.tinypic.com/fkp28l.png[/img] [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/2q399b6.png[/img] [IMG]http://i47.tinypic.com/2ih7cpj.png[/img] [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/2q399b6.png[/img] [IMG]http://i46.tinypic.com/2886wea.png[/img] [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/2vtryx2.png[/img] [IMG]http://i45.tinypic.com/33tl738.png[/img] [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/2itj86b.png[/img] [IMG]http://i47.tinypic.com/mrpqu.png[/img] [url]http://Amnesia.webatu.com[/url] [url]http://Amnesia.webatu.com[/url] [url]http://Amnesia.webatu.com[/url] [/center]
  11. Hey guys, i am currently looking for a developer for my [PI]317 revision RSPS. If anyone is interested add me on skype; Sweetko79 And/or post on here and pm me. I want to get to know whoever is to be my developer. Kind regards, Wyatt.
  12. Need a 718 revision coder:)anyone who takes the place will be the servers Co - owner. my skype: Leamonleaf
  13. in need of a 718 revision coder would be highly appreciated! also will be co - owner of server
  14. Hey Guys this is my 1st tutorial so please dont flame ok today guys i am showing you how to move npc's around on a 714 revision ok what you want to do is load up "NPCSpawning.java" from there you want to search (ctrl + f) sometimes you can sear the name or some it is the npc id (find the npc id/name) and u will see something like (####, #### ,0) -1 you change the currnet numbers (#'s) to the coords you want that npc to spawn save & compile should be job done will help if needed :) wish you all good luck
  15. Okay i previously ran a server but went nuts up when the coder and web master started to mess around but now i thank them for this i took a step back had a think and decided to start something new. The plan I plan to release a 317-Revision [pi] I would like to think a nice team can be put together in order to make this work I don't believe people say "to complete a project" a project is never completed as long as there are things to do which there always is :) I always enjoy working with other people its more fun than doing things on your own. You do not need to be on my time zone i am on 16-17 hours a day. The Information you will need to know and will need to apply. [COLOR="#FFF0F5"]Things you do not need[/COLOR] [COLOR="#FF0000"]-MONEY[/COLOR] [LIST] [*]I already have 2 dedicated servers [*]I already have 2 different webhosting plans and domains [*]Advertising costs also will be taken care of by myself [/LIST] [LIST] [*]Good Rsps Development skills [*]Good time keeping if things have to be done be online [*]Good Webdesign skills - if going for Web Master [*]Politeness in general towards people [/LIST] [LIST] [*]If going for graphics designer please have previous work ready [/LIST] ~How many people i am looking for [LIST] [*]2 compitent coders with a good knowalge of rsps coding [*]1 or 2 Web Masters whose focus will be the website [*]2 graphics designers - everybody has there own style [/LIST] [LIST=1] [*]If going for Rsps coding [pi] based you will have to pass a few tests [*]If going for Webdesign please show previous work and be prepared to take a few tests [*]If going for Graphcis design please have previous work completed and ready to show [/LIST] Applications i prefer to read an application in private so just leave a note on the thread saying applied and inbox me your application thanks. [QUOTE]Rsps Development Applications How long have you been working with Rsps: What do you think you can achieve and show by joining our team: How many hours daily can you put into this: What time zone are you on: What revision of Server/Client are you used to working with (does not have to be 317 if you can adjust):[/QUOTE] [QUOTE]Web Master Applications How long have you been working with/Designing Websites: What do you think you can achieve and show by joining our team: How many hours daily can you put into this: What time zone are you on: [/QUOTE] [QUOTE]Graphics Applications How long have to been designing graphics: What do you think you can achieve and show by joining our team: How many hours daily can you put into this: What time zone are you on:[/QUOTE] @ If any further questions please drop me a pm Thanks Tom
  16. [code] package com.rs.utils; import java.io.BufferedReader; import java.io.DataOutputStream; import java.io.File; import java.io.FileOutputStream; import java.io.FileReader; import java.io.RandomAccessFile; import java.nio.ByteBuffer; import java.nio.channels.FileChannel; import java.nio.channels.FileChannel.MapMode; import java.util.HashMap; import com.rs.cache.loaders.ItemDefinitions; /** * Handles custom prices * @author Displee */ public final class PriceHandler { private static String UNPACKED_PATH = "data/items/prices.txt"; private static final String PACKED_PATH = "data/items/prices.s"; private static final HashMap<Integer, Integer> handledPrices = new HashMap<Integer, Integer>(); public static void init() { if (new File(PACKED_PATH).exists()) { loadPackedPrices(); } else { loadUnpackedPrices(); } } private static void loadUnpackedPrices() { Logger.log("PriceHandler", "Loading prices shops..."); try { BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(UNPACKED_PATH)); DataOutputStream out = new DataOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(PACKED_PATH)); while (true) { String line = in.readLine(); if (line == null) break; if (line.startsWith("//")) continue; String[] splitedLine = line.split(" ", 2); int itemId = Integer.valueOf(splitedLine[0]); int price = Integer.valueOf(splitedLine[1]); out.writeShort(itemId); out.writeShort(price); ItemDefinitions itemDef = ItemDefinitions.getItemDefinitions(itemId); addPrice(itemId, itemDef.value = price); } in.close(); out.close(); } catch (Throwable e) { Logger.handle(e); } } private static void loadPackedPrices() { try { RandomAccessFile in = new RandomAccessFile(PACKED_PATH, "r"); FileChannel channel = in.getChannel(); ByteBuffer buffer = channel.map(MapMode.READ_ONLY, 0, channel.size()); while (buffer.hasRemaining()) { int itemId = buffer.getShort() & 0xffff; int price = buffer.getShort() & 0xffff; ItemDefinitions itemDef = ItemDefinitions.getItemDefinitions(itemId); addPrice(itemId, itemDef.value = price); } channel.close(); in.close(); } catch (Throwable e) { Logger.handle(e); } } public static void addPrice(int itemId, int price) { handledPrices.put(itemId, price); } } [/code] Format: [code] itemId price [/code]
  17. i have the 718 edited with my own background but when i connect with the client it errors and black screen it won't load again seconde i try with everthing normal spirits it gave same thing any help for it regardz Coder Joker
  18. Does anyone know how i change the exp rate? I'm starting java school next week or so so i wont need to be here but now does anyone know how to change exp??? ty -bobTehCkatitty
  19. What you are going for: This is fairly an easy snippet/tutorial to follow, regardless of your programming ability. In your client search for "512.0" It should return one class. Method example: Open that class, search for "512.0" go to the line that contains this. public void method929(int arg0, int arg1) { try { anInt1412++; double d = (double) (arg1 >> 1357946736 & 0xff) / 256.0; double d_0_ = (double) ((arg1 & 0xff8f) >> -449050008) / 256.0; double d_1_ = (double) (0xff & arg1) / 256.0; double d_2_ = d; if (d_0_ < d_2_) d_2_ = d_0_; if (d_2_ > d_1_) d_2_ = d_1_; double d_3_ = d; if (d_3_ < d_0_) d_3_ = d_0_; if (d_3_ < d_1_) d_3_ = d_1_; if (arg0 != 127) method928(null, 68, true); double d_4_ = 0.0; double d_5_ = 0.0; double d_6_ = (d_3_ + d_2_) / 2.0; if (d_3_ != d_2_) { if (d_6_ < 0.5) d_5_ = (d_3_ - d_2_) / (d_3_ + d_2_); if (d == d_3_) d_4_ = (-d_1_ + d_0_) / (d_3_ - d_2_); else if (d_0_ == d_3_) d_4_ = 2.0 + (-d + d_1_) / (d_3_ - d_2_); else if (d_1_ == d_3_) d_4_ = 4.0 + (d - d_0_) / (d_3_ - d_2_); if (d_6_ >= 0.5) d_5_ = (-d_2_ + d_3_) / (-d_2_ + (2.0 - d_3_)); } anInt1410 = (int) (d_5_ * 256.0); anInt1411 = (int) (256.0 * d_6_); d_4_ /= 6.0; if (d_6_ > 0.5) anInt1413 = (int) (512.0 * (d_5_ * (1.0 - d_6_))); else anInt1413 = (int) (d_5_ * d_6_ * 512.0); if (anInt1411 >= 0) { if (anInt1411 > 255) anInt1411 = 255; } else anInt1411 = 0; if ((anInt1410 ^ 0xffffffff) > -1) anInt1410 = 0; else if (anInt1410 > 255) anInt1410 = 255; if (anInt1413 < 1) anInt1413 = 1; anInt1408 = (int) ((double) anInt1413 * d_4_); } catch (RuntimeException runtimeexception) { throw Class131_Sub2_Sub6.method1495(runtimeexception, ("lf.D(" + arg0 + ',' + arg1 + ')')); } } [*]This method is used for giving the ground textures coloring. What you are doing is forcing a single color, regardless of the texture. Change these lines: if (anInt1411 > 255) and: else if (anInt1410 > 255) To: if (anInt1411 > -255) and: else if (anInt1410 > -255) [*]You could just force the values, but this is easier then having people possibly messing them up :L [*]These values are in RGB (255:255:255) values. Enjoy ")
  20. I want to create a framework from scratch by myself. However, I will need two things to do this: 1. To understand the RuneScape protocol. 2. To choose an appropriate revision. I want to know the community's opinion as to which revision I should choose.
  21. apocalypse


    So i plan on starting all an rsps from scratch, So Where can i learn all the basic java, And what should i learn? Any advice on rsps? What revision? Other info? Thanks in advance, much appreciated
  22. [CENTER] Hey Runelocus, This is my first tutorial! I'm showing you how to portforward on a Linksys router! Well here we go! [B]Step 1[/B] Click the Windows button, and type CMD, afer you've done that hit ENTER. [IMG]http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/8476/step1lo.png[/IMG] Step 2 A black windows will pop up saying your Windows version, copyright etcetera. [IMG]http://img853.imageshack.us/img853/4753/step2oy.png[/IMG] [B]Step 3[/B] In CMD type "ipconfig" and after that hit enter. [IMG]http://img832.imageshack.us/img832/2563/step3jn.png[/IMG] [B]Step 4[/B] A bunch of text will pop up like [I]Standardgateway, IPv4, Bla bla bla[/I]. [B]Step 5[/B] -IMPORTANT- Copy the following text into a notepad file: [IMG]http://img269.imageshack.us/img269/5990/step5markeerderegels.png[/IMG] And once you've done that, close the CMD window. [B]Step 5[/B] This is the most important step of this tutorial, so pay attention people. We are going to do the magic here, take the few numbers in "Standard gateway" and copy them into your address bar in your browser, most likely a screen wil pop up asking you details. [IMG]http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/4158/step52.png[/IMG] I assume you do not know these details, here are some default ones: [CODE]USER: Admin PASS: Admin USER: Admin PASS: USER: PASS: Admin[/CODE] If none of these passwords are correct then look up your default password right here: [url]http://www.routerpasswords.com/[/url] [B]Step 6[/B] Now you are in your router settings -- Nice feeling ah? In your router look for something like, Portforward, or Applications and Gaming, any of these. (If you really don't know what tab it is in, go to [url]www.portforward.com[/url] and look for your router. Me, having a Linksys E2000 router, I go to the tab saying, "Applications and Gaming" [IMG]http://img534.imageshack.us/img534/6871/step6v.png[/IMG] [B]Step 7[/B] Add the following line into your portforwarded ports: [IMG]http://img694.imageshack.us/img694/2552/step7o.png[/IMG] Use the IPv4 address in the ip where it must be forwarded to, mine was Once you have done that, you're basically done with portforwarding! Congratulations! NOTE: This is my first EVER tutorial, please give me feedback on how I can improve the tutorial![/CENTER]
  23. I'm wondering how people combine revisions. Example: 667/704, or 508/525. How is this done? Thank you
  24. MaxiPad


    What revision should HeavenlyPkz be? 317 317 running 604 (current) 474 508 508 running ### 562 562 running ### 604+ running ### 604+ Feel free to suggest any revision i may have missed.
  25. Hello guys, i have a 3 year experience with java. and I'm looking to start a development team All i need to know is: NAME: Java Experience/What revision's coded if coded: What can you code: Any Experience with forum coding: Pm me or skype me kamil.zuk1998