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Found 58 results

  1. OrE0

    cmd programming?

    how do i make a cmd open a .exe file and for all you annoying haters no this sint to do with rsps
  2. ANY SOURCE PROGRAMMING Hello there, this is my Programming service. I have worked for many in the past few months very successfully. Their outcomes in the RSPS world are excellent, mainly due to these services I can offer. I can program whatever you want/need for your server, Server-Sided and sometimes Client-sided. Examples of what i can do: - Re-doing the whole of a server's engine and implementing a faster and more efficient one ) - Processing NPCs by region - Player Processing fixes - Memory leak fixes - Lagg fixes/removal - Re-doing PI combat - 100% Working farming with objects and weed raking etc. - 100% fm w/clipping + walking etc. - Improving ALL skills - Re-done obelisks, faster efficient - 100% teletabs - Achievement system - totally custom, much better than the others out there, custom rewards in a few lines of code. - 100% double XP weekend/event multipliers - 100% EP system CUSTOM - Ingame Highscores CUSTOM - Weapon poisioning CUSTOM - Rewritten Poison system - Many Minigames redone/improved - NPC/Player clipping server-sided PURRFEKT - Server-sided cache loading and Game object definition loading - All skills can be made/redone - Summoning - Bug fixes, any bug/glitch, try your best Most importantly, unlike other 'programming services', I can mould to suit your needs, i.e. if anything you want isn't listed, I can gladly do it for you. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ I am also selling one of the top servers on the runelocus top list msg me for more info And many many more. Prices discussed on MSN, [email][email protected][/email] will update post when i get back from school with examples and vouches thanks!
  3. I'm mainly doing 562, and if it is 562, *RS2HD ONLY*. I guess i can try other revisions like 317. Add my msn: [email][email protected][/email], and we can work something out.
  4. [CENTER][SIZE="7"]Omicron Programming Services[/SIZE][/CENTER] [SIZE="5"][COLOR="White"][B]Notice[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] [S]I can not do any transactions for a week. Until then you can still reply to my topic and ask for things you'd like to buy but note that I will not be able to do/give you anything until I'm able to receive the payments.[/S] [SIZE="5"][COLOR="White"][B]Introduction[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] I'm looking to sell my expertise on Java and C#.NET programming. I do not have any certifications or course background, but I do have 3-4 years of self-taught knowledge. I am well versed in Java and the libraries it provides, although unfamiliar with the nio package. In C# I know most of the basic libraries they provide, and can easily learn how to use their structure if needed. My knowledge towards programming is about 60/40 Architect/Programmer and I work well with building code that can be modified without much restructuring later. [SIZE="5"][COLOR="White"][B]Services[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] I can create, modify, optimize, and fix errors in code. My prices vary based on time, effort, and difficulty. I will do projects that require me to learn a library and the time taken to learn it will not affect the price. I do not take projects that take more than 2 days estimated time to complete. If they run longer I will still charge the same rate as the estimated time, if they go smoothly and are completed in less time then I will only charge for the time they took to complete. I will do some teaching at $10 an hour for a wide variety of topics. I am no teacher, but if you're just looking to learn without going to school or reading a book, then this is for you. [SIZE="5"][COLOR="White"][B]Products[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] I have pre-completed projects many on here that I have created in the past and are willing to resell for a cheaper price than creating the code again. I will not go into to much detail about each one, but I will give a brief description and if you need more information you may ask here. All products that are updated after purchase will be given free updates. Any change in price after purchase will not affect your subscription. Some of my completed work: [LIST] [*][B]Jaggrab/Cache Server[/B] [LIST] [*]Price: $25 [*]Standalone application written in java [*]Works for the 317 revision currently (More versions might possibly be supported later) [*]Uses the Netty API to send and receive data [/LIST] [*][B]On Demand Server[/B] [LIST] [*]Price: $20 [*]Standalone application written in java [*]Works for the 317 revision currently (More versions might possibly be supported later) [*]Uses the Netty API to send and receive data [*]Support for multiple cache file indices. [*]Separated from the RS server by using a different port. [/LIST] [*][B]Custom Cache Server[/B] [LIST] [*]Price: $20 [*]Standalone application written in java [*]Works for any type of custom cache where there are multiple files that do not follow a specific format. [*]Uses the Netty API to send and receive data [*]Will only download updated/needed files when the client starts. This reduces the time it takes for people to download your updates. [*]Includes installation into your client. [/LIST] [*][B]Runescape 317 Client[/B] [LIST] [*]Price: $3 [*]Renamed with my naming [*]Packaged [*]Restructured [*]Added generics. [/LIST] [*][B]Bytecode Optimizer[/B] [LIST] [*]Price: $50 [*]Standalone application written in java [*]Optimizes and removes unnecessary code to reduce your binary size while also speeding up the performance. [*]Will improve the code you create to be more efficient than your own implementation. [*]Improves Javac redundancy. (Yes even the java compiler will create inefficient Bytecode that can be further optimized) [*]Still in development and may have slight bugs. I will label the ones with probably bugs so you can opt to not use them when running. [/LIST] [*][B]Personal ASM Tree[/B] [LIST] [*]Price: $5 [*]Library written around ASM in java [*]No Javadoc available as of now. [*]Uses Encapsulation. [*]Uses a wrapper for modifiers and descriptors(types) [*]Parameter object that stores annotations and the type. [/LIST] [*][B]Password Library[/B] [LIST] [*]Price: $4 [*]Library with useful utilities related to passwords. [*]Character incrementer. (You can specify the characters you want to increment through, optimized for speed) [*]Password generator. (You can specify the characters you want to be used in the generation. You can also specify the amount of characters the password is) [*]Future: Dictionary incrementer. [/LIST] [*][B]CircularArrayList[/B] [LIST] [*]Price: $3 [*]Faster than an ArrayList when removing elements. [*]Less memory impact than a LinkedList. [*]About 95% sure it will work under every circumstance. [/LIST] [/LIST] [SIZE="5"][COLOR="White"][B]Vouches[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] Sorry no vouches as this is still new.
  5. Hello, I have seen a lot of people struggle with things for 562 lately, I am now offering a programming service, of course this will be a paid one. I am in need of $10 so if anyone can help me get that, be sure to recieve some wicked updates on your server ;) You will basically have to do nothing about the particular update anymore, all it requires is copy and paste. Trolls will be seen as people that don't have any money or think that they are the best programmer ever. [B][U]Warning[/U][/B]: I obviously only have 2 hands so if I'm already working on someone's server please don't bother me when you know so. If you're interested please use this format: [code] I want this to be developed: I will pay (Dollars): My msn is: [/code] [B][U]Note[/U][/B]: If somehow something doesn't work anymore after a while please contact me asap, if there are no fixes possible I will refund your payment.
  6. Alright guys I am really bored and just waiting for school to start while banned on WoW. SO I'll just do some small stuff for you guys out there. Leave a post to what you need done and your MSN. Then get on MSN and we'll talk through it. If you own a "decently" large server, and need help programming, I'll be your slave basically and just work for you, just add me on msn. I can't do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, BUT I can do a lot. I'll fix errors. I'll add add content and in the process I'll walk you through what I did so you can learn something. I am use to the 562 rs2hd source, but I can work with any revision but I may be a little slow on some, but not that big of a deal. Contact me at [email][email protected][/email]
  7. Java basic knowledge, and Conventions I didn't see any post covering this so I thought I would post. Convention A convention is basically a formal way of doing something. Like at a dinner table, don't have elbows on table that's a convention. Well in java programming, there are conventions. Most common conventions are things like: In a method, the action's first word is lowercase, and all other connected words begin capitalized. Example: bob.eatSharpPencil Im a constant (variable that can't change), all letters are capitalized. Also words are separated with underscore. Example: public final ANGEL_AWESOME These make it easier for someone to read and help you with your code. You can find a list of conventions Variables Variables is something that takes the place of something else, commonly used for shortening long equations into one word number or letter. The basic variables are primitive. They include: -boolean -int -char -byte -short -long -float -double They all are used to store data in different ways. You can find in depth on this Here Operators Now to do something with throse variables you have to use something called operators. An operator can do things like, compare variables, add variables, multiply variables, and so fourth. Basic operators are: -Equality operators: != and == -Increment operator: ++ -Decrement operator: -- -Multiplication operator: * -Division operator: / -Addition operator: + -Subtraction operator: - -Logical AND operator: && -Logical OR operator: | -Relational LESS THAN: < -Relational GREATER THAN: > -Relational LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO: <= -Relational GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO: >= -Assignment operators: +=, -=, *=, /= The operators above allow you to change the value of a variable. Say 'n' has a value of 5 in each of the examples below Examples: n++; Return: n equals 6 n--; Return: n equals 4 n+= 5; Return: n equals 10 n -= 5; Return: n equals 0 n *= 5; Return: n equals 25 n /= 5; Return: n equals 1 Doing these you can assign new values to a variable.You also can compare variables to other variables. Here are some boolean (true our false) expressions based on comparing two ints, x and y. For this example x will have a value of 5, and y will have a value of 10: Examples: x < y; Returns: TRUE x > y; Returns: FALSE y <= x; Returns: FALSE x >= y; Returns: FALSE x == y; Returns: FALSE x != y; Returns: TRUE x == 5; Returns: TRUE x != 5; Returns: FALSE Method A method is a code that has an identifier, that the code carries out various statements, which are situated inside of the method's opening, and closing . Methods have a lot of return types. The standard return types are the primitive types, boolean, char, byte, short, int, long, float, double, and void. The void return is the only method that does not require a return statement, however including one is required. When getting a return statement, the method will return the variable it, and control flow will return to the location where the method was called to. Example: angel.jacksMeat. That's Angel being the identifier, and jacksMeat being the variable. If you want more help pm me, or email at: [email protected] Thanks for reading!
  8. Hey everyone i need some help i can't figure out where to change the attack or weapon speed, also i want to make it to where when i attack an npc they will come to me instead of me charging to them.