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Found 2 results

  1. Today it has came to my attention that I am in need of a team for my up-coming server development. I have been working on somewhat of a re-make for a little while now and I feel it's coming along smoothly. If you become part of my team, there's nothing you need to worry about other than to do what's needed. The server itself will not struggle as it will all be paid for, we already have a website up and running and upon beta/releases we will have dedicated servers up and running for the server to run smoothly. The server will be some-what of a remake, with a lot of unique features making sure it's not identical to RuneScape as it was, but something new so we don't all get bored. Everything that is to be added to Insignia, will be well planned and well considered before integrated into the server. [B]Server Name:[/B] Insignia. [B]What team we need:[/B] [LIST] [*]x1 Server Developer [*]x2 Designers [*]x3/4 Website/Forum Administrators [*]x2 Forum Moderators [*]x1/2 Server Management Team [/LIST] [B]What should you have?:[/B] [LIST] [*]Previous work in the areas you're looking for. [*]Self motivated, but can motivate others. [*]Enjoy what you do and love to see content progress [*]Dedicated to what you enjoy. [/LIST] If you feel you fit any of the categories listed above, feel free to apply for the team by messaging me on skype. I can assure to you that the team will be fun and enjoyable, and in the end we should have an incredible server developed for us to manage and enjoy. [B]Skype:[/B] prsm.rsps
  2. I am thinking of a new system of creating a server were the coders, website designers, hoster and enforcement crew is paid. this is a opportunity to make some cash and do what you love most creating a server that people will play on. I will not be picking out the source, we as a team will be picking it out each member picks a source they find over the web or have personally and see which source is the best, then we will start coding that. I am also not making up the name we as a team will make it up. I am setting this up because I figure it is to hard for one to three people to host a server so I am recruiting workers to help me on this. This is what you will be paid I am going to go by percent, this means how popular the server gets means how much we will as a team get paid. --Lets say we make 100$ a month so just divide 100 by the job's percent your would like, (ex. economy expert makes 5$ a month easy.)-- -----(i'm sure we will make a lot more than 100 a month because we have so many people working on this server/website)----- -----JOBS TAKEN (UPDATED DAILY)----- Founder - 5% = One Person--------------------------------- 1/1 Hoster - 15% = One Person---------------------------------- 1/1 Head Developer - 10% = One Person------------------------ 0/1 Website Manager - 10% = One Person------------------------ 0/1 Advertisement Specialist - 6% = One Person------------------ 1/1 Developers - 5.5% = Three People--------------------------- 0/3 Website Designers - 5.5% = Three People-------------------- 0/3 Economy Expert - 5% = Two People-------------------------- 1/2 Enforcer/Server Moderator - 5% = Two People---------------- 2/2 =========== 6/15 =========== ---------- What the jobs do Founder is the person in charge of the whole operation. Hoster is the person who is either hosting the source from their computer or a vps 24/7. Head Developer is the person who codes/keeps the developers in track. Website Manager is the person who creates/keeps the website in order. Advertisement Specialist is the person who is superior in recruiting players and can also be a expert in making banners. Developer is the person who codes for the source/client Website Designers are the people who help design the website/forums. Economy Expert is the person who keep the Donation items prices & prices of items in-game. Enforcer/Moderator is the person who promotes moderators and keeps the server in order. --- Will be adding more to this topic. (IF YOU EMAIL ME PLEASE PUT THE SUBJECT TO "OPPORTUNITY" THANK YOU.) If you are interested please "email" (please do not add to msn) [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL] But I do have a skype add "blake.wolters" and i also have a period between blake and wolters. -------------------FEEDBACK PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU HATE THIS, LIKE IT OR UNDECIDED.------------------- Thank you.