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Found 35 results

  1. samclark

    offline commands?

    hey guys i have a server(vps) running my server and i want to go on my laptop and play it. is there any way to make like a gui only for me or a client that has the commands in? thanks sam:cool:
  2. Yo playas, i need help getting this shit on line
  3. im just wondering but i dont get alot of internet time and i wonder if i could code a 562+ client or what ever soo that it could work for me with no internet and where i can spawn stuff as well is that posable if it is could you help me at all? my skype is calume_96 if you want to chat about what i mean thanks :)
  4. Runelocus says that my server is offline but its still online it did nowlike 3 times today anyone can help me with this problem thanks alot Martje
  5. OK so i have used utorrent to port forward it and have tested it several times and 2 green checks came up, but when my friend try to plays the server he gets a message that says something like "connection error retrying in 10 secs" and it occurs simultaneously. how do i fix this and what am i doing wrong????? need help! thank you.
  6. why does noone answer my posts i really could use some help my server pi base will not go online for me ive looked down into every corner searched every alley triple yes triple checked every step from portforwarding to no-ip to changing the client ip, but my server will not go online. I have a feeling it has to do with my portforwarding because everytime i use a port check tool it says my port was unreachable connection timed out ive given up on no-ip quite frankly i dont know what it does because everytime i replace my turmoilpkzs.no-ip.biz with my client ip im not able to connect to my server so really i just need someone to teamviewer me and help me get this thing online it would be so kool if someone could do it but many have tried and many more have failed my computer may just be hopelessly offline forever and ever.......and ever.
  7. I did not join the comp i am too late but theres my work, rate it please :) [img]http://rapture-gfx.info/upload/images/LFVgd.png[/img] [img]http://rapture-gfx.info/upload/images/yFhV.png[/img]
  8. Hello, everybody. I was wondering, if anyone of you could help me. Since I do not have internet always and I would like to try out playing some client offline, I have been searching for one. So far, after 3 days of looking and trying, I could run one server which had only me(no NPCs, no items, nothing else, empty map). If anyone could show me a client and server to run offline after download, I would be very grateful.
  9. so does anybody of u have an OFFLINE map data dumper (662) cause i can get tier 3 citadel whit level 2 woodcutter and mining , if u have it i will hand u the citadels map willing to take other maps to :D
  10. Hi there, My private server was online for a long time and then I stopped putting it online, I tried putting it online today but my friend could not connect to the server. I haven't changed any of the settings or anything like that, well 1 thing, I re-downloaded utorrent and thats it. Plz help!!! Thx