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Found 84 results

  1. I'm trying to make a new area in my private server for a project, and I found a perfect spot. The only problem is that I have no idea how to remove default objects, like say the crates and buildings in the piscatoris fishing colony. If anybody could help with this it would be much appreciated Thanks :) If it matters this is a pi
  2. Hey. I wanted to know how to change the options on objects, for example: how would I change "Use Portal" to something like "Go through Portal"? I have been searching for this but nothing comes up. Thanks a lot for posting! I appreciate it :)
  3. Alright First Everything will be done in the Clients Folder not the Server folder. Next open your client folder and look for Class46.Java Scroll Down and Look for Stuff that looks like... [CODE] if(i == 15002) { class46.aString739 = "Godwars Rock"; class46.aByteArray777 = "A Godwars Rock".getBytes(); class46.anInt744 = 2; class46.anInt761 = 2; class46.anIntArray773 = new int[1]; class46.anIntArray773[0] = 904; class46.aBoolean778 = false; class46.aBoolean767 = true; class46.aBoolean762 = false; class46.aBoolean769 = false; } [/CODE] The 15002 is the object id. The [CODE]class46.aString739 = "Godwars Rock";[/CODE] Is the name you want. And the [CODE]class46.aByteArray777 = "A Godwars Rock".getBytes();[/CODE] Is the Examine I hope someone uses This like i do. ^_^
  4. Hey guys i want to rename characters like bob, make-over-mage, stalls, bank booths and stuff and people tell me i need to use a cache editor. So i downloaded Toms Suit Cache editor. I have no idea how to use it or how to load cache and after i load it how do i actually edit something. THANKS FOR ANYBODY WHO HELPED ME! [
  5. Hi, does anyone knows when to click an object and when u click that object it teleports you to a place does anyone know how to add it?
  6. twistedpks

    Adding Objects

    well i made my own server and i cant seem to add objects like a bank booth. i looked at over 100 videos and nothing helped, the videos all told me to go to client.java and search for the specific thing but it wasnt der. i have a source similar to hybrid pvp so if anyone can help please do! thank you for you time!! =)
  7. does anyone know how to delete objects for normal pi
  8. Yo, basically this is my first ever time coding a runescape server and i have been trying to make my objects talk... This is because i have a portal area and i have alot of portals in it... I want them to talk so that people know where they are going.. could someone tell me the files i need to go into and how/what to change... Thanks =)
  9. hi i have this line of code: makeGlobalObject(3240, 2861, 38, 10, 0); will some please help me rotate this gate 90 degrees