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Found 84 results

  1. [ATTACH=CONFIG]8218[/ATTACH] I need help removing these object because I want to put my shops all around the shop but I cant get rid of them it is a 317 server add me on Skype damon.walton2 and it would be a big help if someone could help me out :)
  2. [attach=config]8160[/attach] it is a 317 server i really need help and quick add me on skype damon.walton2
  3. In Qontrol

    Deleting objects

    I'm having trouble deleting gates and two-tiled objects. [ATTACH=CONFIG]8158[/ATTACH] What I did here: I put the following in client.java (source) [CODE] deletethatobject(2757, 3483); deletethatobject(2758, 3483);[/CODE] and the following in doors.cfg [CODE] door = 2757 3483 1557 -1 -2 -2 1 0 door = 2758 3483 1558 -1 -2 -2 1 0[/CODE] _____________________________________ [ATTACH=CONFIG]8159[/ATTACH] What I did here was: [CODE] deletethatobject(2761, 3492); deletethatobject(2762, 3492);[/CODE] I don't get it.
  4. How do i make a PK area and how do i delete objects?
  5. I have tried this but it don't work As you can see in this image the coords are right I compiled and it doesn't show as the bank booth just nothing happens, I tested the object ID 782 with ;;object 782 and it works :S [IMG]http://gyazo.com/21a87fe7b31cf832706b49bc22d29a95.png[/IMG]
  6. I need NPCs to act like objects without having the need to spawn objects. I want certain 1 square NPCs to resemble 1 square objects such as a summoning obelisk. I don't want to be able to cast or range through the NPC. prices discussed over skype : tannersmexy
  7. There are these few random crates right in the middle of my home. Where do I delete these and how? I have searched the coords and could not find. I am a decent coder but this just isn't my area.
  8. how to move my altars, or add new altars and bank booths and such? , i have tried looking in objecthandler.java , but i cannot see anything regarding a altar , if you guys could help it would be wonderful. BTW, source is insidiax v2 317 thankyou
  9. Does anybody have a fix for the full Advanced Gnome course? I've found this tut right [URL="http://www.****************/runescape-development/rs-503-client-server/snippets/456251-gnome-advanced-parts.html"]here[/URL] but it doesn't have the stick going up to all that. Also the normal Barbarian course is missing a net right here [url=http://gyazo.com/47aa8daeaf81199ae3a4c531c1b7d212]47aa8daeaf81199ae3a4c531c1b7d212.png[/url] Also what's the problem with invisible NPCs? I'm semi-new to 718, so I read up on the whole edit in unpacked, then delete the packed? But that didn't seem to work. Any help is greatly appreciated. Somebody said it was my cache, but I'm using 742 cache..
  10. I'm working on the Object1PacketHandler.java, and I'm using this code to open doors: [CODE]if(player.getLocation().getX() >= (x - 2) || player.getLocation().getX() <= (x + 2) && player.getLocation().getY() >= (y - 2) || player.getLocation().getY() <= (y + 2)) { player.getActionSender().sendCreateObject(36848, 0, x, y, 1, 0); }[/CODE] The only issue I have, it that not every door will work if you set its face to 1, I want to make it something like: [CODE]if(player.getLocation().getX() >= (x - 2) || player.getLocation().getX() <= (x + 2) && player.getLocation().getY() >= (y - 2) || player.getLocation().getY() <= (y + 2)) { if(ObjectFace = 0) { player.getActionSender().sendCreateObject(36848, 0, x, y, 1, 0); } if(ObjectFace = 1) { player.getActionSender().sendCreateObject(36848, 0, x, y, 0, 0); } }[/CODE] Of course I'm using "ObjectFace" to replace the correct way to find this, of which I do not know and would be very greatful if some one could point me in the right direction. Thank!
  11. Hello. I'm wondering, which is ID for Zanaris' objects? For example.. Which ID is for Zanari's bank booths because there is lots of different bank booths in the ID list which has exactly the same name. Plz, help me.. i will add some more item's which IDs are needed when i figure out some more. :D Thank!
  12. [COLOR=#ff0000][SIZE=5]just nvrm il start another non pi server its much easyer in my opinion.[/SIZE][/COLOR] can someone give me a good tutorial on how to delete objects on a pi server? i searched for alot of tutorials but it still doesn't work:/
  13. How do I add working objects such as a bank booth that allows me to access my bank and doesn't say nothing interesting happens?
  14. I have been looking on google, and all those other websites, as well as through the source. For a way to add objects, such as a bank booth on a 634 server. And I still cant figure it out, any help?
  15. I'm looking for someone to write me a delete objects method to use on my 676 server. I am offering $6.50 CAD to anyone who can do this for me. If you are interested, add me on skype: willpeidl Please send an invitation message that will inform me that you are interested. I will not except default message invitations from people I don't know.
  16. Push

    Deleting objects..

    Could somebody please help me figure out how to delete objects such as trees, etc.? Not custom-added objects, but objects that would come on a blank source. I'd really appreciate it, thanks.
  17. Hey, So I want to add objects which bring up a dialogue providing multiple teleport selections. I have a general idea of the code, I just can't get it perfected and I need a small amount of help. Not really much else to say.. :rolleyes: Thanks.
  18. hey , i want to make a rights for donators like {reg. donator , extreme donator and super donator} i have setrights that does nothing 3-6 gives no rights and the owner rights is 7 so anywhere i can add these rights for donators? EDIT: sorry about the main misleading title
  19. Hi, i'm wondering how I can implement the new 508 Maps with 525 Objects to the clipping (regions) system. I believe that I need to add the new objects to the new clipping system to fix the because i'm having this problem: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXOBf59CZy4&feature=youtu.be[/url] The first time I try to go to the shop, i'm stopped by the well that used to be there in 474 maps.. And the second time i'm stopped walking to the bank..is by that tree that used to be there
  20. Well, long story short I was rewriting my Mining class and decided to use 508 Ore Objects and decided to release here you go: [CODE]31077 = Tin 31068 = Coal 31080 = Copper 31073 = Iron 31086 = Mithril 31083 = Adamant 31065 = Gold 14859 = Rune Ore 1 14860 = Rune Ore 2 14861 = Rune Ore 3 31059 = Empty Rock 1 31060 = Empty Rock 2 31060 = Empty Rock 3[/CODE] If i'm missing a Ore request it and i'll try my best to find it. What You Need To Find: Clay Silver Ore
  21. [CODE]package com.rs.utility.object; import java.io.IOException; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.logging.Logger; import com.rs.game.World; import com.rs.game.WorldObject; import com.rs.utility.files.FileUtilities; /** * The class that handles deletion of World Objects in from JVM runtime. * * @author Tyluur <[email protected]> * @since 2012-07-27 */ public final class ObjectRemoval { /** The arraylist of the objects which will be removed from the world globally. */ private static final ArrayList<WorldObject> objects = new ArrayList<WorldObject>(); /** The location of the files to remove objects from. */ private static final String FILE_LOCATION = "./data/objectremoval.txt"; /** The instance of the logger in this class. */ private static final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(ObjectRemoval.class.getCanonicalName()); public static void init() { try { for (String lines : FileUtilities.readFile(FILE_LOCATION)) { if (lines.startsWith("//")) continue; String[] data = lines.split(" "); int id = Integer.parseInt(data[0]), x = Integer .parseInt(data[1]), y = Integer.parseInt(data[2]), z = Integer .parseInt(data[3]), type = Integer.parseInt(data[4]), rotation = Integer .parseInt(data[5]); WorldObject worldObject = new WorldObject(id, type, rotation, x, y, z); objects.add(worldObject); } } catch (IOException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } for (WorldObject object : objects) { if (object == null) continue; World.removeObject(object, true); } logger.info("Removed " + objects.size() + " world objects."); } } [/CODE] usage: OBJECT ID - X, Y, Z, TYPE, ROTATION Get FileUtilities class from Dementhium or some shit.
  22. Im currently using a 317 pi source and i cant find how to add in global objects, the guides i found saying where the codes are, arent even there so if someone can help me here or over skype/teamviewer i would appreciate the help
  23. Okay so I am currently working on a 562 RSPS with a friend of mine and we have noticed a major reoccurring issue. Objects that we place on the map are copied to other locations. We coded the objects in the ActionSender.java file. So let me give you an example of our issue. [CODE]player.getActionSender().sendCreateObject(15624, 0, 2100, 3922, -2, 10); //attack dummy player.getActionSender().sendCreateObject(15625, 0, 2098, 3922, -2, 10); //defence dummy player.getActionSender().sendCreateObject(15626, 0, 2099, 3922, -2, 10); //str dummy player.getActionSender().sendCreateObject(15627, 0, 2101, 3922, -2, 10); //hp dummy[/CODE] This is the code in the action sender for 4 objects that allow lower level players to train combat skills. The result is this: [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/2d6v1j5.png[/IMG] Now the undesired side effect is this: :( [IMG]http://i49.tinypic.com/351aaev.png[/IMG] Now of course there are many more objects coded in the action sender, but i am %10,000 positive that the code does not also include the objects with the coords for taverly. And this stuff is copied to many areas like yanille, scape rune, etc. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.
  24. . [CENTER][SIZE=5][COLOR="#000000"]YOU HAVE JUST BEEN LINKED HERE BECAUSE YOU THOUGHT THAT THE FACE OF AN OBJECT WAS THE OBJECTS HEIGHT, OR YOU WERE ASKING ABOUT HOW TO ADD OBJECTS INTO YOUR PI SERVER. SO PLEASE READ ALL OF THE BELOW SO THAT YOU UNDERSTAND HOW IT WORKS![/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=4][COLOR="#000000"]If you would like to learn how to ACTUALLY add height to an object then[/COLOR] [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?76788-tut-How-to-change-the-height-level-on-objects-PI"][COLOR="#FF0000"]CLICK HERE[/COLOR][/URL][/SIZE][/CENTER] [quote name='Auto Talker'][center] [COLOR="orange"]Open your source, and find objectmanager.java[/COLOR] [COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR] [COLOR="black"] How to find objectmanager.java: open the following folders; src/server/world/objectmanager.java [/COLOR] [COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR] [COLOR="orange"]Once you have done this just press "CTRL + F" and search for the following section of code:[/COLOR] [COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR] [COLOR="black"] public void loadCustomSpawns(Client c) { [/COLOR] [COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR] [COLOR="orange"]Underneath this section just add the following code:[/COLOR] [COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR] [COLOR="black"] c.getPA().checkObjectSpawn(2213, 3213, 3223, 0, 10); c.getPA().checkObjectSpawn(2213, 3214, 3223, 0, 10); c.getPA().checkObjectSpawn(2213, 3215, 3223, 0, 10); c.getPA().checkObjectSpawn(2213, 3216, 3223, 0, 10);[/COLOR] [COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR] [COLOR="orange"]This will create 4 bank booths in lumbridge castle next to the main hall, check if it works and then change the following numbers.[/COLOR] [COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR] [COLOR="black"]2213 = Object ID[/COLOR] [COLOR="black"] 3213 = X - Coordinates[/COLOR] [COLOR="black"]3223 = Y - Coordinates[/COLOR] [COLOR="black"]0 = What way the object is facing (0 - 3)[/COLOR] [COLOR="black"]10 = Object type [10 = floor object, 5 = wall object, 0 = Door/wall][/COLOR] [COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="yellow"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="lime"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR][COLOR="red"]|[/COLOR] [/center] [/QUOTE] This was posted by [B][I]me[/I][/B] on someones thread when they asked about objects: [QUOTE]May 23rd, 2011, 21:24[/QUOTE] However I notice a lot of threads recently both here and on R-S saying that the Face is actually the height of the object. Now as you can see this has been said by newb members of the community for a long time now. So I am just setting the record straight by posting my post, as an actual thread that you can link people to if they ask about how to add objects/if they think that the Face is the Height... The link will be in my signature if you ever require it :D .