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Found 52 results

  1. xnmilesx

    private server

    Can someone please link me to an excellant guide to making a 525 or 562 private server? if no one knows one, i will take a 317 guide. it can be worded or a video. Thanks, and btw im new here so idk if this is in the right section.
  2. Okay, Hey runelocus. This is my guide for 1-99 Hunting. PART 1. Crimson Swifts: You will want to bring about 20k cash so you can keep buying bird snares from the hunting expert. Once you have that, use a Dueling Ring and teleport to Castle wars. Once your there start heading south-east. Bring one food if your a pure incase an ogre/wolf attacks you. Once you get to the Hunter expert: Trade her and buy about 15 bird snares. There roughly cheap. Then head more south-east until you get to crimson swifts. Set a trap up and look away from the bird snare and wait for a bird to get caught on the snare, or it will fail by sitting on the snare then flying away and your trap will break, just simply pick it back up and lay it down again. YOU WILL BE DOING CRIMSON SWIFTS FROM LEVEL 1-19. Part 2. Tropical Wagtails: From levels 19-53 I recommend doing tropical wagtails, you can find these by going back to the hunting expert, right outside her village are tropical wagtails, at 20 i believe you can set 2 traps, do that for faster exp. YOU WILL BE DOING TROPICAL WAGTAILS FROM LEVEL 19-53. Part 3. Grey Chincompa: From levels 53-63 I recommend doing grey chinchompas, you can find these by teleporting to camelot, and running way west until you get to the tree gnome stronghold, and keep going west and when it's time to north and you will see this area: Where you see the grey chinchompa area you can hunt there with the box traps. You just simpily lay the traps, and wait for the chinchompas to hop inside, or they will fail by jumping at it and running away. I recommend bringing a bow&arrows to shoot them if they try getting away. YOU WILL BE DOING GREY CHINCHOMPAS FROM LEVEL 53-63. Part 4. (FINAL PART) Red Chinchompa: From levels 63-99 I recommend red chinchompas, you can find these by going back to the hunter expert, the water by her village will have red chinchompas surrounding it. People will probably be packed there so you may have to crash them or hop worlds. You do the same thing as grey chinchompas but with more box traps. YOU WILL BE DOING RED CHINCHOMPAS FROM LEVEL 63-99. AND MAKE ABOUT 35M PROFIT! And I also recommend wearing larupia armour, boots of lightness, spotted/spottier cape, gloves of silence while hunting when you can. You can also use this guide if mine was confusing. Thanks for looking, leave a comment below on what you think