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Found 295 results

  1. I need a good source for my first server, it needs at least 1 command so i have a examlpe how to add commands. I know how to edit the build.bat and run.bat. Hope you guys know a good source. Maybe someone wants to host, I have a website (no free website stuff, there are no adverisments)
  2. I need an example server with the following examples : -How to add objects -How to spawn items -How to add NPC's -How to make a portal -How to get your pos and tele to someone if you know a source that hasn't one of the examples please also post so I also know them
  3. [CENTER]Please visit my F2p Remake :D:[url]http://www.rune-server.org/runescape-development/rs2-server/projects/420357-tyden-f2p-06-reliving-f2p-memories.html[/url] [B] Flour Making. Whipped this up in about 5 minutes for delta and pi. Sorry for my horrible conventions lol. - Good for runescape remakes. - Limit of flour is 30 which is like runescape. - You can easily make the flour that the player made be saved. - Correct checks etc(If player has pot) [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/C8Znw.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/ez08W.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/pa0uI.png[/IMG] [/B] Player.java - Add c.grain = 0 and c.flourAmount = 0; FlourMill.java - Goes in Content. [CODE]package server.content; import server.event.CycleEvent; import server.event.CycleEventContainer; import server.event.CycleEventHandler; import server.game.players.Client; /** * [MENTION=52317]auth[/MENTION]or darkside1222 * */ public class FlourMill { public static int EMPTY_POT = 1931, POT_OF_FLOUR = 1933, GRAIN = 1947, EMY_FLOUR_BIN = 1781, FULL_FLOUR_BIN = 1782; /** * Limits the amount of flour. (RS-Limit = 30) */ public static int LIMIT = 30; /** * Item on object.(Use grain on hopper) * * [MENTION=75098]Para[/MENTION]m c */ public static void grainOnHopper(Client c, int objectID, int itemId) { if (itemId == GRAIN) { // Grain amount - flour amount. Prevents putting more than 30 if (c.grain == LIMIT - c.flourAmount || c.flourAmount == LIMIT) { c.sendMessage("You can't put anymore grain into the hopper."); return; } c.startAnimation(832); c.getItems().deleteItem(GRAIN, 1); c.grain++;// + 1 c.sendMessage("You put the grain in the hopper."); } else { c.sendMessage("Nothing interesting happens."); } } /** * When player operates the lever. * * [MENTION=75098]Para[/MENTION]m c */ public static void hopperControl(final Client c) { if (c.grain > 0) { c.sendMessage("You operate the hopper. The grain slide down the chute"); c.startAnimation(832); CycleEventHandler.getSingleton().addEvent(c, new CycleEvent() { [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public void execute(CycleEventContainer container) { if (c.heightLevel == 2) { // if height level is 2. NO OBJECT return; } if (c.heightLevel == 0) { c.getPA().object(FULL_FLOUR_BIN, 3166, 3306, 0, 10); container.stop(); } } [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public void stop() { } }, 1); c.flourAmount += c.grain; if (c.flourAmount > LIMIT)// if somehow flouramout exceeds limit c.flourAmount = LIMIT;// Flour amount returns to limit. c.grain = 0; } else { c.startAnimation(832); c.sendMessage("You operate the hopper. Nothing interesting happens."); } } /** * Emptys the flour bin... * * [MENTION=75098]Para[/MENTION]m c */ public static void emptyFlourBin(Client c) { if (c.getItems().playerHasItem(EMPTY_POT, 1) && c.flourAmount > 0) { c.getItems().deleteItem(EMPTY_POT, 1); c.getItems().addItem(POT_OF_FLOUR, 1); c.sendMessage("You fill a pot with flour from the bin."); //c.flourAmount--;// Removes amount of flour. if (c.flourAmount < 0)// *JUST A CHECK FOR BUGS. c.flourAmount = 0; if (c.flourAmount == 0) { c.getPA().object(EMY_FLOUR_BIN, 3166, 3306, 0, 10); c.sendMessage("The flour bin is now empty."); } } else { c.sendMessage("You don't have an empty pot to fill flour with."); } } } [/CODE] ActionHandler.java - Add these under first object click [CODE]case 1782:// full flour bin FlourMill.emptyFlourBin(c); break; case 2718: // Hopper FlourMill.hopperControl(c); break;[/CODE] UseItem - ItemOnObject [CODE] case 2714: FlourMill.grainOnHopper(c, objectID, itemId); break; [/CODE] ObjectManager - LoadCustomSpawns [CODE] if(c.flourAmount > 0 && c.heightLevel == 0) c.getPA().checkObjectSpawn(FlourMill.FULL_FLOUR_BIN, 3166, 3306, 0, 10); [/CODE] Credits: darkside1222 - me. If I missed something, tell me. If you're adding this in player saving as well, add only the c.flourAmount. [/CENTER]
  4. [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THlaMUq6MKU&feature=g-vrec[/url]
  5. pkingbandit

    Good webhosting

    Hm idk if this is right section but i just wanted some opinions. Ive used hosting24 for a few months now and there constantly having issues. [url]http://snpr.cm/nlV5cw.jpg[/url] Such as now, this ends up causing server problems as the remotesql cancels out the connection therefore givinig the server errors. But tbh i dont really know any other good webhosting companys that have remotesql, any ideas? -10$ a mnth preferably
  6. I am starting a new rsps 317 pi. I no the very base of coding. what will you get from coding for me? i will be paying for the vps and then after that is bought and donations come in you get 60% donations. Well coding i would like to see how your doing it and stuff to get more knowlegde if that would be ok thought teamviewer or something. pm me.
  7. hiya im looking for a good dedicated coder who can do a pvm/skilling/eco/pvp server ill have money to fund for anything which is needed coder also gets a good bonus every 2 weeks aslong as all goals are reached always has a treat end of each month even tho ill pay all bills the coder still gets looked after as im a very generous person and lovely to have as a party post below as would like to get started pretty much straight away thanks alot =-)
  8. larry9000

    (REQ) Good Coder?

    Hey. I'm looking for someone who is pretty good at coding 667. I am willing to make them co-owner, 15M RsGp, and most of the donations. Once I get paypal money, Ill start paying that to. Is anyone interested with helping me?
  9. Hello, I want to screw around with RSPS's just for learning purposes. I'm not very experienced Java though, but I do know PHP, JavaScript and (My-) SQL, having done that for years now. I want to use a source where there's lots of information about, easy to work with (if you're a beginner with RSPS's and Java in general) and where most things work. When I browse these forums it looks like lots of people use PI and there's lots of information about it. Do you guys think that PI fits my needs? If yes; I see that there are multiple versions of sources of PI, what do you guys think that will fit my needs the most? If no; Is there any other source that fits my needs? (Sorry for my bad English). The Light (My old post, but because people didn't reply I made it smaller and overall better): [spoiler=Old post] Hello. I'm not sure if it's allowed to ask these kind of questions in the 'Help' forum, I couldn't find any topic in this forum saying it's not allowed though. Yesterday my friends and I decided that we wanted to screw around with making a private, private server (just for me and my friends, not for other people, and mostly for having fun and learning from it). I should be the programmer and my friends would be the brains (thinking of things that I'll have to try to make). I'm not very experienced with Java but I know PHP, JavaScript and (My-) SQL pretty well, having done that for years now. I'm looking for a good source, which doesn't have to be just for newbies, as long as things are easy to modify and there's lots of information about the source on the Internet. I'm currently using 'InsidiaX', and 'HyBriD PvP v3' before that but I see that not everyone on this forum likes these sources very much. My friends prefer a 317 kind of source, but didn't like a PI source with older graphics then the two sources I am/was using now. I've looked around for a while on forums like these, but I couldn't find a topic where someone said 'This is, in my opinion, the best source for your needs'. Things that I would like it to have: - This is probably very easy but I couldn't find out how to do it on the other two sources; Remove global objects and replace them with other global objects (I knew how to make new objects with 'InsidiaX', but not how to remove old ones). - Already have basic monsters in the basic locations (Rock Crabs for instance). - Able to (easily) edit NPC drops, droprates, locations, and if they have a shop or not (able to change the items in the shop, this was already easy with the sources I'm using now). - Skilling things; Think about Rune Essence mine, and easily able to remove and add Fishing spots (also Slayer, but most sources already have that I think). Some ideas that I want to do with it are (if I can find out how to do it): - Use a MySQL database for all the playerdata (need to register on a/the possible site before you'll be able to login to the game), encrypting and salting their passwords with MD5 and SHA1 (together) and probably also for the chathistory. - Make two homes, one for PK'ers and one for skillers (when you login for the first time you get asked if you want to be a skiller or PK'er, your home (and maybe other things) will be different depending on the one you choose). - Making a messagebox system; A box (similair to the 'alert' boxes in JavaScript) that will be in the middle of the gameworld window with a message (for instance 'You last logged in earlier today from *IP*') with a 'Ok' button under the message (in the same box) which will remove the messagebox whenever you click on it. - Making a webclient (I'm now using the 'RSWebClients' for it, although I can't remove it from their servers list so I sometimes get other people on the server lol). Things that I don't really need: - Dungeoneering. - Korasi's and stuff like that (although it would be nice to have, if that is possible). (Sorry for my bad English). The Light [/spoiler]
  10. Need Some one Good AT VPS linux i need someone is understand all the vps and how to run the server well i give a credit ... not for free!! just post here or message me.!
  11. I've played NR but it's filled with only stakers. Anyone have some good RSPS ? I don't like soulsplit also because they make you hit 10xp per hit to even hit decent. I need a good RSPS to bring about 15 friends to. Tell me if you know any
  12. Hey, so I plan on opening up a small business in my hometown for web design / graphic design and was wondering if you guys could help me figure out a name and throw me some good ideas? :)
  13. i trust runelocus i know there are some computer freaks on here "Not freaks but smart people" anyways heres a pic. i can get more pic's if need just let me know of what. also if thumb nail doesnt work ill upload to a site.
  14. pkingbandit

    A good wish IMO

    I wish, this may sound dumb but, i wish that there was a damn law against a leeched server. Like i hate when i login a server, its 100% like the other one, the owner even says all he added was a tutorial from dicing, i meen really? And the worse part the announcements are donate to keep server up? If your gonna donate then donate to the actaul person that made the server, not to u that took 5 secs to get it up and running. Dont steal someone elses work, take credit, and try to take money from it, there should be a law against it, or copyright and every person that leeches gets caught so they all get in trouble. HMU with what you think.
  15. Hey i just need good website for RSPS like easy to add webclient , Forums and people can find it fast Well If u know how to make like runescape website pleas tell me .. ... pleas Help :(:( Any Idea Post.!!
  16. I need help finding a 317 PI source with a 525 game frame or lower. Something like this. [IMG]http://i49.tinypic.com/2lwn7ds.png[/IMG] please link me tot he thread it's self so i can see the content in it ~Thanks!
  17. Hey guys im wondering if accuwebhosting's vps's are good stable and up 24/7?
  18. Ok hello, I'm looking for a good coder for my 317 RSPS I will be looking for trusted and experienced coders that are very good at what they do. Comment below or contact me via private message if you would like to apply.
  19. dawson1

    Whats a good vps?

    Hey guys, whats a good cheap vps that can hold my server with no lagg and up 24.7 any suggestions?
  20. iscott

    is this a good base?

    is runedesign614 a good base to start with i can code 317s and want to try 614s
  21. Just wanted to say the new and improved site looks amazing, hard work definitely pays off. Iki and whoever else worked on it hats off to you guy(s). Jimbo is pleased.
  22. Basically i have high scores added to my server, pkingbandit.net/highscores.php, if you go to them though and hit someone name or go click another page it takes you to some wierd website? Ive searched every file 1 by 1 and all at once, there is NOT 1 link of that site in there. Could someone come and take a look or tell me why its taking me to a diff website?
  23. Do you know any? i'm tired of trying MMOs that is based on more graphical looks than the game play.... like runescape it was looked upon as shit a while back,but had good gameplay. Now, it has good graphics, but shitty gameplay. They fucked up the wildy so damn hard, people can pj you in a instant. (ME: OH shit! imma bout to pk this kids claws! *GF pjed by AGS* ME: FUCK YOU!
  24. I been looking for weeks on end to try to find a good source that I liked. I want a 317 pi with no customs like (black partyhat) I also want a server that has a 'background.png' in the cache. please help and link me to some?
  25. I am thinking of making a vps for people to buy for a rsps. Minimum specs, but could hold 10 people. Looking for: RAM Ammount: Hard disk space: Its gonna be windows XP and portforwarded already.