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Found 295 results

  1. Hey! You got a good Rsps? Me and my 5 mates are searching a good server lol. I got Experience of Admin/Mod Place. I am playing 12Hr + A day. Im very active. If you want make me Trial-Mod /Admin xD :P
  2. In the title, need one asap please Thanks
  3. What's a good vps company to host my rsps on. Remote desktop must be included
  4. So I want to make a Facebook page for funny stuff and I can't think of a name. When I do make one if anyone on here is interested to be a admin on it then just tell me.
  5. i really need a tutorial for a spawn server like revolution x and also what kinda server is it 718,719, 562?something like that please help me tysm lolking
  6. Hello, i need 2 things, i will be paying for both ofcourse, 1 a web developer that can Crop and convert a site from PSD to HTML, put the site up and make everything work 2 Someone good with Vbulletin, The forums is already downloaded and setup, i need someone to edit it, make it neat, add Crowns, add groups, basically adjust anything i request him to adjust Will be paying with paypal, let me know if anyone is interested, thank you
  7. [B][U]Intro[/U][/B] I basically made this tutorial because I was tired of opening up winterlove based servers and seeing this: [CODE]public boolean isInPitRoom() { if((absX >= 2394 && absX <= 2408 && absY >= 5168 && absY <=5175)) return true; else return false; } public boolean isInPitGame() { if((absX >= 2371 && absX <= 2424 && absY >= 5125 && absY <=5167)) return true; else return false; } public boolean isInGW() { if((absX >= 2699 && absX <= 2769 && absY >= 5051 && absY <=5124)) return true; else return false; } public boolean isInApe() { if((absX >= 2760 && absX <= 2780 && absY >= 2790 && absY <=2810)) return true; else return false; } public boolean isInArena() { if((absX >= 2590 && absX <= 2602 && absY >= 8480 && absY <=9510)) return true; else return false; } public boolean isInAssault() { if((absX >= 2576 && absX <= 2623 && absY >= 3145 && absY <=3179)) return true; else return false; } public boolean isInJail() { if((absX >= 2928 && absX <= 2943 && absY >= 3275 && absY <=3291)) return true; else return false; } public boolean isInJail2() { if((absX >= 2926 && absX <= 2938 && absY >= 3274 && absY <=3292)) return true; else return false; } public boolean isInCity() { if((absX >= 2800 && absX <= 2893 && absY >= 9274 && absY <=9807)) return true; else return false; } public boolean isInQuest() { if((absX >= 2895 && absX <= 2930 && absY >= 9674 && absY <=710)) return true; else return false; } public boolean isInGraardor() { if((absX >= 2820 && absX <= 2870 && absY >= 3500 && absY <=3550)) return true; else return false; } public boolean isInPcGame() { if((absX >= 2624 && absX <= 2686 && absY >= 2560 && absY <=2625)) return true; else return false; }[/CODE] Seriously guys? Do you really think this is a good way to do something like this? Extremely messy and stupid imo. Where is the Object orientation that the Java language was designed for? [B][U]The Tutorial[/U][/B] This was originally designed for Runesource, so you'll be adding lots of new classes (yay, fun), if you are already using Runesource and you want to implement this, it shouldn't be hard at all to change the code. [B]Difficulty: 6/10 Knowledge Needed: How to add a new class, being able to read Java[/B] [B][U]Step 1: The Position Class[/U][/B] Originally by blake, re-edited by me for winterLove, this class can also be implemented in a lot of other situations (teleporting, getting the players position, etc.) [CODE]package server.world; /** * Represents the position of a player or NPC. * * @author blakeman8192 */ public class Position { private int x; private int y; private int z; /** * Creates a new Position with the specified coordinates. The Z coordinate * is set to 0. * * @param x * the X coordinate * @param y * the Y coordinate */ public Position(int x, int y) { this(x, y, 0); } /** * Creates a new Position with the specified coordinates. * * @param x * the X coordinate * @param y * the Y coordinate * @param z * the Z coordinate */ public Position(int x, int y, int z) { this.setX(x); this.setY(y); this.setZ(z); } /** * Sets the X coordinate. * * @param x * the X coordinate */ public void setX(int x) { this.x = x; } /** * Gets the X coordinate. * * @return the X coordinate */ public int getX() { return x; } /** * Sets the Y coordinate. * * @param y * the Y coordinate */ public void setY(int y) { this.y = y; } /** * Gets the Y coordinate. * * @return the Y coordinate */ public int getY() { return y; } /** * Sets the Z coordinate. * * @param z * the Z coordinate */ public void setZ(int z) { this.z = z; } /** * Gets the Z coordinate. * * @return the Z coordinate. */ public int getZ() { return z; } }[/CODE] Pretty much self explanatory. [B][U]Step 2: The GeometricRegion class[/U][/B] This class basically represents the square that we will be making to create the region. [CODE]package server.world; /** * Basically represents a square/rectangle, whatever you wanna call it. * * @author lare96 */ public class GeometricRegion { private Position southWest; private Position northEast; /** * Sets the two positions */ public GeometricRegion(Position southWest, Position northEast) { setSouthWest(southWest); setNorthEast(northEast); } /** * @return the northEast position */ public Position getNorthEast() { return northEast; } /** * @param northEast * the northEast position to set */ public void setNorthEast(Position northEast) { this.northEast = northEast; } /** * @return the southWest position */ public Position getSouthWest() { return southWest; } /** * @param southWest * the southWest position to set */ public void setSouthWest(Position southWest) { this.southWest = southWest; } } [/CODE] [B][U]Step 3: The Region class (Last one I swear!!)[/U][/B] [CODE]package server.world; import server.rs2.players.Player; /** * Contains all the locations, can also be used to get the name of a location * and determine if you are within a location * * @author lare96 */ public class Region { private Player p; /** * Constructor... we need this so we can create an instance and then get the * instance of this class in the Player class * * @param p * the player */ public Region(Player p) { this.p = p; } /** * Enum that holds the the values for a specified Region (Location) * * @author lare96 */ public enum Location { LUMBRIDGE(new GeometricRegion(new Position(3199, 3199), new Position(3265, 3296)), "Lumbridge"), LUMBRIDGE_SWAMP(new GeometricRegion(new Position(3145, 3160), new Position(3249, 3187)), "Lumbridge Swamp"); private GeometricRegion area; private String locationName; Location(GeometricRegion area, String name) { this.area = area; this.locationName = name; } public String getLocationName() { return locationName; } public GeometricRegion getGeometricPosition() { return area; } } /** * Checks if you're in a specified location * * @param region * The location * * @return if you are in the location specified or not */ public boolean isInLocation(Location region) { int x = p.getPosition().getX(); int y = p.getPosition().getY(); if (x > region.area.getSouthWest().getX() && x < region.area.getNorthEast().getX() && y > region.area.getSouthWest().getY() && y < region.area.getNorthEast().getY()) { return true; } return false; } /** * Gets the name of the Location you are currently in * * @return The name */ public String getLocation() { for (Location all : Location.values()) { if (isInLocation(all)) { return all.getLocationName(); } } return "an Unknown Location!"; } /** * Generates a random position in the specified region, good for maybe * teleporting a bunch of people to a random spot in a certain area, only * flaw is it doesn't account for objects and map data * * @param place * the place you want the player(s) to be teleported into * * @return the random position in the place */ public Position randomPosition(Location place) { Random r = new Random(); int x = Math.min(place.getGeometricPosition().getSouthWest().getX(), place.getGeometricPosition().getNorthEast().getX()); int x2 = Math.max(place.getGeometricPosition().getSouthWest().getX(), place.getGeometricPosition().getNorthEast().getX()); int y = Math.min(place.getGeometricPosition().getSouthWest().getY(), place.getGeometricPosition().getNorthEast().getY()); int y2 = Math.max(place.getGeometricPosition().getSouthWest().getY(), place.getGeometricPosition().getNorthEast().getY()); int randomX = r.nextInt(x2 - x + 1) + x; int randomY = r.nextInt(y2 - y + 1) + y; return new Position(randomX, randomY); } }[/CODE] [B][U]Step 4: Instances[/U][/B] Open your Player (Runesource) or Client (anything else wl based) class, and add this in: [CODe]private Region r = new Region(this); public Region getRegion() { return r; }[/CODE] And we are done :) it's that simple. [B][U]Step 5: Usage[/U][/B] I left two examples for you of how to implement a new Position. It's the same way you would do it in a winterlove. new Position(sw coords here), new Position(north east coords here). [B][U]Checking if you are in a certain Location[/U][/B] [CODe]if(getRegion().isInLocation(Location.LUMBRIDGE) { // do something }[/CODE] [B][U]Getting your current Location[/U][/B] [CODE]player.sendMessage("You are currently in "+getRegion().getLocation());[/CODE] [B][U]Teleporting to a random position in a specified area[/U][/B] [CODE]player.move(new Position(player.getRegion().randomPosition(Location.LUMBRIDGE));[/CODE] [B][U]Step 6: Notes[/U][/B] If you get any errors, look in the class that is throwing the error, I have documented some things that might throw errors based on server bases. This has been updated several times already, if you have any new ideas for this post below and I'll get too it asap. [U][B]Result:[/B][/U] [IMG]http://i891.photobucket.com/albums/ac113/zezimo52/mopar2-1.png[/img] [IMG]http://i891.photobucket.com/albums/ac113/zezimo52/mopar.png[/img] [B][U]Credits[/U][/B] blakeman8192 Thock321
  8. hey guys me again im just asking/looking for a good 719-728 rsps source and cache and client if you dont have client its fine if so please pm me or add- my skype: imnonoobaye ---------------------------------------------------------------- thanks :D lolking paying $20 to who ever gets me a good source with cache already done
  9. [center] [url=www.complexityrsps.com][img]https://dl.dropbox.com/u/64496889/ADv%20bann.png[/img][/url] [/center]
  10. /whatthetopicsays It can be anything, from life problems, to taking a shit in the toilet. Seriously, anything, I'm wide open.
  11. [video=youtube;gGbIpCJnmc0]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGbIpCJnmc0[/video] I love his songs, this one in particular.
  12. Well I've wanted to run an rsps for quite a few years.. I've read every tut that I could, and have. I've finally got my environmentals right, because that was what stopped me when I was a bit younger.. But here's the big deal. I'm not dumb, I'm not a slow learner, I just can't get this for some reason. Me and my friend spent well over 6 hours just tonight trying to figure out how to go about me getting my server online. I'm on skype if it'd make life easy on you guys, Ginger-cj- add me. I'm 18 btw, so don't think "wow just another kid" because I know some of you hate that squeaky voice, but you know. lolking
  13. EUMemoryS

    Good DnB songs

    Someone can tell me some good DnB Songs?
  14. [CENTER][B][FONT=Impact][U]PROJECT ELIXIR[/U][/FONT][/B][/CENTER] Looking for a new kind of private server? One with all sorts of adventures? How about one with a friendly community? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're in the right place. Project Elixir is a new king of rsps that takes most things to a higher level. [B][U]Features:[/U][/B] [LIST] [*]Fully working skills and stats! [*]Corporeal Beast, Nex, and other bosses! [*]All God Wars bosses! [*]Great PvP with perfect switching! [*]Active and User-Friendly staff! [*]Working Grand Exchange! [*]Wyrms! [*]All specs for every weapon! [*]Fully working prayers/curses! [*]Ancients, Lunar, Normal Magicks! [*]And a bunch of other things waiting for you to explore! [/LIST] [B][U]Staff:[/U][/B] [LIST] [*]Sam - Owner [*]Imacer - Owner [*]Frederik - Moderator [*]Nathan - Moderator [*]Th3lucky0ne - Support Team [*]Tkpi - Support Team [*]Reaper AH16 - Administrator [/LIST] [B][U]Media:[/U][/B] None atm :( sorry! So what are you waiting for?! Come to the forums, download the client, and join today! [B][U]Links:[/U][/B] [url]http://www.elixirftw.com/index.php[/url] Click on "Play Now!" in the top right and choose which client you want to use!
  15. Hey im looking for someone who is really good with html/making websites for my Rsps, The server is currently online but is in need for a website. If you can make this for me I will give you some rank in the server. skype--- Mrjacob2012 thanks.
  16. hello please help me to set sserver online i begging u :D my skype is :nikan1212
  17. I released this a while back on R-S. So here you go: [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Q7vLe.png[/IMG] RuneMyth is an economy server. It is based off the players buying and selling. It also has a few shops. This server averaged around 10 online a day for 3 days before I shut it down. I am moving on now. [spoiler="Pictures"] [img]http://img190.imageshack.us/img190/7065/64dd8a99970f4a7b823cf44.png[/img] [img]http://img804.imageshack.us/img804/5835/1b0d2085e56c4fcd8b0de75.png[/img] [img]http://img846.imageshack.us/img846/8894/7d1901dc18334ee1bb584df.png[/img] [img]http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/469/91379b1af2f94826bc3d120.png[/img] [/spoiler] [LEFT]Server: [url=http://uppit.com/alib5qocjj7u/Server.zip]Server[/url] Client: [url=http://uppit.com/xp1sh61nvy1v/Client.zip]Client[/url] Cache: [url=http://uppit.com/9qai855ew3xt/.runemyth_v2.zip].runemyth_v2[/url] [B]Feature's:[/B] [LIST] [*]Agility Re-done. [*]Stable. [*]Custom Crowns. [*]Player Clipping. [*]NPC Clipping. [/LIST] [/LEFT] [B]Note:[/B] Yes, this is a small remake of the original. Flame will be reported. [/CENTER] [B]Credit's:[/B] [LIST] [*]Jacob` [*]Jack [*]Galkon [*]Lmctruck30 [/LIST] [spoiler="Bug Fixes"] Waiting on people to post bugs. [/spoiler]
  18. Making a perfect custom rsps, need a experienced coder will pay. Add Weezydropem on skype for the job. (First come first serve) HURRY
  19. Does anyone know a good 317 source and client that i can use? Since most of the links are down on the good ones i have seen, Would be appreciated alot!
  20. The server that I have is completely blank and I would much much prefer to just move npcs and objects around instead of completely creating everything. Would be greatly appreciated!!
  21. I am looking for a client and server that already has most of the things i need such as: a good looking home, god wars, and the basics already set up.
  22. Hello, i am currently looking for someone that is very pro with Vbulletin, i need a setup like this one [url]http://pwnxile.com/index.php[/url] At home a menu on the left Side, the theme colors should be Black/red, also my servers Logo placed in on the top just like that one has it, I also need A specific Design for my Highscores, Vote4cash, and my Donate system, i will pay for all of this to be done, more details on specifically what i want will be given when you contact me here, or on skype/msn Msn: [email][email protected][/email] Skype: Luka_Gardel message me if you are interested on making some money creating me a website, thanks (License already purchased, Highscores/vote4cash/donation system, all scripted just needs a Custom Design to it)
  23. All of them have too much content. All I want is all skills working, and all quests removed. I found one just like that once, but I couldn't add godsword stances or anything. Also, can you help me and tell me how to change the player model? :confused:
  24. I'm looking for a 562 source and client, if you have any good ones you know of, post em here and a link if you know it.
  25. Swag4life

    Need a Good Coder

    Need a coder to help me with changing Ip's and getting the server online and also, fixing shops, change home, and fix other stuff! I will pay 15 bucks and give Co-Owner. Please i need willing people, add me on skype john.yacoub73. Please guys!