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Found 295 results

  1. Hello Guys, I am in search of a good 718 coder who can make: yell command for donators+ autovote system autodonate system and any extra skills would be great my server is called extinctionRSPS and it has vps hosted and great forums but we are in looking For Staff What is Extinction Extinction is a Pre EoC private server. What i mean by Pre EoC is that there are no custom items or any dungeoneering outside of dung itself. We want everyone to feel the excitement of pking, staking, skilling and even bossing! We want everyone to live the moments when Runescape was at it's perfect moment! UpTime 24/7, Some Features: •Fully working bosses! Nex, Godwars, Corp Etc. •Every skill working! •Amazing Pk Drops. •Currently creating a slayer dungeon •Amazing Donator Benefits •Nex armour with correct effects •Spirit Shield effects working perfectly •All prayers work! [Leeches too] •Most Summoning Pets Work! •HD and Fullscreen Work! •Friendly Staff •Owner that listens to opinions •Most updates are chosen by the players •Brand New & Need Staff My Skype: Pk4uae Add me on Skype or Reply Here To Discuss.
  2. Dear Runelocus, I need a good source like Grinderscape and client? Does someone have a good base?? Thanks for replying on my post :)
  3. ive been on moparsacpe and runelocus the last 3- 5 days trying to download new sources and clients .. either the links dont work or something is wrong with a source or client please give me a working link to a good rsps source and client 317 thank you
  4. Throw some good names for a server at me! :o
  5. I'm looking for a programmer for the 667/718 revisions. I need a few commands, teleports, and items fixed. If you successfully complete these tasks, I'll give you owner rank and all the donation money. Private message me if you're interested. and help make online.:gg::gg::gg::gg::gg:
  6. Need some old fag to recommend a good rsps with minimal voting rewards. Also, it also needs to have a solid pking community. Fuck kikes, Mclovan
  7. does anyone know any good 317 good base source to start with im on a server right now and I really want to know what source he is using
  8. Hey guys, I'm looking for a nice 317 Source, I can use to learn & make some mistakes on , I'm looking for something with all the options coded in, But maybe a blank canvas so I can start editing and doing stuff my self. :) Would be nice :D Please let me know if anyone here knows what one they would recommend. Maybe one that is easily edited and has the correct layouts in the client.java and etc. Because I find some when the server is 'Run' it's isn't quite configured properly
  9. In situations such as teen binge drinking, morally and ethically, should we be allowed to take preventive action against popular problematic situations. If we created an annual injection for teenagers that caused them to vomit as soon as they took alcohol in their system, should we be allowed to force them to take this? A lot of the discussion about legalizing marijuana is the impact it will have on child usage, if a similar application was applied to children where they are physically unable to consume marijuana without adverse physical rejection, should we be allowed to force these children to take it? By allowing freedom of choice in matters where decisions deemed by society as being 'wrong' are occurring more frequently, should we be allowed to intervene? If a girl at the age of 16 is being forced to be married, and by law their parents are allowed to do this, should we be able to take away the parent's choice in the decision to protect the 16 year old girl who may be emotionally or physically blackmailed into the act? At what stage do we draw the line where the government has the power to remove our choice in matters?
  10. need bug fixing and adding a little bits 1.adding save button or command = $1 2.fixing fire cape phat is glitchy with it = $1 3.trading have to right click and trade instead of clicking in chat box = $1 Skype - ish3zz
  11. 1.needa coder that can port forward 2. .jar client's 3.make webclient 4. add emotes will pay if needed i have sky as my internet provider Skype - ish3zz add me on Skype for contact
  12. 1.needa coder that can port forward 2. .jar client's 3.make webclient 4. add emotes will pay if needed i have sky as my internet provider Skype - ish3zz add me on Skype for contact
  13. Hello my name is Stefan. I m a coder RSPS SERVERS I really like to make a 474 private server ( old rs ) with all features if you wanna join my team I Need a Host also Contact : Skype : gmax123456
  14. Hello i would very much like to have a Mentor that could teach me how to code from start. If this helps, i am currently learning Photoshop. I am Also in the Information Technology Program, which will also help me out a lot. To reach me my skype is gage.long14 and my Email is [email][email protected][/email] Thank you, Army cpt sir lolking
  15. i'd appreciate it very much ~ :p
  16. Hi guys. I have a website that i'm working on and I need GOOD php developer to work with me on some of the stuff on it. I will be paying for each task that's completed. Requirements: - GOOD PHP experience - Codeigniter (Not required but it would help a lot) - Experience with Twitter-Bootstrap framework is a plus. I need someone who write english very well. Please send me a PM if you might be interested in this project. *THIS IS NOT A RSPS*
  17. dugara

    Good deal

    hey everyone, I am only learning about to code with java for 1 month and my question was if someone can help me to make a 667 version rsps. i will give for who help me with a 667 rsps and to put it online. -20 euro with paypal ''end of January'' -co owner rank or developer or any rank -30% of the donation every month ''only when it is online and if they can donate. i hope its a good deal, if you want something to speak just pm me your skype! Much Love!
  18. If someone can help me I can't find how to change the ip? skype : fratchet
  19. Looking for a good and clean PI source so if any suggestions then please link them to this post!!! If you have a TS3 then comment your channel name below! :)
  20. I am looking for a member that can make this for me: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?95412-Wilderness-317&p=757427#post757427[/url] Or the following below: Core re-work for great server stability Friendly and active community Perfect item switches for amazing hybridding Flawless combat system A unique Donator zone with many Donator benefits All skills fully working and being worked on every day Daily server and website updates A hard working owner who listens to his players Pk Points for killing players and Voting Points both with amazing reward shops Many bosses to defeat all dropping well rewarding items! Clean and efficient client, small cache size and low memory usage Many mini-games including fully working duel arena with staking Fast combat XP rates so you can get right in and pk Max cape for players who accomplish all 99's Highscores and auto donations With a game frame like: [IMG]http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad28/Tomb1443/102Players_zps3c6a8210.png[/IMG] Yes..you find a blank source and client and add those features....:eek: I am paying up to $200 for this. Files must be sent first. Easy payment using PayPal. My skype: gripper.rl My email: [email][email protected][/email] My username: gripper Thanks!
  21. Ever wanted to be a developer on a large private server? I'm talking hundreds of players. Well now is your chance! I have ran a few very popular rsps in my life time that were extremely successful. I ran Zionscape in 2011-2012 and we hit over 600+ players and kept a very large player base for months. Anyways I know what I'm doing when it comes to running a server and making it popular, I know it takes alot of money (thousands) if you really want it to pay off and get to the level of popularity you want it to be at, and that is exactly what I'am going to do. And with me cash is not an issue, I plan on investing a large amount of money into this project, more money than most people would deem necessary. [B]What I need from you?[/B] I already have a pretty good source, and no it is not a download section source. Its mine and has been developed over the years, it has some [B]great [/B]content, already have a full webiste, landing page, vbulletin, hiscores, vote4 reward, auto donation, everything that's needed is all ready. And a great core. It can run 24/7 for up to 3 weeks with hundreds of players online. We ran it once and it started lagging after 24 days, and that was with 300+ players online constantly around the clock. What I need is a developer who is active and wants to see the server succeed. Someone who cares about the server as much as I do. I need someone who has the ability to focus mainly on [B][U]content[/U][/B], adding minigames, quests, events, monsters, features. Stuff that the players will enjoy. If you have knowledge with clients that would be amazing as well. [B]Requirements[/B] The "standard" I guess you could call it to get the job is basically I need to see that you understand java enough and your previous work shows you are qualified. [B]Pay[/B] We will discuss your monthly pay or whatever suits you. [B]I plan on having a long term relationship between us and the server, if we all do our part it will definitely pay off for the both of us, but no need to worry as you will get paid no matter what![/B] PM me or leave a post if interested and we can discuss anything you would like to know, if you think you are qualified please let me know because this will be great for the both of us! [COLOR="#FF0000"][B]Please serious inquiries only, I'm looking for someone skilled that will take this as serious as I do. I have many plans for this server to take off fast and grow rapidly, if you want to be apart of the next big server PM me or leave a post![/B][/COLOR] Basically if I have someone with me who can program to a good extent and is dedicated to it as I'am, we will literally have the best server out there.
  22. Any1 knows good places to make a home? Coords are good to know :) its a 317 PI source.
  23. Numenor

    A Good RSPS

    Does anyone know a good RSPS Source and Client that I can download that is like a nearly functional RS Pre EoC. Because I hate the current RS, the art design is horrible (I liked the 2005-2010 graphics), and I dislike the new combat and stats system. And I just intend to play by myself and I have no idea how to code java. So any suggestions on any little to no tinkering Pre-EoC RSPS that is stable for one player? And I did try looking in the download section already, most of them had either server issues or client issues that weren't simply the you didn't change the ip address to or you didn't change to the correct jdr version.
  24. This has been a long coming idea of mine for quite some time now, but up until recently I did not have the means to set it into motion. After a few months, I've acquired the correct resources to make this happen; now I just need you. I have been wanting to start a successful RSPS. I tinkered around with some 317's back a few years ago and really enjoyed creating an environment where players could relax and enjoy a game similar to vanilla RS, but without the impossible XP requirements. What I am asking of one member from this community is this: Start from a clean base, whatever source and generation you choose. Make it as close to vanilla RS as possible and then we will go live with the project. I have the knowledge to add small snippets and tutorials, but never really got good at it. My skills lie more in the hardware and software spectrum of computers. [SIZE=5]What I am offering: [/SIZE][B]I will handle[/B] all hosting related manners. I have a HP Proliant G5 Server with dual, quad core xeon processors clocked at 3.2GHz and 32GB of RAM. The server will be run in a VM with top priority in relation to resources. The server currently has no other application. [B]I have[/B] business class internet with reliable, consistent 50\10 speed. I will handle the upkeep, my partner would be responsible for weekly updates if possible. [B]I am familiar[/B] with forum software, and registering domains. I will build a website as well as forums for the game. In this area, I would like a developer who is capable of linking the forum user database with the users from the server. If need be, I will also foot the bill for VPS when\if the time comes. I do have an allowed budget for this product, and I do have income. [B]When[/B] the server gains popularity, I will do a 50/50 split of the profits accrued. I am not looking for a get cash quick scheme, I am genuinely looking to start a successful community. You will also receive Admin permissions on server and forums. [B]Read update at bottom.[/B] [B]I will[/B] be available to my chosen partner near 24/7 and will distribute my mobile number to them after things have been finalized. I am a full time student, and a part time employee. I do not have time to learn how to develop a server, and am just looking for a partner to handle server and client side of things. A few examples of things we would implement would be a client that streams internet radio, as well as a popout webclient. If you have the skills for the job, but don't like the terms, contact me anyway. It can't hurt to talk and see if we can work something out. Aside from experience, the only trait I'm looking for is maturity, and possibly age. Please leave a comment here, or send me a private message. Thanks, Shane [B][U]*UPDATE*[/U][/B] I would be willing to pay $50 to a qualified individual, delivered on launch day. This could be considered a personal thank you for partnering with me. You will still receive 50% of anything earned, to do with whatever you want. I will be putting my earned profits towards the further funding of the server.
  25. Dear runelocus members, I am looking for decent RSPS coders who can help me code. I, myself is a great coder with coding skills of php, html, java and python, I owned a virtual private server and web-hosting business before with great success. If anyone is interested in helping me code here are the requirements. Requirements:: Decent skills in coding java or HTML (both prefered), Highly dedicated (no slacking, reasons may vary), Listen to my messages(no all the time, but most of the time). What i provide:: Virtual private server (vps), Webhosting, All Finance RSPS sources:: Trisidia or PI Rewards: Co-owner (ingame and forums), 30% of all donations, and full access to all sources. If you are interested in my offer please email me or add me on SKYPE. SKYPE:: sunn.hyper Email: [email][email protected][/email] Sincerely, Ryan