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Found 60 results

  1. im using the zenith 728 source and ive been searching how to change drops/drop rates on NPCS and i just cant figure this out im stumped lol i know how but i just cant find the correct folder?? any ideas?
  2. Hi, i need help editing the prices on a 714 server i have, im not used to the source which is zenithscape if that helps. if anyone could help me it would really be appreciated. thanks ildar
  3. ok i have tried every browser and for some reason no matter what I do the information I add to it does not save. does anyone have a solution besides deleting my server off the status page and re adding it every damn time i want to update something..?
  4. So I want to change my staff crowns because I don't want the boring old silver and yellow mod/admin crowns. I want something like this:[ATTACH=CONFIG]6213[/ATTACH]. So can someone help me get crowns like that? Much appreciated.
  5. i want to change my hitsplats on my 525 rsps cuz they look fucking gay i really want the new rs ones or the old like 2007 ones but i cant find the codes anywhere and i have no idea how to even add them someone please help me i have teamviewer if u wanan do that
  6. Does anyone know how I can edit interfaces to make them work. E.x an interface has a button that says Details. How do i make it so when you click it, it opens another interface like a message box and it says some details?
  7. MrCanada


    Hey, first time using Vegas Pro, and I'm having a bit of fun, here is a teaser of something I made in 20 minutes its not finished just wanted to upload it to get some comments/ideas [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqYxkJPVWNo&feature=youtu.be[/url]
  8. I have just now started looking at 667 servers (i've been working with 317s untill now) and i was wondering how i edit the character files so i could make myself an admin. im currently playing with rscalifornia (not going to release a server with it, just playing around) and the character files are ".p" ?
  9. Not sure if this is posted yet, but here you go: Hey, In this tutorial I will be showing you how to add items in Shops and how to Create a Shop. Step 1 - Adding Items to your Shop Go to your Source Folder then data/items/unpackedShops.txt In there you will find lines of code, like this: [CODE]13 995 false - Varrock Sword Shop - 1277 10 1279 10 1281 10 1283 10 1285 10 1287 10 1291 10 1293 10 1295 10 1297 10 1299 10 1301 10 1205 10 1203 10 1207 10 1217 10 1209 10 1211 10[/CODE] Here is what this code means: [CODE]Shop Number (13) Shop Currency (995) false - NAME OF SHOP - Then the Items follow as (ITEM ID , Amount in Stock)[/CODE] So if you are changing items in the shop edit the ITEM ID and the Amount of Stock you have for each item in the shop and the shop name following the line of code above. ~End of Adding Shop items Tutorial~ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Step 2 - Creating a Shop Ok then, in the next part to this tutorial we will be making a new shop. (I do not know yet how to assign an NPC to this shop but I will edit this post when I find out). This shop we will be making is a rare item store. If you have more than 14 stores, for example 16 stores, where the number 14 below is you must add in the next number in order of your shops. So if you had 17 stores and you listed this shop last in the unpackedShops.txt you must add in the number 18. [CODE]14 995 false - Rare Items Store - 1050 100 1053 100 1055 100 1057 100[/CODE] When done editing shop, delete the packedshop.s right above it, then just run the server again. No need to compile when editing shops.
  10. When you go to advertise your server on the status page, whats the code for like Google, and when you click on google, it takes you to google. Also, what are some other codes you can do?
  11. well im not sure how but i made it public and says its still private... heres the error [CODE]starting... src\com\rs\tools\dropEditor.java:477: error: id has private access in NPCDefinit ions if (def.id == e.getKey()) { ^ Note: Some input files use unchecked or unsafe operations. Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details. 1 error Press any key to continue . . .[/CODE] Any help would be appreciated so either post here or send me a message im lost and been trying for an hour lol....
  12. How do I edit the items in shops, as in, add and replace items with other items. THANKS! :D
  13. axter

    562 sprite editing

    How do i edit sprites on a 562? i wanna replace the "quickchat image" with the news message image jagex created.
  14. hey guys i wanna know how to change the bonuses because it is in a .ib file, and i cant open it? please help me, have a nice day
  15. How do I edit the chances of each drop?
  16. heey guys i wanna give my 667/704 a 710 or 709 cache. but i dont really know how :confused: so can anyone please help me with doing it?. i have a cache editor but i dont know if is a good one. please help me step-by-step. have a nice day
  17. Alright, so im going to try out: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?70578-Release-MilitusPvP-Perfect-PvP[/url] And i want to be sure, because it gives your cache to download, where do i put the cache? and when im editing the client i edit the pages: client.java and just that page right? thanks!
  18. Hey, You probally notice that im posting ALOT all of a sudden. It's because I want to give back to the community by supplying persons needs. I will edit pk vids. RSPS or RS. I edit with sony vegas pro 11. And it will be 2$ per edit. I charge just so there wont be a traffic between edits. If you would like to see edits of mine. (They are call of duty) Simply pm me. Im just as good at editing PK vids than I am at editing COD videos. PM ME!
  19. I have all the clips needed, and will provide the song I want. So all you need to do is to edit it up. Include a video of your work and your contact details in your post or I'll just ignore it. Payment varies from 5-15$ depending on the quality. Not sure if this is the correct section but it's a RSPS video so I went for it.
  20. Hi people, I have made a rsps with renegadepkz source and client. most thing are good but there are 2 questions 1. How do i make it public ? i dont have a router so i would make it public using hamachi. I prefere a very clear tut, or a vid tut! :) 2. I have edited the sprites, but i dont know how to change ingame text and spamtext, and also i would change the background want te client is loading! Hope u guys can help me! :)
  21. Xime

    Editing my Rsps!?

    Hi Guys, Im trying to edit my rsps so its my own creation and not the next rsps who uses that server and client. But i cant find anything. Somethings i would like to know how to change: - Commands - Npc's - Maybe stores ? - Client loading background (where you need to login) - Spam messages - teleport places - magic (for teleports you need a level of magic, i want that teleport are free to use doesnt matter what mage lvl you are.) This are somethings i really wanna changes but others things are also usefull! :) Sorry for bad english im dutch.
  22. I want to know how to edit the kits that players start out with and the text they receive at the start. I have this cool source from my friend takodaes (Keagan), but the players start off with Claws, and a ton of more items. The source also has his email (Keagan, HELP!) and a ton of things on how to contact him, and that he owns the server I run. Keagan still has his credits for the epic source and client "By Keagan-takodaes", I just need to know how to edit them. Also, if anybody has any Experience with Experience (xD) help would be appreciated if you could inform me on how to adjust them! :D Thx for reading this guys! More info: It's a 508 loading 525 I use JDK 1.7.0_01 My JRE is JRE 7 Thanks again
  23. Could anybody please tell me what file my npc hit rates can be edited in please its the only thing im struggling with...
  24. I have tried to edit item stats and npcs but it wont let me. for items i tried [code]data -> itemDefinitions.xml[/code] and it wont edit them along with npcs in [code]data -> npcDefinitions.xml[/code] im using cloudin 657/659
  25. EDIT: Close this please or delete it, I fixed most issues I had and now there is only 1 left but I would like to create a new topic later on.