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Found 58 results

  1. James

    Dicing Clan!

    [CENTER] [SIZE=5]~ Welcome to my Dicing Clan Thread ~[/SIZE] I've decided to make a dicing clan to earn a little bit of cash, but at the same time, you have to be legit! Clan Name ( Join the Friends Chat ) [SIZE=6]I Gravity l[/SIZE] Private message me to be able to get ranked on the Chat. I will tell you more information once you've private messaged me.[/CENTER]
  2. [CENTER][B]Youtube Channel -[/B] [url]http://www.youtube.com/user/SkillerLite[/url] I have been bored on Private Servers, I decided to come back to Runescape but still yet bored! So now I am in progress of making my very own P2P/F2P dicing clan! All the information can be read in the thread. I currently have 700 Active Subscribers to my channel at the moment, and is looking for more! I cleared up my channel it was my old one for my skiller, and now I am making it a Dicing Community [CODE]Want to JOIN?!?! You Must show your Cash before even Asking You Must pay the amount for a Rank I will watch you pay out bet's before I even rank you to the actual rank You will have the information to our Youtube Channel (Generals+)[/CODE] [COLOR="#40E0D0"][SIZE=5][FONT=Century Gothic]Location[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR] P2P World 2 - Varrock West Bank / Right outside of the Bank F2P World 3 - Varrock West Bank / East of the Bank[/CENTER] [CENTER][COLOR="#40E0D0"][SIZE=5][FONT=Century Gothic]Information[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR] - 1st Person to Post / Free Captain Rank [Attend to the Rules Above] - 2nd Person to Post / Free Recruit Rank [Attend to the Rules Above] - 3rd Person to Post / Free Recruit Rank [Attend to the Rules Above] We will not actually start hosting now, in about 1-2 hours Max. The first three people too post must also help me Advertise in World [B]2[/B] You will not have to PAY anything, except you will show me your money. [COLOR="#40E0D0"][SIZE=5][FONT=Century Gothic]Questions[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR] [QUOTE]Can I get a Free Rank?[/QUOTE] Only if you were the first three people [QUOTE]How much will you pay for Advertisers?[/QUOTE] 250k Per Hour [QUOTE]How do I trust you?[/QUOTE] If you don't, don't use us. We will not scam, if someone does please report to me [QUOTE]When will you Host F2P?[/QUOTE] Weekends Only, Weeks are P2P [QUOTE]What is the Clan Chat Name?[/QUOTE] Lite Dyce[/CENTER]
  3. QG

    Runelocus Dicing Clan?

    I think RuneLocus should have a dicing clan, and the mods are like trusted and stuffs. :P {If this isnt in the proper forum can a mod move?}
  4. runelocus doesnt need to see this
  5. 1. Mapdata, I know Blancke told me how but which download theres different ones, ones like 633mapdata and another is the same in a different format. I need the one with like 3k files or w.e. Can someone link me the download for the 663 one or 633. I dont know which one lol! 2.Dicing, added it but I get this error: [code] src\com\rs2hd\packethandler\ItemPacketHandler.java:1900: cannot find symbol symbol : class Clan location: class com.rs2hd.packethandler.ItemPacketHandler Clan clan = World.getWorld().getClanManager().getClans(p layer.getSettings().getClanOwner()); ^ 1 error [/code] How I fix? Its Titandinos's dicing tut
  6. I started with 120k, and was like w/e. Now I'm at 42m I'm done! Lol
  7. Well since the other guy almost has it the same as we do might as well release since everyone has what they need You'll need to figure out this yoself but it shouldn't be hard. [code]package org.dementhium.content.minigames; import org.dementhium.content.Commands; import org.dementhium.event.EventListener; import org.dementhium.event.EventManager; import org.dementhium.model.Location; import org.dementhium.model.player.Player; import org.dementhium.net.ActionSender; import org.dementhium.tickable.Tick; import org.dementhium.util.Misc; import java.util.List; /** * @author 'Mystic Flow <[email protected]************.org> */ public class DiceGame extends EventListener { //I don't know if this is actually a 'minigame' but eh static final int PRIVATE_ROLL = 6, CLAN_ROLL = 13, CHOOSE_DICE = 0, PUT_AWAY = 82; @Override public void register(EventManager manager) { manager.registerInterfaceListener(149, this); } public boolean interfaceOption(Player player, int interfaceId, int buttonId, int slot, int itemId, int opcode) { if (itemId == 15098) { switch (opcode) { case PRIVATE_ROLL: rollDice(player, null); return true; case CLAN_ROLL: if (player.getSettings().getCurrentClan() != null) { rollDice(player, player.getSettings().getCurrentClan().getMembers()); } else { player.sendMessage("You're not in a clan!"); } return true; case CHOOSE_DICE: return true; case PUT_AWAY: return true; } } return false; } public void rollDice(final Player roller, final List<Player> players) { Location rollPosition = roller.getLocation().transform(0, -1, 0); roller.animate(11900); roller.getMask().setFacePosition(rollPosition, 1, 1); ActionSender.spawnPositionedGraphic(rollPosition, 2075); roller.sendMessage("Rolling..."); roller.submitTick("dice_roll", new Tick(3) { public void execute() { stop(); int chance = Misc.random(1, 100); roller.sendMessage("You rolled <col=FF0000>" + chance + "</col> on the perecentile dice."); if (players != null) { for (Player player : players) { if (player != roller) { player.sendMessage("Friends Chat channel-mate <col=FF0000>" + Misc.formatPlayerNameForDisplay(roller.getUsername()) + "</col> rolled <col=FF0000>" + chance + "</col> on the percentile dice."); } } } } }); } } [/code]
  8. Does anyone know correct abyssal vine whip item defenition and gfx, etc?