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Found 208 results

  1. Looking For A Team of Coder FOR A 317 DELTA AND BLURRS CLIENT. the skills i am looking for are as Follows. 1.) Server Sided Coder That Can Do All Forms Of Server sided coding. 2.) Client Sided Coders that can do all forms of client sided coding. 3.) Website developer Along with Website banners. 4.)ALL DONATIONS WILL GO TO THE CODER I WILL NOT TAKE ANY ALL THAT WILL HAPPEN IS WE BUY A VPS AND SITE DOMAIN OTHER THEN THAT IT IS ALL YOURS! I HAVE ADDDED AS MUCH AS I CAN SO IF YOU ARE INTERESTED PM ME OR POST ON THIS THREAD! THIS SERVER CAN GET BIG I JUST NEED YOUR HELP I PLAN ON RELEASING NEXT MOUNTH SO THAT GET THIS DONE HOPE TO HERE FROM SOME OR YOU.
  2. Stop ALL Animations Explanation: Did you ever want a simple one-lined code that can stop all animations or emotes? Well, this simple snippet-like tutorial has it for you. Procedure: Whenever you want an animation or emote to stop, add this statement and it'll do so. outStream.createFrame(1); Here's an example of how you can use this: if (Example == 0 && Timer != 2) { outStream.createFrame(1); sendMessage("The animations have just stopped!"); }
  3. Okay so now i have another friend and this one INSISTS on using delta, its all he wants for some reason (probably cos theres about 15x more guides for it than ANY other base) but I can't find a basic delta without customs and working luanrs (he needs to learn about adding lunar magics himself or he wont just assume every server has it..and NO server EVER has it) I tried Delta cleaned but he is just a beginner not a hardcore delta fan(i think there's about 1.8 of them in existence). so yea, I have been searching for hours and I'm so tired.. can someone please just link me to a nice delta base with npc but no custom items...and not everythign done already..remember its a base not a "i did everything for u".. thing....yea
  4. yea..well I'm having problems with my compiler again..it was inevitable with all the sources i downloaded that at least one of em wouldn't work for me.... Also, I did a search for a quick fix but then my compiler just lied to me..said it was done but it never actually did anything anyways heres the error i get oh and btw...PI is 317 right? someone just told me to use it instead of Delta but idk if its 317 or liek 474..all i know is i downloaded it 0_o
  5. Ok um what do i have to do to change the amount of exp you get when u attack something and stuff... it takes liek 6 years t oget 40 attack atm and i just want it to go faster.
  6. okay, so I have No-IP running and i am portforwarding and my server is running..why do i still get error connecting to server when i use my client on another computer? DeltaClean 317
  7. Okay, I'm sure there's a Tutorial for this but I'm not allowed to search such "basic terms" so I can't find it. I need to know what file to edit and what to put in, I want to add men and rock crabs to the rock crab place and maybe guards to edgeville..
  8. hey guys i rly need help.. i have coded before but never delta and i noticed it reads in a totally different way..... anyways...i know i sound dumb but i added the starting gear (like what the player is wearing at the start) and it glitches out and makes the players DC anyone know what ive done wrong or anything....