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Found 208 results

  1. Alright so i have Acrylicx Source... and i use it but when it comes to allot of advanced stuff the source looks like crap....but i want to fix that.. so if anyone could help me with a tut or a link...i already been searching so don't tell me Google....
  2. Anyone have a link for working box-sets? OR EVEN THE MODEL IDS?! (With the models)
  3. so i was just wondering, how do i add a mystery box that will give a random item, im on delta, please help. Thanks!
  4. Ok so what you want to do is go into texthandler.java and search for what ever the tele name is like home or minigames. You can change it there. It should look like this [code]c.sendQuest("Home", 1300); c.sendQuest("Teleport home", 1301); c.sendQuest("Home", 13037); c.sendQuest("Teleport home", 13038); [/code] One is for ancient spellbook and one is for normal spells. now to change location go into clickingmost.java. go to where your teleport currently teleports you and type ::mypos. It will give you an x and y coord. now search that coord in clickingmost.java. If your changing a home teleport, choose some coords close to it if it dosent show up because some home teleports will have it so it teles you somewhere close to the actual coords. It should look like this: [code]case 73100: case 4140: case 50235: c.triggerTele(x coord+misc.random(3),y coord+misc.random(3), 0); break; [/code] Hope this helps!
  5. ome of what I'm about to say regarding 317 Delta Coder's fairy tales is so childishly simple, I fear it may be patronizing to explain; I apologize in advance. What follows is a series of remarks addressed to the readers of this letter and to 317 Delta Coder himself. He feels no guilt for any of the harm he's caused, as evidenced by the way that he claims that Man's eternal search for Truth is a challenge to be avoided at all costs. Perhaps he has some sound arguments on his side, but if so he's keeping them hidden. I'd say it's far more likely that the ability to artistically arrange words in an amusing manner does not qualify someone to be the leading social voice of a country. That's pretty transparent. What's not so transparent is the answer to the following question: Will 317 Delta Coder's shots to the heart of all that is wholesome buy him his long-sought victory for mendacious expansionism with its showy irreverence and glorification of all that is contumelious? A clue might be that 317 Delta Coder's zealots remain largely silent when asked about the correlative connecting 317 Delta Coder to Jacobinism. The rare times they do deign to comment they invariably skew the issue to prevent people from realizing that 317 Delta Coder's favorite scapegoats are the government, the economy, the environment, society, parents, teachers, and just about everything else. That concept can be extended, mutatis mutandis, to the way that his jokes are based on a technique I'm sure you've heard of. It's called "lying". More often than not, a person with a functioning brain does not abrogate some of our most fundamental freedoms. So what's the connection between that and 317 Delta Coder's editorials? The connection is that his myrmidons are tools. Like a hammer or an axe, they are not inherently evil or destructive. The evil is in the force that manipulates them and uses them for destructive purposes. That evil is 317 Delta Coder, who wants nothing less than to invent a new moral system that legitimizes his desire to lower scholastic standards. I don't mean to scare you, but he is extraordinarily brazen. We've all known that for a long time. However, 317 Delta Coder's willingness to squeeze every last drop of blood from our overworked, overtaxed bodies sets a new record for brazenness. Many people who follow 317 Delta Coder's remonstrations have come to the erroneous conclusion that 317 Delta Coder is morally obligated to palliate and excuse the atrocities of his factotums. The stark truth of the matter is that I must part company with many of my peers when it comes to understanding why there is no honor in 317 Delta Coder's theatrics. My peers allege that 317 Delta Coder's initiatives are indistinguishable from the ones he condemns. While this is undeniably true, I warrant we must add that 317 Delta Coder's co-conspirators argue that genocide, slavery, racism, and the systematic oppression, degradation, and exploitation of most of the world's people are all completely justified. These are the same rotten stuffed shirts who paint pictures of loathsome worlds inhabited by prurient stroppy-types. This is no coincidence; if one could get a Ph.D. in Lysenkoism, 317 Delta Coder would be the first in line to have one. That's all I have time now to write. If you want to get more insight into 317 Delta Coder's mentality, though, then study the details of his accusations. Try to see the big picture: It will amaze you. It will take your breath away. And it will convince you that 317 Delta Coder uses the word "literally" when he means "metaphorically".
  6. fantity

    [Delta] Please help

    I need help with coding summoning. I already have all the charms and almost all the pouches and I have an exp system I just need to know how to make when I click summon it summons it and it follows me
  7. Hi, I need help with adding fighting sounds to my rsps. I know it must be somewhere in npchandler to add the frame but I don't know where. Any help?
  8. I need help with one of my teleports. I changed my catherby teleport so it looks like this: [CODE] case 4150: // catherby teleport c.teleEffect = 1; c.sendQuest("Which teleport?", 2470); c.sendQuest("Basic Skills", 2471); c.sendQuest("Summoning", 2472); c.sendQuest("Unused", 2473); c.sendFrame164(2469); break; case 51005: // catherby teleport c.teleEffect = 1; c.sendQuest("Which teleport?", 2470); c.sendQuest("Basic Skills", 2471); c.sendQuest("Summoning", 2472); c.sendQuest("Unused", 2473); c.sendFrame164(2469); break; [/CODE] I copied my pking teleport and it looks like this: [CODE] case 73136: case 4143: case 50245: // edgeville teleport c.teleEffect = 1; c.sendQuest("Which wild zone?", 2470); c.sendQuest("Edgeville", 2471); c.sendQuest("Varrock", 2472); c.sendQuest("Mage bank", 2473); c.sendFrame164(2469); break; [/CODE] The teleport locations for my skilling one is: [CODE] case 73137: case 4151: case 51006: //fantity c.triggerTele(2841+misc.random(3),3434+misc.random(3), 0); break; case 9166: if(c.teleEffect == 1) c.triggerTele(2841+misc.random(2), 3434+misc.random(2), 0); if(c.teleEffect == 2) c.triggerTele(2841+misc.random(2), 3434+misc.random(2), 0); if(c.teleEffect == 3) c.sendQuest("Danger Info", 8144); c.clearQuestInterface(); c.sendQuest("KBD is at a deep wilderness level", 8147); c.sendQuest("so PKing is entirely possible", 8148); c.sendQuest("also remember to bring an anti d shield", 8149); c.sendQuest("or use mage protection prayer", 8150); c.sendQuest("as the KBD can hit quite high", 8151); c.sendQuestSomething(8143); c.showInterface(8134); c.flushOutStream(); break; [/CODE] And the code for pking teleports: [CODE] case 73100: case 4140: case 50235: c.triggerTele(3662+misc.random(3),3496+misc.random(3), 0); break; case 9167: if(c.teleEffect == 1) c.triggerTele(3087+misc.random(2), 3498+misc.random(2), 0); if(c.teleEffect == 2) c.triggerTele(3020+misc.random(2), 4815+misc.random(2), 0); if(c.teleEffect == 3) c.sendQuest("Danger Info", 8144); c.clearQuestInterface(); c.sendQuest("KBD is at a deep wilderness level", 8147); c.sendQuest("so PKing is entirely possible", 8148); c.sendQuest("also remember to bring an anti d shield", 8149); c.sendQuest("or use mage protection prayer", 8150); c.sendQuest("as the KBD can hit quite high", 8151); c.sendQuestSomething(8143); c.showInterface(8134); c.flushOutStream(); break; [/CODE] When I teleport I use the same teles as pking but text is different? Please help :(
  9. [COLOR="#0000FF"][SIZE=5][COLOR="#00FF00"]Hey, I need help with a few things:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR] [COLOR="#FF0000"]1. How can I make it so when I teleport to a certain place it plays a song [COLOR="#00FF00"]2. How can I make fighting sounds for when I attack something[/COLOR] 3. How can I make sounds for when someone dies [/COLOR] :cool:
  10. [COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=5]THIS TUTORIAL IS 100% MINE. YOU MUS CREDIT ME IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE IT![/SIZE][/COLOR] [SIZE=2][COLOR="#0000CD"]Hello, I'm going to show you how to make a two-way conversation on a 317 delta rsps. First you need to spawn an npc and remember it's id. Open client.java and search "case 67:". You should see some thing like this[/COLOR][/SIZE] [CODE]case 67: talk("Yes, I can take on any task!", 111); break; [/CODE] This is basic talking. Talk means 1 line and talk2 means 2 lines. talk 2 would look like this: [CODE]case 67: talk2("Yes, I can take on any task!", "I am the great wizard", 111); break; [/CODE] Now search "first click" until you find something like this: [CODE] } if (NPCID == 926) { NpcDialogue = 140; NpcDialogueSend = false; [/CODE] This is what makes the npc talk. You would put the npc's id and the case it starts talking at. Now to make your player talk search talk2 until you find something like this: [CODE] public void talk2(String text, String text2, int npc) { [/CODE] Under the code add: [CODE] } public void playertalk(String text, String text2) { sendFrame200(974,595); sendFrame126(playerName, 975); sendFrame126(text, 976); sendFrame126(text2, 977); sendFrame185(974); sendFrame164(973); NpcDialogueSend = true; } [/CODE] If you already have this then you don't need to add :confused: Now go back to your talking cases and add something like this: [CODE] case 170: playertalk("How am I supposed to do that?", ""); break; [/CODE] That is how you make your player talk. You always need the two line set-up even if it's one line. Just leave the second line blank. Now search "case 40:" You should see something like this: [CODE] case 40: if (NpcDialogue == 1 || NpcDialogue == 2|| NpcDialogue == 3 || NpcDialogue == 4 [/CODE] [COLOR="#0000CD"]Add all the cases you used into the line-up there. save and compile and there you have it! [/COLOR]:)
  11. [SIZE=3][COLOR="#0000FF"]How would I add buttons, text, picture etc. To this interface? I want the buttons to work*[/COLOR][/SIZE] [ATTACH=CONFIG]3155[/ATTACH]
  12. Hey Guys! I Need Some To Make My Client Auto Download The Cache. I Already Have The Dropbox Link You Can Use For The Cache! I Really Need This Done So Im Paying 22$ Paypal INSTANT. willing to pay half before done. Client link - [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?i7xrrt0svmo14bx[/url] Cache link Dropbox - [url]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/47839385/cache.zip[/url] If you cant download that we can do teamviewer. PLEASE LEAVE UR MSN BELOW AND I WILL ADD YOU!
  13. WizO

    How? [DELTA]

    Hey! I just moved my home from camelot to castle wars and all my shops over and everything is fine :)> i was wondering how to get the bank chest working thats at castle wars so i dont have to put a banker there. Thanks :)
  14. fantity

    [Delta] Npc Help

    I added Santa Claus to my server but when I compile I get errors. This is the code: [CODE] case 3707: aClass30_Sub2_Sub2_60.anInt1406 = anIntArray72[630]; class5.method165(true, aClass30_Sub2_Sub2_60); // Collect original NPC data class5.aStringArray66 = new String[5]; class5.aStringArray66[1] = "Attack"; class5.anIntArray94 = new int[1]; // Number of models the NPC uses class5.anIntArray76 = new int[changedColors]; class5.anIntArray70 = new int[changedColors]; class5.anIntArray76[0] = 0; // Original model color class5.anIntArray70[0] = 0; // Changed model color class5.anIntArray94[0] = 9175; // 28002 class5.aString65 = "Santa Claus"; // NPC name class5.anInt61 = 900; //combat level class5.aByteArray89 = "Ho ho ho Merry Christmas.".getBytes(); // NPC description break; [/CODE] This is the error: [ATTACH=CONFIG]3112[/ATTACH] Please Help :(
  15. title says all I've also made them transparent it still just shows up as white background
  16. I need help so when you mouse over the runecrafting skill tab is says "summoning". Anyone know how to do? [ATTACH=CONFIG]3105[/ATTACH]
  17. Paying 14 Dollars Paypal. All i have :/. I have the cache link zipped already and everything i just need you to do everything else. We Can Do TeamViewer Or I Can Give U The Link To The Client Which Is - [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?i7xrrt0svmo14bx[/url] The zipped cache link to put in it is - [url]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/47839385/cache.zip[/url] Leave ur msn below and ill add you and we can talk. Thanks
  18. Its Delta Not PI I need you to put a auto cache downloader in it. Im paying 10$ Paypal. All i got. Leave ur msn name below and i will add you. We can use middleman but you would have to get and idk if u can use for this.
  19. 317 DELTA Edge4Pk Source & Client [B]Q 1: How do I get the character to show with the equipment on?[/B] [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/1zqwktz.png[/IMG] [B] Q 2: How do I change where it says "Massacred"?[/B] [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/2mnjjbs.png[/IMG]
  20. I just recently added corp to my rsps but when I click attack he hits 0s on me but I dont att? Please help :(
  21. Difficulty: [color=green]1/10[/color] [color=red]Files Edited:[/color] Client.java [color=red]Please Back Up Your Files Incase You Make an error.[/color] Hey And Welcome To My 1st Tutorial In This Tutorial We Are Going To learn How To Add Your Own Yell Oki 1st Open Your Client.java And Find: ("yell") You Should See This: [img]http://i1232.photobucket.com/albums/ff378/kingjoe12/Find.jpg[/img] Then Replace That With This: [img]http://i1232.photobucket.com/albums/ff378/kingjoe12/rep.jpg[/img] Here Is The Source For The Yell: } if (command.startsWith("yell") &&(playerName.equalsIgnoreCase("Your Ingame Name Here"))) { String text = command.substring(5); yell("[>What You Want Here<] >Your ingame name here<: " + Character.toUpperCase(text.charAt(0)) + text.substring(1)); Now All You Have To Do Is Compile And This Should Be The Result: [img]http://i1232.photobucket.com/albums/ff378/kingjoe12/cpr.jpg[/img] [color=red]If There Are Any Probs In This Tut Inform Me And I Will Fix Right Away.[/color]
  22. Hey I want to make it so when someone attacks it makes a sound effect. How would I do this?
  23. pblord7

    Delta Unresponsive

    My client sometimes becomes unresponsive (you can type(noone can see), click tabs) and I don't know why. If anyone can fix this I'll pay $20, this isn't client sided.
  24. hey can someone teach me how to convert delta ints to PI, I know that you have to replace class8. with itemdef. but im not ure what the int204 or ect. is. Can someone please give me a hand in which numbers meen which codes. Cheers