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Found 630 results

  1. I'm starting a new server and i just need a little help with coding and teaching me to advanced stuff if thats cool add me on skype or pm me skype- Bettrxplode
  2. runescape2007r

    Hiring Coder

    You will be paid. It's a 317. No 10 year olds that don't know shit and must have maximum swag no morons who cant code. Only serious offers will be taken. Skype=xeexeexee2 OR AE7 Mr. Anonymous
  3. got a good 317/680 or something i forgot and dont feel like looking but! i need staff for it! im looking for a coder/developer. i will offer a 50/50 on donations and maybe a set amount for coding the basics. skype name if interested! i will be paying for a vps soon, so ya! no noobs! i want a serious coder who is willing to go in on this server. i have a webdesigner already at work on the website!
  4. Skype name: Rapking1871 hit me up!
  5. Hello there, my name is Mod Mouldy and I currently own and run the server "Atonement" which is online. I am in serious need of an experienced coder, the source is PI based 217 loading 508/602. If you think you have what it takes, please post an application below. [code] Age: Position applying for: Past work: Experience: Dedication to a project (on a scale of 1 to 10): Skype/Any type of contact info: [/code] Here is our website and current server if you would like to see the work gone in so far. <- [url]www.atonement-rsps.com[/url] We have invested over $900 into the server and will continue to fund it for the next year minimum. You are included in donations but that will be discussed upon interview. Thanks alot.
  6. 714 and i was looking for some one to help me code i (i as alot of different people) have done the majorit of the work... just need some one to touch up andd stuf and get new ideas. ill go 50/50 on profits from it. and you get the title co owner. soooooo. ya hit me up.
  7. I need coder who is able to work with 614 source. Once the source is good to start i'll buy dedicated server and buy adversitement spots on runelocus etc. What i ask from you: *You speak english *You must be over 15 *Skype What you will get: *Developer Rank *35% of ALL donations Contact me on skype: olli.harkonen1
  8. Hey Guys, So where I work I am working with a piece of software called "Salesforce" for those who know what it is you know it requires a lot of coding for certain aspects and the path that I would like to go down is to become a developer. There is a lot of Java, HTML, CSS, Apex code that I must learn to progress. I am looking for someone that can code with me a server and also teach me along the way. I pick up things very quickly and am very keen to learn from someone who knows what they are doing. I am 18, not some little kid who will disrespect you and not listen. I am willing to pay for this service as i know experienced coders are hard to come by. Please list if you would like to join me on this and how much you would like to be paid. Serious offers only. Thanks.
  9. Vocab

    Looking for Coder

    Hello everyone,My name is Alex i'm Vocab.I recently bought a domain and webhost. Today i decide to buy a vps and remake a old project TempleScape. The server will be online today, if you are interested to be a part of the staff team eitheir you think you can provide us a good help. If you want more information add my skype: Hypology
  10. hey guys anyone need a free coder for rsps for free. add me on Skype "liam.mcinnes2" or email me "[email protected]" and the server has to have some players on it even if its 1 or 2 :) thanks
  11. Hey RuneLocus, I am looking for a trustworthy, creative, outgoing, humorous person that is willing to join the making of my soon to be unique server, CodeMagic. :) Right now, Im mainly looking for a Coder. My partner right now is having some RL issues that I am not really that aware of so he's been pretty inactive lately. Please give my Forums a quick peak even if you're not interested ;) I put a lot of work into the site. [url]www.code-magic.org[/url] You don't have to be a total Java Wizard, Im not the greatest coder myself but I can manage, so bare with me on that one, regardless I believe I still have something to deliver! Some of the skills and things Im looking for. [LIST] [B][*]Server Side Coder. [*]Good with Clients [*]Creative [*]Cache [*]Mysql Highscores, Voting etc. [*]Very Familiar with SMF[/B] [/LIST] Some of the things that I have as of now. [LIST] [B][*]Forums/Site Pretty much done. [*]2GB VPS, for testing and what not. [*]'Code-Magic.org' Domain[/B] [/LIST] Thanks for checking out my Thread, Hope to work with you soon :) whoever that may be ! You can Contact me on Skype or PM me, but Skype is definitely the better place to reach me at. [B]Skype: OttooLimongi[/B] [url]www.code-magic.org[/url]
  12. yea title says it all i need a sorce changing + a few custom items adding maybe 1 area adding for donor zone or something add my skype finatic.hf
  13. [B][FONT=Arial Black]Background:[/FONT][/B] 19, living in the UK. Recently returned to RSPS after a few years of college/1 year of Uni am hoping to be of a service to someone. [B][U]Experience[/U][/B] I have experience in Java,VB.net,HTML,CSS,Javascript and some MySQL and PHP as well as Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash etc experience. I can provide daily updates if needed, all i ask is you request the updates a day in advance. [B][U]Whats in it for me?[/U][/B] I will only be offering to help with 317's as i prefer to oldschool look and feel, pretty much the only reason i'm returning. All i ask for in return in Admin/Co-owner on said server. [B][U]Contact Me[/U][/B] If interested, PM me, post a comment or add me on skype at : "live:durka990"
  14. I need a coder to help me and teach me to fix some bugs I have found on my source F2P 2006. Please help me, Im new in this. Note: If I get any donations when I put online my server, the coder will recieve all the cash from donations. Thanks for reading
  15. I don't know if anyone would like to help me out or not but i am willing to pay through paypal! I would like a 718 server to call my own. If you know how to code 718 servers and want some spare cash leave you skype in the comments and i'll contact you. I pretty much want you to completely make my server. i would also like you to teach me some simple things that i don't know. what i want in my server is..... every skill working with dunge just a boss fight. working nex, bandos, armadyl, zamorak and saradomin bosses corp to work! i want a slow training rate! maybe 20 times the amount on normal runescape want a number of commands added in. i want but don't need a high scores page. i was 3 different levels of donator (donator, extreme donator and vip donator) i want me as owner and a co-owner spot followed by head moderator and moderator i want original fight caves, fight kiln with rewards working. i want a home set out with plenty of stores. if you are keen in helping me out and making some money, leave your skype name below and i will contact you!
  16. I'm still in the need for a good coder. If you know how to code please help, im willing to make someone co-owner. Message me on skype at balls.weener lol for the funny name :)
  17. airborne99

    Coder!! 474/317

    Hello everyone... :) I'm Razi Ibrahim , i'm going to make a rsps and i'm searching to a coder that will help me and i'll give him a credit and rank in the server. you can find me in skype : Raz.ibrahim1 Facebook : Razi.ibrahim1 What'sapp : +972509475604 i'll pay for who will help after people will donate to me :) and i'll host and everything :) and thank you XD
  18. Thermalpk

    Coder needed.

    Dear runelocus community, Hi, Thermalpk community here and I am looking for coders someone who knows how to code in java and c++ also some help with putting up the auto vote. This server has great potential and we just need someone to help it grow we already have a coder but we need two so they can help each other. Regards, Thermalpk Community
  19. I am looking for a member that can make this for me: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?95412-Wilderness-317&p=757427#post757427[/url] Or the following below: Core re-work for great server stability Friendly and active community Perfect item switches for amazing hybridding Flawless combat system A unique Donator zone with many Donator benefits All skills fully working and being worked on every day Daily server and website updates A hard working owner who listens to his players Pk Points for killing players and Voting Points both with amazing reward shops Many bosses to defeat all dropping well rewarding items! Clean and efficient client, small cache size and low memory usage Many mini-games including fully working duel arena with staking Fast combat XP rates so you can get right in and pk Max cape for players who accomplish all 99's Highscores and auto donations With a game frame like: [IMG]http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad28/Tomb1443/102Players_zps3c6a8210.png[/IMG] Yes..you find a blank source and client and add those features....:eek: I am paying up to $200 for this. Files must be sent first. Easy payment using PayPal. My skype: gripper.rl My email: [email][email protected][/email] My username: gripper Thanks!
  20. Hey guys, I am TigrRawr and I am looking for a coder/developer. I am a 24.7 no - lag hoster, however I uhm fail at coding... I don't know the slightest bit and need someone to be my Developer/Coder. You will become a Co - Owner and get all the benefits and a good amount of credit. Here is a little about myself. - I'm 15 - I have skype & a microphone - I play both Minecraft & Runescape - I do have a sense of humor - other things I enjoy include soccer, snowboarding, and school. Alright guys, if you're interested either post in this thread or add me on skype; frazzy32 Thanxxxxxx :D
  21. Thermalpk

    Coder needed.

    Dear runelocus community, Hi, Thermalpk community here and I am looking for coders someone who knows how to code in java and c++ also some help with putting up the auto vote. This server has great potential and we just need someone to help it grow we already have a coder but we need two so they can help each other. Please help, asap! P.S. I accidentally clicked 317 when i posted this but it's actually a 474. Regards, Thermalpk Community
  22. Hello everyone, I need a coder who can code the main things(fix errors and add stuff etc) It is a 718 Rsps[VPS 24/7 UPTIME]. I'm not so good at code, and I can't do everything myself. We're talking everything you want to know in skype, just write your Skype here. Requirements: Java, computer, RSPS knowledge. 718 Revision knowlege etc. About the server: It is VPS hosted(24/7) How do I apply? Simply post below your Skype.
  23. badman john

    assistant coder

    im looking for some 1 with experiance not quite sure what im doing i have a compile error and not sure how to fix would also like help with the server i no few things but would like more =] just leav a message if ur interested =]
  24. message me on skype to know more and how much ill pay skype name: adamtalbert2
  25. hey I need a really good active co owner online most time 4-8 hours a day he can help me set up things up I am a coder but not like really good I can code webclient highscores uhmm shops home teleports add remove object yell add ranks all these stuff I want a guy knows every thing about coding like adding costom items. you will be co-owner with me! add me in Skype or facebook (Skype) (search for) ( owner.fear) from Canada with blue dragon picture (facebook) (search for ) (xfear scapex) with rsps skilling tab picture thanks!!!