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Found 630 results

  1. Hi guys, I have server with 16gb of ram, 8 cores, 1gbps port, and running debian, I already tested with 718 source and it works. Also I need to fix client... [IMG]http://i57.tinypic.com/2r4hhe9.png[/IMG] I would like 718+, but will decide with coder. All donations will be split 50/50 Skype: martynassssssssss
  2. Delete Please HighEnd
  3. Hey everyone, I am still looking for an experienced coder that can do the majority of the coding on the 718 server, I am able to do most of the little things but or the big changes I am looking for someone with experience. This server will be going live asap, we will be like any other server out there and we will be making money, once we start making money we will consider paying the coder depending on the job! So please pm me, comment or add my skype. Skype: baseballboy29 Be aware, once we get into contact I will be looking for some of your past work so I can see what you can do. Also, when I say I am looking for a coder, I mean both a coder for rsps, but I am also looking for someone who will be able to make a website for the server. Please pm me, or add my skype for more details! Thanks a lot everyone for taking a look. HighEnd Still looking for a coder, web developer position is filled, please let me know if youre interested!
  4. Do you need a expierenced coder? i got 3years experience, 18 years old, i like to code 718's + i'm very active. add me on skype: kenvanbael
  5. i need some help to put my server online i have done many things, but i still cant figure out how to put my server online i've portforward my ip, also have no-ip only i have to change serverip to my ip can some1 help me out?
  6. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum here as I'm sure you guys can tell. I've been playing RSPS for about 5 years now and would consider myself a vet. :P However one thing I never learned to do was code or even run a server. It's always been something that I wanted to do and I figure now would be as could of a time as any. I just finished up my first year of college (hold the applause) and I'm looking to pick up this hobby again. I'm sure someone may be worried that after my summer vacation here I'll be back to college and will no longer have time for an RSPS? well, by that time I will be taking my courses online which means I can do that at any time throughout the week which makes me open just about any time of the day or night to run the server. A downside of working with me is that I do not know one lick of coding. I've never made an effort to start a server, don't know the first thing about getting one online, and don't know how to code a website. An upside? I'm an incredible people person, I have some money to get a server up and going, and I really have the drive to keep a server up and running. People tend to like me and I'm thinking they'd really like my server. I'd really like to get one up sooner rather then later but I am going to wait for a coder that I seem to click with because I'm not looking to waste my time. I'm looking for someone who is an experienced coder, isn't ridiculously expensive (remember I make $7.25\hour + tips working in a restaurant) :P, has the drive to keep with the server for a while. In addition to payment you'd get a developer rank on the server and if you're looking to be active on the server, which would be preferable, I'd make you co-owner (actually, you'd make yourself co-owner;)). If anyone is interested and would like to get going on this with me my skype is Logan.RedX and you could also send me a message on the forums. if there's something else I should include on this please do leave a post on what I should add in order to answer some questions. ~Logan EDIT: I have a source I am interested in using. Taking suggestions on sources, looking for 317-564.
  7. Hay there! My name is YanniickZ , I wanted a RSPS so badly BUT i don't know any about it. How I should run? How I run even. What VPS i use etc etc how I code.. thats why I need a coder / Developer! I will pay the coder every month (if he did something for the server) and get a % of all donations. Contact me on skype for more info please : Yannickje2830
  8. Taged

    Coder Needed

    Hello I Am Looking For A Coder, We Can Settle The Price But Im NOT Paying Up Front, If You Want To Talk Add Me on Skype @ andrey.drey14 Thank you.
  9. hello, my and my irl buddy for years are wanting to open another rsps, but need a coder. i will be paying for a vps, advertisment, and your coding services. Also, you can code yourself your own rank and be part of the staff. Were going to put tons of work into this server and it would be best if you were from the u.s. as we are. i won't be paying alot but i will make it worth your while, hope someone can help. oh also, must have skype, mic, 16+
  10. Hello Guys, I am in search of a good 718 coder who can make: yell command for donators+ autovote system autodonate system and any extra skills would be great my server is called extinctionRSPS and it has vps hosted and great forums but we are in looking For Staff What is Extinction Extinction is a Pre EoC private server. What i mean by Pre EoC is that there are no custom items or any dungeoneering outside of dung itself. We want everyone to feel the excitement of pking, staking, skilling and even bossing! We want everyone to live the moments when Runescape was at it's perfect moment! UpTime 24/7, Some Features: •Fully working bosses! Nex, Godwars, Corp Etc. •Every skill working! •Amazing Pk Drops. •Currently creating a slayer dungeon •Amazing Donator Benefits •Nex armour with correct effects •Spirit Shield effects working perfectly •All prayers work! [Leeches too] •Most Summoning Pets Work! •HD and Fullscreen Work! •Friendly Staff •Owner that listens to opinions •Most updates are chosen by the players •Brand New & Need Staff My Skype: Pk4uae Add me on Skype or Reply Here To Discuss.
  11. looking for a 317 coder we can split the profit
  12. Well, it's that time. I'm sorry you guys, but I have to move from Zyphyr. College is around the corner, I will be applying next year, and I need to do more things with my life. I just don't have the time to run a server, and I realized this in my struggles to do college visits, extra curriculars, working on my gpa, all while trying to get daily coding in. It has just come to the point where I have time for one thing: either continueing rsps or straightening out my life by maintaining my social life and focusing on college. I of course will not stop coding, as AP Computer Science is still part of my curriculum and I am developing open source projects on Github, and I still have time to work on my Gielinor project, there is just not enough time to run a server with the fact that its not just coding, its also managing, interacting, advertising, and everything. It is just taking too much of my time and is something I can't handle. Does this mean Zyphyr is closing? Of course not! Motherboard is still here standing strong, but I will need someone to fill in my position as a coder. Yup, this means that I am finally looking for a coder, but keep in mind that there are requirements to even apply. This is a serious position and I don't want to hire the wrong person. The reason that these requirements are tough is because I obviously care a lot about the server, it has been something I have been passionate about for 3 years, and that I don't want to be spammed with applications like always. I am sorry, but in the past, when I was looking for a coder I have had 100+ people in one day spam me with applications and then they couldn't even explain what the difference between a double and an int. So, if you are interested, don't hesitate to contact me. But know that you must meet the following requirements and why they are important for this role: -A Great Understanding of Java- You don't need to be a Java prodigy or the best coder this planet has, but you need a large understanding of Java. About 90% of the community claims that they are "good", "experienced" and "expert" coders in the rsps business because they can do blah blah blah. I'm sorry to break it to you, but if you don't know the fundamentals of Java, you really aren't a coder. Everything is based off of the basics, and if you have the founding knowledge of Java, you can literally code anything. Even complicated things such as Construction, all of it is based off of anything a regular Java coder would know or understand. Please, if you don't even know what an object is or how it works (no not rsps objects, Java is an object-oriented language), don't even bother applying. -Ability to Work Well With Communities- There are great coders out there, and I have had the privelege to work with some of the best the internet had to offer. Some people I never even thought I would be able to speak to over the years have been in some sort of development with me, however, it doesn't get you the job if you are only a good coder. You need to be able to interact with the community, having the ability to speak with players, help people out, understand and listen to ideas with a sense of maturity, etc. I will in no way hire someone who is rude and doesn't know how to treat the community properly. You need to be a fair and mature person who loves to be active in the scene. Sure you can have your laughs here and there, but you need to know how to be professional. -You Need Time- When I did run the server, I had about 5 hours on a weekday and 8 hours on a weekend, on average. Now I don't expect other people to have the dedication that I had, but I am looking for someone who has a similar sense of dedication. I want to see that you can spend a decent amount of hours on weekdays and a good chunk on weekends. I don't need an inactive person on the team, sorry! Now there are other things such as the fact that you need creativitiy, listening skills, etc. But the ones listed above were the most important to me. I very much want the legacy of the server to carry on as theres a lot of people that care about it. Again, do not hesitate if you think you are up for the position. There is no application format, so use your mind and create an approach that you think would be appropriate. If I do think that you are good for the job, I will interview you on skype. If you have any questions, feel free to pm me on here or on skype. Skype: mabrox97
  13. Looking for a coder for a server need the help haven't did it in a while due to military training skype:lildee724
  14. Hi, me and my friend Haan are looking to make a server, but we need a coder, will anyone help us out please? WILL BE REWARDED!
  15. Hi, i am owner of a server (called: syclonepk) were getting every day bigger and bigger. So now the community on the forums said "We need Auto donate/vote for syclonepk". So i need sombody who can help me whit this, would be very appriciated by me and SyclonePK. I also can offer you then (not necessary) a administrator rank. Invite me as frend on facebook: [url]https://www.facebook.com/shershah.fedrik.5[/url] Skype: shershah fedrik
  16. Hi, i am owner of a server (called: syclonepk) were getting every day bigger and bigger. So now the community on the forums said "We need Auto donate/vote for syclonepk". So i need sombody who can help me whit this, would be very appriciated by me and SyclonePK. I also can offer you then (not necessary) a administrator rank. Invite me as frend on facebook: [url]https://www.facebook.com/shershah.fedrik.5[/url] Skype: shershah fedrik
  17. Ok so, I have a few things i need done. One is that I need items in the donator shop to be a different price as the items in the pk shop, Like dragon claws for example. I want them 500 pkp and then in the donator shop 10 donator tokens. If you can help then please add my skype: adam.122333 We can work out a deal
  18. ThaBomb

    Buying a coder

    skype me at loganmadeyoulaugh ASAP
  19. Coin

    Coder needed paying

    Hello I recently just picked back up making rsps's. I have a client and source that is over half way done. It's a Runescape remake with a few major difference's. I don't exactly remember what model number it is (666-718). I need a dedicated coder to help me fix a few issues and get the website online I've already paid for a website and I'll pay for any expenses that are needed. I'm about to download skype so just leave your skype info here and your experience with make RSPS's. Last thing I will pay as soon as the game goes online also will give 25% of donations. If you need to know more just ask. And I'm not a coder :/ but I know a few things and how to fix/add them :D
  20. Hello, I am currently in the progress of making a private server, although no coding has been done. I am new to coding, I know a few basics but nothing much yet. I'm also currently only using an HP Laptop so I am unable to host for long periods of time, plus I haven't been able to succeed with no-ip or port forwarding either. I am looking for somebody who can code a server for me and possible host it (you're not expected to host it so don't worry), you will receive co-owner on the server of course, and anything else can be discussed later on. I am willing to help as much as I can in the process as well, I would love to learn whatever I can about coding and if there is something that you would need me to do, just ask me. As for my part in the process of creating the server, I will be designing and coding a website and forums. Along with doing some necessary prepping and what not that is needed for the release. I have a lot of ideas for customs including items, quests, bosses, drops, etc so I intend to make this server unique and top quality. If you want to help me out, I thank you ahead of time. Customs and all that will be discussed after the initial server is coded and ready to go. Also if you can host or know somebody that can host please post here or pm me and we can talk further about that. Contact me by replying here or through PM if you're interested in helping me and we'll discuss things further.
  21. I am looking a coder for my rsps to fix few teleport and commands+remove donator items i tryed dont worked i am a new programmer and help make vote system u make donator system u got all donator cash from server i dont need +owner.Write me at runelocus forum or add skype:VermiHunter (Deák Dominik) If you are interested. For Hungary: Ha van magyar akor jöjjön sok magyar lesz ezen a szerveren ha sikerül.
  22. Mello01

    Need Coder!!

    Hello, I Am Looking For A Coder, I Have A 508 Server I Need Items, NPC, Im Going To Give You Co Owner And Ill Pay U Half Donation $ (Example, I Get $30 I Split It And Give You $15), I AM NOT Giving Money Straight Up, SO If You Are Willing To Code PM Or Add Me On Skype ID: RSPS (The Picture Is A Apple Logo)
  23. I am currently coding a server if u can help me it will be some thing big :]
  24. Taged

    Need Coder

    Hello EveryBody, I AM Looking To Make A New RSPS Server. I Need Sombody To Help Me Make A Server And I Need A Coder. I Can Not Promise You $$ But WE Can Talk,I Can Give You Co Owner And Give You 50% Donation $, If Somebody Donates $30, I Will Give You $15, WE Will Figure That Out, If You Are Willing To Take My Offer Reply Or Add Me On Skype, Skype (andrey.drey14) Need 508 server))
  25. Hey there, I am looking for a coder for my 562 RSPS, you will be rewarded with the ''Admin'' rank. The server has already been fully setup and the only thing I need is a VPS and a website (also need somebody to make a website for me, I buy the domain myself ofc) but I will get those when the server is fully setup and everything is coded. If you are interested please let me know by commenting, if you don't mind fill in the form below to make thing easyer ;D. [I][B]AGE: KNOWLEDGE ON CODING: SKYPE NAME (must have to send you the .jar and talk): WILLING TO CODE CUSTOM COMMANDS AND RANKS:[/B][/I]