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Found 630 results

  1. I'm currently working on a 317 and i need a coder who can be a partner with me and code the server. once the project is done i will buy a strong vps straight away and get web hosting + domain. So i am really looking for a good coder. post your skype or just pm me your skype and from there we will talk and then you can have access to the source and client. My main goal is for this project to be as big as servers like ikov or soulsplit. - Exile317
  2. how do i fix these symbols in my documents they're supposed to show up as text?
  3. Hey guys my name is Alex, I have recently started working on a 317 rsps. I have fixed some problems within the server but I'm not very experienced in coding. So I am looking for some one who can help me get the server up and running soon, once server is ridden of all bugs and things I will be buying a VPS for it and you will be getting a definite spot in staff and other benefits witch will be discussed later. If you interested in helping please send me a Friends Request on Skype ---> little.al12 (Dont mind the name. Created the account long time ago) I will list some problems below. 1. Get rid of random PK spot in Lumbridge. 2. Duel arena counts toward you K/D 3. Duel arena glitch where if you stake and spam click on the opponent and win while still spam clicking, the Winnings board, where you Claim your prize disappears so you end up not getting your prize. (if you need a demonstration on this i can show you) 4. Add summoning (maybe) 5. Add turmoil Animation And some others. not too many. So if any one can help just Hit me up on Skype, again my name is ---> little.al12 Later will be of course in need of --> Admins/Mods/GFX Designers/Source & Client Developer's --> If you are interested in helping and being a part of this new up-coming server both comment what you want to help with and add me on skype.
  4. Hey guys, I need some help coding on my 317 Rsps. There a couple problems that I am having on my server which I can list off below and maybe someone can Step-by-Step help me. Also Im looking for a Coder for my server, I will be buying a VPS to host the server and you will get a position as staff on the server too, if you choose to stay. If you want add me on Skype SKYPE NAME - little.al12 Things i need: [QUOTE]Adding summoning Fixing pk area in Lumbridge Duel arena counts towards your KD (want to get rid of that) Editing magic teleport names and locations Adding Turmoil Animation [/QUOTE] and some other things I cant think of right now.... I have teamviewer so if anyone knows please add my on skype or comment :D
  5. Hello. i am looking for a good coder, because i dont know how to code, and it will take me long time to learn duo that less time i got atm. so hoping to learn something along the way. i dont really hav a server yet, so its something thats gonna be working on from the bottom. (317/602) server. i will pay for your work. please contact me here or on-- Skype: yasin456654 leave a msg please :) email: [email][email protected][/email]. Thanks!.
  6. max inc

    Need A Good Coder

    hi i need a good coder for my rsps i will make him anything he wants and i will split donations with him please add me on skype skypeid--muhammadaffanpasha2001 please please please add me and help me code and i need to make 718
  7. Hello, i need a coder to work on my server i need to add some custom items ! add me skype : erblin.milazimi price:
  8. Title says it all, ill pay the % of donations to you(the coder). Add me on skype or comment if interest(skype recommended). skype: UnicornStrength
  9. Ok, there are countless amounts of private servers out there, but none of them seem to be perfect. I'm not saying there aren't any good ones, but perfect? No way. I've been playing private servers since the original YanilleScape which was around 3-4 years ago I think, but I could be completely wrong. Any ways, I believe that over the years, I have played countless amounts of private servers, with different revisions, economy / spawn, ect. Overall, I believe I have an amazing knowledge on what it'd take to create a magnificent private server. This is where you come in... I expect no reward or gratitude if my ideas were put into a server and the server were to succeed. I simply want to give out my ideas to a developer with plans on creating a server, but is having troubles getting ideas for what the private server community might like. Therefore to sum it up, if you're a developer with interests in working on a project that has a good chance at becoming successful, please contact me on my Skype ([B]nottheReck[/B]) and talk to me about it there. Please take into consideration, as I am just simply giving out the ideas, I would take no responsibility in website development, server development, or paying for the VPS and other needed fees. I just want to get my ideas out there to create a perfect server that I, and soo many other people would enjoy if done correctly. If you have any questions, feel free to post them below in a reply or contact me in a PM or on my Skype. "Time will be needed, and I've got plenty of it".
  10. Hello RuneLocus! I just wanted to make a post and see if I could get help from anybody with good coding skills. I have an RSPS up atm but I need a coder. I just don't know enough to run a RSPS on my own. If anybody is interested, please comment below or message me on skype! I don't want anybody that is not mature to be getting access to the files. I would like to have somebody ATLEAST 16 or older to help me with my server. Skype: specxlegit
  11. Hello, I'm somehwat experienced in coding on Java. However i mostly code in the .NET enviorment now i still have my old coding skills from way back when i started coding RSPS servers (5-6 years ago). Ahh well i finished my study and im bored so if someone is looking for an old developer just PM me. I didnt code RS in a long time so i might be a little bit :rusty" in the beggining :P -508 -317 only plz.
  12. I am currently looking for a well developed, and experienced coder. If you have the wills and guts, add my skype: top20mmo We can discuss more on this on Skype. For now, Cheers.
  13. Hi guys.. If any of you guys need a hoster or a coder just talk to me or add my skype. I can host any server with no lagg, also can portforward and do anything to put the server up. I can code ur server, make a vote and donor system and all that shit u need u need. And im doing all that for a good price. Just contact me ! Add me on skype marcofaria123 or just PM me Thanks
  14. I've had a few years experience coding 317's, I've been owner of 2 successful ones in the past as well as dev/admin on many others. I'm looking to get back into the coding scene so if you need an extra coder PM me or reply below and tell me what you need and I'll have a look for you, and if you want to add me to your dev team then I'm more than happy to join :) I don't usually work for pay, unless the work load is extreme and there's lots of donations coming in. I just enjoy being part of a server :) I can add you on skype and all that. tl;dr [B][U][I]Services:[/I][/U][/B] Coding help/tutorials Join your dev team for free Join your staff Help start up your server
  15. Hello TTG, I am looking for someone who can help code a server with me. If you would like to help make one post here or add on skype. Skype: TTGReversing
  16. Hi guys, Well im searching for an good coder an good runescape private server coder. i have an vps. 1. U have to know how to make an good looking forum with template or something. 2. u need to be an good ingame coder like in the source. 3.u need to help my with stuff like an good source & good Client And stuff. Reward? The Reward is ofcourse Owner Rank on the Server & 50% of the donations. Intressed? Skype : itunexxl or mail : [email][email protected][/email] [B]Mike.[/B]
  17. Coder and host needed for my private server. will get 50% of donations and co-owner status. i can code a little bit but not how i would like so this is why i'm making this.
  18. [SIZE=4]Hello :) I'm looking for an [U]Co-owner[/U] that can help me code a server and we'll get it up and running! Im an experrienced Runescape 3 gamer and RSPS gamer, but has been years since I coded a server so could need some help :) Would been great! hope to see some1 add me on Skype as soon as possible! [B]Skype : aane.bjerke[/B][/SIZE]
  19. Hey Runelocus, I am looking for an experienced ruby coder to teach me ruby. I've done CodeAcademy I've read a bunch of tutorials, I've read up on java I still do not really understand it and I know why. I can't read tutorials. If I don't understand something they can't just rephrase it for me I have to try to figure out what it means then I get all confused and I fuck up even more. So yeah if you're experienced or not even experienced just have a decent understanding of ruby please skype me: josh.cougan or reply in the comments. Thanks, Kingclawz.
  20. Hi guys, Im in need of a decent coder, if you just have a little experince I believe that would be enough, whoever helps me will get a co-owner spot and a split of the profit once the server gets off. Its 90% done but It needs a little tweaks that I dont know how to do. If you could message me on skype that would be great, thanks. Skype- Tedder001
  21. Hey everyone, I am looking for an experienced coder that can do the majority of the coding on the 718 server, I am able to do most of the little things but or the big changes I am looking for someone with some more experience. This server will be going live asap, we will be like any other server out there and we will be making money, once we start making money we will consider paying the coder depending on the job! So please pm me, comment or add my skype. Skype: baseballboy29 Be aware, once we get into contact I will be looking for some of your past work so I can see what you can do. Also, when I say I am looking for a coder, I mean both a coder for rsps, but I am also looking for someone who will be able to make a website for the server. Please pm me, or add my skype for more details! Thanks a lot everyone for taking a look. HighEnd
  22. Hi, I am looking for a coder for a 718 Spawn Server. We can work with a source of your choice. I will pay $ via PayPal. I am very serious and need to start ASAP. Thank you. Skype: DshtarkyD Email: [email][email protected][/email]
  23. hey guys iv just got my server up and running and am looking to hire a coder to help out with some stuff You will get: In-Game Rank Forums Rank A % of every donation If interested please pm me.
  24. Heroeswar

    Need java Coder!

    Hello Runelocus, I need a java coder please pm or reply here or add me on skype Owner_death1 Thanks for helping