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Found 631 results

  1. Runetrend

    Need a coder

    Hey guys, my name is Tyler. I am a part owner of a new Rsps called RuneTrend. We have a site, a server, and all other info written but we [B]need[/B] a coder, fluent in java to write a client for us! If you have any further questions, and further insight or opinions please feel free to get back at me. We are new to this ps business but, definitely looking to grow and maybe take some spots in the ladder. ;) Thanks for anything you may put in! Have a great day or night!
  2. teh boss

    Need Coder

    Hello guys, I'm in need of a coder, and a good one/Mature too. If you could just send me a pm if interested, They will be rewarded with 25% of ALL Donations.
  3. Hello Im looking for a professional coder to code my new server , I can pay him depending on the work he finished , Just list your skype and i will contact you soon Thankss ( SORRY FOR DOUBLE THREADS )
  4. I am looking for a coder who knows how to code 718-742 and would like to run a server with me. I am use to 317's not 718's but i would like to make the change. I will host all the files unless you want to. Email me at [email][email protected][/email] or add me on Skype- Ryan.Slife021 (homecoming)
  5. I really need a coder for my 317 I can host on my pc till we get enough money for a vps most of the money will go to you when we get it also if your interested add me on skype dakotahilly or post on here.
  6. [IMG]http://i1216.photobucket.com/albums/dd361/djzone24/Problemtobefixed.png[/IMG] Click this button causes client to freeze. Where can i find a fix please?
  7. Hey guys my name is Tyler and I've been in the RSPS game for quite some time now and through out my years I've had trouble finding a server that fits exactly what I want so I've come to the conclusion that I want my own RSPS. I have a domain name already and have several resources. If you are a SERIOUS coder for hire meaning you will make money and are willing to be 100% dedicated then contact me either here or on skype. (Tyler_55x2) NO TIME WASTERS. I will test you to see if you know the coding you say you know. Minimum requirement is to have proof that you've coded ATLEAST 1 or more server in the past. You must be willing to do any and all updates I want. Feedback is wellcome but ultimately It will be my rsps so what I say goes, no adding things in when ever you want to your liking. [B][SIZE=4]What I Want:[/SIZE][/B] [U]317 or 474 Revision, MULTIPLE worlds meaning 2-3. Webclient. Voting Shop. Unique training areas, all fully working skills, Mini-Games (barrows/gwd/bosses etc.). Click to vote system and much more.[/U] Now you are probably thinking what do you get in return? I'm not expecting you to just do all of this work for free. You will recieve: Co-Owner/Developer status on the server and website, HALF yes that's right 50% of all donations, AND a yearly salary of [B]$1000[/B] meaning that after the server is up you will not only be receiving half of the donations but also [B]$1000[/B] when the server has been up for exactly 1 year. Now most people say [B]"why would someone code for you and make the server when they could do it them selves and get 100% donations and be owner"[/B] Well where I come in is I will be paying the monthly payment to keep the server up and running on a fast network capable of holding thousands of players through out different worlds, and I will be paying for the domain name plus ddos protection and any other server fee's that may emerge. Looking forward to responses; Until next time, peace out. -[I]Tyler[/I] :cool:
  8. Hey Guys Im looking for a[U] 317 coder [/U]( also a co-owner with me ) to make a nice private server , If anyone is interested , please pm me ,[U] I WILL PAY HIM [/U] Thanks
  9. Looking for a coder/co owner , ill be hosting on a vps will have ip board/vBulletin forums either one . if you dont wanna be a co owner willing to pay
  10. I am new at making servers. I have been trying too figure out coding for years now. I have been trying for years but never got into it because I could never understand it. So I am practically new, ANYWAYS, I can make you admin or owner... I just really need someone who is good at Coding.. Please and thank you!!
  11. I'm very inexperienced, I think the only thing I know how to do is edit char files. I'm running on a 562 called Acrylicx. It's a server from the forums, I'm looking to add a few custom aspects. Server will be run from my laptop, so it can't be 24/7 unless we really boom. This is kind of just a side/learning project for me. Please PM me, I don't have teamviewer atm but I will download it if I need to. If you plant/erase/change any data outside of the source/server files, you WILL be prosecuted. So don't try anything funny. I need some help guys, it's appreciated.
  12. [B][COLOR="#0000FF"]I am coding a 562 source and have alot to do with organizing and creating web based the server will require. I'm basically looking for a second hand man that can do simple things like take pictures of the server, create a forum or webclient and possibly help me with coords and ideas. I am pretty far on the server as of right now but i still have much to do. So if you are experienced in any way I need you :cool:. I plan getting a VPS hopefully soon I am on a strong connection right now that can support 40-60 players. The server will have alot of extra features and is time consuming, bunch of rewards that make you want to work towards getting. Alot of minigames and bosses also. Highscores will be working and economy will be great From donations you will be given 30% and all other incomes possible. [depending on how much you do] PM me if you are interested! *Live Messenger or Any type of messenger would be a really helpful tool to communicate also*[/COLOR][/B]
  13. talipen

    Need a coder

    Hi my name is ryan, and i own troublex. Im looking for a expereinced and active coder that can help me add things to my game and help me maintain it. we have a good active player base, however we lack updates due to my basic understanding of code. Coder will be given, co-owner but will be expected toadvertise server and perform other tasks aswell as coding. I am willing to split donations once the payment for the vps has been covered. Please either add me on skype: talipen pm or post a reply. Thanks Ryan
  14. Hey everyone i have a server up and running i just need a coder to fix up a few things voting, cooking, and some drops! Thank you add me on skype lwilddoml , xfire d0mnator , or email me at [email][email protected][/email] ! thank you!
  15. Skype:Hamza-ftw (king-0000) and tell me what you can code. if you can show me even better. and if your good with fixing commands that's the most needed thing i need atm!
  16. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section. Looking for a coder 718+ , to code and help noob coder get experience. Monthly payments available, with VPS hosting. Donations split. Some coding history required, experienced coders would be preferred. To post an application add Skype: rs.ovarlord
  17. The title says it all. No i am not paying anyone right off the bat, if you want to complain do so, you will be owner along my side and will be paid via donations. If you feel that is unfair, i understand, leave this thread and look somewhere else. My intentions are to give the ideas to a developer, and for the developer to...well, develop it Don't worry about coding too much and then have me quit on you. The world will end before i quit on making an rsps to run. The revision is 718, i already have a great source and a client (not matrix) I removed the Anti leech, and already got myself in it, so i'm not asking for anymore more then coding new content. If i can get a good Developer to bare with me and help me do this, it can and will be very succesful and fun for all of us. If you are interested, just leave any projects you have recently done or have done before. I only want 718+ developers. Odds are, the first person to tell me they have developing skills, and good past projects, you will get the spot. If you are intersted and i will message you to contact eachother. (PLEASE DO NOT FLAME BELOW, THAT IS NOT WHAT I AM ASKING FOR! IF YOU ARE INTERESTED LET ME KNOW, IF NOT GO SOMEWHERE ELSE PLEASE!) As for the hoster, of course the server will have to be FULLY developed for me to think about releasing it. But if you are you can as well leave your info below so that you may also see what is being developed and the progress of the server. If anyone can do both, you get both coder, hoster, and owner, and i will 99% give you all the money you need out of donations. Of course whatever is needed for the server will stay for the server, anything else will be paid to you. (Hopefully i won't have to worry, and have you be kind enough to develop and take the spot. This will make you money over time i promise you that. All i ask if for some help) I know i can really have an idea for a tremendous server, i have played rsps for over 5 years, and i plan on continuing. I have an amazing imagination, so please take into consideration that this will be phenominal working together, and very fun. Hope someone will help me out, really want this to come true!
  18. hello i am looking for a coder for my rsps Its a 667 What i need atm? Atm i have a problem with the trading What i have to offer? Well on my main runescape account i have 91mil What other i can give? I can also give you my runescape main account with all items buts its not members (It Was members) How i work? You add me on skype and we will speak from there i can show you my runescape account on teamviwer/Skype Screenshare My skype: [COLOR="#FF0000"]skillzatcodz[/COLOR]
  19. want me to host your server you must be a good coder i can host 24/7 and we split donations 50/50 skype: p.yscho
  20. Looking for a very experienced coder for an rsps that has a very wide range of specialties able to code items donations, etc, well talk about everything, just email me at [email][email protected][/email] or at my xfire: d0mnator or add my skype lwilddoml ill anwser all of them , and well talk about everyhting. Thank you! You can post here too if needed!
  21. add mine skype i need a coder:nikan1212
  22. hello we need A java coder for ours RSPS We use the 639. U can hilp? add my skype! justin.lok1
  23. I know how this name sounds or looks, "i'm a noob, i need people to do everything, and i will be owner" No, this is indeed not what i want. Hear me out. I am currently learning Java, but i honestly have a feeling i am on the wrong track as to what i'm learning, so.. I have a source and a client. It is a Matrix source and client which is for the most part clean. What i am asking for it someone who can code my idea onto the server, meanwhile i will still be learning java so that i may also tag in later and begin to code myself if it is possible As for the hoster, the reason i cannot, is because i have router restrictions. This is set for personal reasons. The money made out of the server if it is made big does not matter to me, any donations will be used for what is needed, and the rest is none of my concern. Since i will be having a a coder code my ideas and a hoster, this will be the way i can pay you. This indeed means you will be owner, if you are a coder who can host at the same time, that can also be great. I want to do this only because i love making servers, i have had some in the past but have gone down hill seeming my co owners don't really stay long. Note: i don't give up on projects like this, i stay with it to the very end, so worrying about coding for no reason should not be something you should think. I am very excited in wanting to make one, but truly i do not have what it takes to develop. I appreciate the help.
  24. hello people, We are searching for a coder for our rsps, we just started and its hard to code, info skype' justin.lok1
  25. Hey im Need a Coder to help me cuz im not online always soo i need 1 trusted and my server is online on vps so i only need a good coder and il share donate whit u!!!! my skype:nikan1212