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Found 631 results

  1. Hey. I am looking for a hoster for a project I want to run. I want to run a 317 and see if we can get it going. Would be my frist rsps I have decided to run. We also need a programmer. Both positions would result in Admin rank in game and forum. please pm to talk over skype.lolking
  2. I currently have a nice RSPS set-up but im tired of doing all of it alone. I'd be glad if i had a committed partner that would be willing to help out with me! comment on this or add me on skype: inward.scooters97
  3. I coded most of the source myself but i need help putting it online. It's a TrisidiaX V2 source and client. I will give Admin for Coder and Co-owner for hoster Add me on skype- Loricsx. Thanks!
  4. Need a 718 revision coder:)anyone who takes the place will be the servers Co - owner. my skype: Leamonleaf
  5. in need of a 718 revision coder would be highly appreciated! also will be co - owner of server
  6. Based on zenith ( ik zenith sucks) but we just need some basic stuff changed. I cant figure it out lol i will pay you if you can fix a few things. Add my skype "runekid40"
  7. I'm the owner of Reality-Scape 728. I am in need of a forum designer. I currently use 000webhost, for webhosting and I currently use IPBoard. If you wish to help me on making my forums much better, I will pay $5-$10 via Paypal. I also need a coder in-game. Pm me if you wish to help me.
  8. Hello everyone.If there is anyone who can code a 317 server,please contact me on skype.My name is gage.long14.Also i need someone to make me a server.I will rank you high in staff for your rewards or i can do somthing.Please leave a comment.
  9. new to coding, need a coder to help me with this small project with me and my friends coding this 06-07 remake, you need to be really good, know how to code pretty hard quests, and how to fix bugs, etc. I will pay through paypal. add my skype so we can talk. it is 'fresh.edits'
  10. Hello everyone, i am in need of an experienced coder to code for my server! You will get your rights and will be paid if everything gets done in a timely matter. The server is a 728, a cross between matrix and zenith. If you want to play just to try it out and get a feel for it let me know! There are a bunch of things that need to be done. message me on here, or add my skype "runekid40"
  11. hiya im currently hiring a coder to work on a source which is matrix im willing to pay 200$ a month as long as all goals are hit if we hit more then the monthly goals you will get more money i can pay rsgp if you would prefer that.. all you would have to do is work on the client and server ill be getting the site hosting all sorted if your interested add me on skype clive.dunn3 thanks alot
  12. I downloaded a source i wanted to start off with But They put there client name in the chatbox and i cant figure out how to get that out. Also i cant find out how to change the source ip i went to: Client.java and i cant seem to find it. If you could also help me with changing everything so im not spending 2 - 4 hours going through all the folders making sure it does not say the old "hosters client name" any help will be appreciated!
  13. Im new and i dont know how to code, im looking for somebody that can code a 317, i will host the server.
  14. Swag4life

    Need a Good Coder

    Need a coder to help me with changing Ip's and getting the server online and also, fixing shops, change home, and fix other stuff! I will pay 15 bucks and give Co-Owner. Please i need willing people, add me on skype john.yacoub73. Please guys!
  15. Hi, I'm trying to start coding again. I haven't coded in years and figured I'd make my owner server. The problem is... I have no idea where to start. I don't know which base to start with, how to code anything, or even how to get a development team started. Any help please?
  16. Well I have always dreamed of running a successful server with a lot of players online at the same time! I have a way that I'd like a private server to be run and kept. I cannot code very well, but I'd like to have a development team that can code and fix bugs and such. I want it to be a 317. I would like this server to be economy based and rares be actually rare. I'd like the staff to be professional and the development team to be able to know what they are doing. I want absolutely no custom items or npc's. I'd like it to be a little easier than real rs, but not too easy. Most importantly, I want the players to be heard and have a say in the community. If this server gets popular enough, I will purchase a VPS, webhost, and a Domain. Owner - Masterlop Development Team - (None Currently) Application: 1. Why do you want to help me with this project? 2. Why do you want to join the development team? 3. Your experience coding? 4. Age? 5. MSN Name?
  17. Looking For Coder To Add Pkpoints ||I Already Added pk System||when i log out i lose all pkpoints||please should use teamviewer
  18. Need a 718 coder for a few fixes or if you can help me out, willing to pay cash :) skype: dshtarkyd
  19. Hey, I am looking for a coder. I have a source and client *PI* and as I do not know how to code Java, I am looking for a coder who can do some edits to the server and possibly help put it online. If you are interested, please post here or add my skype @ MrDdnhf
  20. 1. how I make my self donator on my server I'm the owner and can't buy stuff from donator store 2. how do I give myself ulimated special attack 3. how do I make modern f keys 4. how I make items have requirments to wear them
  21. I was just wondering if anyone knew what server @Tyluur has up. i've played his old server Lethium, but its not up anymore. THANKS
  22. Brycie

    Need a Coder

    [B][COLOR=#008000]Im trying to make a small server for just me, my friends, and maybe a few other people. But I have no idea how to code lol, the most i've done is add a shop with items and prices :3. Also, I need some help getting the Alhassa-Scape source set up, as this is the one I would like to use :P. Anyone want to code for me, or guide me through it? I will definately give you credit. Thanks in advance![/COLOR][/B] :)
  23. [SIZE=4][SIZE=3][SIZE=2][COLOR="#008000"]I need a Coder/Developer for my 634 Server. I will make you Admin In-Game And 15% of the donations go to you.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE] [SIZE=5][COLOR="#FF0000"]Add my Skype :[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=5][COLOR="#FF0000"]"xsamchenx"[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  24. Well guys i've started a project and i am about to put it up within the hour and i need a coder for updates wehn the server is up if any of you would like to be my coder just post below.