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Found 262 results

  1. hi, how do i change item slots? say ring of wealth into an arrow slot? what file.
  2. I've been searching for a file where i can edit my server ip but i found none. If anyone is using citellums server then please tell me where i can edit the ip. Thanks! Can it really be so simple that i edit the ip in the starters file...
  3. Well I am wondering if there is a way to either add dif coords or change them up some way in the controller? If anyone knows how please let me know! I am trying to add/fix a load of things and change some controllers around to load maps that are actually there.. Fight Caves is there but bork maps aren't, nomad aren't, and a few others as well. And some controllers failed so I had to rewrite some of the minigames to load to Fight Cave maps but would like to change that option... Thanks.
  4. I changed the prices in prices.java and they will not change.
  5. Need Help Change Yourself To Owner Please Help me Fast!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
  6. how to change rights on a 718 when the files is on computer languagE? plz help me!
  7. I have 2 pictures, they'll be listed as 1 and 2 In comments below just say the picture number and what file i go to , to change the words. 1. [url]http://gyazo.com/73af41fac8a05cfb6fb5b84bc06742f1[/url] 2. [url]http://gyazo.com/284c4befd6d46076cc63e131d8bb2ee2[/url]
  8. How do I change home of 639?
  9. There's no player file or Characters file, what do I do?
  10. mattr130

    Change Teleports??

    Hey guys, im using the TrisidiaX V3 source & want to make some custom teleports- how do I switch/add new teleports into the spellbook. I know how to set portals & everything but its just annoying if that's how we are supposed to get around- I can't figure out how to change this stuff. Any help is appreciated.
  11. Hi, Me and my friend have been messing with the TrisidiaX V3 source however cannot get my friend on without using teamviewer because I cannot find how to change the default IP to my own. I have looked this up several times & the guides on youtube show you how- however it seems this source is different & will not let me search the default IP. Need help?? lol
  12. Im trying to change the cache and I've tired to delete data/map/archivekeys/unpacked/ and data/map/archivekeys/packed.mcx Then i compile so the packed.mcx comes back so then it works when i try to run it. But no unpacked data comes back? can anyone help me?
  13. Base: Matrix Source (Revised) Revision:718 loading 724 The Problem: Please don't flame. -I would like to change NPC's drops, although I don't know how. I know this sounds awful in some way but please help me. Information & Media: I've tried to find a tutorial/some kind of help. I'm guessing the "dropeditor.java" has been deleted or purposely removed. If they're "packed" I have no clue to unpack them. Please respond below, I'd be happy to be contacted on MSN/Skype.
  14. How can I change the server ip, so I can have others connect? I've done it on 317, but can't seem to find how to do it on 718.
  15. Okay, Right now I have a ;;male and ;;female command. But it only works for mods and admins. Can someone tell me how to make it work for all players? or atleast give me a male and female command for all players? Or maybe even tell me how to make a character creator menu for starters? This is for 667 btw.
  16. Can Anyone help me change the prices for my server its all i need left until I can release it.
  17. Hey guys im using a lousy Hybrid pvp client (pi) and im wondering how i can rename object for example my portals i want to rename so when u right click on it ,it says "runeserver portal" or what ever i want to name it. So if some one could tell me what file to go in and give me the code it would really help me out allot! thanks guys!
  18. I'm not sure if it's my compiler, but anything I change in Matrix does not take effect, at all. For example I change something in Player.java: [CODE]getPackets().sendGameMessage("Welcome to test test test" + Settings.SERVER_NAME + ".");[/CODE] And I still get "Welcome to Matrix" when I start up the server. I recompile every time I save something, and restart the server. No idea why this is happening, because all my 317s changes take effect without any problems. It would be nice if someone could post their Matrix compiler, because I believe that may be the problem. Thanks a lot.
  19. title sais it all.... how to change the ip? ive looked up "" "" "no-ip" and nothing.
  20. I have some bankers spawned and i made them walk around but they do not walk... they more 'glide' around... Is it possible to add/change npc walking anims in 525's? Is it client sided or server sided?:L
  21. I downed a server called "impozzes" and i was wondering how do i change the drops on npcs? i opened up the npc drop.cfg file in the source and i tried to make a dust devil drop all nex items (as a test) but the dust devil just kept dropping rune. heres a pic of what the file looks like:[ATTACH=CONFIG]6512[/ATTACH]
  22. I want to change the Quest tab icon to something different, I would know how to do it, but whereabouts should I look for the images and files? I'm using "Rscalifornia" as my starting source/cache and client. Any help would be appreciated, do not troll like "You should start at 317".
  23. Hello, I want to ask a quick question. Is it possible to change f keys on 317 source. I want to change it so if i press f5=Special attack f1=inventory f3= prayers etc and if so please tell me how. Thank You. P.S. If any moderators see this please move this to Help section I'm sorry.
  24. hey , i posted again since no1 answered me :'( i recently added revs and made them respawns but i want to edit their stats like HP ATK DEF i found the file unpackedcombatdefinitions.txt changed their stats compiled but it did not change? help? server is 667/*** [CODE]13472 - 5000 2500 2500 10385 4 3 100 200 SPECIAL 65535 65535 PASSIVE 13473 - 7000 2800 2800 10385 4 3 100 220 SPECIAL 65535 65535 PASSIVE 13474 - 7500 3000 3000 10385 4 3 100 250 SPECIAL 65535 65535 PASSIVE 13475 - 8000 3000 3000 10385 4 3 100 280 SPECIAL 65535 65535 PASSIVE 13477 - 11000 3000 3000 10385 4 3 100 300 SPECIAL 65535 65535 PASSIVE 13478 - 18000 5000 5000 10385 4 3 100 300 SPECIAL 65535 65535 AGRESSIVE 13479 - 20000 7100 7000 10385 4 3 100 400 SPECIAL 65535 65535 AGRESSIVE 13480 - 20000 10057 10386 10385 4 3 100 450 SPECIAL 65535 65535 AGRESSIVE 13481 - 20000 10057 10386 10385 4 3 100 450 SPECIAL 65535 65535 AGRESSIVE[/CODE] as i said i cant find packedcombatdefinitions.p there's no file in the source and can it be downloaded or something so i add it to my source? thanks,