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Found 262 results

  1. Alright First Everything will be done in the Clients Folder not the Server folder. Next open your client folder and look for Class46.Java Scroll Down and Look for Stuff that looks like... [CODE] if(i == 15002) { class46.aString739 = "Godwars Rock"; class46.aByteArray777 = "A Godwars Rock".getBytes(); class46.anInt744 = 2; class46.anInt761 = 2; class46.anIntArray773 = new int[1]; class46.anIntArray773[0] = 904; class46.aBoolean778 = false; class46.aBoolean767 = true; class46.aBoolean762 = false; class46.aBoolean769 = false; } [/CODE] The 15002 is the object id. The [CODE]class46.aString739 = "Godwars Rock";[/CODE] Is the name you want. And the [CODE]class46.aByteArray777 = "A Godwars Rock".getBytes();[/CODE] Is the Examine I hope someone uses This like i do. ^_^
  2. Hello ,who cant help me whit ---> What you need to change the operation of online
  3. ohad

    how do i change???

    i got a pi server with funpk and in funpk you drop your items...i want to know if their is a way i can make it that people wont drop items but also wont get points...
  4. ohad

    can i change???

    i am gonna make a vps soon and they gonna give me a diffrent ip to my server and i dont want to start from 0 votes :s i was wandering if their is anyway i can change my servers ip on runelocus??
  5. Ok, so this is what my NPC drops.cfg file looks like, people say its supposed to have the name of the npc, the item id, the ammount and then a percentage after. But this is mine. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2080[/ATTACH] As you can clearly see, i dont. Anyone know what to do ? I'm trying to add more drops for the npc's.
  6. [CODE]The client that it includes, is pretty much webclient ready. Just change the cache, the cache dl should still be working though. Cache is very fast, very small. I hope you all good luck with this. If anyone uses this as a source, please tell me, I would want to play it. The switching on this is unbelievably fast, so it is a great pvp source. Have fun.[/CODE] He says change the cache, what do I do with the cache, and HOW? Lol
  7. Okay, I am about to post on forums to advertise my server.. but I need help on changing names in the client. For instance, where it says "One-Scape is loading" I want it to say "RainPk is loading." . Or at the top it says "One-Scape Client v5.5" . I want it to say "RainPk Client V1.0" TeamViewer would help.
  8. I find this strange as it's the only file I can see that would affect drops but in the file npcDrops.xml it shows this: [code]<list> <npcDrop> <npc>1</npc> <drops> <drop> <chance>100</chance> <items> <item> <id>526</id> <amount>1</amount> </item> </items> </drop> </drops> </npcDrop> <npcDrop> <npc>50</npc> <drops> <drop> <chance>100</chance> <items> <item> <id>14484</id> <amount>1</amount> </item> <item> <id>1747</id> <amount>1</amount> </item> </items> </drop> </drops> </npcDrop> <npcDrop> <npc>941</npc> <drops> <drop> <chance>100</chance> <items> <item> <id>536</id> <amount>1</amount> </item> <item> <id>1753</id> <amount>1</amount> </item> </items> </drop> </drops> </npcDrop> <npcDrop> <npc>8351</npc> <drops> <drop> <chance>100</chance> <items> <item> <id>592</id> <amount>1</amount> </item> </items> </drop> <drop> <chance>1</chance> <items> <item> <id>14484</id> <amount>1</amount> </item> </items> </drop> </drops> </npcDrop> <npcDrop> <npc>8133</npc> <drops> <drop> <chance>100</chance> <items> <item> <id>592</id> <amount>1</amount> </item> </items> </drop> <drop> <chance>100</chance> <items> <item> <id>13742</id> <amount>1</amount> </item> </items> </drop> <drop> <chance>100</chance> <items> <item> <id>13744</id> <amount>1</amount> </item> </items> </drop> <drop> <chance>100</chance> <items> <item> <id>13738</id> <amount>1</amount> </item> </items> </drop> <drop> <chance>100</chance> <items> <item> <id>13746</id> <amount>1</amount> </item> </items> </drop> </drops> </npcDrop> <npcDrop> <npc>8350</npc> <drops> <drop> <chance>100</chance> <items> <item> <id>592</id> <amount>1</amount> </item> </items> </drop> <drop> <chance>100</chance> <items> <item> <id>14484</id> <amount>1</amount> </item> </items> </drop> </drops> </npcDrop> <npcDrop> <npc>8352</npc> <drops> <drop> <chance>100</chance> <items> <item> <id>592</id> <amount>1</amount> </item> </items> </drop> <drop> <chance>100</chance> <items> <item> <id>14484</id> <amount>1</amount> </item> </items> </drop> </drops> </npcDrop> <npcDrop> <npc>10141</npc> <drops> <drop> <chance>100</chance> <items> <item> <id>15486</id> <amount>1</amount> </item> </items> </drop> </drops> </npcDrop> </list> [/code] And that doesn't have all of the Npcs on the server that drop things. E.g. In Godwars the God Bosses still drop Bcp, Tassets, Saradomin Swords, Armadyl Armour etc. I have tried to change drop id's, drop chances, add more Npcs in e.g. the jad doesnt drop firecape so I tried adding that in but it didnt do anything. Am I looking in the wrong file here or is there something else that I need to change aswell? If so please state :D Also apologies if it's a noob question I've looked around and can't find any clear answers if any at all :/ Btw is a 562 loading 659 Cheers, Bananana
  9. hello i am using Mithscape client with drowning508 source that has palidino76 and was woundering how i change change my default client window to a custom one like this. thanks, Deth
  10. Ok um what do i have to do to change the amount of exp you get when u attack something and stuff... it takes liek 6 years t oget 40 attack atm and i just want it to go faster.
  11. I just added a donor shop and pk points shop to my server I'm developing, and I want to have some some of the same items in both shops, but the prices in the pk points shop are way too low as a result of changing the prices for the donor shop. I was wondering if there is a way to change the prices of the items in the pk points shop while keeping the prices in the donor shop the same. Does anyone know of such a thing? I assume it would be something like this: if(itemID == 9064 && player.pkPoints >= ###) Or something like that. Don't flame me for that idea if it's wrong, I just thought of it pretty much off the top of my head. Please reply if you know how to do this, or you think you might have an idea. Any help is much appreciated!
  12. This is an easy to follow guide for those who need to change an NPC's name for 317's. This can be great for those who have custom quests or custom mini-games with NPC's, etc. Client Tested: DeltaScape (should work on most 317's) Difficulty: 2/10 -- Step 1: Open Class5.Java. (NOTE: Remember that this is in the client! Not server!) Step 2: Scroll down until you find something similar to this: if(i == 72) { // NPC ID aClass30_Sub2_Sub2_60.anInt1406 = anIntArray72[630]; class5.method165(true, aClass30_Sub2_Sub2_60); // Collect original NPC data class5.aStringArray66 = new String[5]; class5.aStringArray66[1] = "Attack"; class5.anIntArray94 = new int[3]; // Number of models the NPC uses class5.anIntArray94[0] = 10013; // class5.anIntArray94[1] = 10128; // class5.anIntArray94[2] = 10186; // class5.aString65 = "Mithril Dragon"; // NPC name class5.anInt61 = 304; //combat level class5.aByteArray89 = "A scary dragon made of mithril".getBytes(); // NPC description } Step 3: Directly under that last bracket, insert this: if(i == ####) { // NPC ID class5.aString65 = "@@@@@@"; // NPC name class5.anInt61 = ***; // Combat level class5.aByteArray89 = "&&&&&&&&&".getBytes(); // NPC description Step 4: Now we can begin the actual NPC renaming. First, notice: if(i == ####) { // NPC ID #### is the NPC's ID, you can use any ID you need, I recommend finding an NPC that suits what you are looking for. I also recommend not to use an important NPC, such as Make-Over Mage, Bob, etc. Now, notice this: class5.aString65 = "@@@@@@"; // NPC name You can change @@@@@@ whatever you want, this is the NPC's Name. Now, notice this line: class5.anInt61 = ***; //combat level The *** is the NPC's combat level. Change this to whatever you want, it will not effect their stats. Also, you can remove this line if the combat level does not matter. Lastly, notice this line: class5.aByteArray89 = "&&&&&&&&&".getBytes(); // NPC description The &&&&&&&&& is the NPC's description. This is the message you will receive when you examine the NPC. Change it to whatever you need. After you finish, save, and compile, and reopen the client if you already have it up. Spawn the NPC and see if the changes work, the NPC SHOULD have the same look as the previous, just with a different name, and or combat level/description.