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Found 84 results

  1. Venged

    Buying Floors

    I need 7 Floors to be Done from 35,42 Which Will Give me Around 40k Tokens My Dungeoneering Lvl Is 83 Comment here [email][email protected][/email] I pay in paypal.
  2. When using a middleman.. lets say im buying a pin from som1. And the dude gives the pin to the MM and i send cash to dude..or vice versa. How would the MM know if the pin is right and not invented?
  3. Ok so on all PvP events like pking, or duel arena you hit the other person and it shows hits and all. But your hp stays the same? You can get hit a 500 and still be at 99 hp. Anyone tell me or do it for me and ill pay? Even if you tell me i really need this. If you have any clues tell me and if i get it from that ill pay to, i need it bad.
  4. hi, I will be buying a control panel script for my rsps pi I want it to be really well organized with many features/ Pretty much a run server manager thing you know???ran as a program not a interface if u can do it please add one of my accounts Skype(preferred) Microchip1233 Msn: [email][email protected][/email]
  5. I am paying someone $5 for them to make me a webclient with my own host! Please message back on here or my msn- [email][email protected][/email]
  6. * Npc Drop Dupe * Something to check if idle or not (not the packet) * Convert [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/runescape-development/rs2-server/snippets/175260-shard-hardware-blocking-serverside.html#post1524239"]this[/URL] from Shard to Delta
  7. I've bought 2 so far, both times have been scammed. I am not going first, I have vouches on sythe for selling 2b+ so do not ask me to go first. Wont happen. vouches: [url]http://sythe.org/showthread.php?t=1274543&highlight=inb4sold[/url] Add [email][email protected][/email] if interested.
  8. I am buying someone who can make me vote4cash for $5 with multiple links. Must be trusted.
  9. Im planning to spend like $100 on a really good account from RuneLocus in a few months possibly. However im afraid that the seller would recover back. By "Safe" im not refering to get scammed by not getting the account but rather the account getting reovered. Having the recovery questions set is not 100% safe. The owner could easily recover the account by entering: 1.Subscription Payment type: 2.Previous Passwords 3.When the account as created 4.Where does he live (I believe they will match the given country to where the account was being used) So you tell me...Should i buy an account? Is it Safe? And ive seen some peeps doing a recovery check..i dont think that will fix anything because owner can still recover. Please tell me what you think. -I R SAD
  10. jakeyiii


    hello pm me if ur selling a server as im buying one thank's
  11. is anyone here selling a good working server that will run on a computer 2GB ram and windows XP
  12. I've been scammed 2 times so I will not be paying untill I have the webclient and it works. Add "[email protected]" Also if you don't trust me I have vouches on sythe for selling 1.7B RSGP.
  13. title says it all add my MSN [email][email protected][/email] and skype jedley3 (prefferable)
  14. Hey, im looking to buy a source/client i do not want a leeched source! i have $200 to spend if you have a completed source/client that you're willing to sell i will give you a fair/good offer. Reply here.
  15. mummeli

    Buying stuff !

    Before everyone says "don't spend money on that and that" Im saying this. I do not know anything about coding, to be honest, I just want a server what my friends and I can play :3 So, Im transfering 80$ to my paypall at weekend, and im trying to get this online: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?55671-Zepsity-PI-Lots-of-Features[/url] < few updates of course, but because I don't know how to code I have to ask someone else to do it :s So, I need: Someone to help me change my client ip so I can connect to my source,make me webclient, someone to port forward for me(if possible, cause im poor at coding idk if it's possible ^^) and maybe fix some things, like adding a staff zone + removing summoning for staff only. OFFERS
  16. Okay, So here goes.. I basically want a client with the most update to date maps.. Zaro's godwars dungeon or up.... It must have up to date interfaces + items + Npcs.. Furthermore it must be 317/474 look.. The first person to make this I will probably pay a nice amount of money towards :) $100 - $200 I would say the closest too it would be InsidiaX, but they have 508 maps, I need 640+ for what I'm willing to do.. I know it's highly possible as I've seen Nex GWD mapdata somewhere ageeesss ago on a 317. Thanks :) **Edit Fullscreen/resizeable would be nice also..
  17. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can sell me a VPS and I'll be paying 10M RSGP. Move this if it's in the wrong section. Thanks.
  18. im buying a near reality account/items you must have ALOT of good stuff reply with what you have and ill make an ofer
  19. hey, im making a new rsps and want to either pay a coder... or buy a coded source n client with the following - claws chaotics,, pk points system and shop, bosses like corp or tds, smooth combat with fast switching, working magics.. a few other things for me, and help me upload it, i can pay, please contact me on here. i dont understand caching and webclienting.. so a bit of assistance would be great, and to teach me a few things. leave your msn i can add you.
  20. Sorry but I'm not talking about like buying it from a site or anything, but I was meaning like how safe is it to receive 100m in the game. Please respond. I was planning on just buying it and receiving it on the main account. Bad idea?
  21. Ok before i buy the vps what do i need to do to my server? Like ip adresse etc.... How do i give it an ip adresse? I already have a no-ip
  22. Hi, can I get a quick fix on this please? Whenever someone clicks Buy 5, or Buy 10, or even Buy 500. It doesn't subtract the money... it only subtracts money when you click buy 1. [CODE]case 193: /* * Buy 5. */ sell(p, itemid, 5); break; case 76: /* * Buy 10. */ sell(p, itemid, 10); break; case 173: /* * Buy 500. */ sell(p, itemid, 500); break;[/CODE]
  23. [B][SIZE=5]Looking to buy good fifa12 UT player or coins with rsgp.[/SIZE][/B] [B][SIZE=4]For player sales, post his name and if he is inform or not, then we will come to a price.[/SIZE][/B] [B][SIZE=4]For coins: 10k coins will be 1.5m Trades like this would be difficult to be mmed, but if you know a way please suggest it, other than that unless you are trusted you go first.[/SIZE][/B]
  24. Im buying one that doesnt have no bugs or anything in it.
  25. Im buying a good source with all player vs player. No bugs. Im not saying an amazing source but somethign will do :P