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Found 43 results

  1. well basically when i die in duel arena it spawns me to fight pits, and person that won wont win the match till the person who lost logs out and back in. if anyone can help me with this problem, please add me on msn: [email][email protected][/email] Also im looking for a experienced coder who will help me with my server, add me on msn if you are interested. Thank you!
  2. Hello. Im an owner of an new server :) Recently the duel arena is bugged.. Pple can tele out of it (I have patched it) But still, they use an kind on cft or something. It also happend that then they die, they respawn at home (with all the shit they had, on floor at duel arena) How are they doing this, and how I make it stop? Thanks
  3. Could someone help me out with a duel arena glitch? There is a glitch when you bet for example claws or any other item/cash and then decline the challenge window after betting the items you bet dissapear from invent and everywere. and the other glitch is when u bet 100m for example. and u got like more money in invent. if u loose the fight u loose the 100m u bet + another 100m from invent. :o could someone please help me out? Thank you !
  4. when people do staked duels , and they put somthing for stake , and hen they decline , the item they staked will be just deleted , does any1 know how to fix this ? Greetz Eson
  5. So i was trying to fix some dupes in duel arena and im not 100% sure what i did to cause this but, when your in duel arena it says the player must be in wild to atk? Any idea?
  6. So for some reason you can tele in the duel arena and not sure how to fix this? 317 pi please post code and where it goes thanks
  7. in my duel arena when you win if you move or move your screen you get glitched into the duel arena.. and the thing thats weird is in the files there is no winning coded in..
  8. -fixed thanks skillerx
  9. [B][FONT=Century Gothic]This is very simple, open up [SIZE=2]IconManager.java and look for [code]icon.index = -1;[/code] Delete that and compile, Let me explain this error, when you have the icon above your head in a duel arena fight, the method is called and it removes the the error, therefore it disconnects you, same goes with castle wars when you have the flag and you die. Note: I know this been released before, but not on runelocus.[/SIZE][/FONT][/B]
  10. Im trying to get it so it'll send a request to duel, can anyone help?
  11. Kk guys duel arena tele works and that but when i go there you know you have that like axe pic in bottum right corner it flashes on and off (if that helps) it doesnt let me challenge anyone.) [IMG]http://i52.tinypic.com/a27q14.jpg[/img]
  12. Dxg

    Duel Arena Problem

    Alright my problem is people put prayer on before the duel and when they get into the duel their prayer is still on even when you click " No prayer " What would i have to add to make the pray go off once they get into a duel?
  13. I know how to dump the mapdata and all that so all I'm asking for is any 562+ mapdata that includes Lumbridge AND Duel Arena. -I'm using the [url]www.rushgamer.com/mapdata/?v=663[/url] mapdata with [url]www.rushgamer.com/mapdata/?v=562[/url] mixed in, but there's no damn Lumbridge or Duel Arenaaaaa D:...
  14. hi.... can some 1 help me?? im looking for this and trying to fix it for like 5 days!! some 1 please help meeee there is no rules options in my duel arena... but they work.. only i dont know where to send the god damn string for the sentence! (like "no melee, no ranged, no prayers, no drinks....." look this... [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/jNMOG.jpg[/IMG] wtf... please help... i tick some rule (no melee i know wich rule it is so i tryed ) and it worked... i tested the all and they work.. EVERYTHING WORK WELL only no Words.. and there is no accept or decline pics TOO so please help me and tell me how to add them! some 1 tryed to help me via teamviewer and he thought that all the duel arena dont work... wtf he wasted all my time.... so IT WORK! ONLY NO RULE OPTION! thanks alots..... i hope u will help..
  15. hey... i need help with me duel arena as it sucks...(no rules and no accept and decline pics...) there is no pics of the accept and the decline button and there is no rules (no sentense) please tell me how to add the pic. and where to add the string of the rules options.. and i need some skills help in smithing and fleching.. when u try to make a bar or whatever it will null and freeze ur screen. (or it will log out after time) and same as fleching.. and i need to add fishing spots that work (i already placed them but how to make them let u fish?) l0l please help me :) i searched alots.... and got nothing, thanks!
  16. Title basically says it, well Im doing pi 317, and my duel arena is messed up, i tried fixing on the duelandtrade.java and clickingbuttons.java and it didnt work...... This is what it looks like. Staking, and the options work but they just dont show the options, HELP PLEASE [img]http://imgtool.in/images/duelarena.png[/img]
  17. in my server duel arena wont work i need it so much in all servers and in rs i am pro duel arena so i want to add 1 if anyone can help me with this please i have teamviwer
  18. i add duel arena but i wanna add now the command so when u telee duel arena what is the position please