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  1. This is fucking SICK !
  2. dude im a great PI coder if u want me please Pm me :)
  3. Hey lately i been looking for some free runescape bots if you know any good ones please send me the download link to them :)
  4. Dude i know it sound stingy that im asking normally i dont but since i got account hacked then im just asking for a low amount :)
  5. Please could someone Just lend me some cash to get me going again since my account get hacked with 9M On it so it would be very appreciated if someone could just donate 10-100k or so
  6. lOL DUDE I mean ur stupid TV computer user and pass noob so i could help but owell sorry i cannot help
  7. Have you got Team Viewer ? IF SO SEND ME UR USER AND PASSWORD :)
  8. Dude i know how to fix but i will fix if ur willing to pay RSGP
  9. I got new gaming laptop mint specs and i got astro Gaming Head Set for xbox 150 pound And some bits and bobs
  10. Thanks Bandit this helped me also !
  11. Bring on the new year !
  12. How big ? [ATTACH=CONFIG]3687[/ATTACH]
  13. OPPPS ok ill do it now :)